I twitched my nose at the sound of the annoying beep. I took a long breath in and heard more murmuring around me. The place smelled like cleaner and rubber. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I groaned and shifted my head around. I peeled my eyes open and saw a white room. There was a machine hooked up to me and my arm was feeling tight and stiff. I looked down and saw something sticking out of it.

I groaned again and looked around finding myself in a hospital ward. The curtain was pulled shut and I could hear people around me. I lifted my hand up to my face and pushed the hair away from my face.

The curtain was drawn back and a nurse walked in moving over to a drip that was hooked up to me. She filled it up with a pasty substance and gave me a short smile. I followed the tube to where it was attached to my face and up my nose.

The nurse started explaining my condition to me and the seriousness of the case. I nodded along to everything until she walked out leaving me to stare at the ceiling.

'Hey caterpillar,' a soft but deep voice said. I looked over to see Frank's head poking around the edge of the curtain. He stepped in and walked over to me tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I leant my head into his hand and took a few deep breaths.

'Hello Laura,' Linda said warmly. I looked up to see her in her work clothes looking smart but still somehow motherly. Frank slipped his hand into mine whilst Linda walked over and acted like the mother I had always wanted.

'Can you explain how I got here?' I whispered to Frank.

'Well, you passed out and I just thought you were tired but when the guys came around they said that you were hardly breathing and your heartbeat was slow so we drove you to the hospital and you've been out for the past four days,' he said squeezing my hand in all the right places. I looked up at him and he gave me a warm smile then pouted for a second.

I leant against his side and felt his arm around my shoulder. He kissed the top of my head and I snuggled into him further as he sat on the edge of the gurney. I saw Linda smiling at us and I couldn't help but blush.

'You know you look really cute when you blush,' Frank murmured making me blush even more. He chuckled and ran his thumb across my cheek a few times until I swore I had turned beetroot.

'Cute?' I squeaked after a second. He laughed and I saw the Linda smile down at us. I coughed a little when I felt the liquid food trickling down the tube in my throat. I felt Frank move away slightly even though I clutched at the sleeve on his hoodie.

'It's okay,' Frank murmured. I saw Linda look worried for a minute until I got used to the uncomfortable feeling. Frank rubbed circles on the back of my hand and I started to get comfortable after a few minutes.

'Thank you,' I whispered. Frank shook his head amused and kicked his shoes off so he could move me around so he was sitting behind me with his legs on either side of me. He leant back into the pillows and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me with him.

'Comfy?' he whispered to me. I nodded and he rested his chin on my shoulder completely relaxing.

'I'm going to go and make a call,' Linda said finding it awkward in the section of the room. I nodded and gave her a closed mouth smile saving my real one for Frank only.

'You know I couldn't sleep knowing you were here?' he whispered.

'I didn't have that same problem,' I whispered. He chuckled slightly and tapped the tube on my face.

'I'm sorry about this but we had to. So are you mad at me?'

'What? How could I be mad at you?' I squeaked.

'Well I put you in here,' Frank murmured hanging his head. I shifted around a little and twisted my head to his so I could press my lips to the corner of his mouth.

'Frankie I'm never going to be able to be mad at you. I don't care what you did. I love you and that's all that matters to me,' I whispered. He smiled and kissed me properly despite the tube on my face. I kissed him back and felt my insides explode with fireworks again.

'I love you so much,' he smiled down at me. I smiled back at him and he let out a sigh as he stared at my face. 'You know I'm sensing a trend here, every time I kiss you-you smile.'

'Well maybe you'll have to kiss me more often,' I said softly. He kissed me again before biting down on my bottom lip slightly. I pulled away giving him a warning look. 'We're in a hospital Frankie,' I whispered.

'Sorry,' he murmured. I leant back into him just as he bent down to his back pack. 'The guys wanted me to give you this,' he said revealing the latest Batman comic. I gave him my closed mouth smile and he chuckled as I started reading it. He read it over my shoulder and we both laughed at the same points. As soon as I finished it I turned to him and gave him my close mouth smile.

'Give this to the guys,' I said pecking his cheek. He grinned and put the comic on the seat next to me before handing me my sketchbook and pencils. I smiled at him and left it at the end of the bed.

'When am I going to be able to see them?' Frank asked pouting.

'Maybe after a few years,' I said to him. He shook his head and we sat around just talking and messing around until Linda walked in with all three of the guys squeezing into the small space.

They all smiled at us and took various places in seats or on the bed. All four of the guys started off an easy conversation talking giddily until Linda shushed them telling them they had to be quieter.

After an hour a nurse came in with a tube. She walked over to the feeding tube and switched the top so I had food being pumped into me. I winced at the tugging on it as it slid around.

After a little while the guys started to get tired. A few minutes later the nurse came in telling everyone to get lost because visiting hours were over. Everyone promised to come back tomorrow straight after school. I nodded and Frank gave me a quick kiss goodbye which made me try to bite back a smile.

'SMILE! Frank loves you,' he whisper shouted. I smiled at him and he kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around him and he gave me another kiss on the forehead. I sighed and let go of him reluctantly.

Frank turned around at the door and gave me a quick wink and smile before disappearing. But he stayed in my dreams that night and forever will. He's mine and I'm his and that's how it's meant to be.