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Little Crimes. Chapter 1

"So where are we going and just why are we in such a hurry?" Gabrielle groaned they had been rideing since early dawn and now the sun was high above them and Xena hadnt said a thing about why she started this breakneck ride. Xena grinned, " I wondered how long it would take you." she reined in Argo to a walk and rest the horse."Hey a bard, has to know things." Gabrielle said grumpily and shifted uncomfortably in the saddle. Xena said,"King Clydemes message said pirates are raiding his coastal setlements, he`s asked us to..." Gabrielle went pale. "Pirates! that would mean the sea, Xena you promised, no ships, you know what it does to me" Xena sighed," The pirates raid these shores, we wont need to sail unless they escape and I wont let them do that." Gabrielle shifted again." Oh right,so where are we then?" she said thinking she would`nt be able to sit after this. Xena shrugged."Dont know, never been before" she noticed Gabrielle`s discomfort and hid her grin and spurred Argo on. The land was mostly olive groves and villages, they saw few people on their way then it changed to a more rugged wilder landscape of scrub and rock

Xena slowed Argo again and this time Gabrielle took her chance to get down careful not to give away she was actually hurting Xena got down too."Saddle sore?" Gabrielle lied. "I`m fine." Xena almost laughed aloud as Gabrielle went ahead up the riseing slope Xena ran and caught up and grabbed her back and held her before she went over the cliff that fell away suddenly in a huge horseshoe shaped cove with a deep clear blue water going out to sea. Gabrielle shuddered at the drop and then exclaimed, "Oh how beautiful." In wonder as she looked to open sea on her right and a town nestled into the level part of the bowl on her left. She turned to Xena and saw she had turned as if to stone. "Are you ok?"Now it was Xena`s turn to lie "Nothing, nothing." Bad memories filled Xena`s head, memories she had hoped never to revisit. Great that`s all I need and she thorght to avoid the place and then something caught her eye and drove out any thorght of that. A long sleak ship with a ram and a catapault was trying to come through the horns of the cove. The tide going out wasnt makeing it easy for the sailors straining at the oars. Xena swore" They need help." Gabrielle said. " Well they wont get it from us, their pirates." Xena growled and pushed Gabrielle on to Argo." Get down there and warn them of the danger." she shouted then slapped Argo on the rump and watched as they raced off to the town. Xena turned back to the ship looking to throw the chakram but she couldnt find the right angle and she gave up and began to run to the town herself. The ridge was makeing Gabrielle feel giddy, she gripped the saddle and held on as she desended down the cliffside and desperately tried to lean with the horse as she carrered downhill, then leveling out to the road Argo raced for the gates and covered the doseing sentry in dust as she flew past and came to a stop. Gabrielle slid down and on shakey legs and ran to the gateman."Pirates, danger raise the alarm" she cried." The sentry called."Where girl?" Gabrielle pointed out to the bay. "There." The sentry rang the alarm bell and started pulling at the heavy gates as the millitia spilled out from the barracks and took up their stations along the wall. A portly man in a long robe came running and demanded to know what was going on. "I`m the mayor, who are you to give us orders?" he shouted angrily and Gabrielle pointed."Pirates." he looked saw the ship then he saw the woman running toward them and he gave a strangled cry." Oh no not Xena."

Gabrielle climbed the steps following the mayor to the top of the wall."You dont understand Xena`s not with them." The man only stared at her with a look of curiosity. " Who are you anyway?" he said." My name is Gabrielle and we`ve come to help you" The mayor scowled and shouted to the soldiers." Stop her" Gabrielle looked out and saw Xena running straight and hard towards the town then she began to scale the wall hand over hand. The soldiers jabbed with their swords and pikes but they couldnt get at her and she swung over the top landing in front of Gabrielle and the mayor fell to his knees in fear." Princess have mercy, I didnt mean it." he cried. Xena grabbed a handfull of robe and pulled him up. Suddenly she was in his face." Cut the crap. Yes you did and we both know your not pleased to see me. We need to talk." They walked along the narrow street the mayor in front and with the millitia captain who had insisted on comeing too. Gabrielle nudged Xena out of her thorghts." Princess?" Xena grimaced," Before you ask yes I`ve been here, I didnt know the land because I came by sea." Gabrielle nodded." When was that?" Gabrielle asked giveing Xena `that` look, the one Xena knew meant the bard wasnt going to be put off." Before Hercules, and you." Xena said flatly, finding this difficult. Gabrielle thorght, it was when Xena was bad an evil warlord intent only on conquest she realised and she pointed to the mayor." Boromia." Xena said " Davos." indicating the captain before Gabrielle went to ask more then Xena pushed her back as a sudden commotion ahead of them and a man with wild fawn colour hair crashed through the two men brandishing a long knife. Screaming he lunged at Xena missing and furiously tried again, she positioned herself in front of Gabrielle, caught his arm turned the blade aside and slammed the man into the stonework of a building knocking the breath and the fight out of him."JARRED, What are you doing? you could have been killed." The mayor shouted and kept looking at Xena, fearing she would hurt the crazy hothead." Better than being a slave why didnt you kill the bitch." Jarred shouted rubbing his arm. Xena pushed him ahead of her." He`d be dead thats why, and watch who you call bitch. I might bite next time." Jarred sneered." Oh yeah and you would like that." Xena gave him a push." C`mon you`d better hear this as well."

