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Title: Cold Showers (Previously titled In the Heat of the Night)

One parter

Authors: Usagirl666 and Freyja

Email: Usa Freyja

Summary: Usagi's mood plummets after a heated fight with Rei. When Mamoru does his best to cheer

her up they both discover the real heat that existed between them all along. Can they look past each

others' defenses long enough to open a place for their love to bloom?*cue cheesy suspense music*.


"What is your problem?!" A very mad Senshi of Fire whirled on their leader. Her ebony hair

shone purple under the moonlight, and her violet eyes were burning with anger.

The leader, however, just leaned her head on the tall brunette Senshi of Thunder and closed her

eyes. "I dunno, but I'm sure you'll have no problem telling me." The blonde Senshi of Love, Venus

stifled a small giggle before catching a death glare from the Senshi of Fire. The Senshi of Thunder but a

supportive arm around their golden haired leader.

"Aw, go easy on her tonight Mars," Jupiter said, "she hasn't had an easy day."

Mars gritted her teeth. "I don't care. Someone has to get it through that thick head of hers that

she can't keep relying on Tuxedo Kamen like she is!"

"And how is this different from any other time you've yelled at me?" Their leader lifted her head

from Jupiter's shoulder. "Do you think I like being a stupid airhead, Mars?"

"Well you sure aren't making any effort to change yourself Moon! Life isn't the same anymore!

In case you haven't noticed we are the Sailor Senshi, which means when we fight these monsters YOU

run from," Mars advanced towards her leader her eyes flashing with restrained violence, "It's not just

about you anymore! It's not just our lives that are in jeopardy, but the people we have to protect while

you spaz out waiting for Tux Boy! How could you be so selfish?! He's probably working with the

enemy and all you can think about is your hormones! I bet if he didn't have to save your ass every time

we fight, he wouldn't look twice your way--"


The sound echoed through the small clearing. The Senshi of Ice, Mercury, gasped and covered

her mouth. Venus' eyes nearly fell out of her head in shock, as did Jupiter's. Mars took a step back, a

hand covering her reddening cheek. Tears flooded her eyes in pain and she just stared at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon's hand was still in the air, and her eyes were shut tightly, tears leaking out of the closed

lashes. Her hand stung from her action, but she didn't care. It hurt far less than Mars' words.

"How dare you bring him into this." Sailor Moon's voice was quiet. "If it wasn't for Tuxedo

Kamen-sama, by now I'd be dead. Is that what you want Mars?" Sailor Moon opened her eyes and

glared at Mars, eyes filled with hurt. "Are you that jealous? Or heartless?"


"Just save it Mars. I doubt anything you could say now could make me feel worse than I

already do." Sailor Moon turned from the astonished senshi and exited the clearing.

Mercury broke the silence. "Mars? Are you okay?"

Mars looked at Mercury. "If you mean physically, yes."

"Well, I hope you're proud of yourself Mars," Jupiter said, folding her arms.

"And should I be? I deserved that, and I know it..."

Venus put a hand on Mars' shoulder. "You didn't deserve to be slapped, but no one deserves

what you said to Sailor Moon. Let's just set you on equal grounds now and get out of here. It's late,

we're all tired, and you two were probably just stressed."

Mars simply nodded, a tear breaking from the ones already formed in her eyes from pain,

shock, and hurt. Venus put a reassuring arm around her friend and the four senshi left the clearing.

"Luna, am I that terrible of a leader?" Usagi asked. She had snuck through her window,

detransformed, and was now curled up on her bed in her pink pajamas, staring at the waxing crescent


"Well, you're not perfect, I'll give you that. Why do you ask?" Luna padded softly on the bed

over to Usagi's side and sat down, curling her tail around her feet.

"Rei-chan went off on me again tonight." Usagi picked up a stuffed rabbit and hugged it.

"Nothing I do anymore seems to be good enough for any of them. I'm trying my hardest, but that still

isn't enough for them." Tears were leaking out of Usagi's eyes and her vision of the moon blurred.

"Usagi-chan, that's all you can do. I'm sure the senshi appreciate your devotion. I believe if you

are truly motivated in some way, you could fight near perfectly, and the senshi would be even more

grateful that you're there fight beside them." Luna curled up on Usagi's lap, replacing the stuffed rabbit.

"You think so?"

"Of course I do. As long as you try," Luna replied, purring.

"Thank you." Usagi looked at the moon again. Even with Luna's words of comfort, Rei's words

still twisted in her like a knife. Why did she have to use Tuxedo Kamen against her, of all people? She

didn't know what hurt more, Rei's lack of faith in her, or the fact that Tuxedo Kamen was really with the

enemy, and he didn't care for her. Not wanting to think about that anymore, Usagi gently lifted Luna off

her lap, crawled under her covers, and attempted to sleep. With Luna's soothing purring, it wasn't as

difficult as she thought and Usagi drifted off.

A very weary male finally managed to open the sliding doors on his balcony. He quickly

powered down, then suddenly wondered why he was in such a hurry. He glanced at his clock. The red

digits glared at him. 12:36. Well, at least he could get some sleep before he had to go to school, or else

he risked becoming a total zombie. Pulling off all footwear and shucking off his shirt, he crawled into

bed and closed his eyes.

Five minutes later, he opened them again and stared at the ceiling.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Chiba Mamoru, future insomniac and rose thrower


'Give it up Mamoru. You know you are never able to fall asleep right away, or concentrate on

anything after a youma fight because of her.'

'Shut up.'

His conscience just laughed at him. It then began taunting him with images of Sailor Moon, with

that short skirt that showed off her nice, youthful legs (what were you expecting, old and decrepit?), the

tight body suit that showed her womanly curves, and how delighted she looked every time he whisked

her off from danger, her petite body in his arms, her golden hair all around him, her body so close to his,

holding her like he always wanted to hold Odan-

Mamoru groaned and tossed back the covers. He stumbled out of his bed and headed to the

bathroom to take a cold shower.

Sleep was for the weak, anyways.

(insert usual dream of lover-boy being killed by faceless witch)


Usagi shot up, panting. Her sweat-soaked sheets were twisted around her, and the cool night

air coming from her open window calmed her down some. Then she noticed something odd outside.

The sky was still dark.

Somewhat mystified, Usagi peered at her clock. The hands, which she could barely make out,

told her it was 4:53. And judging by the way the sky looked, she was pretty sure it was AM.

Unfortunately, she was wide awake now. Since her skin was soaked from sweat from her

dream, she decided to take a shower, or risk going to school smelling like a gym locker. She stumbled

slightly out of bed, trying not to wake Luna, and made her way to the bathroom.

'Breathe Mamoru, breathe...' Mamoru wasn't doing too well. He had only managed to get three

hours of sleep. Before that time, he had suffered through three cold showers. Now he was feeling a little

light-headed, but her could deal with that. Last night was NOT a night he wanted to repeat. Sadly

enough, last night *was* a repeat of other nights her had. Sighing, Mamoru shoved his freehand into his


And bumped into something. He reached out to catch the person, who promptly lost their

balance. It wasn't like the running intos he currently experienced with Odango Atama, that he usually

ended up bruised from, and was even more surprised when he heard the voice.

