A/N: Something like my some very fluffy types of stories but as always don't know that would you like it or not. Basically the purpose to write this story is just to have fun with a little bit suspense in the side story line. Other wise its totally silly type of stories.


A week past the wedding of Abhijeet and Tarika, they got a honeymoon package from Acp sir as a gift. It offered a trip to Paris and our abhirika were ready when their team made it sure to them that everything would be fine when they would be enjoying.

They left Mumbai and reached Paris when it was evening time in that city. They reached their hotel and after having their meal and everything now they were free, sitting inside their room. Tarika was feeling somehow shy as it was her first trip with him like this and abhijeet was so confused to see her like that as he thought " mein koi chor hun jo mujh se itna dar rahi hai", because on his every action she became super conscious .

He was sitting on the bed and she was sitting on the sofa. He was reading a magazine but his concentration was on her, he was looking at her when she raised her head from her phone and quickly started to look at his Blue T shirt. She continued fiddling with angry birds and he continued to read the magazine but both tasks were not done wholeheartedly.

" Abhijeet mein soch rahi hunk e Salunkhe sir kya kar rhe honge", she started the conversation.

He looked at her with wide eyes, " tum yahan par bhi Salunkhe sahab ke bare mein soch rhi ho?"

" nhn mein toh bas wese hi", she replied with a low tone.

" areey ghoom rahe honge kahin apni girl friend ke saath pata nhn hai bhi ke nhn… huh!", he said while flipping the pages of magazine.

" Abhijeet! Sach mein sir ki girl friend hai…!", she tried to persuade him.

Without any thought he started to laugh and continued to laugh..

" tum aise kyun has rhe ho?", she was confused.

Controlling his laughter with difficulty, " Salunkhe….. haha…. Salunkhe sahab ki girl friend kese ho sakti hai…"

" kyun nhn ho sakti", she replied in an angry tone.

" aa nhn mera matlab hai ke iss umar mei girl friend…. Uhhh"

" kyun agar tumhari shaadi se pehle mein tumhari girl friend ho sakti thi toh phir Salunkhe sir ki kyun nhn ho sakti?", sarcastically she answered.

Abhijeet in his mind. " han wese keh toh theek hi rahi hai", he settled back and started reading what he was actually doing,but then when he calculated what she said he jumped back and thought, ' kya yeh mujhe Salunkhe sahab jitna budha keh rahi hai". He tried to raise an objection, " tum…..". " Padho padho magazine padho", she shut him up and he made speechless started to flip the pages of magazine.

She got a call….

" hello, han tasha…. Yes we are here after all, achha sach mein …. Phir.. oh I wish mein hoti toh uss se mil leti…", looked at him "han tumhare abhijeet sir theek hain , paris mein bhi magazine padh rahe hain, he is exploring the marvels of this fashion world". " wese models sach mein bohat achhi hain", he shouted before ignored him and continued her talk.. " oh toh vivek phir chala gaya, yeh fredy sir bhi naaaa"… what ….. array yaar kya keh rahi ho,( in a whispering tone) usse toh super models ki photos se hi fursat nhn….( her face starting to blush) come on!, its your abhijeet sir koi movie ka hero nhn hai…( she laughed)

Although it seemed he was reading the magazine but after all he was concentrated to what she was talking and he was very amazed to see her expressions change like this, in a second she started blushing , the next moment she was excited and another moment she was sad, he was totally confused.

" ok bye"…. She cut the call….

" kya.. kya keh rahi thi tasha?", he asked her.

She turned towards him, " mein kyun bataun , tum ne mujhe bataya tha ke tum daya se restaurant mein kya baat kar rhe thhay !"

" nhn", he answered like a student answers his teacher.

" toh mein kyuun bataun ke meri friend ne mujh se kya baat ki"

" hum wese point toh hai , theek hai na batao"

Some time they were quiet and then abhijeet closed the magazine and started to walk around the room, inspecting things around.

" room bohat achha sajaya hai inhhon ne…", he remarked.

