Suspicious Mind

"Oh, actually, Charlie, those two are herbivores. They would not be interested infighting each other. But these..." Alan said talking to Charlie but then picked up two other dinosaurs.

"See, these are carnivores. And this one here - see its claws - this one here uses its claws to gouge at the throat of its opponent…"

Dawn was with him in the garden with Charlie playing in his sandpit with his herbivore's.

"Ignore him Charlie dads trying to scared you" Dawn said sitting down next to him.

Alan smiled wickedly.

"Uh, Alan?" Ellie said interrupting them, Baby Erika in her arms.

"Hmm?" he muttered.

"He's three. Let's wait till he's 10" She said to them.

The next day

Dawn dressed in a grey-sleeved top, white quarter length pants and white pumps and her left down but she put it up on the way to the dig site.

At the dig site.

"Billy? I don't think I'm doing this right." A college student asks Billy.

He scoots over and Checks her work. Billy knew Cheryl was tough work and abit of a flirt he tries to ignore her.

"You need to go slowly. See, just take it little at a time."

He says carefully taking her brush and running it down the bones, he is oblivious to the fact that she is just watching his eyelashes.

"I can never tell what bone is and what's rock." She said looking at him trying to get his attention.

Billy was trying hard to not look at her, he kept reminding himself his badass girlfriend will be here any minute and he wants to show Cheryl what is it and go.

"Technically, it's all rock. The calcium in the bones is replaced during fossilization. However, you can feel the difference. See? Rough, smooth. Rough, smooth."

Cheryl touched his cheek; he looked up and pushed her hand away rudely. "I think that's enough now Cheryl". He got up and moved away to see Alan pulling up in his car with his girlfriend in it. He smiled, Alan had let them be together at last all those months of sneaking around they could finally be together. But on one condition no kissing in front of him.

"Hey Alan", He said

"Hello Billy how ya been?" Alan said taking his cowboy hat off he so adorably loved.

Dawn came out the car and bumped into Billy.

They just stared into each other's eyes, like they hadn't seen each other in years and they embraced, and kissed like they never kissed before.

Alan was disturbed by this and went between them. "Ok that's enough"

They laughed and Billy grabbed Alan's bags. As they were walking

"How was your trip? Profitable?" Billy asked the two.

'We'll be broke in four weeks." Dawn said sighing.

"Three weeks. I had to rent some equipment." Billy said

They walked into the tent.

"You rented an automated litter box." Alan said looking at the box, not pleased.

"It's a rapid prototyper. I feed in the scandata from the raptor skull, than the computerbreaks it into thousands of slices which this thing prints, one layer on top of the other. It's the future of paleontology."

"Not if it can't dig. "Alan said Dawn rolls her eyes at this.

The arm stops and suddenly the tray of sand shakes, dropping through holes in the bottom to reveal an object the size of a person's fist.

"I give you a raptor's resonating chamber."

Alan hates technology, but he cannot help but be amazed by the result. He lifts the strange object up, shaking out the remaining sand. Billy puts it to his lips and blows through it like a conch shell. The resulting sounds is unique and piercing, the cry of an non-existent animal. Alan is speechless with excitement. And so he uses it again and again, producing different sound and variations. Dawn is shocked and sits on the stool.

A scared look appeared in Billys eye, Dawn noticed this before she could say anything.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Some visitors wanted to come by and talk to you. I told them you'd be happy to see them. Maybe even have dinner with them."

"Absolutely not." Alan said.

"They're here."

"What?" Dawn said turning around to see a couple a blonde-haired woman and guy with a moustache.

"Dr. Grant?" the man asks coming up them.


The man extends his hand and politely said "Paul Kirby. Kirby Enterprises My card." He said handing it to Alan

Dawn looks at the other woman she looks tired with a few wrinkles but looks like she's in her mid 30s.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Kirby?" Alan said. Billy came to stand by Dawn.

"Well sir, I am a great admirerof yours, and I have an extremely interesting proposition to discuss. Would you let my wife and I take you and your daughter to have dinner tonight? Our treat."

"You know, we have been traveling and I'm very tired. Maybe some other time."

"I guarantee it'll be worth your while." Paul smiled at them.

Dawn felt a little suspicious at this but shrug it off. Not everything she thinks that is out of order means that it is.

First chapter up. I am working with my other story Scream 4! As am doing this so bear with me…