"Gomen ne, I wasn't watching where I was going-"

Mamoru blinked. "Odango Atama?"

Pause. "Oh, it's you. Never mind then." Her voice was considerably colder now. She pulled out

of his arms and straightened herself to look at him.

"I'm surprised to see you up this early-"

"There's more to my life than sleeping, Mamoru-baka," Usagi snapped, annoyed,

"Yeah. Video games, food, and Motoki."

"It makes me wonder what kind of social life you have if you go out of your way to pick on

junior high girls Mamoru-baka. Excuse me." Usagi brushed past him and continued on her way to


He stared after her, his arms still tingling from when she had fallen into them. He wondered what

it would be like to hold her like he did Sailor Moon, and-

'Great, just perfect...' Mamoru turned right around and headed back to his apartment to take

another cold shower. He'd rather be late than the alternative.

"Mamoru-kun, are you gonna tell me what's wrong, or am I going to have to start pulling

teeth?" Motoki asked, starting to get a little annoyed. Mamoru just looked at him.

"I already told you, I don't wanna talk about it Motoki-kun." 'Or I risk having to take another

cold shower.'

"Alright, who is she?"

"Leave it to you to think every problem I have has to do with the female gender Motoki-kun,"

Mamoru muttered into his coffee (damn youmas *cough*) as the door's bells jingled, signaling

someone's arrival.

"Well, I wonder why. Hey Usagi-chan!" Motoki called out to the new arrival. Mamoru nearly


Usagi just waved and climbed onto a barstool.

"Can I get ya anything?"

"Chocolate milkshake." She laid her head in her arms, looking away from Mamoru. Motoki

shot him a worried look. Mamoru proceeded to the barstool next to hers and sat down.

"Hey, is everything okay Odango?"

"Get away from me baka. I'm not in the mood to deal with you today." Usagi's voice seemed

colder than Mamoru could remember.

"Here's your shake Usagi-chan," Motoki said, sliding her the beverage. "Why don't you tell us

what's wrong? We're not use to seeing you this down."

Usagi snapped her head up at Motoki's question. "What's wrong?!" Usagi bitterly laughed

"What isn't wrong, I mean, come on! My quote "Boy Toy" seems to be the only thing I can rely on!

Apparently I'm not woman enough to defend myself!!! Everyone is right!! I am weak!!" Tears were

streaming down Usagi's face as she leapt off the barstool and charged out of the arcade. Motoki and

Mamoru looked at each other.

"Hey, I didn't say anything that time!"

Slow sobs broke from Usagi's throat. Her head was buried in her arms, which rested on her

knees. "Why do I even try? It's never enough for anyone...maybe I should just quit before someone gets

hurt." Usagi looked up and stared at the setting sun. "I'm a failure-"


'Great. What is he doing here? As if I didn't have enough problems...' Usagi thought bitterly,

trying to ignore how her heart was pounding. "Go away Mamoru-baka. I said in the arcade I wasn't in

the mood to deal with you, if you may recall, or is your memory the short?"

"You looked like you could use some cheering up. So sue me."

"Well, spare yourself Mamoru-baka. Just leave me alone."

"You know," Mamoru said, sitting down next to the small girl, "you might feel better if you stop

thinking about Motoki all the time-"

"You inconsiderate JERK!" Usagi screamed, causing Mamoru to jerk back in surprise. "Why

do you think this has ANYTHING to do with him? I may have a crush on him, but the fact he already

has a girlfriend has NOTHING to do with how I'm feeling right now! Why does everyone think I have

to lean on someone to be strong?! Am I that dependant? You can take your assumptions and stick

them where the sun don't shine! I hate you Chiba Mamoru, and you can say the same to Rei next time

she decides she wants to leech onto you!" Usagi turned and ran, leaving a very astonished Mamoru

behind. She hated him?

Mamoru attempted to brush it off as he got up and started towards the sidewalk. He didn't care

what Odango Atama thought of him...

Then why did his heart feel like it was about the rip in two?

"Ever since Rei-chan said all those things..."

"It's really been getting to you, huh?"

"Mamoru-baka attempted to cheer me up..." tears trickled down Usagi's face. "Why did I have

to be so horrible to him...why did I have to go and tell him I hated him..." Usagi buried her face in her

hands and sobbed.

"Usagi... "Minako murmured behind her and encircled her arms. Minako chuckled and hugged

the blonde tightly. "It's painful, isn't it? I mean.. don't worry.. there's no reason to cry over misspelled


"Minako..." Usagi laughed very softly. "Your never going to get quotes right..."

"Yup!" the taller blond grinned. "But see, Not even the senshi of love is perfect.. " Minako

winked, which made the smaller blond choke back a laugh. "Oh Minako...I think you need to cut back

on the sugar."

"What?! And give up the only thing that keeps me going during the day other than guy

watching? NEVER!" Usagi giggled a little and lapsed into silence.

"Why did Rei-chan have to use Tuxedo Kamen-sama against me though?"

Sitting back down, Minako grinned. "She's jealous. I know that for a fact. I mean, Usagi-chan,

have you ever seen how he looks at you when he has you in his arms? That look could make a rock

blush!" There were stars in Minako's eyes now, and she was practically cooing now.

"Uh, Minako? Mind telling me what you're talking about?"

"You mean you haven't NOTICED?!"

"Well, I'm usually tied up with the fact I'm in his arms at that point in time, what do you think?"

"Ah ha. AH HA! So you don't notice because you're unbelievably close to each other, and if he

just turned and lowered his head two inches, you would-"

"MINAKO-CHAN!" Usagi exclaimed, blushing. Minako looked at Usagi.

"What? It could happen!" Minako replied. "But you make sure I'm there when it does!"

Usagi slammed her head into the low table. "Minako, you...ugh. Never mind."

"Maybe you should go apologize to Mamoru-san, Usagi-chan."

"After what I said, I'll be lucky if he even looks in my direction again."

"Come on Usagi-chan, you have to try at least." Usagi paused.

"You know what? You're right-"

"Great. Here's the address," Minako interrupted, shoving a slip of paper in her hands. Usagi

peered at it, then looked at Minako.

"Why do you have his address?"

"I forced Motoki to tell me."


"Because I knew eventually, you were going to need it and be too afraid to ask," Minako said

rather quickly.

"Right. I'll let you know when I believe you."

"You can do this Usagi...nothing to be afraid of...not like he's going- okay, maybe we shouldn't

think about that..."

Usagi paced back and forth across the carpeted hallway of the high- rise apartment building.

She paused again, looked at the address Minako gave her, again, looked at the door numbers again,

and resumed pacing.

"Come on Usagi, why are you doing this? Just go up and knock, apologize...and have him slam

the door in your face. No big deal..." Usagi groaned and slumped down against the wall next to the

door. "Why does this have to be so difficult?"


"ACK!" Usagi nearly jumped out of her skin. "Motoki!"

Motoki tilted his head. "What're you doing here?"

"I, err, came to see Mamoru-san!"

"Why does that strike me as extremely odd?"

"Because I never have before?" Usagi suggested innocently.

"Well, it's not gonna do you much good, because Mamoru-kun isn't home right now."

Usagi seemed to slump in defeat. "I can wait..."

