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Caroline walked out of the passageway in a daze, and down the hallway. She couldn't believe she'd been so stupid. First of all, to think that Klaus could even be a good man in the first place. He was a monster, and she should never have forgotten that. He'd as good as proved it just then. Caroline had never been treated like that, by anyone, and she had also never been more afraid in her life. She'd thought Klaus was different, that he could be changed. And, for one fraction of a second, she'd actually thought that she had feelings for him. How foolish she had been.

All the same, she still couldn't bring herself to hate him. That's what made it even worse. She was angry at him for being violent with her, and for yelling, of course, but she still didn't hate him. And that was the worst part of it all. It was sick, she knew it was. She should hate him. He was a murderous killer, and he deserved every bit of her hatred, but yet, she still couldn't quite manage it. So she was angry at him, and not just for what he had done, but for the fact that she couldn't hate him. Because she wanted to. She wanted to hate him, to turn away, and say that she would never forgive him. But she couldn't. And it made her want to cry.

But she couldn't bring herself to cry either. She just felt . . . anger. And nothing else. She didn't feel sadness, she didn't even feel scared any more, she just felt pure, uncontrollable anger. Not just at Klaus. At her parents, for letting her be taken. At the women back in the village, who'd been the first to tell her of the whole situation in the first place. At Tyler, for leaving her so many years ago. At the King and Queen, for letting Klaus pick her in the first place. But most off all, Caroline was angry at herself.

She was angry that she'd let Klaus get under her skin, let him affect her the way he had. She was angry that she'd even agreed to stay at the castle in the first place, and that she'd allowed herself to fall asleep in Klaus' arms. Those arms, that had killed so many people, snapped their necks, or plucked out their hearts. And let him hold her with his hands. Hands that had the blood of thousands on them. And she'd let him touch her with those hands. And she was angry that she'd liked it. She was angry that she'd felt safe with him. She was angry that she'd let him buy her the dress she was wearing, and she was angry that she'd agreed to wear it. She was just . . . angry.

So she continued to wander the hallways, not wanting to go back to the ball. She didn't want to go back to that room, full of false smiles, and judging glances. She didn't want to go back to a room full of people that she didn't even know. Because she didn't really know anyone in the castle. The only two friends that she had, were Anna and Elena, everybody else just looked down at her. She was in a castle full or strangers, and she just wanted to go home. She wanted to go back to her quiet little village life. Wandering the fields, looking for flowers, and herbs, and coming back to the house in the evening, telling Alice tales of beautiful princesses, saved by handsome princes. She missed her family so much, even her father. And no matter how angry she was at Bill and Elizabeth for letting Klaus take her, she wanted nothing more than to be in their arms, telling her it was all going to be alright.

She made it to a turning, and practically ran into the corner. She slid down the wall slowly, and sat on the cold, hard floor. She was quite far away from the ball by now, she would even make a guess that she was on completely the other side of the castle. The castle itself was quite big, so she doubted she'd be disturbed. She brought her knees up to under her chin, and put her head in her hands. Even now, she still couldn't cry. So she just let her body shake and tremble with the anger that had overtaken her.

She didn't know how long she sat there, but she knew it was long enough. Nobody came, so clearly no one was missing her at the ball. Klaus hadn't even come to find her, which Caroline was entirely not surprised by. He had much bigger things on his mind at that precise moment, than simple apologies. Caroline shook her head. Even now, after the way he'd treated her, she was still trying to defend him.

What was wrong with her? She'd always been so sure of herself before, always known exactly what she'd wanted. Her mind had been so clear, her future so . . . obvious. But ever since she'd arrived at the castle, everything had become so . . . confusing. One minute she liked Klaus, then she hated him again, then she almost let herself love him, and wanted to save his life, and now . . . she didn't know what she was feeling.

Caroline's thoughts were interrupted, as she heard shoes come clicking down the corridor, coming towards her. For a moment, she was ready to run, as she thought it would be Klaus, or another one of the Originals, or possibly even Katherine. But then, what would be the point? If they wanted to get to her, they could run a thousand times as fast, it would be completely pointless to try and run. So she sat there pathetically, on the floor. And for the first time, Caroline felt weak.

She just didn't see the point in trying any more. What was the point in trying hide how she felt? She hated living in the castle, she hated the situation she was in, and she was miserable. A few days ago, she could have convinced people that she was fine, because she thought she had been. She really had thought that she was alright, and that she was almost happy. But she hadn't been, not really. She just wanted . . . . she wasn't even sure what she wanted. She didn't want it to be Klaus coming round the corner, but then, she didn't want it to be anyone else.

As she saw a dark-grey skirt appear from round the corner, Caroline felt her heart sink, if only a little. Because, if she was being honest with herself, she did want Klaus to come and apologize. She wanted him to come running down the hallways, shouting her name. She wanted him to take her in his arms, and tell her it would never happen again. But it wasn't him, and he wasn't coming to apologize. Caroline doubted he would even bother.

The woman that appeared around the corner was someone that Caroline had never seen before, but, from Anna's descriptions, she could have a pretty good guess. The woman was dressed in servant's clothes, just the same as Anna's, and had beautiful red-blonde hair, pulled back into a tight bun. Jenna. As soon as she saw Caroline, her eyes filled with concern and surprise, but Jenna still walked towards Caroline cautiously.

