Hide and seek.

The story opens with 9 year old Jamie, 16 year old Joe, 19 year old Danny and 18 year old Erin sitting in the kitchen around the table the three of them helping Jamie with his homework whilst waiting for their parents Frank and Anne to return home after being out shopping for groceries.

Danny: come on Jamie this is easy! You know how to do it.

Jamie sat staring at his maths question '64X4-78=' he had been staring at it for the past five minutes not saying a word.

Joe: look remember we did this last time. Jamie, Jamie are you even listening to me?

Danny: JAMIE!

Danny shouted loud enough the whole neighbourhood could probably hear but it got Jamie's attention he turned to look at Danny innocently questioning him.

Jamie: yes Danny?

Danny: did you even listen to a word any of us said we were just trying to help you and you didn't even bother to pay attention!

Jamie: sorry I was just thinking about something. I can't do this anyway, to hard.

He said picking up his books and getting off the chair.

Joe: Jamie where do you think you is going?

Jamie: I was going to go and play with my Lego; you can come as well if you want.

Danny: No way kid, you come sit back here and do your homework or were going to be in trouble with ma' and dad.

Erin; since when have you cared about getting in trouble?

Danny: since mum and dad said they would buy me a car if I helped out and kept out of trouble so Jamie better get his arse back here now and do his homework or its my car at risk. So come on Jamie.

Danny, Erin and Joe were all looking at Jamie who gave out a loud puff.

Jamie: but I don't wanna do my homework now I want to play.

Danny: I don't care kid now come here and do it.

Jamie looked at his elder siblings then dropped his books on the floor and ran upstairs as quick as he could.

Danny: kid I'm going to give you to the count of 3 for you to have your arse down here or I will put it there myself and I wont be gentle.

Joe: come on Jamie were not playing hide and seek with you now.

Danny: 1.



Danny: that's it kid when I found you you're dead.

He hollers up the stairs then turns to Joe and Erin.

Danny: Right you guys come up with me I'll take Jamie's room, Joe you take mine and yours and Erin you take yours and ma and dads.

Joe: okay fine

Erin: lets go

All three of them walk up the stairs as quietly as they could to look for there little brother. They all went into the rooms Danny had specified them in search of Jamie.

Danny: Jamie I know you're in here!

He shouts walking around Jamie's room opening all the cupboards and wardrobes, he looked under Jamie's bed but couldn't find him anywhere. He walked back into the hall to find Joe and Erin standing there.

Erin: any luck?

Danny: no, where the hell is hell!?

Joe: I don't know but he's definitely upstairs.

Then they all turned around to behind them the airing cupboard, Jamie always hid in there whenever he was in trouble or just didn't want to talk. Danny put his finger to his lips and slowly opened the door and as he did they all saw a pair of small feet hanging out over the shelf, which belonged to a small body hidden under a towel, a body a lot like Jamie's.

Joe; Danny I just don't know where Jamie could have gone.

Erin: yeah Danny maybe we should go outside and look.

Danny: good idea Erin lets go.

All three of them imitate footsteps pretending to go downstairs then Danny slams his bedroom door shut to sound like the front door closing. Jamie moves, he turns around to get out of the cupboard but when he looks up to get out he sees his older siblings smiling down at him.

Danny: hello Jamie.

When Jamie tries to make a run for it he's stopped by Joe, who lifts him up and holds him upside down.

Joe: where you going Jamie?

Joe tips him the right way round and Jamie starts hitting him trying to get him to put him down so Joe starts tickling him. Jamie squeals uncontrollably then Danny joins in tickling his stomach and ribs, which make him squeal even more.

Danny: what's that Jamie you want to go do your homework? Oh okay then.

Joe carries Jamie down the stairs and sits him at the seat he was sitting on before. Danny picks up Jamie's books from the floor and gets his work open and Erin stands behind Jamie holding him around the waist so he can't run away again.

Danny: now Jamie what's the answer to the question?

Jamie: I don't know you work it out.

Joe: wow someone's getting a bit lippy, come on Jamie you know this I showed you how to do it the other week.

Jamie: it's a 178.

Erin: Hey there you go! That wasn't that hard was it?

Jamie: yes it was.

Just as Jamie finished Frank and Anne walked in the door. They walk in to the kitchen where their kids were.

Frank: hey you got Jamie to do his homework.

Danny: yeah eventually.

Anne: well done Jamie, here you go.

She rewarded him with a lollypop. His face lit up at the sight of it.

Jamie: thank you ma.

Jamie walked off happy as could be to go play with his Lego. Smirking at his siblings as he left.

Joe; he gets a lolly for doing his homework do you know how much effort we had to put in to make him even sit down and we get nothing.

Frank: you can have a lolly to if you want.

Joe; no I'm not 10 I don't want a lolly.