"Maybe you can wait inside-"

"But you said he wasn't home!"

"Did I forget to mention I have a spare key?" Motoki asked, dangling a golden key from him

fingertips. "Here, you can use it. Just bring it to the arcade tomorrow. And leave this inside as well," he

handed her a book along with the key, "I was returning it to Mamoru-kun. I'll see you later Usagi-

chan!" Motoki disappeared down the hallway.

Staring at the key, Usagi summed up all of her courage, and unlocked the door.

"Kuso...where'd I put my key..."

Mamoru fumbled into his pockets, searching for the elusive scrap of metal, while juggling two

bags of groceries. He was somewhat surprised when he leaned against the door so he could search for

his key without dropping anything and it opened. Blinking, he pushed the door open and nearly dropped

his bags of groceries again.

An angel was asleep on a chair. Usagi, to be exact.

Not moving for a good minute, Mamoru suddenly realized he was just standing in the middle of

his doorway, staring. He stepped into his apartment, shutting the door with his foot, and took the

groceries into the kitchen. Reappearing moments later, he stood just inside the living room, staring at the

girl on the chair.

'Why is she here?' Mamoru's mind reeled. He couldn't think of why she would be in his

apartment, and how she got in. Or how she found his place. Maybe he should worry about that later

and focus on his main problem.

Turning his attention to the girl asleep on the chair again. She looked so peaceful, but the way

she was sleeping looked...well, painful, especially when she woke up. Weighing a decision in his mind,

he silently walked over to the chair and picked Usagi up.

He was very surprised at how light she was. Even more surprised when the sleeping girl

cuddled in his arms, clinging to him. A blush spread across Mamoru's face as he carried the sleeping girl

into his bedroom. Enter second problem: the way Usagi was clinging to him, he couldn't just set her on

the bed without losing his balance. Not wanting to wake her up either (how would THAT look??), he

shifted her weight slightly and crawled onto the bed, managing to lay her down-

-and get pulled down next to her as well.

Cursing silently, Mamoru stared at the ceiling. This had to be a conspiracy against him, formed

by people intent on driving him insane...which brought him again, to why Usagi was even in his

apartment. You didn't visit people you hated...unless she came to apologize...what other reason could

there be? Mamoru frowned and turned, looking at the still sleeping Usagi.

'Might as well enjoy it while it lasts boyo...' Mamoru put his arms around Usagi's waist, pulling

her closer as sleep began to claim him.

Usagi slowly opened her eyes. The room she was in was dark, and she recognized nothing

about it's layout. Then she noticed soft breath hitting her neck and arms hold her to a warm body.

Slowly, she turned her head and saw a profile. Definitely male, she thought. All she remembered was

falling asleep in Mamoru's apartm-

Asleep? Usagi's eye twitched. She must be dreaming then. Mamoru would NOT be asleep,

holding her to him like they were lovers...Usagi nearly choked at that thought. A scent was invading her

senses, and she suddenly realized what it was. Roses. It was the same scent Tuxedo Kamen had, that

she could smell every time he rescued her...

Rei's words twisting in her with that thought. She bit her lip, fighting back tears. Why did Rei

have to say those things...and be right...

The male's arms tightened around her waist slightly, breaking her out of her thoughts. She gazed

at the shadowed profile of the male's face, and pulled up a hand, brushing the bangs out of his face.

Hey, if this was a dream, what could it hurt? Slowly, she lifted her head and found his lips with hers.

Mamoru was just stirring out of sleep, arms tightening convulsively around...Usagi. Yup, she

was still there, it wasn't all a dream. He could feel her stirring, and his bangs brushed from his face. He

smiled slightly, but was rendered completely motionless as he felt something pressed against his lips. He

could feel the angel in his arms and suddenly realized she was kissing him. He didn't move, afraid if he

did, she would pull away...wait, he wanted her to kiss him?

'Quit kidding yourself Mamoru. You've been wanting this for a looooong time. And she kissed

you, why not go for it?'

Usagi's eyes were closed in bliss as the smell of roses enveloped her senses. She had lost

herself in his smell and the softness of his lips. Nothing could be better, everything was perfect in her

mind. And for once the world was right. Usagi's mind noted in her drug like state that she as starting to

get kissed back. She unconsciously smiled against Mamoru's mouth.

Mamoru remained still after his last thought. His mind was analyzing whether or not the previous

statement made sense. Unfortunately, like a typical male, his hormones got the better of him. Mamoru's

brain stopped thinking and he began to return Usagi's innocent kiss. He mind gradually turned back on

wondering when Usagi would pull away and end his bliss.

'I hope this never ends...'

But as luck would have it, Mamoru's mind and hormones did not get their wish. Usagi began

pulling back from the kiss and Mamoru immediately tensed. His body surged with his hormones, so he

was careful not to move so he would not...err...scare Usagi.*snicker*

'Scare her? God if she saw some of the stuff that was going through your mind you would be


Mamoru groaned in horror. A growing dread circulated through his mind and body. Now all he

could do was wait.

Usagi slowly pulled back from the kiss that had intoxicated her mind and senses. She began to

notice the reality of the dream. The way the bed felt under her. The smell of roses was just as strong.

And slowly her mind realized it was not a dream, but if it wasn't a dream then who was the man who

she was kissing...

Her mind instantly went into overdrive, 'Oh my god! Where am I?! Who am I with? I'm to

young to die!'

She then began to remember where she was and why she was there.

'Oh yeah. I came to Mamoru's to apologize, but he wasn't here. But I don't remember a bed or

a man being with me... And the only other person that could have gotten into Mamoru's apartment

besides Motoki is...' Usagi's eyes went wide in horror and her face paled into a sickly eggy white. 'Oh I

don't feel so good. Please, oh please god... Please say I didn't kiss Mamoru...ON HIS BED!'

Usagi's eyes began trailing to the man beneath, and with growing horror and growing pupils I

might add, it dawned on her that is was Mamoru at her side. A very tense Mamoru at that.

Mamoru quickly took in Usagi's pale face and wide eyes. So he mustered up his most eloquent

thoughts and spoke. "Err...hi?"

Usagi slowly pulled away from Mamoru and urgently began shaking her head.

'What have I done? What have I done?! I am never going to live this down now! Life is so

unfair! I am hungry... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!'

Her mind was not completely functioning properly do the fact she had just kissed her enemy.

And more importantly she had enjoyed it, a lot. And even more importantly he had kissed her back.

You also must not forget the fact she is hungry.

And fortunately or unfortunately Usagi said the first thing that came to her mind, "I'm hungry..."

Mamoru's eyes widened. He couldn't believe what she just said. 'She's hungry?' His mind said

in a disbelieving voice. 'She has just kissed you to the point you need a cold shower, and she hungry?!'

Mamoru's heart hurt. He couldn't believe it, she chose to acknowledge food before him. But his

arrogance would not let him show her that he was hurt.

"Why am I not surprised Odango? It is always food with you..."

Usagi blinked back the tears that threatened to spill forth from her eyes. He was insulting her

after they kissed.

'I must be a really bad kisser...' Her mind whispered in sorrow...

She quickly reverted her eyes from Mamoru's and quickly began to back off from the bed.

Mamoru quickly registered that Usagi had got off the bed and was heading toward the door to

his room. Correction she was already at the door.

