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Chapter 22

Kakashi scowled as he paced down in the hallway of the T&I headquarters. The two men he had taken in after their little encounter with that senile old man were suddenly rambling nonsense. Nothing they did could solve this problem.

The only thing he could think of was invading their minds, but he was denied approval, because both men hadn't done anything to bring danger to the village as a whole. Even though they had come with that old man, their actions thus far had proven they were against him.

"I'm sorry, Kakashi, but we do have principles we have to keep to." Inoichi told the white haired Jounin as he leaned to a wall.

"What can you do to be able to make sense of what they're saying?" Kakashi asked.

"Your son lived in the Outer Lands before he came to live here, isn´t that right? Maybe he'll be able to make sense of what they're saying." Inoichi suggested.

"I'm not leaving my son alone with those two." Kakashi snarled, moving so fast that the other male suddenly found himself in a lock down against the wall."Those people tried to take him away from me."

"I'm not saying to let him be alone with them; you're welcome to accompany him. All we need is to get the information we want from the two of them." Inoichi countered in defense.

Kakashi pushed himself away from the blond haired shinobi and growled in frustration. Inoichi sighed, running a hand over his tired and wary face.

"I can understand how you're feeling, but your son is probably the only one at this moment who can fix this little problem we're having." Inoichi said.

"Fine, but you better make sure they can't do anything to hurt my son. We don't even know what else they are capable of…they did things I have never seen before." Kakashi replied.

Before Inoichi could say anything more, the Hatake had already stalked off.

Quite frustrated, Kakashi entered his apartment. Upon hearing the door open, Akiyo got up from reading a scroll in the living room to go talk to his father. "How'd it go?"

"Not well. Before they could actually get any useful information from the two of them, they suddenly started to talk nonsense. Inoichi suggested that you may be able to try and make any sense of what they're saying, seeing as you've lived in the Outer Lands before you came to live here." Kakashi said, his eyes hardening at the last sentence.

"You're worried they'll try to do something to me?" Akiyo shrugged. "I'm sure we'll be able to have a civil conversation with them…if I'm able to understand what they're saying, of course. It has been quite a while since I lived there. I might not even be able to understand them anymore." The young Hatake replied.

"They were trying to take you away from me, of course I'm worried. We're not even sure the two of them are acting on our side, and we won't be able to tell if we can't get the information from them. Are you sure there isn't anything in those documents you've brought with you from the Outer Lands? Some of them were in a script impossible for me to read." The elder Hatake asked.

"It might be possible. It does explain their abilities. I think those documents might be describing some of their techniques; maybe I can find the technique that had made it possible for those people to understand us." Akiyo answered.

"But you don't have the same abilities as they do, do you?" Kakashi asked confused.

"I have been studying those books and have been experimenting with converting their techniques into jutsu. It's the same kind of thing I did to Tora; it was one of their 'spells', called stupefy. It's a technique that stuns your opponent." Akiyo explained.

"I see." The elder Hatake replied, walking over to the table to have a seat with Akiyo following.

"What else did you learn that you haven't told me about?"

Akiyo could tell his father was kind of put off. He hadn't meant to keep this information secret from him forever, he just wanted to make sure everything worked perfectly before showing it off. Besides, with everything that had happened it didn't really come to mind to tell his dad about them.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you immediately. I just wanted to make sure everything worked perfectly, and besides, I kind of forgot about it after everything that has happened." The white haired boy said.

Kakashi sighed. "It's ok, I'm not mad at you. It's just….."

"You're worried. I get it." Akiyo replied, smiling.

"I just don't want to lose you." The elder Hatake eye smiled and ruffled Akiyo's white hair.

Severus Snape leaned against the wall of his little cell, cursing Dumbledore for all he had done. Not only were they left behind, but the translation charm that the old man had put on them had been canceled out the moment those people put those damn bracelets on that were apparently for preventing them for using their magic.

From what he could tell, though, these people wouldn't just kill them. They wanted information, and from what he could understand from the conversation with that silvery white haired man was that they wanted to know why they wanted the boy so badly.

If he would be able to converse with them at this exact moment he could argue that he wasn't like that old man, that he wouldn't take a child away from his father.

There was still the question how the boy had come to be known as the Potter's child. Had they adopted the child, not knowing the kid still had a father? Or was it because of Dumbledore? The kid had told them his mother had died of sickness, because an old man who was pretending to help her had let her die. That was what he got out of the conversation anyway.

Getting out of this situation wasn't their only problem though. The full moon was approaching, though he wasn't quite sure if it was approaching in this dimension or if it would have the same effect as it would have in their own dimension.

The problem was still there, though. If the wolf came out he was sure that Lupin wouldn't be able to control himself, since he hadn't any access to the wolfsbane potion.

