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"Holy shit. Get a load of this place," Lizzy amazes as she walks into the rustic cabin out in the middle of practically nowhere with her and Dean's duffels in her hold along with a few plastic shopping bags.

"Nice digs," Dean agrees when he walks in, surveying the place much like Lizzy with a thirty pack of beer, a paper bag, and several more plastic bags. Rufus had called Bobby just after they left for their impromptu honeymoon and once Bobby told them what they were up to, he called Lizzy immediately after to let them know about the cabin rentals in Montana he'd found years ago. He said it was a great spot to 'really get to know each other'. Lizzy was beginning to see what Rufus would use such a place for. "So how many ladies you think Rufus' brought up here?"

"And how many of them actually thought he was Luther Vandross," Lizzy returns quickly, earning a bright laugh from him. "Second thought, I don't really want to think about Rufus' sex."

"Good point," he answers, opening the refrigerator and starting to stock it up with the food and beverages they brought with them.

"Oh yes!" Lizzy exaggeratedly calls from the other side of the large, one room cabin after looking around a little more.

"What?" he questions her as he finishes putting away the food that needs to stay cold.

"Come over and find out!"

Dean quickly stands and shuts the door of the fridge to go find her. Already he can see her tossing her tan leather bomber jacket onto the floor and kicking out of her heels.

"Look at the size of this thing!" Lizzy cheers as she sits down at the foot of the massive, king-sized bed.

Dean just huff a small laugh at her excitement.

"What are you waiting for!?" Lizzy asks him with shock that she didn't just then get tackled. She scoots up the bed until she's sitting in the middle of it. She then unzips the back of her white dress and pulls it down, leaving her in only her bra from the waist up. "Get your ass up here and fuck your wife!"

Staring at her eagerness for him to do naughty, awesome things to her makes it that much harder to turn her down. "Can't."

"What!?" she responds with wide eyes. "Why not!?"

"We have salting to do," he reminds her, reaching into their weapons pack and grabbing the canister of salt. "And demon proofing and angel proofing…"

"Oh my fucking God!" Lizzy flops onto her back exaggeratedly and with disappointment. "Where's your sense of spontaneity?"

"Gone, along with my sense of security that evil shit won't come trying to kill me or my awesome new wife while we're fucking to celebrate. Get up and help me and then we can have all the sex you want once we're safe."

"Promise?" she looks up to him from her reclined position.

"Baby, I promise," he responds and walks over to the bed to hold out his hand. She takes it with an eye roll and lets him help her off the bed. Once standing next to him, Dean leans down to kiss her before handing over the salt. "Here. I'll take the devil's traps."

"Fine," she huff with annoyance. Dean just smiles at her and walks away to get to work. He grabs the chalk out of their bag and pulls up the rug by the front door. Sitting on the floor he gets to work, concentrating on making sure he does the trap right. He does not want their time away interrupted.

Once he's halfway done he hears a pair of high heels walking in his direction. He looks up just in time to watch Lizzy bend in half at the waist while facing away from him as she lines the front door with salt in only her lacy white bra, matching thong, high white heels, and garter around her thigh.

"Oh, come on! That's just unfair," Dean informs her as he loses his suit jacket and tosses it aside. It's suddenly a little warm in the cabin.

"What's unfair, honey?" Lizzy plays the innocent card when she stands up and looks over at him, giving him the front view of what little she's wearing. She poses with one hand on her hip and canister in the other.

"You know what, you fucking jezebel," Dean sneers at her.

"Not my fault I feel comfortable without that stifling dress on right now." She shrugs and keeps going, moving to the next window and lining it with her ass sticking out right in his direction.

"I married the she-devil," Dean sighs, forcing himself to finish his work before absolutely destroying her.

Lizzy sighs, knowing she isn't going to win and get what she wants. It is her safety on the line so she should have known better. It's the only thing that can ever trump sex for him. Making her way around the entire cabin, Lizzy finally lines the last window in the back corner.

"Fucking finally!" Lizzy cheers as she turns around to make her way back to the supplies.

"You got every entrance?" Dean questions as he finishes the last of the angel-proof sigils on the wall by the front door.

"Every one," she promises, dropping the salt canister by the bed.


"I figure one by the back door and one under the bed," she answers, pulling out the guns from the ever-present weapons duffel and walking to place them as she just suggested.

"Holy water by the bed too," Dean adds, grabbing some knives and hiding them around the small house.

"Done and done," she assures him. Propping the salt round loaded shotgun by the back door, she turns around and smiles. "Baby?"

"Yeah?" Dean asks her, glancing over to her as he puts his favorite, ivory handled Colt in a drawer by the front door.

