"Good," Sam cheers when the motel room door opens. They're back and he has so much to go over with them after talking to Bobby that he's antsy to get going.

"Hey," Lizzy grins as she steps inside, Dean following right after. "How'd it go in here?"

"Great," Sam smiles. "Thanks to Bobby, I know what we're dealing with."

"Really!?" Lizzy nearly shouts out as she moves quickly to stand next to Sam's chair at the table.

"It's an aswang," he tells the two other hunters.

"That weird thing I put on the list yesterday?" Dean asks as he looks over Sam's shoulder at the posted drawing of a grotesque monster on his laptop screen.

"Yeah, you were definitely on to something there and lucky for us, Bobby's put one down before."

"Have I mentioned lately how much I love that man?" Lizzy comments to the group as she kicks off her boots and sits down on her bed. "So spill it, Sam-I-Am. I'm ready to know what we're up against."

"The aswang is the feared monster of the Philippines," Sam explains as he turns his chair to face the rest of the room. Dean hands out some beers that he took from the refrigerator and takes a seat next to Lizzy. Making a disgusted face, Sam puts his on the table. His stomach churning at the sight of the beer bottle lets him know he's still not ready to drink again. "It's the story every mother told their child growing up to keep them in line and off the streets. It sounds like some bizarre mix of a bunch of other supernatural creatures. From what I read and Bobby told me it's like a shapeshifter but with shades of vampire, werewolf, and rugaru."

"Sounds eclectic," Dean jokes with a sip of beer.

"It is," Sam agrees with wide eyes. "And it's rare, very rare. They are always seen as human and they live very public lives."

"Hiding in plain sight," Lizzy adds.

"Exactly," Sam confirms. "Usually they are good people, religious and kind, even charitable. Their day jobs tend to be meat related, butchers or deli workers, maybe something at a food processing plant for meat based food."

"Gross," complains Lizzy. "So this thing is probably butchering and eating the missing people?"

"Long pig," Dean grins awkwardly at Sam, using his favorite word he's picked up through hunting.

"Yes Dean," Sam patronizingly says before getting serious again. "Now, Bobby told me that the lore on these things is pretty extensive but he was able to confirm or deny a lot of it for me. For example, the journalist who lied and wrote that the missing elderly people had carvings of them left behind clearly knew about the awsang. That's a false detail that's widely believed by Filipino people. He popped it in there for the old school believers. I doubt he even knows how spot on he was about all this."

"That guy was such a douche," Lizzy grumbles, still burning over his rude attitude towards her and Sam yesterday.

"Yes he was," Sam smiles before continuing. "However, everything else fit. The missing children and elderly are spot on. Weak, easy targets are what this thing goes after."

"So are the miscarriages related at all or do we have to hunt some other thing down?" Dean wonders. "Because I gotta say, after talking to some people today, that whole thing is pretty suspicious. Like not some medical mystery kinda thing but our kinda thing."

"Bobby thinks it's related. When he and Rufus came across one years ago he said that the aswang was to blame for the few lost pregnancies they noticed happening."

"I don't get it," Lizzy says with much confusion. "This thing takes babies and old folks, I get that, but how does it take the unborn?"

"Uh, it's kinda disgusting," Sam answers with a wrinkled expression. "And really disturbing."

Dean and Lizzy just stare at him and wait. He didn't want to have to explain it since it's so awful, but oh well.

"Alright, so you know how mosquitoes feed off of humans? It has a long, nose-like appendage called a proboscises and it sucks the blood out?"

"Yeah…" Lizzy says with a horrified face.

"Well, it's like that," Sam says. "It'll attack women it knows to be pregnant while they're sleeping. It then, uh, sucks the fetus out and feeds on it." His expression is one of sheer revulsion.

"Oh shit," Lizzy clamps a hand over her mouth. "That's sick."

"Yeah, I know," Sam returns. "The women don't remember it happening because this thing is nearly silent when it wants to be and it can move fast."