'Damn she moves fast. Well YOU have seen her run to school...' He grinned ruefully at the

thought, then noticed Usagi had made a hasty exit. He scrambled out of bed and began to chase after

her. Mamoru caught up to Usagi by the couch and grabbed her wrist.

"Odango..." He started but was quickly cut off.

"Don't call me that!" Usagi fairly shouted. Why, oh why did he have to come after he. She was

trying to make a exit with a little dignity. Well that went out the window immediately.

"Odango let me explain..." He voice was full of sorrow but in her distraught state Usagi did not

pick up it up.

"NO! I will not." She wrenched her wrist out of his hand. "You always have to be mean to me!

I came over here to apologize for saying I hated you... I don't. I was just angry. Then you have to go

and make a full out of me then insult me! Well I am sorry, you don't like me, but the least you could do

was let me leave in peace. I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'M SORRY! Are you happy now? You have gotten a

stupid little girl to apologize to you..."

Tears careened down Usagi's face. Her face was flushed from her rant and Mamoru had never

seen her look more beautiful. He would speak, he should speak, but nothing would come out of his

blasted mouth except, "Odango..."

That was the finally blow Usagi turned on her heel and headed for the door. Mamoru was still

glued to his spot. She opened the door and slowly turned around and huffed, "My name is Usagi, get it

right Mamo-butt!"

She then left the apartment still in tears, still in pain, but with some dignity.

Mamoru stood stalk still. He couldn't believe it. The girl he truly wanted was in his apartment, in

his arms, and most importantly, in his bed. And he had to be a dumbass a ruin it. The pain in his heart

could not be described. So much pain.

He fell onto the couch with his head in his hands, "What am I going to do?" He whispered in

despair. His mind flashed images of Usagi in his arms. And Usagi with a flush tear stained face and

began to get uncomfortable.

'Oh great...another cold shower.' He sighed. 'At least you will never run out of hot water at this

rate...' His mind quipped...

And with that last thought he headed into the bathroom to take a very long cold shower (Damn

those hormones...).

"I don't get why you can't just go and apologize!" Makoto said, exasperated

"Are you kidding? Usagi probably hasn't calmed down enough for me to get within a ten meter

radius and not get dusted!"

"Rei-chan, if she was going to dust you, she would of done that last night," Minako replied,

Artemis nodding in agreement.

"Well, that makes me feel a lot better. She can suffer for awhile-"

"How can you be like this?! You attacked all her insecurities, and now you're saying you're just

going to sit here and do NOTHING?"

"Stop IT!" Ami slammed her hands down on the table forcefully, startling the entire senshi which

turned and looked at the rarely-angry blue haired girl. "You all stop that! This is not a game where you

can direct people into doing what you want!! This is life...Rei. Just apologize! Its not going to hurt

you...god, you act as if your going to catch a rare disease for saying your sorry! If I hear anymore

fighting in this room, I will go insane, AND I'M TAKING YOU DOWN WITH ME!!!!"

The room was dead silent.

"Know what? Ami has a point. What could it hurt to apologize?" Rei got up and practically ran

out of the room.

Minako and Makoto stared at the blue-haired senshi, who simply sat back down and resumed


Usagi stared at the temple, debating on whether or not she should go and confront Rei and

apologize...but she was sick of apologizing already. Sitting herself on the temple steps, she rested her

arms on her knees and laid her head down. Events of what just happened flooded her mind, and she

couldn't stop the tears that forced their way out of her ducts.


Forcing her head out of her arms, Usagi looked behind her at the astonished priestess. "Yes,


"Why are you crying? What happened?" the priestess asked, walking down the rest of the stairs

and kneeling by Usagi.

"Nothing, except I'm a loser and a complete failure. S-sorry for worrying you Rei-chan-"

"How can you say that about yourself?" the priestess demanded. "I mean you are a great and

caring person, Usagi. Everybody loves you!"

Usagi eyes went downcast immediately and said in a whisper, "Not everyone...." Rei's eyes

were puzzled and was about to say something when Usagi continued, "I went over to Mamoru-san's to

apologize before I came over here and...and..."

Rei's eyes widened in sudden understanding. "That bastard....What did he do to you?! I kill

him! I'LL KILL HIM!" Rei stood up suddenly and anger flashed in her eyes, "I'm going to go over there

and give him a piece..."

"NO!" Usagi's eyes looked up at her pleadingly. "It wasn't his fault...It... I mean...I did

something I shouldn't of..."

"Like what?" Her eyes held a strange glimmer of curiosity and worry.

Usagi looked down again and blushed.

In the tiniest voice a person can manage, Usagi whispered, "I kissed him...while we were in his



Rei screeched.

"That's exactly what I thought. I don't even know how I ended up there to begin with, I just

remember falling asleep in his living room before he got home..."

Rei's mind went into over drive. Usagi in Mamoru's apartment...Usagi kissed Mamoru? Her

arch enemy? Her eyes widened and an involuntary twitch went through her body.

'Well...well...WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK?!' Her eyes darted back and

forth, 'I have to be dreaming right? This can't be really... I mean I can understand if Mamoru had kissed

Usagi...god who would be surprised there with all that sexual tension, but sweet innocent Usagi kiss


Usagi was beginning to get nervous. Rei hadn't moved or said anything in the last five minutes.

All she had done was dart her eyes back and forth and every once in a while she would noticeably


Gently Usagi shook Rei out of her stupor along with repeating her name several times.

"Huh?" Rei's eyes were glazed and Usagi was glad she wasn't the only one to space out at

important moments of the plot.

"Rei I really need to talk to someone about what happened.... Please?" Her eyes shone with

hope and eagerness and there was no way Rei could say no.

"Alright, but let's come inside and have some tea..." And the two girls headed into the temple

side by side.

"Minako-chan, breathing is good..." Makoto said nervously, glancing at the fuming blonde.

"You're already a lovely shade of red...err...why ruin it and go purple?" Ami suggested, getting

scared herself.

"That...dumbass." Minako stumbled out of the bushes. "That IDIOT! He isn't going to blow

this! Not now! When I get through with him, he won't have to worry about getting anyone pregnant for

a couple years!" Minako took off in a dead run towards the general direction of Mamoru's apartment,

after clearing the temple steps in three solid jumps, scaring quite a few people.

"Think we should stop her?" Ami asked quietly.

"Nah, Mamoru-san will be only Usagi-chan could catch up to her at the rate she's

going," Makoto replied.


"Huh? Whazzat?" Mamoru lifted his head groggily off the pillow on his couch.


Groaning, Mamoru threw his legs over the side of the couch and made his way to the door.

Opening it, he barely got a word out before something was slammed into his stomach. The wind rushed

out of Mamoru and he stumbled backwards into his apartment and collided with his coffee table. He lay

there for a moment, trying to catch his breath. Faintly, he could hear the door close, and footsteps.

Suddenly, a face, with lots of blonde hair hanging from the top loomed over him. Female. Large

red bow. Cracking knuckles. "Hiya buddy boy. You and me have some things to talk about..."

"I told you! I have no idea why she was here, I simply moved her to my bed because I thought

she'd be more comfortable."