"Please… I want you so bad," she says to him, walking slowly toward him. "This is good enough for a little bit. Will you please relax enough to let me have what I want?"

"Depends," Dean answers seriously as he can while he starts unbuttoning his crisp white shirt. "What do you want?"

Lizzy smirks as she makes her way to the bed. "I want you."

"You want me what?" Dean asks, shirt falling down his shoulders and dropping to the floor.

"I want you in that bed," Lizzy answers, hands reaching behind herself to unclasp her bar midstride.

"And?" he reaches to open his belt as he meets her at the foot of the bed, standing face to face and watching as she lets her bra land on the floor at his feet.

"And…" she presses up on her toes to bring her lips just a breath from his. "I want you to fuck me stupid for three days straight." She kisses him deeply, sighing with how happy she is to finally be able to feel him.

"Done!" Dean shouts happily and picks her up in a flash, tossing her onto the bed as she giggles. He drops his pants to the floor and immediately crawls over her. He begins kissing her neck as she squirms under him with giddy happiness.

"I love you," she laughs out before cupping his face and bringing it in to her own, kissing him again with a smile on her lips the whole time.

"Love you too, ball and chain."

"You're an ass," Lizzy name calls between kisses.

"And I want your ass," Dean tells her half-seriously.

"As of today this ass all yours, Hot Shot," Lizzy informs him as he moves lower down her body. "I share custody of it with you."

"Thank God," Dean roughly growls, taking the garter around her upper leg between his teeth and dragging it downward.

"Holy crap, I'm really happy," she smiles while watching him. Sitting back on his heels Dean lifts her leg, still sliding the fabric over her skin with his pearly whites, and takes the garter all the way off. "I'm actually, seriously happy."

"Who knew that was even possible anymore," Dean remarks with a bright grin, sling-shotting the stretchy lace across the room like a rubber band.

"I honestly didn't," Lizzy says seriously as she sits up to look Dean in the eye where he kneels. "I'm so fucking happy to be with you." She cups his face with total adoration for the man she's now bound to. "And, fuck… I'm so proud to able to say I'm your… what the fuck, I'm your wife, Dean!"

"I know," he smiles wide with what she says. He loves the sound of that more than he'd ever thought he would. A few years ago the word wife was horrifying to the core to him. Now… now it's fucking perfect.

"Baby, I get to say I'm a Winchester for real." It hits her all at once. They actually did it. They found a way to make it all work, to completely commit themselves to one another. "Of all the fucking women in this world… you want me. That's so… crazy to think."

"Oh no," Dean grins through his worry, looking her over while nearly naked and clearly about to cry with joy. "Please don't do that." Lizzy laughs a little and it causes her tears to crest and fall as she drops her hands into her lap while looking up at him. "Damn, L. I can't have sex with you if you're crying."

"But it's a happy cry this time!" she giggles some more while the tears still fall.

"Doesn't matter!" Dean huffs a laugh of his own as he holds her face, his thumbs wiping the wet trails away.

"I just… I can't remember being this happy ever before. It's been so long," she tells him honestly. "We got married."

"Yeah, we did." Dean smiles wide, the feeling of it almost unfamiliar on his face. Damn it does feel good to be happy.

Lizzy just grins right back as her emotional moment passes. As she starts to calm back down she realizes how badly she probably ruined the moment. "Damn it. Sorry."

"Don't say sorry," Dean immediately tells her, pulling her into a kiss.

"I didn't kill it for you?" she questions up to him as he peers down at her with a contented look, something she just barely remembers seeing a couple years back when they first met and life was a whole hell of a lot easier.

"Nah," he assures, kissing her forehead and leaning forward, pushing her onto her back again as he crawls over her. "You're practically butt naked. There isn't much that can kill that for me."

Lizzy circles her arms around his neck and pulls him closer, pressing her lips to his and getting them right back to where they had been before her feelings for him overcame her.

Suddenly back to where they should have been in the first place, Lizzy pulls Dean as close to her as she can get him. Body pressed together, Lizzy sighs.

"Love you," she starts, grasping the waist of his boxerbriefs. "So much."

Dean, corners of his mouth still turned up as he kicks out of the last of his clothing.

"Love you too, baby."

"Oh, wow," Lizzy quietly slurs out once they've started to come back down and she melts into the fluffy bearskin rug underneath her, stomach down and legs now turned to Jell-O with exertion.

"What you said," Dean huffs out while trying to catch his breath. He collapses at her side, needing a moment to recuperate. They've been at this for two days nearly nonstop and it's starting to show. Sore muscles and tired eyes, they lay together unmoving, enjoying their moment of complete satisfaction.