"Are you alright, Miss Forbes?" Jenna asked, taking a few more steps, until she was stood right in front of Caroline. She knelt down, and placed her hand gently on the younger girl's knee. Caroline looked into the kind woman's bright eyes, and, without warning, burst into tears. She just couldn't pretend not to care anymore, it was killing her. She cared, of course she did, she was human, something that the other people occupying the castle obviously couldn't understand. It hurt. It hurt that she cared. Because she shouldn't. Klaus had done exactly what she'd expected in the beginning. She shouldn't have been shocked or bothered by it, but she was.

Jenna shook her head, and moved to sit next to the blonde girl. She put her arm around Caroline, and brought her into a warm hug. Caroline cried into the older woman's shoulder, and let the servant girl stroke her hair and make comforting noises. It wasn't the same as her mother comforting her, but it still helped. And so Caroline let the servant girl comfort her for a little while longer, and after that they talked. Whilst everyone else enjoyed the ball, Caroline and Jenna sat in the hallway, as Caroline explained what had happened. Leaving out Katherine's plan, of course. She wasn't that stupid.

In the late hours of the night, when all of the guests had gone, and the castle was quiet once more, Jenna Sommers made her way up to the chambers of her Master. She was feeling anxious as she did so, knowing already from Caroline that Niklaus was in a foul mood. She made her way up the steps to his chambers slowly, as she knew she still had to report to him, every night, to make a final check that he didn't want anything. Then she could be dismissed, and go back to her room. All she had to do was ask him if he wanted anything, and then quickly go away before he did something he would probably regret. Niklaus was known particularly for all of the things that he did when he was in one of his "moods".

Jenna gathered up all her courage, as she made it to the last step. She took a deep breath, and knocked twice, before opening the door. The door was old, and wooden, and the hinges squeaked slightly. She pushed it open, and took a step into the room. As soon as she did, Jenna was quite sure that her heart stopped for a second, and her blood ran cold. The room was torn to pieces. There were parts of chairs and tables everywhere, and the sheets and pillows from his bed were torn up in piles. The curtains had been ripped from his bed, and were now lying in a pile in the corner. On fire. The room would be covered in smoke, if most of it wasn't escaping out of the broken window.

She knew she should have run right then, but it was too late, Niklaus had already spotted her. He turned to her, with menacing eyes, and Jenna was rooted to the spot. She couldn't run, she couldn't even move. There was something about the fury and pure rage in his eyes that kept her there. She had never seen Niklaus like this before, ever. She'd seen him angry, yes. She'd seen him throw things, or break a window, but this, this was so much worse.

But she still couldn't run, so she simply watched, in horror, as he moved closer. He moved so close that Jenna could smell him. He smelled like burning wood. Like chaos, and destruction. And she knew what he was going to do. She'd known it as soon as she opened the door. And she was as sure of it as her own name. Niklaus was going to kill her.

Klaus took one step closer, until he could stand it no more. He could smell her blood, calling to him. And he wanted it. He wanted it so badly. His hands were twitching, and he could feel his face transform into that of a monster's. His fangs came out, and he reached up, and stroked the servant's face gently. She was quite pretty, it really was a shame to waste her. But the craving, her blood . . . it was, so tempting.

He pulled her hair back to reveal her pale neck. He could practically see the blood, just pumping it's way through her veins. He tried to locate the best artery to puncture. He wanted to get as much out of her as possible. He wanted to drain her. To just suck all of the life out of her. And then he wanted to walk away, and leave her there for dead. Just. Because. He. Could. He wanted to kill her.

And before he could even think twice about it, he sunk his teeth into the pale flesh of Jenna's neck.

And it was glorious. It was wonderful. Klaus had almost forgotten how good feeding for the kill could feel. Because, for those few, precious minutes, you held their life in your hands, and you could taste it. All that life, just, coursing through you. You could hear their heart stop, and feel their tears slide down their horrified faces. The servant girl's blood filled his mouth, and he wanted to savour every minute of it.

She didn't scream, though. Not like the others. She was strong. Though she still didn't try to fight back. She knew it was pointless. She was smart too, then. That, somehow, made it even better. The feeling that came from killing, it was even better when you knew you'd truly taken something from the world. That you'd taken something - someone, that mattered. You'd pulled them out of their life, and taken them out of the world entirely. And the feeling of power that came from that . . . it was indescribable.

As the girl began to grow limp in his arms, he dug his teeth further into her neck, making sure he got every, last, drop. He hadn't fed in so long, he'd forgotten it could taste that good. He'd forgotten the rush of adrenaline it gave him, to watch their eyelids flutter closed, and the last breath leave their trembling lips. He dropped the girl to the floor, and watched as she hit his floorboards, her red-blonde hair splayed around her head. He found it almost poetic, the way a body looked, after death. The way that her hand lay, un-moving, across her stomach. The way that her mouth was still open in a gasp of horror. It was a tragically beautiful sight.

Klaus brought his hand up to his mouth, and wiped the blood away, but only managed to smear it across his face. He wouldn't have minded, if it wasn't for the young blonde standing in the doorway, tears streaming down her face.


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