Title: Not Your Typical Fairy-tale

Pairing: Caroline x Klaus (will also include a little Anna x Jeremy, and Matt x Rebekah)

Rating: T, just in case

Summary: Caroline Forbes comes from a very poor family. So, when they hear news that the Prince, Klaus Mikaelson, is looking for a wife, they tell Caroline that she has to go. Of course, she doesn't think she will get chosen, until she catches the Prince's eye. But can she live with being the wife of a monster? AU: set in the year 1594

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New story, eh? Well, welcome, I guess! Weather you've read one of my fanfics before, or not, I welcome you all! And . . . yeah. I've been wanting to write an AU story for quite a while now, but couldn't come up with any ideas, and then . . . this hit me! Who knows how long this story will last, but I hope you will all be happy to follow me on this little journey!




England, 1594

Caroline Forbes walked through her town quietly, clutching a wicker basket full of flowers. She had gathered them for her mother. She knew she had been in a foul mood recently, and wanted to try and cheer her up. She knew what it was about, of course, but her mother did not like Caroline to worry about such things. They were running out of money, quite fast actually, and pretty soon, she was sure, they would be taken out of their home. She often wished that she could help, but she knew that there was nothing a girl of only seventeen could do. Even if she were to try and trade something, food, clothes, medicines, it would not be enough.

Her long, blonde hair was held behind her ear by one of the flowers which she had collected, and it framed her face perfectly. She was very beautiful for a girl of seventeen, with sparkling green eyes, and thin, pink lips. She had the slightest hint of freckles, which came out more in the sun, and dark, thick eyelashes. Her skin was quite pale, but she always had a flush of pink in her cheeks. All the boys in the village thought she was beautiful too, but they did not pay her much attention, for she was poor, and preferred to be alone. And although she was, by far, one of the prettiest girls in her village, Caroline herself did not see it at all.

She was wearing a long sleeved, fitted blue dress, with a darker cloak over her shoulders, to keep her warm. She had a belt hanging loosely around her hips, which held a few coins, for necessities such as food or clothes. And around her wrist, was a bracelet. It was made of intertwined sting, and had a wooden charm on it, in the shape of a bird. She knew it wasn't the most attractive pieces of jewellery, but it meant a lot to her, all the same. It was from her friend, Tyler Lockwood, who had once lived in the village. Absentmindedly, she twirled the charm in her fingers.

Tyler had carved the charm for her himself, and made the bracelet. He'd chosen a bird because he said it reminded him of Caroline, and how she'd always wanted to be free. It had taken him quite a while, and he had given it to her for her fifteenth birthday. Back then, they had been best friends, and sometimes, Caroline thought, even more. Though they'd never talked about their relationship, Caroline had known they were much more than just friends, and much more than best friends as well. Still, neither of them had ever felt the need to talk about it, and so they just . . . hadn't. But, a few months after Caroline's birthday, he disappeared. And no one knew what had happened to him. There were rumours of course, such as he'd been killed, or attacked. Some people even thought he'd been kidnapped. But Caroline didn't believe any of those stories.

As Caroline walked through the village, she could hear people talking in whispers, harmless gossip, she assumed. She carried on walking, ignoring it, until a few words caught her interest. She stopped, and began to walk towards two women that she could hear. They were outside a stall, and Caroline walked over, pretending to be interested in the items, whilst she listened to the two women.

"Prince Niklaus . . . "

"Tomorrow . . . "

"The Mikaelsons . . . . "

"Vampires . . . "

The Mikaelsons. Everybody knew of them, they were the royal family. Mikael and Esther Mikealson were the king and queen, and they had five children, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Finn, and of course, Niklaus. Caroline's village knew much more of them, of course, because the castle was only a few miles down the road. They were the closest village to the castle for miles, which was why they knew the horrible truth about the royal family. They were vampires. The other villages had their suspicions, of course, since the Mikaelsons had ruled now for over one hundred years. And everyone knew that they were immortal. But only Caroline's village knew of the evil that looked over their country. Vampires. They fed on blood. Human blood. They were monsters.

And especially Prince Niklaus. He was most famous for being the most evil out of all of them. He killed without mercy, and used terribly gruesome forms of torture on anyone that disobeyed him. Though there weren't many that would dare. He had a vicious temper, and treated people of Caroline's stature as nothing more than food. Niklaus Mikaelson was a name that could strike fear into the hearts of even the strongest of men.

Caroline had only caught sight of him once, when she was a young girl, and that moment would stay with her forever.

