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Chapter 8

Sonic opened his eyes. His head hurt a lot, and his vision was blurry from the bright light. He sat up as the world came into focus. He was lying on a mat in Tails' living room. Looking around, he saw all of his friends lying on mats similar to his. Eggman was even there.

What the hell happened? he thought groggily.

Suddenly, he heard a voice. "Sonic, you're awake!"

Sonic turned to see Tails walking up to him. He looked awful. He had cuts all over, and looked like he hadn't got much sleep. And judging from how the others looked, Sonic figured he didn't look much better.

The living room itself was a mess, he realized. Windows were smashed in, broken furniture littered the floor, the couch and chairs had claw marks ripped into them...

Sonic froze. Claw marks?

It all came rushing back to Sonic. Everything.

He looked frantically from the others to Tails. "Are they all alright?! Shit, is anyone..."

Knuckles groaned and rolled over. "Someone turn out the sun," he grumbled.

The others seemed to be stirring, too.

Sonic breathed a sigh of relief. Cream, who had been on the mat beside Sonic's, said weakly, "I knew you could do it, Tails."

Tails blushed and smiled, and Sonic grinned. But that grin disappeared as he remembered something.

"Wait, what about-"

Before Sonic had a chance to finish, Silver's eyes shot open and finished the sentence for him. "Blaze!"

Silver looked frantically around, and upon seeing Blaze on the mat to his right, crawled weakly to her side. His head spun from the effort, but he didn't care.

Blaze hadn't moved. Silver took her hand gingerly in his, remembering what had happened last night. The bite...the hearts...the gunshot...

Tears found their way into his eyes. "Blaze..." It was all he could muster without breaking down completely. He shut his eyes and squeezed her hand.


Silver opened his eyes to see Blaze staring up at him with half-open eyes. She propped herself up on one arm. She looked puzzled at why he was leaning over her, and blushed slightly as she realized how close their faces were.

Her eyes snapped open as the previous night's events returned to her. Particularly...

Silver didn't know what to think. His first thought was Oh my god, she's alive! But his second thought was Does she remember...

They both blushed as they looked into each other's eyes, knowing without a doubt the other remembered what happened last night.

Silver, never breaking eye-contact, let some aura flow around his hand into a heart outline.

Blaze, still holding the gaze, brought her hand off the ground and let a small flame burn into the outline of a heart in her hand.

Silver gave a small smile.

Blaze didn't.

Instead, she leaned forward and kissed him.

Silver was caught slightly off guard, but the surprise subsided and his eyes closed as he kissed her back.

Shadow was stirring. He had been laying on the mat to Silver's left. As he sat up slowly, he became aware of what was going on beside him. He closed his eyes and gave a satisfied smile. Sonic owes me so much money...

Sonic groaned. I owe Shadow so much money...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sonic picked up one of the last few wooden boards littering Tails' house. "We really destroyed the place, huh buddy?" he said jokingly.

Tails gave him a look. "You're lucky I have good insurance, because I heard you were broke from losing that bet to Shadow."

He gave a small glance over his left shoulder. Blaze was struggling to carry a trash bag that Knuckles had packed too full. Suddenly, the bag floated from her shoulder. She spun around to see Silver, a few splintered planks under one arm, extending his other hand out to the levitating bag. "You looked like you could use a hand," he said with a smile.

Sonic sighed. "Stop reminding me," he muttered.

Knuckles walked past, carrying two trash bags over each shoulder. Rouge flew about, dusting the room, and somehow managing to sprinkle dust all over Knuckles. Several times.

Cream picked a chair off the ground and set it back upright. Tails caught her eye, and she smiled sweetly at him.

"I think I'll go help set chairs back up," Tails said absentmindedly, not taking his eyes off Cream.

Sonic followed his line of sight and winked at Tails. "You go ahead and do that."

As Tails walked off, Sonic heard a familiar voice. "Hi, Sonic!"

Sonic involuntarily flinched, because he knew what comes next.

He quickly got a lungful of air before Amy pulled him into a loving (yet suffocating) hug.

Sonic smiled and winced. "Hey, Amy."

She let go of him and and took on a serious tone. "You bit me last night," she said flatly.

Sonic sweatdropped and nervously ran his hand through his quills. "Yeah...about that..."

"Do you still love me?" Amy asked.

Sonic was caught a bit off-guard by this question. "Of course I do, Ames."

Suddenly, Amy's normal, bubbly smile returned. "Do you mind proving it again?"

Sonic looked defeated. He briefly wondered how women didn't rule the world.

But before Sonic had a chance to move, he heard a chorus of laughing. He and Amy turned to see everyone else hutched over a laptop Shadow was holding. All of them, even Shadow was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Sonic asked, zipping over to the laptop.

"Check out my background," Shadow replied.

Sonic looked, and Amy looked over his shoulder. The background was just plain black.

Sonic cocked an eyebrow at his friends. "OK..."

As he and Amy walked off, Shadow clicked on the tab at the bottom of the screen that he'd minimized before Sonic had rushed over.

It was the YouTube homepage. The second video down read: YouTube featured video: Sonic KISSED Amy! Views: 15,672

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