"So how do we kill this evil son of a bitch," Dean asks, his anger growing by the second. And he thought ghouls were nasty. This one takes the taco.

"Well, bullets don't work, neither do knives. And apparently they're insanely strong."

"Fucking figures," laments Lizzy.

"The lore says there are a lot of ways, but from what Bobby told me we have to stake and burn the bitch."

"Shit," Dean laments again. This is one fucked up creature and now they know they have to get up close and personal with it.

"Basically, it's a two part kill," Sam breaks it down. "First we have to stake it through the heart, then we have to burn it because if we don't it'll rebound from the stabbing after a little bit."

"So we know how to kill it, but now we have to find it," Dean comments as he stands up and grabs the list of people who had access to the hospital nursery off the table. "This has to be an inside job."

"Come again?" Lizzy asks.

"I think that one of the people on this list is what we're looking for," Dean says to Lizzy and Sam as he holds out the list for them to see. "I searched that nursery and there is no way in hell anyone or anything got in there without clearance. It had to have an access card and this is the list of everyone that'd have one."

"You sure?" Sam asks.


"This is good then!" Sam perks up. "The assisted living facilities I went to have high security also due to dementia patients. Not just anyone can walk into those places. If we can get lists of workers and volunteers from the homes we can compare the two. If someone pops up on both…"

"Boom," Lizzy finishes with a smile. "We have our aswang."

The air in the room gets a little less thick as the three hunters come to the realization that they've finally made some headway on this case.

"If we all suit up we can each hit one old folk's home and get a list," Dean suggests, heading for the closet he'd hung his suit up in yesterday. "Then we can meet back here, compare notes, and hopefully have our guy."

"Done and done," Lizzy says jumping out of her seat with excitement and stopping next to Sam really quickly. "Good job, Sam-I-Am!" She pats him on the shoulder and heads to grab her suit as well.

"Thanks," he says with surprise. "So I guess the meeting wasn't that helpful for the case?"

"Nah, the lady running it was like a clipboard Nazi," Dean explains. "I tried to get the list of people and their addresses off of it so we could interview some couples but she never put it down."

"But we did get to talk to one of the women who fit the pattern," Lizzy continues. "She said she had a weird dream the night before of a man being in her house and found her front door open the next morning. I bet that's our guy she's semi-remembering."

"Sounds like it to me," Sam answers. "So, um, was it still, you know, helpful? For you guys to go?" He watches Dean and Lizzy exchange curious looks.

"You know what?" Lizzy starts, looking back to Sam. "It really was. It definitely helped."

Sam just smiles and nods as Lizzy disappears into the bathroom with her suit. He's glad to see her look more relaxed, almost happy for once. Dean himself looks a bit less on edge also. That meeting must have been good for them after all.

Looking over the front of the Wildwood Retirement Home, Lizzy thinks Sam sent her here on purpose. It's beautiful, the building bright white and clean as a whistle. This place looks expensive, welcoming, and perfect. He sent her to the easy place, the one that wouldn't be a hassle and would be a quick stop. She smiles to herself. He's still worried about her and she appreciates his efforts to make her life easier.

Lizzy climbs the front set of steps as she hears the rumble of the Impala start to fade behind her. Her painful heels loudly click the whole way up and when she reaches the top she opens up the large wooden front door. Inside the wide open foyer that is brightly lit are a few residents milling around, chatting and whatnot. As she heads for the front desk, a plump man in a Raiders T-shirt and jeans that was talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchair rushes over to her once he spots her.

"Hi there," he says as he jogs to stand in front of her.

"Um, hello," Lizzy says, finding his sudden and hurried behavior odd.

"I'm Jason," he holds out his hand and shakes hers. "I'm a volunteer here."

"Agent Bonham," Lizzy tells him.

"Can I help you out with something?" Jason eagerly asks with a very welcoming smile on his face. He's a rather round man, weighing much more than she and having a considerable sized stomach. His hair is dark and so is his skin tone. His eyes look excited as he offers his assistance.

