Sorry about not having the ages of the characters go in order but I needed certain ages for certain chapters. In this chapter Danny is 24, Erin 23, Joe21 and Jamie 14.

The girlfriend

Jamie walks through the door to his house after a day at school.

Jamie: I'm home mum

But it was a waste of breath because she's in the kitchen so already see's him. Jamie puts down his bag then looks up to see his older siblings sitting around the table talking whilst drinking beer and tea not together obviously Danny had beer whilst Joe and Erin had tea.

Jamie: what are you guys doing here?

Danny: lovely to see you to kid.

Erin; Believe it or not Jamie were still allowed to come home on the odd occasion.

Erin said sarcastically. Jamie sighs.

Jamie: mum you said they wouldn't be here today?

Anne: I'm sorry Jamie I didn't know they were going to be, but they all decided to stay for dinner today. They'll be fine I'll make sure they wont get in your way.

Erin; That's what you said on my 15th birthday and yet I had all three of these joining in when we were playing truth or dares.

Anne tips her said sideways slightly at Erin and smiles sympathetically, then goes back to peeling carrots.

Joe: whats so good about today anyway? Why didn't you want us here?

Anne: Jamie has a friend coming round later to study.

Joe: so what's the big deal we know most of your friends.

Anne: this ones a girl.

Danny: ooooooohhh Jamie has a girl friend! Jamie has a girl friend!

Jamie: shut up Danny she isn't my girlfriend she's just a friend and this is exactly why I didn't want you here!

Erin: Jamie I'll make sure they don't do anything.

She says looking at her two brothers, who smirk back at her.

Erin: What's her name?

Jamie: Jessica

Joe: aw Jessica and Jamie that's a couple made in heaven.

Jamie: yeah if only… I mean shut up Joe.

Erin: aww Jamie do you like her?

Jamie: yeah she's funny, smart and really pretty. She's perfect.

He says going red.

Danny: aw look at our little Jamie with his first crush.

Joe: You want her to be your girlfriend?

Jamie: yeah I think she likes me to aswell though so hopefully.

Anne: Jamie why don't you go and get changed before Jessica gets here

Jamie: okay.

He goes to walk upstairs when Danny laughs at him and says something.

Danny: look at you Jamie first girlfriend, going all red talking about her right little cutie aren't you.

He teases.

Jamie: At least I can get a girlfriend.

Jamie goes to walk out but is stopped by Danny who is quite a bit taller than him, Jamie only came up to his shoulders even with his waxed up. Danny grabs him and holds him in a headlock.

Danny: you might be able to get a girlfriend but I can still kick your arse any day.

Do you want me to embarrass you in front of Jessica? Because I will.

Danny says then still holding Jamie, he tickles him on the sides. Jamie squirms and laughs.

Jamie: Danny let go!

Danny lets go of him then smirks at him.

Danny: that will teach you kid.

Jamie just glares at him, Danny pokes him in the stomach causing Jamie to flinch. Then Danny laughs at him.

Jamie walks past Danny but stops to whisper something under his breath only loud enough for Danny and maybe Joe and Erin to hear.

Jamie: twat.

Danny: MUM did you hear what he just said to me your 14 year old son just swore at me.

Jamie: what? No I didn't Danny.

Anne: all of you stop arguing. Danny stop telling tales and Jamie go get changed.

Jamie walking out smirks at Danny.

Danny: I'm going to kill that kid.

There was a knock at the door, which must have been Jessica.

Jamie: mum will you answer that! Don't let anyone talk to her!

Anne was in the garden at the time so didn't hear the door or Jamie but Danny, Joe and Erin were still in the kitchen. Danny goes to answer the door.

Erin: Danny dont say anything.

He just turns around and grins at her.

Danny: hey, you must be Jessica? Jamie's just getting dressed he'll be down in a minute. I'm-

Jessica: I know who you are; Jamie talks about you a lot. You're Danny, you're Joe and you're Erin.

Danny: looks like you do know who we are, what sort of stuff has Jamie said about us?

Jessica: urrmm…I don't think I should say.

Joe: its okay, Jamie wont mind we tell each other everything….what has he said about us?

Jessica: well he said you push everyone around and that you think everyone's scared of you but really they just feel sorry for you. He also said you thought of your self as being really funny but actually your just quite stupid.

She said looking at Danny, whom's face turned to stone in rage; he tried to hide his anger so she didn't think she had done anything wrong by telling him.

Joe: what did he say about me?

Jessica: urrmm.. He said you were nice and always there for him and that sometimes you can be a bit like clingy with people and he thinks you cant really handle things by yourself.

Joe: hrrmm

He looks at Danny and they hold gazes then nod at each other.

Erin: do I want to know what he said about me?

Jessica: probably not.

Erin: fair enough.

Jamie finally walks down the stairs and into the kitchen where he see's his siblings talking to Jessica.

Jamie: hey Jess, shall we go up?

Jessica: yep.

She walks up the stairs first but before Jamie follows her up he looks at his siblings who seem to be staring at him weird.

Jamie: what's wrong with you guys?

Danny: well apparently I'm not funny just quite stupid.

Jamie goes to open his mouth but then gets ready to run upstairs but is stopped by Joe holding his arm.

Joe: and apparently I can't look after myself.

Joe and Danny walk slowly to Jamie backing him into the corner of the kitchen whilst Erin watches in amusement.

Jamie: guys I didn't mean any thing I said I was just joking.

Now present day Jamie is 24, Joe is 31, Erin is 33 and Danny 34.

Danny, Joe and Erin back Jamie up in to the corner of the dining room.

Jamie: why am I having da ja vu?

Joe: because this is what happened when you said stuff about us to you girlfriend when you were 14.

Jamie: oohhhh yeah I ended up with a broken arm after that but we've all grown up now yanno, Danny you have kids now, so do you Erin so theres no need to break my arm again is there I didn't even mean to talk about you in my speech it just came out.

Danny: oh were not going to break your arm.

Danny pushes Jamie against the cupboard then holds his arms out to either side, even after all this time Danny was still taller than Jamie so was Joe. With his arms held out Joe and Erin then tickled him under the arms, on his stomach, sides and ribs whilst Danny struggling to stand up squirms and laughs.

Jamie: Guys really? What the fuck get of me?

Danny: not this time kid your gonna pay the full price, Erin get the camera out and film this.

Jamie: no don't Erin I will kill you I will kill you all!
Joe: well I believe that is threatening a police officer sorry Mr Reagan but that's against the law.

Erin gets her camera and starts filming.