"Yes, Mamoru-san, I've HEARD that. But you also could of just woke her up, couldn't you of?

Admit it, you got the hots for Usagi-chan." (Well, that's another way of putting it...)

"I have no idea what you're talking about-" WHAM!

Mamoru suddenly found himself against a wall, a very angry blonde pinning him painfully against

it, one arm pressing against his throat. "YES you DO! Quit playing stupid Mamoru! I've seen how you

look at her, Motoki's seen it, etc. Just admit it! Or do you like the idea not being able to reproduce in

the future?"

Minako could see Mamoru pale. "Alright. Fine. Yes, I'm attracted to-" the arm on his throat

pushed. "OKAY! I'm head over heels in love with Usagi. Happy now?"

"Yup," Minako smiled, releasing Mamoru from his pinned position. "But there is one more


"What?" Mamoru deadpanned.

"Tell her."

Usagi descended the last of the temple steps. It was about seven thirty, and the sun had already

set. She really didn't want to go home yet. Besides, she had a good two hours before she had to,

anyways. Pulling her coat around her more, she started in the general direction of the arcade.

She stopped in front of the arcade and merely stared at the door. It slowly dawned on her that

Mamoru might be in there.

'I don't think I can face him right now... But I just want to sit down and rest. And I can't really

do that at home....'

She sighed and slumped into the arcade. The door gave a happy little ring and she glared at it.

'Stupid happy bell...' She continued her slow trek to the back of the arcade and into a booth.

She laid her head down and sighed heavily. She felt a presence come up to the table and naturally

assumed it was Motoki.

Mamoru had left his apartment after with Minako.

' was more like a beating. I think she would of killed you if she knew those

naughty thoughts you were having of Usagi before she came in. Good thing she did come. I mean you

must be tired of taking cold showers. And you finally admitted you loved her...'

Mamoru quickly silenced those thoughts and began wondering how he would profess his

undying love to Usagi.

'You are so corny Mamoru...I can't believe I am your conscience...'

Mamoru began wondering if there was anyway to get a new conscience because his was even

more annoying then an out of tune bird singing outside of his window after a long night of crime fighting

and notorious dreams.

Unconsciously, Mamoru made his way to the arcade and stood staring in the same way Usagi

had. He stepped into the arcade and heard the ding of the bell.

'Stupid bell...'

He quickly surveyed the surrounding booths for a certain Odango haired blonde with beautiful

eyes and a great smile and a body to die for...

'Does cold shower ring a bell?'

Mamoru grumbled and quickly cut off his train of thought. His eyes picked up a bright patch of

gold that was slumped over in a booth at the back of the arcade. Mamoru stepped with smooth strides

over to Usagi and was about to speak when he heard, "I want a triple fudge scoop sundae with extra

whipped cream. "And with and after thought, "And extra fudge and nuts."

This petite girls appetite never ceased to amaze him. And with a strike of genius he thought of

how to apologize. He chuckled deeply, "I am sorry Usagi but I am not Motoki- kun..."

Usagi's head bolted up as she heard Mamoru's voice and glared, "I told you not to call

me... did you just call me Usagi?"

She looked up at him suspiciously. He merely nodded at her question and seemed to stare at

her for many moments.

'Oh god please don't let me have something on my face.'

She blushed at the thought and snapped, "And just what are you looking at?"

Obviously ignoring the question he sat down opposite of her and gazed with what looked to be

adoration, into her eyes.

'Right...Keep on dreaming Usagi. He would never like you.' With that she quickly ducked her


Mamoru was no longer staring into her eyes and was quite disappointed. He then realized what

a goober he must of been just staring at her. Clearing his throat he began to speak, "Usagi...erm... I just

wanted to apologize for the way I acted and the things I transpired in my apartment. I had no right to

say the things I did and take advantage of you the way I did."

'Oh give it up Chiba, there was no way you were sorry for that kiss that happened in your bed.'

He groaned. That stupid little voice was right, but he wasn't going to admit that to Usagi, yet.

Usagi was regarding him curiously with those beautiful blue eyes.

Mamoru quickly continued, "And I would like to make amends by...I mean...err...would

you..." He took a deep breath, "Would you like to go to dinner with me? My treat. This is my way of


He had a gentle smile on his face.

Usagi stared at him in shock. 'Did Mamoru just ask me to go on a date with him?' She vigoursly

shook the thoughts out of her head. 'No he just wants to apologize. Who am I to refuse free food?'

Usagi had developed a small blush and it just made her even more beautiful. She smiled back at

Mamoru and whispered, "Alright, I mean I did say I was hungry."

Mamoru stood and held out his arm to her which she gladly accepted and the two headed arm

in arm to the restaurant.

Mamoru was seriously beginning to wonder if this was a good idea.

"Look at that girl's underwear! You can see it!"

"WHAT?!" Mamoru turned beet red.

"I'm serious you can see her underwear!"

Mamoru sputtered.

"Why are you so red Mamoru?"

"Err... it's hot in here."

"No it isn't."

"Oh well if you say so..." He paused. "May I ask a question?"


"Why did you notice?"

Usagi rolled her eyes. "It is so obvious she looks!" Mamoru burst out

laughing at this comment.

"What did I say that was so funny?"

"It was just that you and ladylike and err..." Mamoru looked around, desperate to change the

subject. "Look at the painting over there!"

Looking over, Usagi practically cooed. "Oh, look at the cute little elves! Elves are so cute!"

Mamoru paled. "Elves?" Usagi nodded happily.

"I don't like elves..."

"Why not?"

"Err... I'd rather not say, if it's all the same..."

"Your not telling me that you have something against elves are you? The are so small and glittery

and cute!"

"Err..." Mamoru shuddered. "Can we please get off the subject? It's making me uncomfortable."


"I'm afraid of elves..." Mamoru muttered.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" Usagi just lost it. She held her sides and tried to catch her breath. "Why

are you afraid of elves? I mean...come on...there elves....THEY MAKE TOYS FOR CRYING OUT

LOUD!" More laughter ensued

"It's just that they are so small..."

"I'm small."

"And they are all glittery..."

"I wear glitter."

"Not on a regular basis. And they have those evil pointy ears... and those stupid shoes with bells

on them."

"I..."Usagi became slightly flustered. "Well, I admit there shoes are stupid but why would that

make them scary?"

"You have not been in my head so don't try to use logic on me missy! THEY ARE SCARY!"

"Okay're the one who started the conversation..." Usagi replied somewhat nervously,

just as the waitress approached them.

"Hello, I'm your waitress for this evening. May I get you anything to drink?" A waitress had

walked over, placing menus in front of them. The waitress looked like an older version of Rei, only her

hair shined blue under the light and her eyes were a pale violet. For some reason, Usagi did not like the

way she was looking at Mamoru.

'Girl, what the HELL are you talking about? You don't like the baka, you're just here because

he's paying,' Usagi told herself. Her conscience just laughed at her.

"I'll have a Pepsi," Usagi replied. The waitress seemed somewhat startled, then she smiled after

taking a brief look at Usagi and wrote her order down.

"And you...sir?" The waitress smiled brighter. Usagi swore she would need sunglasses or she

risked going blind.

"Err...the same."