Remus was frantic. Dumbledore had left them alone in an unknown dimension with no way back. On top of that was the fact that tomorrow night it was a full moon (in their dimension anyway). He wasn't quite sure about the moon's position in this dimension.

He was already feeling the wolf's presence more, pressing against his consciousness as if the full moon would be tonight(omit), instead of tomorrow night. It was making him feel quite uncomfortable. He couldn't even warn these people, because the translation charm had worn off because of these people's precautions. Though he was sure that these simple bracelets wouldn't be able to stop the wolf's rampage, and that was what scared him so much.

He didn't want to hurt anyone and he was sure he wouldn't be in control. He hadn't had any wolfsbane potion, either the day before or on hand. He hoped these people wouldn't find any solution to the problem at hand for at least three days, but that was probably too much to hope for.

Night was approaching and Akiyo still hadn't figured out how to utilize the charm he had found. It was called the translation charm, and he was sure it was that charm that these people had used to understand them.

The charm needed to be 'fed'. As in to keep it working it needed energy in return. It stopped working for the two men, because the T&I had put restriction bracelets on the two of them. This caused the energy flow to the charm to stop, causing it to be canceled out.

Though he had an understanding as to how the charm worked, he couldn't find a way to convert it into a jutsu. Jutsu's didn't exactly work that way. People in the Elemental Nations didn't really need a translation charm.

Akiyo grumbled and rubbed at an eye tiredly. He had been going at it for quite a while now. First, he had been searching for the spell all morning long and part of midday. It had actually been around two P.M. that they had been trying to perform the spell.

The two men had been looking quite nervous ever since they had been put into one room, though they seemed to be more nervous at not being alone but in one room and being able to talk to each other.

Of course his dad was in the room as well, as were some hidden ANBU that worked for T&I specifically.

The sandy-grey haired man seemed to be becoming more and more frantic as time passed. Akiyo wondered how late it was. He was sure it was getting quite late in the evening as fatigue was eating away at him. His dad was glancing at him worriedly, probably wanting to put a stop to his tries for today and to continue in the morning. However, this was top priority, so sleep wasn't really allowed unless he wanted to put the mission at risk. This wasn't his first mission he had to be up this late, so he tried to shake off his exhaustion.

Suddenly, something in the air seemed to change and put him on high alert. He looked up from the tomes and documents and couldn't help and stare at the sandy haired man. The man seemed to be in pain and he could tell it wasn't faked. Before he knew it, his dad was in front of him, eying the man warily.

Severus cursed under his breath as Lupin suddenly convulsed in pain. That could only mean one thing; the man was changing into the wolf even though the moon wasn't in sight. As Severus looked on, backing away from the other man as far as he could, he noticed there seemed to be some things that were different from what he could remember from werewolf transformations.

One, the transformation went way faster. Two, the wolf form looked quite different as it was way hairier and bigger. Three, the wolf itself seemed to be a little more intelligent …and more dangerous.

Before he could follow the wolf's movement there was a flash of white and it was slammed against the wall and changed back into an unconscious and quite naked Lupin. Severus eyes widened at that. Did Lupin actually change back into a human, before the end of the night?

He did a double take at Lupin's body, but as he could see the man's chest moving up and down he was quite sure the werewolf wasn't dead. He took his eye's away from the unconscious man and turned his head to the direction the wolf had leapt to. Apparently the wolf's target had been the silvery-white haired man. Said man was holding his arm, which was bleeding profusely. The boy seemed to have gotten quite the fright, but was now masking it with worry as he was looking at the bleeding arm.

"D-dad? A-are you alright?" Akiyo stuttered, though he tried to keep his voice steady.

Kakashi didn't immediately answer as he stared down at the now unconscious man. The elder Hatake was slightly trembling, not only from the use of the white chakra, but also from the adrenaline rush the attack had given him.

He didn't really wanted to admit it, but that had scared the shit out of him. He had been more worried about the life of his son than of his own though.

'What the hell was that? Some kind of Gekkei Kenkei?' Kakashi wondered.

Looking warily at the other man he slightly turned around and gathered all the tomes and documents, placing them back in the storage scroll of his son, though the action made his wounded arm throb, and some blood was probably spilled on the documents. He wasn't really worried about that at the moment, though.

What he was more worried about was the safety of his son. He needed to get his little boy out of here, before that man would wake up again and change back into that beast.

"We're getting out of here?" Kakashi said.

An ANBU appeared at that moment.

"My son isn't in any condition to continue. Besides, this wound needs to be treated." The white haired Jounin told him.

The ANBU looked them over, before eventually nodding in agreement and letting them trough. Kakashi sighed as he took his son's hand and made his way to the Hokage building. This needed to be reported…but how he hated hospitals. A simple bite wound as this would certainly be no problem for Tsunade to fix.