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Epilogue: A Red Moon's Rise

David watched his wife, humming as she walked, carry their son across the room to the carpet to play.

He knew, without being able to pin point exactly what was setting off his mental alarms, that something was very off about her besides the obvious of having just suffered through a second kidnapping of her only child.

It was her eyes, he decided after another few moments of silent watching. Ever since he'd woken early that morning and found her rocking their apparently unharmed son in the nursery, there had been something slightly off about her eyes. They looked like they had the week following Alexander's birth.

Too green, too bright.

Too fae.

Silently, David pushed away from the door frame and walked down the hall. In another room the tv was showing blurred pictures of a crime scene. Frowning he stepped closer, turning the volume up as the reporter - looking ill - said something about mass killings.

"-have found the bodies of seven men, three of whom have been long suspected of mob connections. The police are refusing to comment on whether or not this could be a case of inner politics turning bloody or a vigilante serial killer but the mortician we interviewed said that the bodies looked as though they had been," the woman closed her eyes and swallowed, "tortured over the course of several hours. Neighbors claim to have heard noth-"

The tv went black and David turned to look back at the door. Owen nodded to him faintly from where he stood, remote in his hand.

"Owen," David greeted mildly, giving the man a careful once over. Nothing looked out of place. Even his eyes, which David had worried would give some sign of wrongness as Fox's had, were normal.

"Sir," Owen returned, stepping to the side in order to allow David to exit the room. As he did the blond tossed the carefully aimed remote back onto Hudson's favorite chair. "Mrs. Xanatos is looking for you. She has ideas for a family outing," the blond paused. "Honestly sir, I'm surprised to find that you aren't hovering at Alexander's side as well."

"He's quite safe with his mother," David started down the hall, his brow furrowed with worry. "Owen," he stopped and the blond stopped with him. David paused, searching the eyes of the man he called friend once more and found nothing wrong with the blue orbs. "Owen what happened last night?"

"Alexander was safely returned to his home," the blond repsonded flatly. David's mouth pressed into a hard line "and the threat to your family was nuetralized."

Alright. He trusted the man in front of him implicitly and considering his own nightly activities... Still. There was Fox to consider.

"Fox isn't-" he took a breath and reformed the sentence a few times mentally before choosing the statement that would get him the direct answer he wanted. "My wife seems different today," the darker man said finally. "She's practically glowing."

There was a distinct pause while Owen seemed to consider this.

"It will pass," he said finally. David narrowed his eyes at the other man. "In less than a week I would imagine. It's nothing to be concerned over. Since discovering her family origins I'm rather surprised we haven't seen more of these spells."

"Alright," David would accept that explanation like he would accept anything else this man told him; without doubt and with no suspicion. He put his hand on the blond's shoulder and together they made their way back to the living room.

If the threat was gone and his son was safe, that was all that mattered.

The End

A/N: I've wanted, badly, to write a supernatural slasher fic for a while now and I had it in my head what the 'villian' would look and act like (which is Puck but darker and cheerfully vicious, incidentally) but no vehicle for the idea. Since I try very had to keep characters consistant and to make sure they at least strongly resemble those we met in the show I could not, in good consciousness, use Puck or Owen as a villan without muddying things up with a third personality. You'll note that "Robin Goodfellow" assisted and observed, but never actually hurt anyone while Owen never used magic (though he broke character on me more than once by over playing his part as "crazy surgeon"). I apologize if Hobgoblin struck you as an OC because he wasn't supposed to be one.

It would have helped (rather a lot) if you not only had working knowledge of the play but had seen it performed or at least viewed one of the screen adaptations as I think they highlight the personality quirks rather well.

"Believe me, king of shadows, I mistook." and "Ho, ho, ho! Coward, why comest thou not?" - Typical Puck/Robin as we know him.

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" and "Cupid is a knavish lad, thus to make poor females mad."- distainful Sweet Puck/Owen.

"Up and down, up and down. I will lead them up and down." And, a bit more telling "

He murder cries and help from Athens calls. Their sense thus weak, lost with their fears
thus strong, Made senseless things begin to do them wrong; For briers and thorns at their apparel snatch; Some sleeves, some hats, from yielders all things catch."- Hobgoblin's work, taking glee in the confusion, fear and exhaustion of his victims.

So I didn't just yank the three Pucks idea out of thin air and the Three (one blond, one white and one dark) clearly gave me the initial idea of one being (one mind, really) in three different bodies. I thought about making the crazy one a redhead (inside joke, don't mind me) but I thought you all would appreciate the color-coding more.

I don't usually write background characters. It is implied in my stories that there are other people in the area/wandering through the background and any character with a name is either going to disappear with no life detail at all in a few seconds or will be reoccuring (see Coffee Intern Girl of my other fics) and well loved in my mind but left relatively undefined.

I used this fic as an opportunity to explore the background characters. Joey, Jimmy, Jonathan, Martin, Tom and Melissa SHOULD have all been faceless cannon fodder. It would have been much easier for me to just use them as such but I wanted to practice adding depth to the story by giving them lives beyond the criminal deed they did to deserve their deaths. On that note, sometimes they took my by surprise by expanding far beyond what I planned or wanted. Maria's scene was one of the first I planned (I wanted the ending written before anything else to ensure that I finished) and Joey's intro was originally flat - he was just supposed to be the first torture scene as a sort of preview for what you guys were getting into. I got to the end, after having decided he was a drunk and an abusive boyfriend and decided to add the pushing girlfriend's down the stairs quip because I was in that sort of mood. Originally the girl he shoved was named Jeniffer but then I remembered the beaten up little stripper in a sling I had waiting in chapter 4 and decided to weave them together.

You'll have noticed an over abundance of J and M names. I got clever with the backgrounds, I never said anything about being creative with the names.

Thanks for joining me for the ride. I ALMOST made my deadline. Missed it by about an hour. Oh well.