"Holy fucking shit, I love you," Lizzy laughs out tiredly.

"Love you too," Dean says right back, a hand lifting and landing softly on her bare back just for the connection.

"I'm never getting up. I can't," Lizzy claims as she looks over to him next to her. "I'm gonna stay here until I die."

"Doubt that Yogi would mind much," Dean quips while reaching above himself with his free arm to pet the bearskin rug on its massive head as they stretch out on it. "This is probably the most action he's seen in years."

"Not sure if that makes him lucky or not," Lizzy laughs quietly.

"He's not complaining," he assures as he runs a hand up and down her naked form, soothing her tired body. "I bet he loves it."

"Well I love it, I know that."


"Yes!" she answers exaggeratedly.

Dean grunts as he slowly stands up. After taking his time, his own taxed muscles protesting as he does, he starts for the kitchen area. "I think we need a serious fuck-break for at least the rest of tonight."

"Um, I'm sorry," Lizzy smiles wide as she props herself up on her elbows to watch him walking to the kitchen area in the very large, one room cabin. "I couldn't have possibly heard you right. Did you just say you needed a break from having sex?"

"I'm hurting pretty bad over here," Dean tells her, his back aching and bum knee acting up big time as he reaches for two glasses in a cupboard. He then pours two healthy amounts of whiskey into them. "I mean, I'll go another round happily if that's what you want, but you're doing all the work." He drops two ice cube into hers and keeps his neat.

"Tempting," Lizzy caustically returns, her eyes roaming his body as he makes his way back towards the rug and reaches his free hand out to her.

"Come on."

"I told you I'm not getting up," Lizzy reminds him, seriously hating the idea of standing or moving at all. "It's fluffy here and the fire is warm."

"The bed will leave in you better shape tomorrow than the floor and you know it. Off of BooBoo, let's go."

"It's Yogi," she reminds him with a grumble and takes his hand. She lets him help her up, her entire being weak and spent. She stands and stretches a bit before walking over to the bed, climbing in and lying back with a delightful 'ahh'.

"God, it's like heaven in here," she tells him while snuggling into the heavy, warm comforter and soft flannel sheets.

"Isn't that what I've been saying to you all day?" Dean says, one eyebrow playfully raised in her direction.

"You get funnier every day, Hot Shot." Lizzy builds up some pillows behind her head enough to be able to see the TV while sitting back against them. "Can you grab the remote?"

Dean reaches for the remote control off the top of the big screen TV and makes his way to bed, drinks in hand. He hands her one drink before pulling back the covers and slipping in beside Lizzy. He feels his tired body melt into the supremely comfortable mattress.

"Told you," Lizzy jests as Dean closes his eyes momentarily in ultimate comfort. He then sits up against some pillows, copying Lizzy's position, and slides next to her. He pulls her in with his glass-free arm around her shoulders and she settles in, leaning onto him.

"Gonna have to thank Rufus for this one," Dean comments while turning on the TV.

"I know!" Lizzy happily comments, looking around the decent sized log cabin.

"Oh, we have a winner," Dean announces when he finds Return of the Living Dead playing on one of the premium channels. They both watch the classic zombie flick for a few minutes, sipping their drinks and just being.

"Ok, screw the floor, I'm never leaving this fucking awesome bed," Lizzy decides as she holds her glass out to cheers Dean's. "Or this cabin. This place is amazing."

"You have no idea how badly I want that to happen," he returns, clinking drink ware and each sipping down some whiskey.

"I'm exhausted."

"I know you are," he tells her, his arm nudging her head against his shoulder to rest more comfortably. She leans on him harder and smiles to herself.

"How do you want to spend the last one of the best three days of our lives tomorrow?"

"First, I don't want to talk about it being our last day," Dean says with a downtrodden tone. They got lucky so far that Sam hasn't called them back into active Apocalyptic duty as it is. Three days was all they allowed themselves even though it wasn't enough, but no matter how long the time off with Lizzy it would never be enough.

"I agree," Lizzy responds, sadness in her tone.

"Well," Dean starts, pulling his arm tighter around her. "If I had my way, I'd probably say tomorrow morning I should wake up to breakfast being cooked by my hot wife wearing something… small."

"Like what?" Lizzy grins wide up to him.

"Like… ooh, that black lacey, kinda see-through bra and underwear set you wear when you're looking to get laid. Or maybe just the apron that's hanging by the oven and nothing else..."

"I'm getting the picture," Lizzy nods and returns her gaze to the TV. "Then what?"

"Then a nice, long, hot shower."

"You know, Rufus told me that there's a hot tub on the back deck area."

