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Chapter 23

Akiyo was getting worried. After that incident with that man suddenly changing into a wolf his dad was sleeping less and eating less. He wasn't sure how long the elder Hatake could go on like this.

Right now he was making breakfast and he was going to make sure his father would eat all of it, even if he had to force the man to get it down.

Akiyo looked up from his work to see how late it was. He was almost done making the breakfast and his old man still wasn't downstairs. Normally his dad would walk in when he was only half finished. Akiyo shrugged. Maybe his father was catching up on lost sleep.

However he began to worry again when his dad still wasn't up yet and he had finished making breakfast half an hour ago. Leaving the kitchen Akiyo made his way to his father's bedroom. Walking inside he saw that the elder Hatake was still asleep.

Getting closer he noticed it wasn't a peaceful sleep. At that notice Akiyo ran the last bit towards the bed and checked up on his father. The other Hatake was sweating like an otter and felt warm to the touch. His breathing was labored and once in a while a shiver ran across his body.

Obviously his dad was having a fever. A serious one at that. Akiyo gently grabbed the arm, the wolf had bitten, and undid the bandages to check on the wound. He flinched at what met his sight. It didn't look that good. It looked outright bad.

The whole underarm was an angry red color and puss and ether had gathered at where the wolf's teeth had pierced the skin. Blood was also still seeping out, though not as profusely as before. Even with Tsunade's healing skills the wound wouldn't quite close up, but she had healed it as best as she was able to.

Speaking of the Hokage he better send a messenger to her to tell her about his dad's condition. With some quick hand seals he summoned forward one of his wolves. Answering his summon was Ran, one of the youngest of the pack.

"It's been awhile. What can I do for you?" Ran asked, surveying the situation.

It didn't take the wolf long to notice the obvious sick Hatake on the bed.

"I need you to get Tsunade, quick." Akiyo commanded.

Ran was already on his way, before the boy had uttered the last word. It didn't take that long, before the Slug Princess arrived and immediately went towards Kakashi to observe the wound and his condition.

"How long is he like this?" Tsunade asked, frustration clearly in her voice.

"I'm not sure. He was fine yesterday. Though he hasn't been sleeping much these past few days. When he didn't show up for breakfast I first thought he was catching up on lost sleep." The young Hatake shrugged.

"I see, as stubborn as ever." The blond woman muttered under her breath.

Tsunade then went to work. She first needed to break this fever. Hours went by without much progress. Kakashi's fever had gone down by only a little bit. Eventually Tsunade decided to move the elder Hatake to the hospital, so the nurses there could keep an eye on his condition.

With Kakashi being in the hospital Tsunade took drastic matters. This wasn't just a case of trying to get information in a friendly matter anymore. It was time to force the information out of their two captives.

Striding directly from the hospital towards the T&I headquarters the Hokage all but demanded Inoichi to start and use his mind jutsu's on the strangers. Inoichi agreed quite readily. It quite surprised Tsunade as normally the Jounin would be against invading innocent people's minds without a good reason for it. She guessed the good reason was the attack against Kakashi.

Not much later the man that had the ability to change into a wolf was chained down to a chair. The man looked at them with a pained expression, as if he regretted what had occurred.

"You don't suppose he isn't in control of that wolf form, do you Lady Hokage?" Inoichi asked.

"The only way to find out is to dig into his memories, but be careful. His wolf side might be a sentient being similar to a bijou. It might be able to attack you." Tsunade replied.

Inoichi nodded in understanding before turning towards his target and using his mind transferring technique. As he entered the man's mind there didn't seem to be any wolf in sight like he had expected. His surroundings were rather dark and depressing, though a light could be seen in the distance.

Letting the light guide him he walked towards it. What he saw as he reached the source of the light surprised him. It was the wolf locked down by pillars of a bright white light. The wolf was pacing inside the cage, trying at random intervals to break out of it. Every time it did though it was shocked like if by electricity.

"YOU…" the wolf bellowed as it noticed him. "Huh… I suppose you didn't come here to free me."

"I see at least you know how to speak with us. Unlike your host." Inoichi replied.

"Ha… That may be because we don't come from the same place." The wolf said.

It seemed rather patient to Inoichi. He wondered why that was.

"What do you know about your host? What's his purpose here?" Inoichi asked.

"Hmm? Not much actually. I wasn't really awake, not until he entered this place. I was so close to freedom as well, then I was locked down by these bars of light." The wolf snarled.

Seeing he wasn't getting much information from the wolf he started to make his way away from the cage. As soon as he did though the wolf got in a frenzy trying to get out of the cage.

