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Caroline woke up with a start, her eyes wide in confusion. She sat up quickly, and glanced around the room that she had woken up in. It only took her a few seconds to figure out where she was. She was in her room, in the Mikaelsons' castle. She looked down at her clothes, and remembered the long, white nightgown that she had found, laid out on the bed. In the end, she had not had to specifically ask for her own room, it was given to her, as there was still three other girls that Niklaus had to "choose" from. And although she was pretty much stuck in an unfamiliar place, she had to admit her new bedroom was quite beautiful, at least compared to her room at home.

The walls all the way around the room were paneled with old wood, and there was a big window to her left which brought the gentle, morning light in. Her bed was also made of old wood, and was a four-poster, with red drape curtains for privacy, should she ever need it. Beside her bed, there was a neatly carved table, with vines and flower carvings all along the edges. In front of her, at the wall in front of the bed, was an old bookshelf, with glass doors. It was filled with plenty of books, which made Caroline happy, because she had never really had the opportunity to read at home. She doubted there was really anything of interest all the same, probably just history books, but it was nice to have the chance.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and hopped out, ready to start her day. She had no idea what time it was, but she supposed it did not really matter. After all, what could she possibly be late for anyway? She made her way towards the wardrobe, wondering what it might hold. She had placed the dress she had been wearing yesterday in there, and had seen the other dresses, but had been too tired at that point to have a real look. As she opened just one of the doors, she gasped.

There were thousands of dresses in there. There were dresses of all different colours, sizes, styles, all for different occasions. She had never owned such riches in her life, and all of her dresses at home could not compare. The dresses were even placed in order of their purposes. She had her day dresses on one shelf, plain work dresses, should she ever want to do something that would involve getting her hands dirty, and dresses that were for balls and parties such as Caroline had never imagined herself ever attending. Before she could decide what to do with herself, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" she cried without hesitation, not in the slightest bit embarrassed about being in her nightwear. She turned towards the door, and saw a small, timid servant girl appear. She was dressed in the traditional servant wear, a long, grey dress, with a white collar, and a white apron and hat. On anyone else, the servant attire looked entirely unflattering, but it just seemed to draw more attention to this particular girl's beauty. She had long, black hair that flowed down her back in gentle waves, and bright, brown eyes. She also had particularly pink lips, and long, thick eyelashes. Caroline also noticed that she had a light blush on her cheeks, and then she remembered, she was still wearing her nightwear. How very unladylike of me! Caroline thought to herself sarcastically.

"Oh, forgive me, Miss . . . you are not dressed . . . I shall come back later . . . " the girl muttered, keeping her eyes on the floor. Caroline suddenly thought very sorry for the girl. She was so used to having to obey the every command of complete . . . monsters, all her life, that she didn't know anything other than their cruelty.

"No, no. It's fine," Caroline began, causing the girl to look up. Obviously she had been expecting to be shouted at, which made no sense to Caroline herself. Why would she have shouted at her, if she had been the one to tell her to come in in the first place? She shook the thought from her head, and suddenly, an idea hit her. "In fact . . . could you possibly help me? See, the thing is . . .I don't really know what to wear, I've never worn such beautiful dresses and . . . I wouldn't even know how to put one of them on!" Caroline was now blushing herself, and both her and the girl began to laugh. Caroline could tell that the other girl was becoming increasingly more comfortable with her.

"Of course, Miss." the girl replied, walking slowly over to the wardrobe, which was still open. Caroline could see her eyes open in amazement, as she caught sight of all the dresses. And she suddenly realized, she didn't even know the girl's name.

"Forgive me, um . . . what is your name?"

"Anna, Miss." she replied, and turned to smile brightly at Caroline.

"Well, very nice to meet you, Anna," Caroline smiled back. She felt she had a lot in common with Anna. They had both been brought to the castle, she supposed, unwillingly. And they were probably even from the same village, though Caroline didn't recognize her at all. She had never really spoken to anyone in her old village, she didn't think it necessary. She had preferred just to keep to herself. Obviously, Tyler had been the exception, but he was gone. This was an opportunity though, when Caroline thought about it, for a new start. Even if the only people that she got along with were the servants, what did it matter? She was practically the same as them anyway. Caroline laughed, "Now, shall we get started?"

