Left 4 Dead 2

Slight Nellis (Ellis/Nick)


Rating: M for the language, sexual themes and gore


Not as Planned

"RUN, KEEP ON RUNNING!" shouted Rochelle. She was at the head of the group, Coach following close by. Nick was meters away from Coach because of some zombies keeping him busy. And the last one was Ellis. The group was wounded, and the wounds of the boy slowed him down the most. Once in a while Nick checked that the boy was still with them. The bombing continued roughly, shaking the bridge. It would collapse soon from some part, Nick was sure.

'If I didn't know these people this well, I would just leave them behind and get my place on the chopper!' thought the suit man. Nick had started to care for these people, who he cared not even a piece of s*it at first. The worst was Ellis. The boy was always on his way, always speaking about this 'Keith' and always annoying him... At first Nick would have wanted to leave the boy behind, but it would have affected the team morale. Nevertheless, he wanted to live. And this group seemed good enough to survive with.

The zombies pushed in their way from every corner possible. And not just normal infected, but Smokers, Hunters, Jockeys, even a Tank or two. The team was leaking hope, but also gaining it when they heard the chopper fly from above them.

"The chopper's here, come on let's go!" Coach shouted and waved his hand towards Nick and Ellis' way. The gambler was about to speed up, as was Ellis, but the boy slipped. The road was slightly sideways, and he slipped over some corpses. The boy got thrown on his butt, and he slid down towards the edge. He shouted loudly, hoping someone to realize he was in a bad trouble.

Ellis slid down, but was able to grab a hold of the bridge's edge. But soon his grip would let go...

"Shit- S-SOMEONE! HEELP! PLEASE!" the boy shouted loudly and begging while he tried to get himself up by his own- with no results. Under him was just water, cold, deep water, and he would be dead when he touched the surface. So low the water was.

Rochelle and Coach were already too far to hear the boy, and if Nick had decided to go on, he would have reached the two others. As he heard the boy cry, for a moment the older man would have wanted to act like if he didn't hear him, and leave him to a cruel death. But something forced him to stop and think. Would that be the right thing to do? Would Nick be able to live with the idea he let the boy die? Even if it is zombie apocalypse, he still had a heart. And he knew his heart was too sore and fragile to carry a man's life on it.

"Fuck you, kid", Nick said rather loudly and made a quick turn. Ellis didn't see him coming, and just as his hands were about to give up Nick grabbed his wrist.

"Come on, kid, I can't hold you for too long! Help yourself!" the suit man shouted and started pulling Ellis up. Ellis did everything he could to help Nick. He was dumbfounded. He didn't actually believe Nick would turn to get him. Nick had always spoken how he wants away and out of this city, somewhere where he can be sure no one eats him while he sleeps. Once, during the first days together, he even said he would be happy to get rid off Ellis. And if Nick would have left Ellis, this future would have been sealed. So why did the man turn around for him?

After Nick got Ellis up, he dragged the boy along, still holding him by his wrist. Nick didn't want to let go. Something told him not to. He could see Rochelle and Coach far away from them. They had stopped to wait. For their fortunate luck had no zombies reached them yet.

"Come on, Ellis, you need to keep on running-" Nick started, Ellis turning to look at him quickly.

"-We have to survive!"

Nick's words were followed by a large explosion, and for a moment the pair didn't see or hear anything. 'Are we dead?' was the question to cross their minds. But soon the air cleared. Ellis was on his knees on the ground as Nick stood up carefully, both of them coughing of the dust. When they were able to see again, the sight was like a bad nightmare. The bridge had collapsed right before them. Rochelle and Coach made it to the other side, but there was no way Nick and Ellis could get there. The distance was more than 10 meters, maybe even more than 15.

Ellis felt a stab in his heart. What would happen now? Are they going to die? Nick instead of thinking like Ellis did shouted out: "RO! COACH! ARE YOU OKAY!?" Rochelle shouted back to him, which sounded more like a whisper: "We are okay-!" Before she or Coach reached to say anything else, Nick shouted back: "GET TO THE CHOPPER! OTHERWISE YOU'LL DIE THERE, GET GOING!"

"We'll come and get you, we promise!" shouted Rochelle back as she and Coach turned to leave.

"THANK YOU, I LOOK FORWARD TO IT!" Nick shouted once more. He turned to look at the miserable looking boy on his knees, and grabbed a hold of his collar. Nick pulled Ellis up and said strictly: "Come on, if we want to survive, we must go back! We'll die here if we stay!"

"Y-yeah, yeah, let's go", Ellis stammered, still rather shocked of the situation. Without a question or a doubt Nick took Ellis' hand and started escorting him, shooting the last bullets he had to the zombies who came on their way.

When bullets ran out, they used their baseball bat and machete. It took time, blood and sweat, but finally the pair made it from the bridge. They didn't know how long they ran, hidden, how many zombie they had killed on their way back to the Whispering Oaks. There, they took shelter finally from the Tunnel Of Love's safe room. Finally they could sit down, breathe and think about the situation. What now? They were maybe the only ones on this city, surrounded by zombies, no way out unless Rochelle and Coach get the CEDA to come and get them. But would they sacrifice themselves for just two persons out of thousands and thousands?

Nick and Ellis sat opposite to each other, both leaning on the opposite wall, just looking at each other, not speaking. They needed no words now. They just wanted to know the other was okay, and that they would be okay. Sitting there quietly while the cold night wind blew in from the door's holes the pair soon tried to get some sleep. Ellis would have wanted to ask Nick why he actually came back to save him, but the boy decided to do it in the morning, when things would be clearer for both of them.