They got to the Basilica the traditional meeting place and town law court and walked in. Xena noticed it was a shabby reflection to how she remembered it being as she told them why she was there, at the king`s orders to stop and hold the raiders long enough for the king`s army to get there. She explained the problem of the pirates escapeing before the army could stop them and Gabrielle saw there was an exchange of looks between the the two officials. This wasnt good she thorght worridly." Princess, you say these men are not under your command ?" Boromia asked with a sideways look to Gabrielle wondering what in Hades was a girl doing in Xena`s company? Xena answered calmly. " No they are not, and dont fool yourselves, you cant negotiate with them so keep the gates shut. They, I am not here to take over again it will only be til Clydemes gets here."Jarred groaned." This is crazy she`s lying, we dont know that he will come, it`s just a trick again can`t you see that?" he scowled furiously at her. Xena leant close to him." Alright do you want them coming in and takeing whatever they want? surely you remember what that was like dont you." she said (as if they needed any reminding ) and there was an uncomfortable silence in the large captain looked dispondently at Boromia. " I dont know how to do this and we are undermanned as it is." Boromia sighed and with resignation he looked sadly at the man then he turned to Xena." You have command Princess."

Jarred threw up his hands exasperated." Fools, idiots, She`ll get us all killed." Then he pushed past Gabrielle and left the hall but he came back and whispered in Boromia`s ear Xena watched the men." I think you had better come outside." Boromia said. A large crowd had gathered hearing a rumour the Warrior Princess had returned and learning there was trouble of some kind they had come to the the mayor somebody shouted." Boromia what`s happening I heard Xena was here?" the man`s voice faded when he saw the women warrior and Boromia waved their attention. " The Princess Xena has warned us the ship in the cove are pirates and we are besieged and she has offered to lead us in our defence." There was silence. Everyone stared at them as Boromia went on." We will need more men on the wall to fight." Nobody spoke and there was an odd feeling, as the people continued to stare at Xena." We will also need people to fight fires and help with the wounded." Boromia went on clearly but still nobody said anything in reply they just stared at him with the same look as they gave silence was so thick Gabrielle thorght Xena could have cut it with her sword. Nobody moved, nobody spoke and the feeling that hung in the air made her extreamly uncomfortable. Boromia kept looking at Xena expecting trouble from them or her Gabrielle wasnt sure which. But as Xena didnt make any move either he turned to the captain who took his signal and began to go round the crowd picking the men and women he wanted. Boromia walked to an older woman with silver almost white hair and asked her to set up a medical group but he wasnt sure she was takeing any notice as he talked quietly to her for she never took her eyes off Xena. Her face looked calm but her expression was hard and Gabrielle shuddered inwardly. Xena suddenly turned to Gabrielle. " I have things to do, stay with Boromia." she said tightly and wouldnt meet her eyes then went to Davos and marched away with him. The people watched her go.

Suddenly the crowd erupted into a cacophony of sound. What`s going on? what`s going to happen to us? Is Xena in charge,even where all going to die rose up in the square. Boromia answered queations calmed fears and explained as best he finally he got them to disperse to homes or to start on tasks. For a moment Gabrielle was stunned, why had Xena done that? It was obvious they all hated and feared her and she had done nothing to aleviate that and she had tried to hide it from her. This was worse than she thorght." Boromia where can we find a room? now it seems we are staying." He turned and looked suprised." Why In her rooms of course." he pointed to a two storey building across the square."There. It will be made ready for you." he said stiffly, Gabrielle went to say there was no need for that but she saw it was best to just accept it." You called Xena Princess, but Clydemes is king here." Boromia glared." The Princess Xena conquered us by force of arms, she rules Patolis and until I learn otherwise she still does." Gabrielle shook her head." No she wouldnt claim that. King Clydemes asked us to fight the pirates it was only by accident that we came here." The mayor laughed drily. " Clydemes is`nt here and nor his army, but Xena is and them. As for Clydemes I doubt he has even heard of us. His father was king when she came three years ago with the same story except the pirates then were hers, we sent messages for help but he never came. As you see our millitia are no match against warriors like Xena and we were taken, simple as that. So excuse me if I dont believe her or you." He bowed curtly and turned away." Then why are you doing what she asks if you dont believe her?" Gabrielle asked. The mayor sighed." Because little girl she`ll kill us or they will, same difference anyway. I`m no fool and I dont want to get scewered so I think it`s better with Xena than them." Gabrielle sighed." Xena wont do that she really is here to help you and those men really are not hers. I wish you would believe that." Boromia shrugged. " It dosent matter what I believe. I have to think what is best for Patolis." Gabrielle nodded." I can understand that and I would like to help if I may." she said " What are you doing with Xena an innocent like you?" he looked at her with interest and Gabrielle smiled," We are friends." she said thinking she was going to have a few words to say to her "friend" when she saw her next. Boromia`s eyebrows shot up." I wouldnt say that too loudly round here my girl it`s likely to get you in trouble. Come on then if you must I could do with the help."

What an awful mess Gabrielle thorght as she walked along. She really wished she`d had the chance to talk to Xena about this. She had thorght it was just a simple case of busting a few heads and takeing out a bunch of pirates. Now it had got a lot more complicated. There was Clydemes, a new untried king but already seen as inafectual and not able to secure his own territrories. Then there was Boromia, unpopular with his people because he was too scared of Xena to disobey when he ought to have arrested her. Davos was simply out of his depth, a good soldier but he only knew how to take orders and like the mayor he no more trusted Xena than the others and he accepted that they had a better chance of defending Patolis with Xena leading them. But then there was a deeper problem like Jarred and that strange looking woman and Xena was at the heart of that and she had acted oddly too. What had Xena done to them? It had to be bad, it could only be bad. Gabrielle thorght Oh gods what a mess.

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