Hey, guys! I'm Dark Ash the Hedgehog, and I'm new on . I feel I should tell a little about myself instead of saying "This is my first fanfiction, don't judge, blah,blah,blah" and stuff like that. I write everything Sonic the Hedgehog. As of right now, I'm working on a Sonic High School Story, but I'm still perfecting it, so I hope you enjoy this story until then! Halloween's tomorrow, so I'm making a little Sonic Halloween story. I should also let you know that romance generally creeps into all my stories. I'm a writer, what can I say? Anyway enjoy the story!

A Sonic Howl-oween

Chapter 1

A blue blur speeds down the street. It speeds right past the house where a young fox is outside, decorating it. The fox sighs and yells "Sonic, you missed my house again!"

The blur speeds back and stops, revealing a blue hedgehog. "Sorry, Tails. But sometimes the fastest thing alive misses the turn to Albuquerque."

Tails snickers. "So Bugs Bunny is faster than you?"

"No-What?! No! Not in a million years!" Sonic fumed.

"Then stop trying to be smart and help me with the decorations. Halloween's tomorrow, and I want my party to be perfect."

"Maybe you should've called Silver or Shadow or anyone other than me." Sonic said sulkily. "I'm awful with decorations. Can't understand why."

Suddenly, Sonic hears a voice from behind him. "Maybe it's because you try to decorate too fast, Faker." Sonic sighs and turns to see a black hedgehog and a white hedgehog behind him. "Nice to see you too, Shadow. What's up Silver?"

"Nothing much. Just was gonna' help Tails with the decorations," the white hedgehog replied, "It helps when you're psychic."

"Alright guys, I'm leaving the rest of the outside decorations to you," Tails said, "The inside decorations are already finished, so now I'm going to pick up food and other supplies. Just finish the outside stuff and remember the party's tomorrow."

Sonic gives his best bud a thumbs-up. "We'll be there!"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Awhile later, the trio is almost finished decorating.

"Sonic, get your foot out of my face!"

"It's not my fault you keep Chaos-Controlling everywhere!"

"I don't have my gun right now, but I won't hesitate to shove you off this roof! Same goes for you, Silver!"

"Uhhh...Shadow, I can levitate..."

( It's been going on like this for awhile)

Suddenly silver puts in, "Hey guys, I think we're done." Sonic jumps up. "Really? Let's see it!" All three stand in front of Tails' house to see their work.

Shadow nods. "Looks pretty good."

Sonic turns. "Well, I'm outta here! Gotta' get my costume ready for tomorrow." "What are you going as anyway, Sonic?" inquired Silver. Sonic turns and tries to look ferocious. "A Werehog!"

Shadow cocks an eyebrow. "Not literally, I hope. We don't need another Sonic Unleashed incident."

"Relax, Shadow. It's a costume," Sonic reassured him. "What are you two going as?"

"Myself," replied Shadow simply.

"I'm not positive, yet," said Silver hesitantly, "But I might go as a mummy..."

"A Mummy?! Lame! Why would you go as a mummy?!" laughed Sonic. Silver doesn't respond. "Silver, just tel him. He's not going to let it go." Shadow put in. Silver blushes slightly. "OK...(sighs) I heard Amy say...Blaze was going as an Egyptian princess...or something..."

Sonic falls to the ground laughing. Shadow turns to Silver, who's blushing pretty hard now. Shadow asks nonchalantly, " Hey Silver, what's Amy planning to go as?"

At that, Sonic's ears perk up and his laughing stops. Silver puts a fake quizzical look on his face and scratches his chin. "Oh, yeah...Amy said she was going as a bride to a wedding!"

The color drains from Sonic's face. "OK, OK, I get it. I'll stop. Just stop kidding with me." But Shadow and Silver were already walking away. "Guys!" Sonic yells as he runs to catch up to them, "Guys! You were kidding right? Right!? Guys!?"

Not bad for someone new at this, huh? There will be a few chapters in this story. Beware: it's going to get creepy, dramatic, possibly romantic, and, to be honest with you, most likely graphic. And who doesn't like that stuff? Please read and review. Constructive criticism is accepted (that means have a reason to not like the story, don't just write "It sucks." I like to know how to improve my writing).