"What!?" Dean loudly questions her. "When were you going to tell me that!?"

"I forgot until right now, when you mentioned hot water," Lizzy explains herself. "In case you forgot, I've been a bit preoccupied so far."

"Yeah you have," he smirks proudly.

"Ok, so breakfast and then hot tub," Lizzy grins to herself with the lovely thought. "Damn, that's gonna feel nice after the past two days."

"Maybe it'll loosen me up enough for day of fucking. Wouldn't mind ending this thing with a bang, right?"

"Since God knows when the next time will be that we'll get to fuck each other stupid without Sam around, neither would I."

"If there is a next time," Dean adds quickly while taking a sip of whiskey, the heavy meaning of what he says hitting both much harder than he intended.

"Then we better make sure this one counts." Lizzy cranes her neck up and kisses him. She turns her body towards him until she's curled up into his side, her lips never leaving his.

"You're seriously not starting up with me again are you?" Dean has to ask with sheer disbelief when her glassless hand creeps across his stomach.

"No," Lizzy answers, kissing him one more time. "I can barely move as it is. And I'm sure tomorrow morning is gonna feel even worse."

"Thank God for hot tubs."

"Damn straight," Lizzy smiles to him. "Gotta make sure I get my fair share of that Michael Sword before we ditch, you know?"

"Fuck Michael," Dean complains. "He doesn't own everything of mine."

"Ok, then I'm gonna need a lot of attention from that Dean Sword of yours tomorrow… better?"

"Way fucking better," he assures her as they settle in to watch the movie.

Inhaling deeply as he comes to, Dean knows the smell that woke him up. He loves that smell.

Turning over in the huge, extremely comfortable bed, Dean rests on his back and looks across the cabin. Standing in front of the stove is his woman doing exactly as he suggested she do yesterday night. Smiling to himself, he silently lets her work, not wanting to end the quiet, perfect moment. While facing away from him, it's clear that she's wearing only an apron as her entire backside is bare except for the tie around her waist. He can hear the sizzling of bacon as she moves over the pans on the old, white, antique looking stove.

Grabbing his phone stealthfully off the nightstand, hoping not to make her notice he's up quite yet, he uses it to zoom in on her and take a picture. This was a moment he wanted to remember and remember well. She's got to be hurting, his own sore muscles already letting him know this as fact, yet she still made sure she got up before he did, started up breakfast as he asked her to, and let him rest. Sometimes she's so fucking awesome it's hard to believe she's even real.

"Coffee?" she asks over to him without turning around.

"How'd you know I was up?"

"The camera function on your phone comes complete with fake shutter sounds," she turns and looks at him over her shoulder with a grin. "I'm assuming you're not sending that picture to anyone?"

"Hell no. This one's just for me," Dean slickly tells her. "And yes, coffee would be awesome."

She walks to the coffee maker and pours him a cup before grabbing the Irish whiskey bottle and dosing it up a bit before making her way across the room to him.

"Here you go," she says, handing the mug over while sitting on the edge of the bed next to him as he sits up.

"Why thank you," he says back and takes a sip while looking her over, the top of the apron barely covering her breasts. "I like this look on you."

"Shocking," Lizzy grins while leaning in and kissing him. "I figured you'd like it." She gets up and turns to head back to the breakfast still cooking on the stove.

"I do," Dean answers, reaching out to slap her bare ass quickly before she walks away. "A lot."

"Breakfast is almost ready. Hope you're hungry."

"Considering we fucked and drank our dinner last night, yeah, I'm starving."

"Shit, you're right," Lizzy nods as she thinks about it, spatula back in hand. "We haven't eaten in, like, a really long time. Good thing I made enough food for a small army then."

"Bring it on, woman," Dean happily cheers as he reaches for the remote and turns on the TV to occupy his time while she finishes up their meal. Daytime TV sucks, but he manages to find something tolerable that they'd both enjoy; Sports Center.

"All set," Lizzy calls over as she turns with a wooden tray in her hands. She walks over to the bed and drops it over his lap before walking around to the other side of the bed and climbs on. "Eggs sunny side up, bacon, sausage, toast. Everything Dean Winchester dreams about."

"Absolutely," he answers, looking over the two packed plates in front of them as she crawls over the comforter to sit Indian style by his side so she can share the space on the tray. Before picking up a fork, he leans over and pulls her in by the back of her head. "Thank you." He kisses her.

"Mm, you're very welcome," she returns. "Now eat up. The hot tub should be hot enough really soon."

"Yes," he smiles out excitedly. "How the hell did I end up with such a cool freakin' chick?"

"Angels," Lizzy grins out, knowing she's giving a definitive answer to an open-ended question.

