Title: Rooftop Angel
Author: iantojjackh
Rating: PG
Summary: He's a bird ready to take flight
Spoilers: Cyberwoman
Warnings: Suicide attempt
Notes: I'm on a Cyberwoman streak of late. I originally intended this to be a fill for this weeks tw100 challenge but it ran long.

Rooftop Angel

Jack is the one who is good on roofs, but now it's Ianto who finds himself standing a hair's breadth from going over the edge. He holds his arms perpendicular to his body as if he's a bird ready to take flight.

The wind picks up and almost takes the choice away from Ianto. He knows it's a matter of time before they find him. It's either a bullet to the brain or retconned until he's back in nappies.

The blue water calls Ianto toward its dark depths. He's going to do it.

Strong arms encircle his waist, pulling Ianto back from the edge.

"Don't go. I need you." The words burn like acid. Ianto knows he doesn't deserve those words. Not from him. Not from the angel he called a monster. The man who is both angel and devil in one. After all, didn't Lucifer used to be an angel?