As soon as the waitress left, Mamoru shuddered. "Why, oh why do I get the feeling she's after

me?" he muttered.

"Maybe it was because she winked at you after taking your order?" Usagi paused and looked

at her menu. "And why'd she give me a kiddy menu?"


Usagi held up the menu. All it was was a piece of paper with pictures of dishes for kids, about

1/4 to a half of the normal serving...and the rest was a maze that could be colored in, asking if you could

get the fish through the maze to the worm on the other side and make it happy.

Mamoru blinked, then grinned. "And she didn't leave any crayons? That's too bad..."

"Oh shut up."

Taking the menu from her, Mamoru studied it. "Now, what's the point on showing the fish the

way to the worm? Considering, it would make the fish happy, but why are we only worried about the

fish's welfare? The worm wouldn't be happy if the fish found it-"

"Mamoru, it's a kiddy maze. Must you analyze EVERYTHING?" Usagi snatched the menu

away from him just as the waitress came back with their drinks.

"Here ya go. May I take your orders?" her voice had so much honey in it, it could give anyone

cavities. She didn't even look much towards Usagi.

"We're still deciding," Mamoru said briefly, sinking down in his side of the booth. The waitress


"Okay, I'll come back in a little bit."

"Give me your menu."

Mamoru looked up at her. "What?"

"You heard me. I am not ordering from a kiddy menu-"

"Yeah, those are like appetizers for you, huh?"

Usagi glared at him. "You know, if you weren't paying, I wouldn't be here."

Something shattered next to the two and Mamoru and Usagi glanced over to see what

happened. The waitress had dropped a plate from a nearby table and had sent it shattering to the

ground. The girl's eyes started tearing up as she quickly bent down to retrieve the broken pieces.

Mamoru quickly leaned over and busied himself with helping her. This was much easier than talking to

Usagi. The pieces were finally all picked up and the young girls bowed and looked at Mamoru with a

curious twinkle in her eye.

"Thank you. My name is Atatakai. I appreciate it." She said while over zealously batting her


Mamoru's face took on a flustered look and just nodded his head. She moved closer to

Mamoru and leaned in next to him. "I hope I can make this up to you."

"Err...That's quite alright. All I did was help pick up some pieces. Any gentlemen would of done

the same."

She sighed, "I know but it's just so hard to meet a gentlemen now days." She ended the

sentence with a false pout.

He laughed nervously. She winked at him and walked off with extra swing to her hips.

Usagi watched the whole scene with disgust. 'Is that how you flirt when you get older? I hope

not it...It looks so pathetic...' But deep in her heart she felt a burning emotion that she did not dare want

to name. The site of Mamoru and that...thing was appalling. Her pretty young face took on a scowl.

'First I was given a kiddy menu, and now I had to watch that disgusting display of hormones.

Oh I don't care if Mamoru's paying I am leaving.'

She knew if she didn't leave soon she would break down into tears again and there was no way

she wanted to cry in front of Mamoru again. Usagi edged out of her seat and began to stand when

Mamoru grabbed her wrist.

"Where do you think you're going?" His eyes had taken on an unreadable emotion.

"I am going home."

Mamoru spluttered, "But why? I haven' haven't...we haven't ordered yet."

Usagi's eyes hardened, "Well I wouldn't want to be in the way of you getting lucky tonight with

that...that....floozy. I did not come her to watch you flirt. I knew I made a mistake when I agreed to

come here." Mamoru's mouth fell open and Usagi's words. "And to help cool down your hormones so

you will stay more 'gentlemanly' tonight, I give you this, "She said while dumping her Pepsi onto his lap.

Her steps where quick and graceful as she rushed out of the restaurant leaving Mamoru sitting there in a

puddle of ice cold, delicious Pepsi.

Mamoru sat there stunned, and for once his hormones were at bay. Usagi had left the

restaurant with her nose in the air and he had never seen her more radiant.

'She's so beautiful when she angry,' His eyes were clouded and he was unaware of the stares he

was getting. 'To bad she left I'd... SHE LEFT!'

Mamoru's mind came back into focus and he realized his pants were wet, and the love of his life

had just walked out of the restaurant. He spluttered and practically flew out of the restaurant after her,

leaving one noticeably old couple smiling.

"Ah young love," The elderly woman sighed, "Don't you remember when we were like that?"

Her blue eyes twinkled in the restaurants light.

"Yes, but I got you to come around... Plus I am to adorable for you to hate," He smiled with his

eyes wrinkling in the corners. The woman just gave a very unladylike snort and they continued on with

their dinner.

Usagi had crossed her arms as she made her way down the street. Her speed slowly


'How could he? I know he may not like me, but flirting in front of me like that? It's just to cruel.

I mean a guy like that should know I, know I like him. Love is not involved in this. I do not

love him... Then why did I feel so jealous?' Usagi let out a deep sigh, coming to a complete stop on the

sidewalk. 'Okay so I might possibly love him... Might possibly being the keys words. It's not like we

are soul mates or anything... Plus he's never going to look at me like that...' Her chain of depressing

thoughts continued on, and she fought back the tears in her eyes, never once noticing Mamoru running

up behind her.

Mamoru's strides carried him down the street until Usagi had come into his line of vision. Her

head and shoulder were slumped forward and she was standing, almost unknowingly in the middle of

the park. It was a miracle no one was walking about her. She was alone.

'All know that feeling don't you. She looks like an angel...My angel...' His breathe

caught as he tripped over a crack in the sidewalk right next to Usagi. He fell head first to the concrete,

right next to delicate feet. 'oh you're in deep're are in WAY deep.'

His eyes had closed on impact and he laid there, waiting for the pain to subside. Or so he told

him self. In truth he just didn't want to face Usagi.

'And you call her the klutz...' He felt a blush rise to his face. He rolled over and open his eyes

and to his surprise came face to face with a small white bunny. "Oh the irony of it all.'

Usagi was frankly shocked when someone crashed into the sidewalk right next to her and was

even more surprised and amused that it was Mamoru who fell next to her. 'And he calls me the klutz.'

Her eyes filled with worry realizing that Mamo-butt wasn't moving. She was just opening her

mouth when she saw Mamoru roll over and to her amusement Usagi saw a bunny.

"How cute!" She exclaimed. Usagi slowly bent down and beckoned the bunny to her. It dutifully

hopped over to her. "Aren't you a sweetie? Did that big meanie hurt you?" She crooned as she stroked

the bunny's head. It seemed quite pleased with it's self.

Mamoru was infuriated, that stupid rabbit got more affection than him just by looking cute, then

he did after falling head over heels for her, literally. His eyes narrowed and he muttered under his

breathe, "This is so not fair..."

"What was that?"

"Oh not much," Mamoru said as he pushed himself off the ground, "Just that, that thing," he

pointed to the Bunny, "Is showered with affection for just looking cute, rather than me, who fell face first

onto the ground."

Usagi looked up into his eyes, "Now you know how I feel, except I didn't make any cruel

remarks about your balancement."

That shut him up. Usagi had diverted her eyes back to the Bunny and continued to pet and

soothe it with gentle words along of accusing the big "meanie" of different things.

Mamoru could simply star. She had such a big heart, 'That doesn't include you.'