"Then they're about to get one hell of a gift bask…"

Mid-sentence they hear something outside the front cabin door. It's a loud couple thumps, one big thud, and then silence. After freezing immediately with the sound, Lizzy presses a finger to her lips to keep Dean quiet and stands up from the bed. She reaches for the salt round packed shotgun under the bed and makes her way slowly to the front door as Dean gets up to find his boxer briefs.

Once at the door, she presses her ear to the thick wood and listens. Nothing. Dead silence. She waits until Dean is at her side, flask of holy water and handgun at the ready. She counts to three without using her voice and swiftly turns the knob and yanks the door open.

Guns aimed, they're greeted with the same calm scene they first saw when they pulled up to the cabin.

"What the hell?" Lizzy asks quietly.

"I have no idea,' Dean agrees. "That sounded like a body…"

"Hitting the stairs, I know." Lizzy sighs as she watches Dean slowly stalk down the set of five steps in front of the door. He scans the wooded area, coming up with no signs of anything ever having been there. He lowers his gun and turns back to her.

"Guess it was animal."

"Weird sounding animal," Lizzy quips. "Come back in, food's getting cold, much like my bare ass is."

"Still looks good to me," Dean says charging up the stairs and into her as he pushes her back inside. She giggles as the doorway closes.

From behind the tree line, Castiel watches the two head back inside as he holds a hand over the mouth of the demon that just tried to attack the unsuspecting hunters.

Once the door is closed, the angel angrily looks over at the demon in his grip.

"How many others know that they're here?" he asks the demon, pulling his hand away so it can talk. The demon immediately tries to smoke out but Castiel was ready for that. Pushing the cloud right back down into the meatsuit it was riding with his bare hand, Castiel asks again. "How many!?"

"None," the frightened demon answers. "Just me. Followed them from a rest stop just over the South Dakota boarder. Saw 'em by chance."

"Good," Castiel responds and places the palm of his hand on the demon's head, white light shooting forth from its eyes and mouth. Soon, the lifeless body drops from his grip onto the grass forest ground at Castiel's feet.

The angel stays quietly out of sight of the cabin and continues to keep watch. They have earned this little bit of happiness. The road ahead is paved with awful sacrifices and hardships they certainly don't deserve. The two people who have taught him more about friendship and what family is supposed to truly mean than any other person or other being ever could should be happy, even if it's just for a fleeting moment.

"You deserve this, my friends," Castiel says to them, knowing full well they have no idea that he's there. He plans to keep it that way. "Be happy."

"This sucks," Lizzy complains as she drops her bag into the open Impala trunk.

"I know," Dean responds, heading back to grab the last bag in the cabin. "But it's more than I had expected getting at all. Way more."

"Yeah," Lizzy says more to herself than to him as he makes his way through the front door. Leaning against the passenger side door, she looks around and says a soundless goodbye to the solitude around her. She has a horrible feeling deep in her gut that life is about to get loud and hectic and very scary. The honeymoon was over… literally.

Dean comes back out and turns to lock the door of the cabin. Once he turns around he sees her taking a picture of him with her camera function on her phone.

"Like what you see?"

"Generally," she laughs as his feet pound down the short staircase and head in her direction. "Actually I was just trying to capture what a content and happy Dean Winchester looks like."

"Don't get used to this look on me," he warns her as he kisses her on his way to the trunk.

"Fuck," Lizzy laments as she looks back over at the cabin one last time. So that's what it's like to live like normal people. Stay in one place, make your own food, watch TV, not fear for your life… it was just so fucking nice for once.

Dean shuts the trunk and heads for the driver's side of the car. He opens the door and pauses before he gets in. "Say goodbye, L."

"Goodbye, L," Lizzy says up to the cozy abode with a sigh and turns to get into the car. For some reason she suddenly thinks of Castiel and it makes her rapidly search the surrounding area, fully expecting to see him standing somewhere there. She could swear she feels him there. "Cassie?" she whispers.

"You coming?" Dean calls to her from inside the car.

"Yup," Lizzy yells back and looks around one more time. Seeing nothing she gets in, shuts the door behind her, and looks at Dean. "I think Cass is here, or was here."

"Creepy," Dean answers, turning the key in the ignition. "Why?"

"Don't know. Look after us maybe?"

"Doubt it," Dean answers, driving down the dirt pathway that leads to the front office for all the secluded cabins in the area. "He probably would've popped in to say hi at some point or share some horrible news with us…"

"While we were butt ass naked," Lizzy finishes his thought. "Yeah. You're probably right."

They don't see the angel standing in front of the cabin and watching them drive away as they end their short but excellent trip.