For those that died

For Fred Weasly, who's laugh will light our hearts no matter what. His jokes will be missed, his humor never forgotten. If you miss him, have a nosebleed nougat. No? Well then...just trying to ease the tension.

For Remus Lupin, who despite his...allergy to the moon, was more human than the rest of us. His heart was always in the right place. If you miss him, eat some chocolate. It helps, really.

For Collin Creevy, who's innocence and smile will be missed dearly. He was a great asset to Gryffindor. If you miss him, don't worry. Here's a picture, see his smile?

For Severus Snape, a man braver than any recorded Gryffindor. His sacrifice will never be taken for granted. His memories kept safe. If you miss him, don't worry. His soul will remain in our hearts. Always.

For Sirius Black, a man that never outgrew his inner child. He was loyal to his friends til the very end. If you miss him, don't worry. Just...get a dog. Cuddle him. Just don't let him get fleas. They're murder.

For James Potter, who gave his life to protect the ones he loved. His sacrifice will also never be forgotten. If you miss him, don't worry. I'm sure he's making amends with Severus right now in heaven.

For Lily Potter, who's undying love for her son led her to give her own life for him. Her firey hair and personality will always be remembered. If you miss her, especially her pretty eyes, don't worry. I've heard Harry's have a striking resemblance.

For Cedric Digory, a man proof that not all Hufflepuffs were thickheaded. He will me missed dearly. And of you do miss him, don't worry. I here he's got himself a second life somehow in Forks, wherever that is.

For Nymphadora-er, Tonks. A humorous individual that would never bow away from those she loved. I'm sure her and Remus are very happy together, souls intertwined. If you miss her, perhaps you've heard her funeral is soon...just make sure the preacher doesn't call her Nymphadora!

A/N: I cried so hard writing some of this...this is for those I FELT deserved a better goodbye.

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