His mind could be so harsh sometimes. 'Guess my hormones and my mind just don't like me.'

He let out a sigh.


"Hmmm," He said while cocking his head towards her.

Her eyes were bland and looked slightly red and puffy, as if she was crying earlier.

'Probably just the wind. Dust or something might have gotten into her angelic eyes.' But the

wind was conspicuously absent.

"What are you doing here?"

"I followed you."


"Because you left the restaurant. I wanted to make amends with you but you got all...huffy and

walked out."

Usagi huffed up her chest which Mamoru's eyes were immediately drawn too, missing the fury

that swept through her eyes.

'Such a lovely chest, I wonder what it would look like a few years from now, more developed

and mature, in my bed, where I had her...just need to undre...'

His naughty thoughts were cut off but Usagi's screech, "Me huffy?! Well if you weren't such

a...a...blood felching faerie, I wouldn't of left!"

"Me?! What the hell did I do?!" His eyes were bewildered.

"You know what you were doing! How could you?!"

His voice was gradually rising, "I have no clue what you are talking about!"

Her eyes flashed, "Even I know that it is rude to flirt with someone when you are out to dinner

with someone. It is"

"So what? It shouldn't of mattered anyways! I was just trying to apologize and make up for

everything I had said. But noooo... You are such a child. It isn't like we are going out or anything.

And," He put great emphasize on the word and, "She was flirting with me. I did nothing of the sort so

stop acting like a jealous little..."

His words were cut off by a sharp pain in his hand. The lovely little bunny had sunk his teeth

into his index finger. Apparently Rabbit's looked out for each other.

"A little what?" Her voice was quiet and he couldn't see her eyes.

He opened his mouth at first, but nothing came out. He tried again, "A..a... Why do you care?"

Usagi started. 'I am not prepared for this. I need time to think of an answer that doesn't sound

totally fake. Maybe if I tell him the truth he will think I am joking. Or maybe he will hate me. Or...'

Her mind continued turning out a list of Mamoru's different reactions and before her mind could

register what her mouth was doing, "I love you..." escaped her mouth.

Both pair of eyes widened and Mamoru jerked a little, "What?"

Mamoru watched with growing interest as the growing horror covered Usagi's face.

"Err...I...I...I meant..."

"You love me?"

Usagi quickly stood up and muttered, "I gotta go, see ya later Mamoru." Before darting off.

And as hard as it was to believe, she had beaten her own record time.

Mamoru sat on the ground stunned. 'She loves me? She loves me! WOHOO! GO

MAMORU! It's your birthday!'

his mind and heart were doing an internal dance and he was unaware of the strange looks he

was getting from passer buyers.

But seriously, who wouldn't stop and stare at a practically grown man, sitting on the ground,

next to a bunny, smiling like a fool, with pants that were wet in a very noticeably place. Draw your own


'Go you. Your angel loves you, WOOT WOOT! Everybody limbo!'

His mind starting slowing down but his thoughts continued, 'Let's tango...hey wait... you need

two to tango. Where did Usagi go? SHE LEFT?! NOT AGAIN!!!!'

Mamoru's eyes darkened and he head fell into his hands, "My life sucks."

He crawled off the ground and walked off with the bunny watching curiously after him before

hopping off.

Usagi had finally slowed into a sullen jog on her way home when a slight beeping came from her


'Damn, I can't wallow in my misery and defeat, I have to go fight a youma THEN wallow in my

misery and defeat...'

She pulled her communicator out and flipped it open slowly. "Welcome to the idiot club, may I

help you?" Her eyes were dark as she looked at the tiny screen of the communicator.

Makoto worried face appeared, her eyes quickly taking in Usagi's appearance, "Usa are you

okay? You look...depressed..."

'We have a winner...' Her mind screeched sarcastically.

"I'm just peachy, " she dead panned, "Where do you need me?"

Makoto was silent for a moment, but then quietly added, "It's at the park, Nephrite turned..."

Usagi cut her off, "I will be there in a minute." She turned off her communicator and put it in her

pocket. "How ironic, I was running away from the park, and now I have to go back."

She walked for a moment before she gathered up the little energy she had left from this

exhausting day and took off in a jog to the park. 'This is just not my day, is it?'

Usagi ducked behind a tree and transformed. In a burst of color and light Usagi transformed

into the beautiful Sailor Moon.

"Now," She muttered to herself, "Where to find that youma..." Screams sounded a little ways

from her right and Sailor Moon quickly took off.

After Usagi's hasty retreat, and some mindless walking Mamoru's mind convinced him to go

after her, with some threats from his hormones and heart he ran and ducked and jumped over numerous

inanimate objects. He was beginning to lose hope, because frankly, he had no idea where Usagi lived,

and secondly he was back at the park.

'I don't really think she would come back here...' He let out a deep sigh and began to turn

around when a flash of gold caught his eye.

Usagi was ducking behind a tree, as if she didn't want to be seen. With Mamoru's curiosity

peeked he made his way over to see a most interesting, sight. Usagi had transformed into Sailor Moon.

His heart and mind rejoiced. Two of the women he loved were the same.

'YES! She loves me and she is the same person as one of my loves...Now only if she was the

Princess, but that would be to good to be true... I can only hope.' His eyes were sparkling with

happiness, 'Now you know that Usagi and Sailor Moon are the same and you can love them both

and...and... Why had Usagi transformed?' Mamoru's eyes widened.

"Youma," And that is when he heard the screams. He ducked behind the same tree Usagi had

and transformed into the cape crusader, Tuxedo Kamen. The masked man made his way up a tree and

on to a limb and got a good look at the fight next to him. Apparently his thoughts of Usagi took him

longer to recover from then he realized, because a heated battle had already ensued.

The senshi were placed at different angles of a youma, which seemed to be a large Pepsi cup

that was sloshing around greenish yellow fluid as an attack.

'Mountain dew?' Tuxedo Kamen thought bemused. His eyes quickly sought out Sailor Moon

who didn't seem to be up to par in her usually movements. She seemed sluggish.

In that instant the lid of the "cup" was thrown off and was spewing an acid like liquid

everywhere. The other senshi had managed to dodge the liquid but a big drop of it was heading towards

Sailor Moon's precious form. He swooped down and scooped her up and carried her out of dangers


He landed behind a tree just out of the youma's sight. Tuxedo Kamen set his precious on her

feet and spoke in a hushed voice, "Use your tiara now while it's...doing whatever it's doing..."

The youma was currently spinning in circles and singing the Pepsi song, "Ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba

ba ba ba, joy of Pepsi, joy of light..."

Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon cringed as the catchy jingle was destroyed by the youma's

horrible singing.

Sailor Moon nodded her head in affirmation and drew her tiara off her head.


The tiara hit the youma with blinding speed and it screamed in agony. It's form slowly dispersed

into a small cup of mountain dew that tipped over and spilled out it's remain contents...

'I knew it...'

Sailor Moon stared at the empty cup and made no effort to move, 'He saved me again... Rei

was right. He wouldn't look my way if he didn't have to save me. I am SUCH a loser...'

Sailor Moon turned around and looked at Tuxedo Kamen, who noticed her eyes didn't carry

that same sparkle they normally did.

Her pert pink mouth opened and a monotone voice asked, "What are you doing here?"