"Well, I'm just here to talk to the person in charge," Lizzy explains as she begins to walk past Jason. He side steps and stands in front of her once more, blocking her path to the front desk. She glares at him for a moment.

"I'm sure I could help you," Jason offers. "Janine is very busy right now. She's in the middle of planning a charity event for our home this month. She asked me to lend a hand down here in the lobby and do my best to keep people out of her hair."

"I don't think that includes me," Lizzy challenges as she pulls out her badge. She flips it open and shows it to Jason. "I'm sure I have clearance."

"Oh yes, agent," Jason agrees once he sees it. "You most certainly do."

"I won't need her for very long," Lizzy assures. "Just a quick hello and I need a list."

"List of what?" Jason pries.

Sighing, Lizzy wishes Jason wasn't such an eager to help kind of guy. "I need a list of people who worked and volunteered here starting a month before the disappearance of Rosa Chaves and covering up until now."

"Oh, Rosa," Jason sadly comments. "She was a wonderful woman."

"I'm sure she was," Lizzy smiles small. "Now if you could point me in the directions of the…."

"Come with me," Jason offers, waving her over as he begins walking. "I'll bring you up."

"Thank you," Lizzy says appreciatively and follows behind Jason on their way to the pair of elevators off to the side of the lobby. He presses the top button and places his hands on his hips, his foot tapping the floor a mile a minute.

"So, you're looking into the disappearances?" Jason questions, clearly making small talk.

"Yes," Lizzy confirms succinctly.

"Good," Jason says. "I don't want any more of our residents going missing."

"Neither do I."

"Do you think it has something to do with the missing babies?"

Looking at him with surprise, Lizzy thinks hard before she speaks. "I'm not really at liberty to discuss it with you."

"Oh, I understand, sorry. Just the timing seemed weird, you know?" Jason nervously looks to the floor. "A child disappearing just a day after it's born. So awful."

"Yes. It is."

"You have children?"

Lizzy looks away and stares at the elevator doors and in a flat tone answers him. "No."

"Me neither," Jason answers.

It grows a little silent for a moment.

"I'm really glad the FBI is looking into this," Jason answers as the elevator dings and the doors open. Once they're inside, he presses the top floor. "I'm probably overstepping my bounds here, but there's a rumor going around that women are having these strange miscarriages…"

"You're very talkative," Lizzy cuts him off with a curious look, trying to let him know she won't be discussing the issue with him.

"Sorry," Jason huffs as the exceptionally slow elevator crawls upward. "I just can't imagine thinking you're going to have a child and then suddenly you're not."

"Yeah," Lizzy huffs, her hand coming to her lower stomach absentmindedly. "Me neither."

Jason watches her actions, staring for a quick second at her hand on her stomach. An evil grin spreads across his face with the realization of what that means but Lizzy doesn't see it as she looks forward at the elevator doors.

"Um, do you have any leads?" Jason pries a little more.

"Some," Lizzy simply says, her nerves suddenly acting up a bit. He's a bit too helpful and a bit too curious for her liking.

"Are you getting close to figuring it out?"

Lizzy peers at the man with sudden fear. He's asking so many questions that it's making her uncomfortable and quite suspicious.

"No," Lizzy lies and looks away again. She reaches to her back for her handgun on instinct but before she can she feels a hard, intensely strong blow to the side of her head. Everything goes black.

Jason watches Lizzy's body slump to the floor and onto her back with a thud. She's out cold. Jason pushes the emergency stop button and crouches to the floor over her. He inhales deeply over her stomach.

"Mm," Jason grins out. "Stopping a hunter and getting myself an afternoon preborn snack. Talk about killing two birds with one stone." He lightly drags his fingers over the bleeding gash just above her temple before brushing her hair out of her face, really looking at the relaxed, dreamless look on it. He then slowly licks his reddened fingers, relishing the taste of her blood. "Beautiful."