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Worrying her lower lip, Quinn looked over the various objects on her bed one last time. First is her costume which consists of a pair of black slacks with suspenders, a white dress shirt, a tie, and a fedora. Next to that was a simple mask and some silk scarves; they too were part of her costume, although neither were actually needed for the mobster look that the blonde was aiming for, but both of them were necessary nonetheless.

Hazel eyes drifted to the last component of her plans for the evening; a large pink strap-on. As authentic as Quinn wanted to make her disguise, she was quite sure if she needed the extra appendage to provide a realistic bulge in her pants. She couldn't even remember what had compelled her to purchase it in the first place.

But as it were, Quinn did go through the embarrassment of walking into a sex store and fumbling for a while until she found something that she liked. Not that it really mattered if she liked it or not; it wasn't as though Quinn would actually get a chance to use it. But the fact that she had it, added with the fact that she couldn't get a refund (not that she'd go back to get a refund) gave her little choice than to use it for its intended purpose.

It was now or never, and with Rachel currently single Quinn couldn't find a more perfect opportunity. With no further hesitation, Quinn started to change into her costume. The first order of business was for her to flatten her chest. She took one of the silk scarves and wrapped it around her breasts. She glanced down and muttered a quick, "Sorry," before tying the scarf, effectively binding her breasts down.

Quinn walked over to her vanity to get a look at herself. So far so good; with her shirt on, her breasts wouldn't even be noticeable. She sighed. Just because Quinn was willing to dress up as a boy to get Rachel's attention didn't mean she had to like it, and she didn't even want to get started on how sick and desperate this move was.

Reminding herself that she was only hoping for a dance and maybe a kiss, Quinn grabbed another scarf. Convinced that her boobs wouldn't pop out, she slipped on the harness for her strap-on and got the rest of her costume on. Shirt on, buttoned up and tucked into her pants. Tie in place, suspenders clipped on, and then she finished the look off with her mask and fedora.

Once again, this time with heavy uneven breaths, Quinn went for her vanity. She gasped when she saw herself… or not herself. Instead of seeing Lucy Quinn Fabray looking back at her, Quinn saw a boy; a scrawny looking boy, but a boy. She looked herself over from head to toe, turning from side to side so that she could examine herself fully.

Her clothes didn't allow her breasts to show, her short choppy hair could easily be seen as that of a boy's, and her mask partially hid her delicate cheek bones. The only thing that remained of Quinn was her ass; she was glad that she could at least show off that much of herself.

All in all, she was pleased with her disguise, or at least as pleased as she could be, having to hide one of her best and favorite assets. But those thoughts soon left her when her eyes fell on the bulge in her pants. It wasn't very prominent but it was pretty big, and for once Quinn was thankful that she had bought the ridiculous toy.

Quinn knew that a boy's confidence was typically proportionate to the size of his… junk. Quinn was lacking in both areas, and after some thought she supposed that if she was going to be a boy for the night that she might as well go big or not at all. And maybe the extra courage would be enough for her to at least ask Rachel for a dance. Maybe, just maybe…

"What the fuck?" Quinn spun around to find Santana, dressed as a bunny (well at the very least she had bunny ears), staring at her. "What happened to your boobs?" she asked with a laugh. Quinn instantly turned a shade of red. She would have liked to laugh back, but when she heard that her best friends were going as animals Quinn had expected something a bit more… furry. Obviously Santana had made some sort of compromise with her girlfriend.

Speaking of whom, Brittany came waddling into the room soon after (waddling, because she was dressed as a duck). "What's so funny San?" she asked. "And who's that?" Quinn lowered her mask to reveal her identity. "Oh, hey Q. What happened to your boobs?" Quinn paled and dropped her head, whining pathetically. So much for confidence.

"Jezz, Q," Santana started, walking over to take in all of what Quinn had done to herself. "You know, when I told you to grow some balls and ask Berry out I didn't mean for you to actually…" she paused, snickering as she circled her. Then she came closer, then stopped, her eyes wide. She looked down and her smirk grew. "Is that a-"

"Shut up."

"Holy shit it is!"

"Shut up!"

"Damn, if only I knew…"

"Shut up, and leave!"

"What about the dance?" Brittany chirped in.

"I'm not going," Quinn declared. She was humiliated enough. Things surely wouldn't fare much better with Rachel. Nope, she wouldn't put herself through the torture. Rachel would find out, and sure she wouldn't laugh but she'd look at her. Look at her with those sad eyes, and no, Quinn wouldn't let herself suffer that.


"I can't do it," she pleaded, her best friends at her back, shoving her forwards. "I can't, I can't," she repeated. She turned to see if either Santana or Brittany showed any signs of taking pity on her. Sadly, she had no such luck. They pushed onward, until the three of them spotted Rachel sitting by her lonesome off to the side.

