Left 4 Dead 2

Nellis (Ellis/Nick)


Rating: M for the language, sexual themes and gore

Not as Planned


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Episode 3

Chp 32

They stared at each other for a moment, silently, carefully. Nick was cautious the whole time; he didn't like it when those soldiers pointed the guns at them. Ellis was cautious as well, also a bit scared. Even when the apocalypse had hit, people still had to keep killing the living…

The three soldiers pointed their guns towards the pair. The driver pulled up a small radio attached to the car by a wire, and spoke: "We found survivors." A voice from the radio said back: "Are they immune?" Ellis was slightly standing behind Nick, holding his crowbar tightly. Nick observed the soldiers closely. They didn't know if they could trust these men so he decided to stay cautious. He also decided he wouldn't speak unless being questioned.

The driver turned his head towards Nick and Ellis, his eyes unable to be seen through the dark glasses on the mask.

"Are you immune?" he asked. Ellis turned to look at Nick slightly; he knew Nick would kick his ass if he said something stupid or wrong. Nick took a moment to think. He couldn't fail this; their lives could depend on his next move.

"Who's askin'?" he asked then. He watched the man, studying him to the best of his ability.

The two other soldiers stood on their placed their guns towards the pair. The soldier at the wheel looked at them for a moment, thinking of what to say. Then the man behind the radio said again: "I am Cesar White." Ellis felt his heart beat faster; this was the man they had received calls from! Nick tensed up some. He took a deep breath.

"What do you want? This is not exactly a warm welcome…" he said. The driver held the radio up so Cesar would hear Nick and Nick would hear him.

"I am very sorry about it. In this world, even the living remains dangerous. We must look after ourselves, you know? We have lost too many good people for living people... I do hope you understand", the man explained.

Ellis took a slight hold of Nick's jacket from behind his back. Nick frowned slightly, tilting his head to side.

"Alright. Let's say we forgive you. What is this all about? Why do you ask are we immune?" he insisted in a somewhat strict tone.

"Then we know how to continue. If you are, you may be still carrying the infection..." Cesar continued. The two soldiers lowered their guns.

"How long have you been out here?" asked White.

"Uh, um, month? Two months, somewhere between…" spoke Ellis. He wasn't sure if they should tell about the fact they had heard Cesar's message from their walkie-talkie, so he didn't mention it.

"Long 'nough to know we want to get out of here", Nick stated.

"Do you have a safe place? If you do, we want there." He took a moment to think again.

"Yes, we are immune."

Cesar hummed.

"Yes, we do have a safe place. We will be more than glad to help you to safety", said Cesar. One of the soldiers before them said: "You are glad you got into our way, and not some bandit."

"Step on the car, we will take you to safe place", the driver said as he placed the radio away. Ellis' lips widened to a soft smile and he turned to look at Nick. Nick didn't wear any specific expressions, he was still not sure if they could trust these men. Too much had happened already.

"C'mon, Overalls", he said in a rather soft tone and walked to the car, getting on it. Ellis followed after him, but he did not face the soldiers. He was still cautious, even if these men seemed to know place somewhere safe. They all stepped in the car and it took off.

After some time, the car was driving on some rocky road in the forest. Ellis had fallen asleep, and was leaning against Nick. One of the soldiers looked at them.

"You've had it rough, eh?" he asked, his voice a bit mumbling through the mask. Nick shot a nonchalant look at the soldier.

"Yeah", he muttered.

"The walkers have forced us to move around. Nowhere is safe." The soldier nodded.

"You've been lucky to survive out there for as long as a month..."

The other soldier joined the chat: "By the way, did ye see any, special infected out there? A woman-like, giggles and screams?" Nick let out a sarcastic chuckle.

"Yeah, we did see it. That thing almost ripped us apart", he snarled slightly.

"Why do you ask?" he questioned, gazing at the said soldier.

"We were hunting it down when we crossed ways... Where did you last see it?" he asked back. Ellis was slowly waking up.

Nick raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean 'hunting it down'? There are probably thousands of those things around. We were attacked by one at the church not far from here…" he explained.

"No, this one is one of its kind..." the soldier continued. Ellis wasn't yet fully awake, but he was able to hear words. His eyes opened a bit as he tried to concentrate on listening.

"... How is that?" Nick asked. These men started to seem only more suspicious to him. Unless they had a good explanation. The soldier was just about to answer when a loud growl, like an angry laughter, was heard from behind them. This woke Ellis up the very second, and he looked around.

"What was that!?" asked the driver, the soldiers looking around.

"It is here!" one of them shouted.

That caused Nick to jump up.

"We have to hurry!" he stated. He wasn't going to stay and let that thing throw him, or Ellis, around again. Last time was too close to kill them. The driver drove as fast as he could. Ellis moved from leaning on Nick to grab the pistol he had in his backpack. At the same moment the infected moved from behind some trees behind the car. It was coming towards them with quite a speed, running on its legs and with the help of its hands, like an animal. One of the two soldiers started shooting it. Freezing to the spot Nick was hardly able to do anything. How could that thing keep up with them? Could they even kill it? The last encounter with this infected left more than just a few bruises to Nick. Honestly, he was scared.

The infected jumped from side to side, avoiding most of the bullets. It came closer with a stronger jump, trying to hit one of the soldiers off, but failed. The soldier survived, barely. Ellis loaded the pistol quickly before he started shooting as well. His expression was strict; he bit his lip and tried to remain concentrated. Inside, he was as scared as was Nick. Soon Nick was able to get himself moving. He moved behind the driver's back.