" hmm"…

Then abhijeet opened his bag and took out a shawl, showing it to tarika.

"Tarika yeh shawl mujhe bhabi ji ne di hai yahan kafi thand hai na"

She put her phone aside because she was getting interested in his shawl.

' fredy sir ki wife ne di", she confirmed.

" han yaar abhi tak toh meri ek hi bhabi hai , daya ki toh shaadi hui nhn hai toh or kon ho sakta hai"

" han sorry"

" ab yahan ke mausam mein isse try karta hun", he wrapped the shawl around him and went into the balcony of room which was on the sixth floor. Leaning over the fence of balcony he looked down and the winds started to blow his hair. It was the month of January and during these days the weather of Paris is harsh cold but still don't know why Acp sir chose such a place for their honeymoon (remember there is always a logic behind everything in CID, even if it's a honeymoon of their team members, so a mystery is behind)

She sailed through the balcony and her frock started to sway through the winds, which she handled with difficulty. She came up and stood besides him and looked down as she would enjoy like him but as soon as she looked down she quickly grabbed his hand which ws on the fence.

" oh kitna upper hain hum, agar neeche gir gaye toh…", she sighed and strengthening her grip on his hand.

' hum bache toh hain nhn ke gir jayen Dr. Tarika.", he mocked her.

" Abhijeet! Sirf bache hi nhn girte hain, jis tarhan tum lab mein machalte ho na agar yahan aisa karo gay toh tum bhi gir jao ge", she spoke like a mother.

His wide open mouth which was ready to laugh dropped to the floor and then it was quickly closed.

She rested her chin on her palms and started to see the beautiful city around them, the hotel was in a location from where Eiffel tower was visible and what piece of art it looked in the night.

Wrapping himself totally in the shawl and rubbing his both hands, " bohat sardi hai yahan"

Hiding her hands in her sweater, " tumhe hi sardi lagti hai , akele akele hi shawl ka faida utha rhe ho…"

Strong winds started to blow which were chilled to its extreme.

"ufff! Itni zyada thandi hawa, mein andar ja rhi hun"

She turned to move inside but he grabbed her hand.

" kahan jar hi ho kitni achhi jaga hai nazara dekho na…", he pulled her again near the fence.

" nhn abhijeet yahan bohat thand hai mujhe zukaam ho jaye ga…."

"bas thand ki waja se jar hi ho?"

" bas kya itni thand mein nhn khadi ho sakti mein"

"itni si baat keliye mein tumhe andar kese jaane dun…"

He smiled mysteriously at her and then pushed himself close to her and wrapping his arms around her from behind so that she could also get benefited by the shawl .He pulled her even closer and wrapped her securely, she was just speechless and her breath was caught in her throat . She smiled then and put her hands on his arms, swaying through the winds .He rubbed his face on hers from a side, she turned in his arms to face him putting her hands on his chest, relaxing herself on his body. She looked at him and lightly he kissed her on the cheek, she blushed and started looking down. He started playing with the sleeve of her white sweater. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

" ab thand nhn na lag rhi", he whispered.

" nhn", she said contracting more in his arms.

He settled her hair in one place so that they should not disturb him. She raised her head and meaninglessly looked at him. This was not understandable by him but this was not the matter in that special night.

He caressed her cheek and moved his face close to her face, taking her face in his hands he kissed her lips and she closed her eyes and so he did. Her hair covered his face in the breezes. With the passion of love and what ever we would like to say they were kissing in the way every couple would love to.

In the balcony of hotel room, cold winds were blowing and Abhirika in a shawl wrapped together were kissing. But in the city of lights and glamour they did not know that someone from the opposite block was spying at them in this romantic situation ;). What will this honeymoon bring more in the Paris Land…!

A/N: Back with my typical genre romance ;), this story is all for fun as I said before so what ever you want me to add in this, any situation and what ever please tell but firstly let me tell that do you guys want me to continue or not?, every thing is up to you…. aage peeche jo dalna hai plz tell poori vacancy hai :D