About forty minutes later, Anna and Caroline had managed to pick out a dress that suited her perfectly. Anna stood behind Caroline, lacing up the corset, whilst Caroline admired her dress in the mirror. It was dark green colour, with quite a bigger skirt than Caroline was used to, and long sleeves. It went incredibly well with the colour of her eyes and hair. It had a tight, darker green bodice, with a corset over it that was tightly knotted at the back. Caroline wasn't used to her dresses being so tight, but even she had to admit it did show off her curves. She took in a deep breath, as Anna pulled hard on the last knot and tied the strings at the back.

Anna took a step back to admire her handiwork. She smiled widely, and Caroline couldn't help but smile back. There was something about Anna that put her in a good mood, despite her terrible situation, and Caroline was glad to finally have a friend. She hoped she would get along just as well with the other servant girls. It would be good for her to have friends in the castle, something to distract her from what was really going on. And Anna was doing quite a good job of that already.

"Shall I bring you your morning tea now, Miss?" she asked her, bowing slowly. Caroline made note to tell her later not to do that. She didn't want Anna to feel like she was any lower than her. After all, the only reason she was here was because Niklaus wished it. She was a plaything, nothing more. If anything, that made her lower than a servant.

"Why? Um . . . may I not have my tea with the rest of my breakfast?" Caroline asked, as that would be normal procedure, at least she thought. She realised then that she didn't even know where she was supposed to be having her breakfast. Would she eat with the Mikaelsons, or was she only allowed to meet with them when summoned? Would she eat with the servants? Caroline hoped so, because at least then she would get to eat with Anna, and possibly make some more friends.

"Of course, Miss. But that would make it harder to um . . ." Anna mumbled, and Caroline gestured for her to carry on. "You will be taking vervain in your tea, won't you, Miss?"

"Oh!" Caroline said, suddenly realizing what Anna meant. The servants must also take vervain, to avoid compulsion from the Mikaelsons. But they would also have to be careful not to let the Mikaelsons know they were taking it. It made sense. But that meant that Caroline would be eating breakfast with the Mikaelsons. Anna wouldn't ask her to take her tea in her room otherwise. Caroline let out a sigh, and replied; "Yes, I will." and Anna bowed again, before leaving the room quietly.

Now alone in her room, Caroline rushed over to sit on the bed, and tried to calm her breathing. She couldn't believe it. In less than half an hour, she would be meeting all of the Mikaelsons for breakfast. Of course, it wasn't as if she would be alone with them. Ladies Elena, Rose and Alexia would be there of course, but Caroline had never met them before. She had no idea if she would even like them. She had heard that they were very nice women though, but hearing was not the same as knowing or seeing. All the same, Caroline could not decide whether it was better or worse than if it had just been Niklaus. Then again, there would be at least ten of them at the table; King Mikael, Queen Esther, Lady Elena, Lady Rose, Lady Alexia, Princess Rebekah, Prince Finn, Prince Kol, Prince Elijah, and, of course, Prince Niklaus.

In the small amount of time that Caroline and Anna had spent together, Anna had described each Mikaelson to her in as much detail as possible. She had started with the King and Queen, who were, in Anna's opinion, to be avoided as much as possible. Mikael was resentful of anyone he deemed "beneath him" and had a very short temper. The only person that he ever showed affection for was his wife, Esther, who was almost as bad as he was. Esther was a witch, which made her the only one out of the Mikaelsons that wasn't a vampire. Apparently, she'd had her body preserved by another witch, so that she could live just as long as her children and husband. Despite her being the one that made her children into vampires, however, she hated them for what they had become, and made it very clear.

Princess Rebekah, Anna had said, was just as short tempered as her father, more-so, in fact. She could kill without mercy, if she was having a bad day. But Anna said she could tell that really, Princess Rebekah was just lonely. She was neglected by her parents, and didn't really have anyone to talk to. Everyone besides her family thought she was a monster, and was scared of her. She had no sisters either, so she often confided in the servants, although she tried to cover it up later. Anna said there were many times that she had caught Rebekah crying in her room, but had never said anything, for fear of being caught.