His eyes blinked rapidly and a startled, "What?" was her answer.

She repeated herself slower this time, "What 'are' you doing here? I mean wouldn't it be easier

for your cause if I was gone? Or does it just boost your ego that you have to save me all the time? OR

does you boss think it is funny seeing a stupid teenager girl fawning over one of his or maybe it is her,

lackies? Come one tell me dammit! I need to.."

Her fiery rant was silenced by a pair of lips covering her own. She stood stark still and her eyes

were the size of saucers.

'This isn't right, you love Mamoru...' With that thought her hands came up to his chest and

pushed away. The grip on her loosen and she feel rather gracefully on her butt.


'What the hell is she talking about? She thinks I am on the dark side? God she talks to much,'

and with that thought in mind he swooped down and caught her lips with his own. 'Hmm... this is nice,

she tastes so sweet.'

His mind could not conjure up what she tasted like as Sailor Moon wrenched her lips from his

own, before stumbling back and falling very gracefully to her butt, if that is possible.

Tuxedo Kamen's eyes clouded in confusion, "What?"


"But I thought that's what you wanted..."

Sailor Moon was in near hysterics. Her arms were moving up and down in rapid movements

and she was screaming everything that came out of her pert little mouth. This, of course, caught the

Senshi's attention. They slowly crept over to the pair with wide eyes.

"What the hell?" Jupiter whispered to Sailor Venus.

She grinned, "Lover's feud I am presuming..."

"Sshhh... You don't want them to notice us do you?" Mercury said while glaring, then quickly

diverted her eyes back to the couple. Mars simply grinned and watched intently like the others.


"But you always..."


"I thought..."


"And who may that be?"

"MAMORU!" Usagi's eyes widened in horror as the name slipped past her lips.

"Well I knew..."

"WHAT?!" Four different senshi popped up behind Sailor Moon.

"When did this happen?"

"I thought you hated him?"

"Did he tell you?" Sailor Venus looked hopeful.

"Tell her what?"

"Well you know when I stormed off after turning that lovely shade of..." The Senshi's eyes

widened as Tuxedo Kamen brushed past them picked up Sailor Moon and jumped off.

"Well, I'll be damned."

"Ah...young love."

"Hmm...I wonder..."



Tuxedo Kamen rolled his eyes behind his mask. 'Does she every shut up?'



His eyes fixed on hers with a glare and said in a small cutting voice, "Will you please shut up?

We are almost there."

He noticed she gulped and kept her mouth shut, "Thank you for cooperating." Sailor Moon

nodded and looked down at her hands.

'She's so cute. I love her. We need to get home faster so I can tell her, and kiss her. FASTER

MY BOY! FASTER!' With those thoughts 'encouraging' him, his speed increased and they soon landed

on the balcony of his small, but clean apartment.

"Honey, we're home." Sailor Moon glared at him and jumped to her feet once they were inside.

"Well I'm leaving..."

His hands snaked about her waist and he whispered oh so romantically in her ear, "Not so fast


He saw the pulse jump in her lovely neck and could only imagine what her face looked like.

"How...You are mistaken I am not."

"Pffft...I saw you transform."

'He saw me transform? Oh my God! Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod... I am going to die,

Luna's going to go looney and kill me. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!'

Usagi stilled her body and heard him whisper again, "Would you like to now why I brought you


Small nod.

"Well first I think we should de-transform, so it will set the mood better." She felt a surge of

energy being released behind her.


"Now you."

'I am going to die. Well at least Mamoru knows how I feel...' Usagi let out a depressing sigh

and touched her brooch turning back into her self. She however did not turn around. 'If I am going to

die, I do not want to see the brute's face who is going to do it to me. To much knowledge to bare on

my dead soul.' "Aren't you going to turn around?" Her body tensed and she shook her head.

"No I am fine where I am thank you."

He let out a deep chuckle. Tuxedo Kamen, or his de-transformed self seemed amused.

"If you insist Usagi."

"I do."

'What was he laughing at? Do I amusing him? Do I look like a clown to him? I need to hurt

him... Wait I am going to die...Oh well.'

"I love you."

Her eyes widened and her mouth stood gaping wide open.

"I love you," The words passed easily over my lips.

'She's so tense. I thought she would be happy.'

"Well...we...Maybe... That was very nice of you to say Tuxedo Kamen, but I kind of have

feelings for someone else so I will just be leaving now thank you." Usagi said in one breathe. She was

quickly making her way to the door.

'Stupid, she doesn't know it is you yet.'

Mamoru's hand caught her wrist and said in a quiet voice, "Look at me Usagi...Usako."

Her eyes slowly came up and met his, "Mamo...Mamo-chan...."

The two stood looking at each other. 'He loves me? WHY THE HELL DIDN'T HE SAY SO

EARLIER?! And when did he become Tuxedo Kamen? I can't deal with this right now. He obviously is

pitying you. Get put while you can. This is a code red. I repeat a code red. Evacuate now.'

"Why thank you Mamoru. I have had a lovely time tonight. I will just be going now, you can

carry on. I am sure you are a busy boy so I will just leave." She made her way hastily to the door and

almost succeeded when Mamoru's hand caught her by the shoulder. He flipped her around and pinned

her to the door.

"And where do you think you are going ma petite?"

Her eyes looked up hopefully into his own, "Home?"

Mamoru shook his head, "I don't think so. For someone who was just told that someone loves

her after telling him she loved him earlier, you are in a rush to leave. Why?"

"I have to use the bathroom?"

"I have a bathroom."

"I need to walk my cat?"

"I'll go with you."

"I need to dry my socks."

"I love doing laundry."

"Figures..." She muttered. He merely cocked an eyebrow, "I meant I need to take a shower.

Boy am I stinky."

"You smell perfectly fine to me. In fact you smell perfect," Usagi had the decency to blush, "And

even if that wasn't so I have a shower. Anymore excuses?"

Usagi opened her mouth to reply, but then shut it again. Letting out a deep sigh she whispered,


"So you'll stay?"


"Why not?"

"I don't believe you."

Mamoru's eyes widened in astonishment, "You don't believe me?!"

A nod affirmed his question, "That's what I said."


"Because, you were flirting with that waitress, and you have always hated me and when I told

you I love you, you look horrified. And for another thing, you are just going to find someone better than

me. She will be pretty and tall and graceful and everything I'm no..."

Her voice was cut off by his lips pressing harshly over her own.

'Oh this is nice....'

Mamoru slowly pulled away, "Do you love me Usagi?"

Her eyes peered into his own and she couldn't even try to escape him any longer, "Yes Mamo-

chan. I love you."

He smiled a gorgeous smile, "Now I love you too. And I want to be happy. And the only way I

can be happy is with you Usako. Now I haven't had the easiest life, and neither have you. And we are

probably going to have an even tougher life in the future, but will you make me happy Usako, even

more importantly will you be happy with me? Because Usako, there is only you, and there always will

be only you."

Tears glittered in Usagi's eyes. 'That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.'

"Yes." She grinned. "Yes, Mamoru, I want to be happy with you." Usagi threw her arms around

Mamoru and kissed him deeply.

'This is bliss, being with the man I love...'

'I need another cold shower... Ah it can wait.'

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