And now my glorious sequel to Impacting Pain, if you haven't read it, I suggest you do before this one. Eh, well, yadda yadda, this ain't a yaoi and crap, just a heads up. PG-13 for language and maybe violence later on, actually now that I think of it, there WILL be violence later on, but if you could handle Impacting Pain, you can handle this. Now onto the fic, after the disclaimer...that is.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh but I do own the name Akei (Yami Bakura's given name).

Bakura lay flat on his bed, staring at the ceiling and debating if he should take a nap. It was noon in his part of the world, mostly sunny with a light breeze and few clouds speckled through the air. A perfect day.

Amazing how relaxation can be disturbed by the phone.

Bakura tried ignoring it, but it just continued ringing over and over again.

[Will you pick up that damn thing already?!]

{It's not that annoying...}

The boy's yami, now known as Akei to Bakura's friends, was sitting comfortably in his soul room. The phone's sound echoed through his dark room though, and trust me, if you were there...your ears would want to commit suicide so they could get away from the sound. [You aren't in a soul room that echoes.]

{Fine...I'll get it...} Bakura grumbled, leaving his comfortable spot and fumbling down the stairs to the phone, picking it up agitated. "Hello? Yes, this is Bakura. Oh, you work with my father?!" Bakura's voice starts to sound excited. "How is he doing? W-what do you mean...? What did it to him?! You're not sure....o-ok....yeah....thanks....I-I understand...bye..." His voice drops to a whisper as he takes a few tries to get the phone on it's hook. He backed up across the kitchen into a wall and turned around to sink onto his knees, banging his head with a 'THUNK' on the wall and leaving it to rest there.

His ring glowed soon after and Akei emerged besides his hikari, staring down at him he was forced to quirk a brow. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"




"Hello, anyone home?" Akei reached down and pulled Bakura to his feet so he could stare at him, waving a hand infront of his face. If Akei hadn't been holding Bakura up with his other hand, the boy would have fallen again.




[Will you answer me?!] No good.


Silence. Akei was about to give up when his hikari finally spoke. The yami had to listen hard though, Bakura's voice rasped out more quiet then his normal whisper...he was forcing all his energy to speak. "He's....he's dead....."


"M-my father.....he died on that big dig they were supposed to do for a month....they called it off.....something bad happened......they said that it was so drastic that the city of Cairo was don't know what it fully is....." Bakura coughed and closed his eyes to fight the tears. Already it had been half the month of July ((I just guessed o.O)), his father was supposed to return at the end of the month...but he was killed like many of the people he worked with....but no one knew by what.

Akei blinked at the boy beginning to cry and moved away, watching Bakura fall to his knees without any support.

"You said this happened at that dig he was on...?"


"In Egypt..?"

Bakura nodded.

"Stay there. I'm calling Yami....maybe the Pharaoh knows something." Akei rolled his eyes and walked over to the phone, staring at it for a few minutes. He hated calling Yami. He mostly hated Yami. Pharaoh or not, he was a Akei's greatest enemy, even though lately he's helped him and Bakura. But now....he had to call him again, which has only ever happened three times. Something was wrong in Egypt though, something ancient was the problem, and Yami...would most likely know what.

Finally Akei too the phone in his palm and dialed the game shop's number, listening to it ring until Yugi picked up. "Hello, Turtle Game Shop, can I help you?" Akei suddenly remembered Bakura saying something a few days ago that Yugi had dropped the Caller ID box and it broke, and that's why Yugi had no idea who this was. Great.


" do you need...?"

"Your yami." He stated plain and simple.

"Er. Right, hold on a second."

Yugi covered the receiver end of his phone with his hand for the moment.

/Yami...Akei is on the phone and wants to talk to you.../

//Do you mind?//

/Not at all./ Yugi felt a force echo out from his puzzle as an ancient aura formed around his body, a new form took over the body. Taller, bolder, and a great ancient one. Yami.

The ex-pharaoh uncovered his hand from the phone and spoke into it, voice full of question. "What do you want?"


"You and your short sentences...." Yami muttered then spoke up again. "On what?"

"You mean you haven't heard that your hometown has been evacuated due to something 'unknown'?"

Yami froze at what Bakura's dark half had just said. The capital of Egypt was Thebes in ancient times, though now, it was Cairo. Either way, it was once Yami's and Akei's homeland, and now that it was evacuated...Yami finally added concern in his voice. " you mean.....?"

"One of the people who worked with Bakura's father called a few minutes ago, reporting that his father was dead by something they are unsure about. He wasn't the only one to die, over half of the people that were working at the dig, are now dead. No one knows why though, they evacuated Cairo though because it seemed quite terrible. It _had_ to be some kind of ancient magic so I figured _you_ would know something."

Yami stared into space for a brief point in time, but it was enough to worry Yugi.

/Uh...Yami? You ok...? Yami?/ Of course Yami's aibou heard what Akei said, but never figured it would wound his dark side, THIS much.

//Fine aibou.....fine....//

"Hello? Is anyone still there?"

/Then if you're fine, might I suggest you actually _use_ the phone...?/ Yugi could feel Yami turn a shade of red for a brief moment.

"Yeah....sorry....But, I don't know anything that could do that much damage. Even as Pharaoh, the best traps I could set up with what we had were some things to put YOU unconscious."

"Well, Pharaoh, they never did work too well now, did they?" Akei couldn't help but mock. What Yami had to remember, Akei was the smart one...Dansei was the idiot. That's why he is dead now.

"No. They didn't. By the way....where's Bakura?"

"On the floor crying for his father's death. expect him to be happy?"

//Would be really nice if he would stop mocking me at a time like this. I hope Bakura will be ok though, I just wished I knew what was going on, aibou.//

"No. What do _you_ plan to do?"

