There's no such thing as ghosts. Right?

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Brennan had been asleep when she felt a presence in the bedroom. Booth was involved in a kidnapping case at the time and wasn't home yet; so, Brennan should have been alone. Opening her eyes, Brennan carefully moved her head to see if she could see whoever was in the room with her.

Surprised, Brennan sat up and stared at an older woman who was standing two feet from her bed. The woman appeared to be sixty years old. Her hair was brown with streaks of gray and her eyes were the color of warm chocolate. Her eyes were wet and tears were slowly sliding silently down her cheeks.

Not afraid, Brennan asked, "Who are you? How did you get into this apartment?"

Silently, the woman lifted her left hand, turned her hand towards the ceiling and opened it to show a small toy soldier in the middle of her hand.

Brennan, not convinced that she was in any danger, stared at the woman and then the small toy, "You should leave now. This is not your apartment."

Turning, the woman walked through the open doorway.

Curious, Brennan wondered what the woman would do next, so she slid out of her bed and walked across the room and into the living room. Puzzled when she found the room empty, Brennan decided to search for the older woman. Walking around the apartment, much to her annoyance, she couldn't find her. Moving over to the front door, Brennan unlocked it and looked out into the hallway. Finding the hallway empty Brennan closed the door, locked it and went back to her bedroom.

Noticing that the clock on the nightstand read 2:37 a.m., Brennan retrieved her phone from her dresser and called Booth. Her call going to voicemail, she placed the phone back on the dresser and went back to bed, determined to forget about the intruder.


An hour later, Brennan was awakened once more. Starrled, she opened her eyes and saw the older woman standing at the end of her bed again. The elderly woman held her hand out, palm up and showed Brennan a small broken toy soldier. Seeing that Brennan was awake and was looking at the toy, the woman lowered her arm and then turned around and left the room.

Exasperated with the situation, Brennan slid out of her bed and quickly followed the intruder out of the bedroom. Seeing the woman walking across the living room, Brennan then saw her grow transparent and walk through the closed front door.

Furious that her imagination was running rampant, Brennan muttered, "I'm imagining things. There is not such thing as apparitions."

Walking back into her bedroom, Brennan noticed that the clock now displayed 3:37 a.m. Retrieving her phone from the dresser Brennan sat down on her bed and called Booth. Her call going to voicemail once more, Brennan called Agent Thomas White since she knew he was working the kidnapping case with Booth.

"Special Agent White."

"Agent White, this is Temperance Brennan. I'm trying to reach Booth. Is he still with you?"

"No, we rescued the child a few hours ago. Booth said he was heading straight for home about a couple of hours ago. He should be home by now. It should only be about an hour and half drive."

Worried, Brennan responded, "He isn't home yet and his phone is sending me to voice mail. I'm growing a little concerned that he isn't answering his phone."

"Ok, I'll check into it. I'll have someone check his GPS coordinates and see where he is. Maybe he got caught in a traffic tie-up."

"Thank you."


A few hours later, standing next to Booth's hospital bed, Brennan held Booth's right hand as he explained to her what had happened.

"I was just driving along and a big deer jumped out in front of my truck. I tried to get out of the way and I kind of lost control of my truck. I saw I was heading into the trees on the side of the road; but, it happened so fast and I couldn't stop the damn truck. I went past some trees, down an embankment and my truck ended up plowing into a big tree. I guess I was knocked out. The next thing I know woke up in an ambulance and the EMT said I'd been in an accident. He wouldn't let me call you. He had me on a back board strapped down and wouldn't let me move. I'm sorry Bones. I would have called you if they'd have let me."

Relieved that he was awake and talking to her, Brennan squeezed his hand, "That's ok, Booth. They just wanted to make sure you didn't hurt yourself any further. They did the right thing. Thankfully your injuries aren't too serious."

Laughing quietly, Booth held Brennan's hand, "You know it's weird what you dream about. While I was unconscious, I dreamed that my grandmother was standing next to my truck and talking to me. She said that I needed to be a good soldier and to be brave. She said she'd get someone to come help me. Isn't that crazy? She's been dead for twenty three years."

Feeling a chill run down her spine, Brennan replied, "Yes the mind can . . . Yes, it is crazy."


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