"There she is," Brittany cheered. Quinn gulped. Of all the costumes that Rachel could have picked, she decided to reuse her Brittney Spears from junior year. It made sense though. Rachel had been feeling low since she got dumped by Finn again; perhaps she wanted to feel sexy. With a final shove Quinn was thrust in the direction of the pint sized diva.

"Go get her," Santana called. "And stop being a pansy; you already look like a wimp." Quinn ignored her. She shaky, unstable legs she walked towards the brunette. She was hunched over, her arms on elbows in her lap, one her hands propping up her head, the other playing with one of her pigtails. It was now or never.

With a few more steps, she was in front of the singer. "Care to dance?" she said, dropping voice an octave to conceal her identity while offering her hand. Brown eyes darted up to her hazel ones. Rachel blinked, her surprise clearly evident on her face. She said nothing for a bit, just looked deep into Quinn's eyes.

Quinn momentarily believed that she had been caught, but then Rachel tentatively took her hand and got up from her seat. Quinn linked their fingers, as they walked to the dance floor. A smile graced Rachel's face, replacing the depressing frown she wore earlier, as the two of them swayed to the upbeat tune flowing throughout the gym.

"I don't think we've ever met," Rachel spoke suddenly. "What's your name?"

"Ch-Charlie," Quinn stuttered out.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rachel."

"I know," she responded before thinking, earning an eyebrow raise from Rachel. "You're the star of Glee Club. I've seen you preform" she added, seeming to remove the singer's suspicion. "You're amazing." Under the dim lighting, she couldn't tell if Rachel was blushing but could only think was, seeing her bury her face into her chest. Quinn could only sigh; her chest, not her breasts.

The music soon changed to something slower. It was an odd choice for Halloween, Quinn thought, and one that would certainly end her dance with Rachel. But instead of leaving, the singer came closer and wrapped her arms around Quinn's shoulders. The blonde let out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding in before following suit and bringing her own arms around Rachel's slim waist. She pulled her in, receiving a gasp from the brunette when their bodies became flush.

Quinn's eyes widened in panic; she knew in an instant what had happened. She had felt the toy move in between her legs, and now she was sure that Rachel thought she was some kind of pervert. She pulled back. "Sorry, you're just really hot," she apologized shyly. She spun around, sure that Rachel was disgusted by her, but was surprised once again when Rachel took hold of her hand, stopping her in her tracks.

"Don't," she said, and in a blink of an eye Rachel was back in front of her, back in her previous position. "It's okay," she assured. "It's just a bit of a surprise. With my boyfriend… or ex-boyfriend I guess, I never felt anything down there," she admitted sheepishly. "I sometimes wondered if he didn't find me hot enough."

Quinn shook her head, knowing better (what with Finn's 'mailman' problem, and 'other' problem, she wasn't really surprised that Rachel never felt anything). She placed a finger under Rachel's chin and lifted it up. "Don't think like that," she requested. "You, Rachel Berry, are the sexiest girl here tonight. And no one is as lucky as I am right now, being able to dance with you." The tiny singer flushed once more.

They said nothing for a while, holding each other tightly as latest tune came to its end. They pulled apart and Quinn led Rachel off the dance floor before getting her something to drink, leaving the singer grinning from ear to ear.

Rachel was unused to this kind of attention, especially from a stranger, yet at the same time there was something oddly familiar about this mysterious boy; something that she couldn't quite place. And in a short time the dance would be over and he would be gone.

Rachel wasn't ready for this night to be over. It had been so long since someone had made her feel special, and even then no one had ever made her feel this special. Well there was one person, someone that Rachel so hoped could, but alas that dream was perhaps the mostly unlikely to come true. Quinn returned, handing Rachel a cup of punch. "Thanks." She took a sip, eyeing the boy in front of her.

"Hey, you okay?" Quinn spoke after Rachel's prolonged silence. "You've been staring at me for a few minutes." She kept her voice calm, or as calm as she could. Quinn could tell what Rachel was doing, and could only hope that she wasn't found out.

"Yeah fine, just uh…" Her voice was soft, uncharacteristically so. "I feel like I know you from somewhere." Quinn took in a deep inhale. Her chest tightened, and not because of her bindings. "It's strange isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is..."

"Hey, a friend of mine, Noah Puckerman, is throwing a party later tonight," Rachel suddenly brought up. "I could invite a friend if I like, and I was wondering if maybe… I don't know… if you wanted to go?" Overcome with shock, Quinn didn't answer. Nor did she know how to answer. The dance itself was risky enough, but to also attend Puck's Halloween party? She wasn't sure. But those big brown doe eyes did Quinn in and when she said, "You don't have to if you don't want to… I just thought it'd be fun and…" Quinn couldn't help but say…

"Sure, I'd love to."

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