Princes Finn and Kol were hardly ever in the castle, though they both had very different reasons for doing so. While Prince Finn had a Lady that he was courting outside of the castle grounds called Sage, Prince Kol was out killing villagers in bloody massacres. Anna had warned Caroline to keep away from Prince Kol, should he ever return to the castle in her time there. Caroline knew that would be practically impossible, especially now that she knew she would proably have to spend every meal in his presence.

Prince Elijah, Anna said, was the most honorable of all the Mikaelsons. He did not kill humans unless he had to (if they threatened his family, usually), though he did feed from humans, he made sure he never killed them. He had a very strict policy to "keeping his word", and did not like to lie to people. Anna even went as far to say he was kind. Caroline knew that Elijah was at least one Mikaelson that she would not have to hide from. In fact, she was quite looking forward to meeting him. Having been alive for as long as he had, he must know some interesting things about the world. Caroline, however, was as far away from home as she had ever been already, and she was only a few miles away. Prince Elijah, Anna had told her, was the one who supplied the servants with vervain, because he wanted to make sure that his family could not compel or feed off of them.

Caroline breathed deeply, and fell back onto her bed, looking up at the curtains that hung above her. You can do this, she thought to herself, from what Anna's said, none of the Mikaelsons will hurt you . . . at least not if you drink the vervain . . . and if Prince Elijah's there . . . She sighed again, and her breathing returned to normal. And although she knew it was wrong, a small part of her was excited. She wanted to meet the Mikaelsons. For years, she had only heard stories of this immortal family, and now she was going to have breakfast with them. It seemed absurd. And Caroline could feel a small fluttering of excitement in her stomach, as she heard Anna knock on the door again.

Anna smiled widely at Caroline, though it didn't quite have the same happiness as before. Both girls were just as nervous as each other, as they stood outside the doors to the dining room. Caroline fiddled with her hair nervously, wanting to make sure that it was just right. She didn't want the Mikaelsons to think that Klaus had chosen a common villager. She wasn't really sure why she didn't want them to think that. After all, if they didn't like her, surely that meant she could go home? But after what she had seen of the castle so far, she didn't want to leave just yet. Caroline almost slapped herself at her foolish thoughts. Of course she wanted to go home, what was she thinking?

"Good luck," Anna whispered, as she curtsied once more. Caroline gave her a weak smile, and a small wave before the servant girl retreated back down the hallway. Caroline took some deep breaths, and looked at the big, oak doors before her. She could hear loud chatter behind them, and began to wonder whether she should just walk in, or knock, or . . . She decided on just walking in. If there was something she was supposed to do first, Anna would probably have told her. Besides, since when was it disrespectful to just walk into a room? Then again, there was royalty on the other side of the door, so . . .

Before her thoughts could stop her, Caroline opened the door, and took two steps into the room. She gasped immediately. The room which she had just stepped into was bigger than her whole house. It had a tall ceiling, and the walls stretched out that little bit too far, making the room a little bit too spacious. It made Caroline suddenly feel very small, and then very intimidated, when she saw the table of people staring at her.

In the middle of the room, was a very long, wooden table. It had the exact number of seats around it that were needed. Mikael and Esther's seats were at each end of the table, facing each other, whilst everyone else sat at the sides. The Originals all sat on one side, whilst Elena, Alexia, and Rose sat on the other. Caroline guessed she was supposed to sit in the empty seat next to Rose, so she made her way over, when she saw Niklaus blur over to her. He pulled out her chair for her, and Caroline had to admit, if it were anyone else, she might have blushed. Instead, she just gave him a stony look, and sat down in silence.

As Niklaus blurred back to his seat, Caroline took the opportunity to look at all the people at the table. She started with Queen Esther, and made her way down the table. Queen Esther was a very young looking woman, and quite beautiful, Caroline thought. She had perfectly flawless skin, and bright, hazel eyes. She had a long nose, and pale, full lips. Her hair was long, and straight, but framed her face nicely. Although she was a very beautiful woman, Caroline disliked her almost immediately. She had an aura of displeasure about her, and her smile that she now aimed at Caroline was false and uncomfortable.

