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I just changed that instead of one son it's now 2.

I have a very long past, to long to tell you everything but I can highlight the most important things that have happened to me so far. First I was born in Asgard many, many years ago, I was born in the palace along with the two princess. We grew up together, played together, and did everything together. As time passed everyone could see that the three of us were inseparable, the Asgardian version of the Three Musketeers, we were always there for each other. We did lessons, played pranks, and terrorized the courts. When we grew older still our feelings for each other started changing, our feelings went from childhood playmates to teenage crushes to love. Hehe The day that they both confronted me about it was hilarious but I'll save that for another time, lets just say that they both talked it over and they wanted to share me because it wouldn't have been fair to any of us if I was forced to choose, and so we decided to be together and share.

As the years past our relationship grew and flourished in secrecy until we were ready to tell their parents, the King and Queen of the realm, mine having died, my father to war and my mother to heart-break. Turns out we didn't have to, we apparently weren't as sneaky as we originally thought, but it work out for the best. Their parents gave us their blessing so we didn't have to worry about what everyone else would say about us, because no one would cross the King of the realm. However not all were pleased with our relationship and started plotting against us.

For years after we announced our relationship we were happy, we had eventually gotten married and after years of marital bliss I became pregnant. Of course after hundreds of years together we were ecstatic about finally getting pregnant. I ended up giving birth to three girls, which let me tell you they were a pain to carry around and having three different pairs of legs kicking you really sucks and I'm getting off topic, anyway everything was fine for the next twenty years and I became pregnant again which was a surprise but we were happy, however not everyone was. After the birth of this child, which was a boy, we decided to visit Midgard for a while because our daughters wanted to see the worlds. It was there that my world came crashing around me.

We went around the world and finally ended up in England and on our last night, while our daughters were out having fun, we were attacked by men with wands. They shot spell after spell at us and we blocked each one, what we didn't notice was one man, a man in purple robes and a long beard, was inching toward our son while we were distracted. I had looked over sensing the danger our son was in and saw a glimpse of the man before there was a loud pop and then he was gone. I screamed and that in turn distracted my husbands and in that single moment of distraction they were hit with several spells and knocked unconscious. With them down for the count the men left, however someone else came right after. I couldn't see who it was because of their cloak but I could tell they were from Asgard, the figure crouched next to my husbands and then with a snap of their fingers they were gone, along with my husbands.

After the shock wore off I found my daughters and told them what had transpired so we tried to call the gatekeeper to bring us home but nothing happened. We have tried again, and again over the years but nothing has worked. We are somehow blocked from returning home. For now we just try to fit in and find a way home.

My name is Soren the goddess of Magic and this is the beginning of the journey to find my son and my way home.