"Oi, get me outta here." It growled.

Inoichi looked back at the wolf. As he observed the beast he noticed that the bars of light served two purposes. One was to keep the wolf locked down, the other was draining it from its energy as he tried to get out. It also shocked the beast in the process.

Inoichi turned around again and continued his search. He eventually came to the place where the man's memories where. He immediately set to work to sort through the memories in search of what he came here for. What he found out was quite shocking though.

After he got what he had come for he retreated from the man's mind.

"And?" came from the Lady Hokage as soon as he had returned from the mind scape.

"It was quite a lot to take in, but there is one thing we need to secure immediately." Inoichi stated in a serious tone.

"And what might that be?" Tsunade said, a little worried.

"Him changing into a wolf isn't like a Kekkei Genkei, more like a curse. One bite can curse a next person." Inoichi explained.

Tsunade cursed under her breath. "Kakashi." She hissed.

Inoichi nodded. "We need to secure him to be on the safe side. What I could understand of this curse is that it transforms the person into a wolf every full moon, but it seemed to work differently when they came here."

"I'll transfer him to a more secure place immediately, but I want a full report on your findings." Tsunade said.

"Understood, Hokage-sama." Inoichi replied.

Tsunade immediately made her way back to the hospital again to order the transfer.

"What's going on? Is dad going to be alright?" Akiyo asked as he noticed the ruckus.

Tsunade sighed then tried to explain the situation in the gentlest way she could.

Akiyo frowned. "If it is a curse we're dealing with wouldn't the white chakra have purified it?"

This time it was Tsunade herself who frowned. "I haven't really thought about that, but just in case I'll have your father transferred to a more isolated place."

"Can I still visit him?" Akiyo asked hopefully.

"I'm not sure that would be wise. If the curse is indeed in effect and he would transform into a mindless wolf I don't think your father wants you to be close to it." Tsunade reasoned.

Akiyo looked down at that. The Hokage then sighed and bend down to be on eye level with the boy.

Tilting up Akiyo's chin so he would look into her eyes she spoke; "Don't worry, if the Hatake's white chakra is indeed purifying that curse and nothing happens you can see him again. I just have to make sure there isn't any danger for you."

"He will get better, won't he?" Akiyo then asked.

Laughing lightly Tsunade answered. "I'll make sure of that. You don't have to worry."

Akiyo then made his way out of the hospital while Tsunade organized the transfer.

Dumbledore cursed as he and Arthur Weasley stumbled into the Order's headquarters. He had his hand pressing against the cut on his throat. It seemed that getting the boy back would be harder than he had expected.

What he had feared had also occurred. The boy had fallen completely out of his control. He wasn't quite sure if the boy would even fight for them anymore, but he couldn't give up now that he had finally found the boy.

"What happened?" asked Molly Weasley as she ran into the room they had landed in.

"It seems getting little Harry back won't be that easy." Dumbledore answered.

"You're bleeding." Molly said as she noticed the shallow cut as Dumbledore had taken away his hand.

"It's nothing to worry about." Dumbledore assured her.

"Where are Severus and Remus?" Minerva asked as she noticed their absence.

"We were forced to leave them behind." Albus replied.

"What would happen to them? Would they be ok? They won't be killed, will they?" Minerva asked concerned.

"As soon as I have come up with a better plan we'll get back. Hopefully they'll be fine until then." Dumbledore answered, but he wasn't really concerned about the two deserters. Not that anyone else had to know that.

Excusing himself Albus Dumbledore made his way back to his quarters at Hogwarts to think through his next course of action. He had been sure it would be easy to get the boy back today, but he hadn't anticipated being stopped from doing so.

That man had been so fast he had barely been able to follow his movements as he had put him in a lock down. He was quite sure a muggle wouldn't have the capabilities of such movements, nor was the man like any wizard he had ever seen.

What kind of power did that man possess? What had he gotten himself into? When he had took the boy after he had let the mother die he had thought the boy to be an orphan, but now it seemed the boy's father had been alive all of this time and living in a completely different dimension at that.

How had the boy managed to get to his father in the first place? That was still a question he couldn't answer. Was it maybe these unknown powers the people over there possessed? If that was so, the boy had just become even more valuable to him.

Grinning maniacally he went back to the task at hand. He had to find a way to separate the boy from his father. Only than would he have a reasonable chance to snatch the boy away. Afterwards he only had to find a way to make sure the boy would do what he had intended for him to do in the first place. The boy had to be the one to destroy Voldemort once and for all.

Though getting the boy to do that for them would be quite the task.

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