"You have to drive faster!" he shouted. With that he gazed over his shoulder. That zombie moved faster than their car…

"I am driving as fast as I can!" the driver shouted back. He curved with the car a bit, so the infected wouldn't get a straight hit. The soldier who started shooting was low on his ammo and had to reload. That same second the infected hit him down from the car.

"NO-!" Ellis shouted and tried to reach to catch him, but it was already too late.

"I said go FASTER!" Nick repeated, grabbing a hold of the driver's shoulder.

"Unless you want it to catch all of us-!"

He hurried to grab the closest weapon he could reach, a pistol, and aimed at the walker. He started shooting at it. The rocks on the road made the car jump a bit. Ellis was about to be thrown over the car's edge, but he was able to stay on. The walker was just about to come again, when it got a bullet to its face. It wasn't certain where Nick shot it exactly, but it stopped it. For now. The walker was left behind, holding its face with both hands. Its laughter was now sad giggling.

"Fuck- Shit", Nick muttered, reloading the gun just in case the creature would come after them again. His heart was racing and his hands shaking. At least he was surely alive.

Ellis looked at the creature, until the car turned from a curve and the infected was left behind. Ellis turned for Nick then.

"Are you okay?" he asked, panting a bit. He was scared... The remaining soldier loaded his gun as well, as the driver drove as fast as he could.

"Yeah, I'm okay", Nick answered, panting slightly. He gazed into Ellis' eyes, running a hand up the boy's arm.

"Are you okay?"

Ellis nodded couple of times, his eyes on Nick's. He could see the fear in his eyes, and it made him a bit more scared. Nick was never afraid; he was always the one who told Ellis not to be afraid.

"... It is okay to be afraid, Nick", Ellis whispered to him.

"I'm not-" Nick started, falling silent. He stared into Ellis' eyes for a moment longer, lowering his head and letting out a deep sigh. He raised a hand to rub his eyes.

"It's over now, we're safe", he muttered, raising his eyes at the younger man again.

Ellis looked back into his eyes, a small, soft smile on his face. He took his hand on Nick's cheek, brushing it softly. Nick hummed silently and returned a small smile. Only a second later Nick felt something grab him and throw him off the car.

The infected had ran after them through the forest, and jumped towards the car from side. It grabbed Nick, and Nick was thrown from the car. The infected landed on the other side of the road, Nick in its grip. Ellis startled, his heart felt like it was about to burst out from his chest.

"NICK!" he shouted in pure fear.

Nick didn't see what happened, he only felt pain. When the infected landed, he was able to see what happened. Panic hit him and he did all he could to get out of the walker's hold; kicking it, hitting it. Anything. Nick gazed into the creature's eyes, almost paralyzed by fear. The face of the infected was bloody, half of its other cheek was gone.

"STOP THE CAR!" Ellis shouted, but the driver didn't agree. But Ellis couldn't let the creature take Nick- he took a gun and jumped from the car.

The walker grinned widely, its eyes like a maniac's. It laughed loudly. The infected then grabbed Nick in a better hold and hit him towards the nearest tree, still having a hold of him. There was nothing Nick could do. His whole body went numb when he hit the tree. Soon after his view became blurry and he felt like fainting right there. All he could feel was stinging pain.

Ellis needed a few seconds to recover from the jump. The car stopped and the soldiers ran to help. Overalls loaded the machine gun he took and started shooting at the infected, hoping to gets its attention so it would let Nick go.

"Leave him alone!" he shouted as he kept on shooting.

Everything was blurry for Nick. He could still hear how Ellis shouted, how his gun kept on shooting. The infected growled in pain, dropped Nick and started running to another direction, and the two remaining soldiers went after it. Ellis dropped his gun and ran to Nick, actually jumping on his knees next to him. Overalls took his arms around Nick, pulling him up slightly.

"Nick!? Nick, please, say somethin'!" he begged, his voice shivering and a bit sobbing.

"Ellis-?" Nick muttered weakly. He looked at Ellis, narrowing his eyes as he tried to see the boy. Everything was blurry.

"I'm okay", he added in a silent tone, raising a hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"No you are not-! We have to get you to that place- you'll be okay-" Ellis spoke in panic, a tear dropping on Nick's cheek.

"Nick- I-I love you-" Ellis spoke out silently, his eyes on Nick's. His hold around him tightened.

Nick frowned slightly. He moved his hand on Ellis' cheek, wiping his tears away.

"I'm not going to leave you. I can't. Not now", he whispered. Nick took a deep breath, his eyes nearly closing. Ellis pressed a bit closer.

"No no- Nick- don't close your eyes- Nick please- don't leave me-" Ellis cried. The soldiers were still fighting with the infected.

"I'm not leaving you", Nick muttered. His strong will was enough to keep him awake even if his body felt like collapsing.

"We- we will get you- to the safe place... Please, just- don't go", he whispered as he placed a kiss on Nick's forehead.

"Let's go!" shouted the other soldier. The infected was nowhere to be seen at the moment. Nick kept his attention on Ellis, refusing to faint. He was able to hear the soldiers and a relieving feeling filled him. Everything would be alright. Ellis needed help to get Nick on the car, the other soldier helped him.

"Quick, it will be back if we won't hurry-" the driver spoke. Ellis stayed near Nick the whole time, keeping his eyes on his.

"It'll be okay-" Ellis whispered.

Nick nodded his head slightly, his eyes on the kid.

"I know", he said in a low tone, reaching out his hand. Ellis took a hold of the hand, holding in against his chest for a moment. The soldier lowered Nick on the car's back, and they were ready to go. Ellis took a place next to Nick, still holding his hand.

"Hold on", he whispered leaning his forehead on Nick's.

"I'm not leaving", Nick muttered over and over again; "I'm still here…"

He was able to open his eyes and look up at the younger man. He wasn't afraid as long as Ellis was there.