He came down into the village one day, on the day that the youngest Mikaelson, Henrik, died. The whole village had hidden in their homes, but Caroline sneaked out, wanting to see this monster that her parents referred to. And she had seen him. He walked down through the village, as if he owned it, which he probably did. He had his arms crossed, and he kicked the ground absentmindedly. Caroline thought, when she saw him, that she had never seen a man so beautiful. Had she known his true nature then, she probably would not have done what she did.

"I am sorry for your loss, my Lord." she had whispered, walking towards the vampire. He looked astounded. Probably because no one of her age or upbringing would have dared to speak to him before. She thought she saw him smile slightly, before speeding over to her in a blur. And for a moment, with him so close, she began to feel afraid.

"You should be afraid of me," the Prince had said, as if he had read her thoughts. He crouched down in front of her, and Caroline thought she could see tears in his eyes. "Why aren't you afraid?"

"Do . . . " Caroline muttered, "Do I have reason to be, my Lord?"

Niklaus seemed lost for words. "I . . . You should go home. It's not safe for a girl of your age to be out here with one such as myself."

"But you are sad, my Lord. I do not like to see people sad." Caroline replied, as her fear started to waver, and her natural stubbornness took its place.

"I said GO!" Caroline watched in horror, as the Prince's charming features began to change. His eyes became red and bloodshot, and the veins around them began to appear. And his teeth . . . they lengthened, and became sharp, becoming fangs, like that of a wolf. She found it hard to believe that someone who had been so beautiful only moments ago, could become a monster, a beast, so quickly. And before she could utter another word, he was gone.

Caroline shook her head. She couldn't believe she'd been so stupid. The man was a monster, nothing more, and she'd stood there, wanting to comfort him? He had no humanity left, he could not feel. But sadly, that was her weakness, she always wanted to see the best in people. She knew better now though, at least when it came to the Mikaelsons. Trying to forget about the memory, she set her mind back to concentrating on what the women were saying. But sadly, they had switched to another topic. As usual, however, Caroline's curiosity got the better of her, and before she could stop herself, she tapped one of the women on the shoulder.

"Um . . . excuse me," She asked, putting on one of her best smiles, as the woman turned to face her. "I couldn't help but overhear you talking before, about Prince Niklaus, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what exactly is going on?"

The woman looked quite old, and she smiled at Caroline dryly, as if she pitied her. "My dear, if you do not know already, then this will be quite unfortunate news for you . . . Prince Niklaus is looking for a wife. And tomorrow, all the girls in the village are to go to the village circle to meet him. Any girls that catch his eye are to be taken the castle, where he will eventually pick a wife."

Caroline walked home in a daze. She couldn't believe it. Tomorrow, after almost nine years, she would see Prince Niklaus, and he would be sizing her up, like a piece of meat. She couldn't even bare to think of what might happen if he chose her. If she had to go and live with that . . . monster, and then, to be married to him? It disgusted her to even think of it. But then, why would he choose her anyway? She was nothing special, and she definitely wasn't princess material. Caroline even doubted he would choose a girl from the village, from the way that they were treated. The Mikaelsons thought of the villagers as dirt, or food, nothing more.

If Niklaus were to choose anyone, it would probably be Lady Katerina, who was a very rich woman that lived in London. She was also, a very beautiful woman, with tanned, olive skin, which she got from lots of travelling to other countries, and long, curly brunette hair. Caroline had never seen Lady Katerina in person, but she had seen portraits and heard stories. No, the only person of any kind of royal upbringing she had ever met was Niklaus, and that had not exactly been a pleasant experience.

As she reached her front door, she opened it slowly, and placed the basket on a nearby windowsill. She called out for her mother, and sat down on the wooden chair by the door. She breathed shallow breaths, and tried to calm herself down.

"Caroline? What is it?" Her mother asked, as she ran to Caroline's side, and knelt in front of her, feeling her forehead. Elizabeth Forbes was not an unattractive woman herself, but the strain of trying to feed her two daughters, continue to pay for their house, and keeping her husband happy was now beginning to show. She had great bags under her eyes from lost sleep, and she was looking a lot thinner these past months. She had kind, brown eyes, and a warm, inviting smile. Her hair was quite long, but she kept it tied in a braid. She was a very selfless woman, who spent far too much time worrying about others. and less than she should about herself.

"Prince Niklaus, he's . . . he's looking for a wife. All the girls in the village have to go tomorrow, and whoever he likes . . . he can take." Caroline whispered, feeling tears brim in her eyes. It felt like her whole life was ending, and she didn't even know if he'd choose her yet. But even if he didn't, tomorrow, some poor girls life was going to be ruined, as she was taken from her home by a vampire, and made to spend the rest of her life with him. And then, Caroline was hit with the most frightening thought of all . . . if Prince Niklaus intended to truly marry this girl, that surely meant that he would turn her into a vampire as well. And she would have to spend her entire existence, not only with a monster, but as one, as well. And that, surely, was the most terrible part of it all.

