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Note: Hien is a pretty boy. A very pretty boy. That's what I think. No ship. I hate Hien with anyone


She looked at the boy staring at the river fascinated at him. Hien the extremely feminine looking boy in their team is so pretty.

He's so beautiful, even more beautiful than her sisters and her.

That long soft raven black hair trailing down his shoulders... She wanted to touch it so much...

She reached for his locks wanting to touch it so much...

The boy turned to her "Sai Pooh?"

She backed off "S-sorry Hien..." she said.

"What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to feel your hair..."

Hien stared at her not replying his big blue eyes widening.

The boy is just like a girl with that beautiful hair, round blue eyes with long eyelashes, borderline anaemic pale skin and that body!

Sai wished she was that beautiful even though her sisters insist she is pretty enough to get any boy she wants.

If she were so pretty she could have seduced that stupid ninja hero easily but alas.

She wonders why he isn't attracted to Hien either though.

Hien looked at her as she runs a finger on his bangs curious.

"So soft..." she said "You really are cute."

Hien grumbled to himself about how all the boys hit on him.

Sai Pooh looked at him. Even if he did have short hair he would still look really delicated and pretty, underneath that shirt which made him look like he has massive shoulders, his shoulders aren't as well developed as his rival.

It didn't hide the fact his waist is pretty small and he has wide feminine hips with a nice soft butt though.

The boy looked at her "You really wish you look more like me?" he said.


"If so I wish so. I want to look like a real man like him." He giggled nervously thinking about his rival.

Sai Pooh smiled at the boy, maybe he should be born a girl instead. It's so out of place that the only thing male out of him is the fact he's male...

She turned away from him thinking about how that pretty face might get tarnished horribly by 'his' blade. Even then he might still be more achingly beautiful than her sisters than her.

The end