"ME?! Why the hell are you asking me?! Damned if I know, this is technically your worries, not mine!"

"Then why did you bother calling."


"Sure you're not worried."

"I'm not! I...just want to find out what killed Bakura's father."



"Uh-huh. Whatever, goodbye. I'm going to watch the news." Yami clicked the phone down, leaving Akei ready to go over there and kill the yami.

The puzzle took on a faint aura and Yugi popped out besides Yami. "That wasn't very nice." He muttered. Yami looked at his aibou, worried and yet he was smirking. Today was not a good day, he would be determined to know what happened in Egypt, whether it was himself, or even that damned Akei.

Akei hung up the phone and looked over at Bakura who remained stationed on the floor. "Eh...Bakura...?"

".....Go away....."

Akei grunted and continued talking anyway, folding his arms as he walked and leaned on the wall besides where Bakura was leaning his head against it. "Yami is freaked. He has no idea what happened. Most likely he'll try and find out, that's how the Pharaoh works." He stared across the kitchen the whole time he talked, just now looking down at his hikari, a little worried. "Hey kid, you ok?"


"......" 'Let's see....the last time he was THIS depressed was....a long, long time ago. And I beat him pretty bad for sulking....Eh great. That doesn't help me much.' "Come on, cheer up, we'll figure out what happened and-" Bakura then stood up, face to face with his yami, sending a glare of reddened eyes (from crying) at him.

"DON'T even start! It's been only a few weeks since Dansei came to ring your neck and the one thing you still stink at is trying to comfort others! Really, you are the last person I would turn to for comfort." With that, Bakura turned away quickly and escaped to his room.

'Mental note. Never try to talk to Bakura when he's depressed.'

Akei sighed, no matter how hard he attempted, anytime Bakura was in a bad mood over something, Akei always made it worse. He sighed, whatever happened in Cairo was really putting a tweak in his mind. Again, he walked to the phone and called the game shop again. But at least this time, Yami picked the phone up. And it was obvious he and Yugi were separated because he could hear Yugi calling an 'If you need me, tell me!'


"So what are you going to do, Pharaoh?" He mocked.

"What do you mean? And why do you keep calling _me_?"

"Don't tell me you forgot what I told you?"

"No. I saw something begin on the news about it, then the TV went black even though it was still on."

"So what are you going to do?"

Yami's voice silenced itself for a moment. "I..." Akei waited for the responds, it seemed Yami was making sure Yugi wasn't anywhere in voice range. "...I'm planning to go there..."

"HA! I knew it! Sound like you haven't said this to your hikari now, have you _Pharaoh_?"


"Hmph. And you plan on getting there, how?"




Akei held the phone away from his ear with the sudden raise of Yami's voice. Though, Yugi could still be heard in the background. "Yami are you ok?"

"Fine aibou!" Yami paused and went back to speaking in the phone. "I'm still trying to figure that out."

"How about Kaiba?"

"Why do you care?" Yami hissed, avoiding the subject of 'Kaiba'.

"I need to find out what killed Bakura's father, like I said earlier."

"You're not even slightly worried for your hometown...?" Yami began to inch like earlier with his voice, causing Akei to snap his voice through the phone.


"Sure. I guess that means I have to drag you with me...?"

"Yes and I can't wait to see you shrivel in the sand because of it." Akei heard Yami growl a 'fine' before the phone was clicked down. With that settled, Akei headed towards Bakura's room to see the door closed. Without even bothering to knock, Akei pushed open the door and stepped into the room, looking to find Bakura.

The yami's other half was stretched limply on his bed, laying on his stomach and chin rested on his pillow so he was staring at the wall. The smaller boy of course had no idea his yami had entered the room, so when the dark half decided to speak up, Bakura nearly jumped out of his skin. Bakura snapped his head around and sat up on the bed, pulling knees into his chest.

"I'm going to Egypt with the Pharaoh once we find a way to get money for tickets to a plane. He didn't seem enthusiastic when I mentioned Kaiba."

"'re going to leave......?"


Bakura rubbed his hands over his eyes then looked back at his yami. "I'm coming too. I wanna know what happened to my father."

"It's too dangerous..."


"And you can't go."

"Yes. I can."

"I promise I will find out what happened to your father Bakura, but it sounds like this is turning to be very deadly and-"

"I'm not letting you get killed."

"Bakura I'm not-"

"No. I'm coming." Bakura said sternly, as he stood and walked over to his yami. "And that's that."

"What?! You can't go to Egypt! ESPECIALLY with Akei there, you two will kill each other before you get there!" Yugi shouted in his bedroom, directed to the former pharaoh standing before him. Yes, Yami had just broken the news to Yugi that he was to be leaving when they found a way to get there. Yugi didn't take it so well.

"Aibou, I have to do this."

"And leave me alone?!"


"YAMI! I've faced Pegasus with you, Malik ((A/N: I sorta know what happened with Malik, but the dubbed world isn't even done with Pegasus.)), and whatever else I may be forgetting! Your hometown is in danger, I am going to help protect it with you, like you've always helped me."

Yami sighed in defeat. "Fine aibou, you can come."

"Alright, alright Bakura! You can come! Just stop staring at me like that!" Akei groaned and Bakura smiled at winning that argument.

Of course. The problem was traveling overseas. And enough money for two tickets (if the yamis stay in their soul rooms) is quite expensive. They soon figured that out, leaving them only one other place to turn.....


And there you have it! The lame start! Trust me, it WILL become better. I have no idea how Bakura felt about his father, but in this let's say he really loved him. I can't say much for now, except, review ^^ And no flames, onegai, they break a person's spirit. So until next chapter, sayonara!