Elizabeth just simply took her daughter into her arms, and let her cry, whilst stroking her hair. No matter how old Caroline got, there was nothing that would give her more strength, than the comfort of her mother's arms. "Don't worry, darling," She whispered into her hair, "We'll sort this all out when your father gets home."

That night, at the dinner table, it was all very quiet. Everyone knew what subject they were avoiding, but no one wanted to bring it up. It was the talk of the village by then, so there was not a single person that didn't know. And yet, the Forbes' continued to sit in silence, because they felt it was far better than facing the truth; that tomorrow, they might have to lose one of their daughters to a monster, for the rest of her life. Caroline took the opportunity to truly look at her family, for what might be the last time she saw them.

Her father, Bill Forbes, sat at the head of the table, with a stern look on his face. Caroline did not have as warm a relationship with her father as she did with her mother. He was quite set in his ways, and just as stubborn as Caroline herself. They had quite conflicting tempers, as he did not find Caroline to be the lady that he had "raised her to be". He was very controlling when it came to his eldest daughter, and had never approved of her friendship with Tyler, telling her that it was improper, and that she should "set her sights higher". That had led to many arguments, Caroline always telling him that, in their situation, they were in no position to be prejudiced. After all, Tyler's family were only as poor as them, or, had been.

Her mother sat beside her, looking down at her plate. She was often quite quiet in the presence of her husband, and sometimes Caroline wondered whether she feared him. Despite this, Caroline's mother was one of the strongest, kindest women Caroline had ever met. And she often hoped she could be more like her. Where Elizabeth Forbes was forgiving and patient, Caroline was stubborn, and short tempered. She had always been quite head-strong, which was why her father did not think her to be a proper lady. "Proper ladies" were supposed to obey their fathers, and then, later in life, their husbands. But somehow, Caroline could never quite live up to those expectations.

And then, across the table, was Caroline's little sister, Alice Forbes. She was only ten years old, and very pretty. She had long, white-blonde hair, which was braided with some of the flowers that Caroline had brought home. She had bright, blue eyes, and was very thin, but not worryingly. She was always very cheery and always smiling, as she was at the moment. She was eating her food quietly, but she kept looking over at Caroline and smiling widely. Caroline had always admired her little sister. She just walked around with her head in the clouds, always in her own little world, and was always so . . . young, and free. Not at all what Caroline had been like at her age. Caroline's life when she was ten years old was full of fear. After her meeting with Niklaus, she constantly worried that he would come back, and maybe even kill her this time. Suddenly, Alice spoke up.

"So, Caroline," Alice began, in her sing-song voice, obviously eager to ask something. "What will you do if Klaus picks you tomorrow?" Elizabeth gasped in shock, and dropped her spoon loudly.

"Alice!" She cried, and the youngest girl looked down at the table, before smiling again, and turning back to Caroline.

"Sorry . . . What will you do if Prince Niklaus picks you?" Alice asked again, and Caroline almost smiled back at her. She knew what it must seem like to Alice. It seemed like some big, romantic fairy-tale, where the Prince was going to come along, take her to his castle, and they would fall madly in love and get married. Forgetting all about the part where the Prince was a murderous monster constantly craving the blood of innocent human beings. Caroline had to admit though, had the situation been different, if it had been another Prince, or a Lord, perhaps, it would be extremely exciting and romantic. But sadly, that was not the case. How naive her little sister was.

"I supposed I will go with him," Caroline replied, looking down at her soup, and trying not to cry in front of her father. "It's not like I have any other choice," she muttered darkly.

"Caroline," her father interrupted, and put down his spoon also. For a moment, Caroline thought they were going to have one of their very rare heart-to-hearts, but that moment was short lived. "Think of what this could do for us, sweetheart. Of the fortune, and the money it could bring us!" Caroline looked up, shocked. His eldest daughter could, tomorrow, be sent to live with a murderer for the rest of her life, and all he could think of was the money? She was about to protest, but she could already see the greed in his eyes. And he wasn't wrong. If she did go to live with Klaus, her family would get an awful lot of money. Enough to even buy a new house, forgetting about paying for the current one.

All the same, her father could show a little compassion. A little encouragement couldn't hurt. But her father never really was one for showing emotions, and Caroline preferred it that way. It would make it at least a little bit easier for her tomorrow. If she did get chosen by Niklaus, the last thing she would want would be to see her father in tears. It would make the leaving easier, too. Although, it still wouldn't change the fact that she would never see her family again.

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