The setting is right after the ending of Bloody Monday season 1 and before Bloody Monday Season 2 starts.[SPOILER ALERT!]


Crashing waves. Flock of birds flying back to their rightful place. The sun was setting.

Fujimaru sat on the sand alone at the beach, staring into empty spaces.

' When I die, give my kidneys to Haruka.'

Those last words by his dad were on loop mode in his head. His facial expression he had on his dad's last moments came flooding into Fujimaru's vision from time to time. He regretted the doubt he had on his dad. Regarded as traitor, he as a son should have stood by his side and defended him. But he didn't. He doubted. And he regretted it. If it wasn't for him, dad wouldn't have to die that day. If it wasn't for his doubt, it would have made Third-i stir their strong resentment upon treason done by his dad because he had faith. He wasn't a traitor. He was a hero. A hero that had to make the world his enemy if he has to, if it means saving it from the terrorists. But he did nothing but doubt him. How foolish of him to not trust one person he should've put his trust on – because blood is thicker than anything and everything else.

"Fujimaru." A soft pat on his shoulder and a comforting voice snapped him out of his trance. Just as he's about to turn and look, a figure sat right next to him.


"Ossu." Otoya smiled at Fujimaru and switched to look at the barely visible sun.

Fujimaru stared as his dear friend for a moment and switched his glance towards the glistening horizon as well.

"Haruka's kidney transplant is going on well," Otoya's breaking the silence after a while.

Fujimaru smiled at him.

"That's a relief," said Fujimaru with a heavy smile, looking down and fell into silence again.

Otoya gazed at the precious person next to him, drawing unrecognizable stuffs on the sand using his finger. The uncomfortable moments on Otoya's side lasted for a while...until he decided that enough is enough.

"Stop that fake smile."

Fujimaru looked up to Otoya and their eyes met. He tried to smile, but it carried too much weight of an emotion it just didn't look right.

"Wh-what are you talking about, Oto—"

Otoya pulled Fujimaru into his arms, holding him tight onto his chest.

"O—Otoya, what are you doing?!" Fujimaru was trying hard to break free.

"You don't have to put a strong face infront of me!" Fujimaru still struggled against those surprisingly strong small pair of arms wrapped around his shoulder.

" I know you're hurt. I know you're blaming yourself. I know." Otoya hugged him tighter.

"So stop. Stop being strong."

"You don't have to say a thing." There was no a longer fight to break loose from Otoya's arm.

"Please. Let me protect you this once."

Tears dropped from Fujimaru's eyes, as though some sort of strain placed on it was released; soaking the shirt that Otoya was wearing. That very day, a soft sound of sobs accompanied the sound of crashing waves.

'I will be by your side; from now on, from back then. Forever."

"Remember that, Fujimaru."

Fujimaru nodded slowly in the warmth of Otoya's embrace.

"I'm always by your side."



I wrote this 2 years ago, relocating it in this account because my blogspot is well, seems kinda dead to me. Lol I'm really all about sappy story and fluff, what to do. XD

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