Caroline turned her gaze to Prince Finn, who sat at his mother's side. He had a very chiseled face, and a long, pointed nose. His eyes were dark, and Caroline could tell he didn't want to be there. His thoughts were elsewhere. With his lady-friend Sage, perhaps? Nevertheless, Caroline didn't think she'd have any problems with Finn. He hadn't even looked up as she entered, and she had been told by Anna that he was disgusted with being a vampire, and there was nothing he wanted less than to feed. If he didn't look so distant and pained, Caroline might have thought him attractive.

Next to Finn, was Prince Elijah. Caroline wasn't sure how she knew who was who, but she thought she could guess quite well from the information Anna had given her about each of the people at the table. Elijah was just as Caroline had imagined him. He was quite handsome, and his eyes held a great kindness, although it was clear by his posture that he still held authority. His hair was a dark brown, and hung ever so slightly over his eyes. He had clear-cut cheekbones, and a strong nose. He had looked when she had entered, and had smiled ever so slightly. Caroline could tell that she was going to get on with Prince Elijah, as friends, nothing more.

Next, was Prince Niklaus, who Caroline happily averted her gaze from, as he was looking right at her, smirking. Sat at Niklaus' side, was Prince Kol, who was also staring at Caroline. Although, his eyes held an entirely different meaning. The way he looked at Caroline was slightly preditorial, and he smirked at her when he caught her fear-filled eyes. He was clearly one of the youngest of the Mikaelsons, which explained why he was the most murderous. He had yet to gain control of himself. Not that Niklaus had exactly, but as far as Caroline knew, he wasn't out committing murders every day. Caroline quickly moved her eyes on to Princess Rebekah, as Kol's gaze was starting to make her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Princess Rebekah was probably the most tragically beautiful person Caroline had ever seen. She had long, blonde hair that was only a few shades lighter than Caroline's, and very pale skin. She had pink lips, that were pulled into a tight smile of discomfort. It was obvious that she too did not want to be there very much, and she looked out of the window in silence, barely even glancing at Caroline. Her pale blue eyes showed that she had a lot of secrets and knowledge, she had seen so much, and nobody even knew. And she was lonely. Her eyes held a desperation that could only be loneliness. Most people would think she had many reasons to be happy, what with the fact that she could wear the most expensive gowns in the country, and probably had the pick of a whole line of suitors. She would never go hungry, and never want for anything. Except someone to talk to. She could live forever, but it came at a cost. Everyone she ever came close to would eventually die, and Caroline could see Rebekah's problems written all over her face.

Mikael was at the other end of the table, and Caroline could honestly say that she had never seen a scarier man in her whole life. Death and murder seemed to hang in the air around him, and he did not even attempt to hide his disgust at Caroline. It was obvious he wished his son had not chosen her; a peasant, a lesser being than them, a mere mortal. He had some facial hair, and his face was old, and worn. His eyes were blue, but they were ice cold. They held no emotion, no feeling, and they sent shivers down Caroline's spine. It was obvious that, should she ever double cross him, he would snap her neck without a seconds thought.

Caroline turned her head slightly to look at the other girls, who were also vampires, as far as she knew. The only other girl who wasn't a vampire was Lady Elena. But Caroline had been told that all three of them were the nicest, and most kindhearted ladies in the country. It confused her as to why the Mikaelsons would pick them, as they were the complete opposite of them. Of course, the three women were all incredibly beautiful and royal, but none of them were monsters, by any means. Yes, Alexia and Rose were vampires, but their kindness could even be seen in their eyes. There was no way that any of them were going to get on with Prince Niklaus at all, just as Caroline wouldn't.

Maybe Esther and Mikael only chose them to make them look better. If they died, and then Niklaus became king, with one of them at his side, it would make them look like a kinder monarchy. It was quite a good plan really, but it wouldn't change the fact that the rest of the Mikaelsons were monsters. That's what they would always be. And Prince Niklaus was the worst of them all. If he became king, it wouldn't matter who was at his side. The people would fear him greatly, though they would do whatever he asked for fear of being killed. As Caroline cast her gaze back to Queen Esther, she began to speak;

"Welcome. Now that everybody is here, I would like to inform you young ladies of your . . . situation." Caroline knew she was really about to tell them what they could and couldn't do. "You are to stay here, unless told otherwise, and to do as Prince Niklaus tells you. You cannot leave the castle unless he gives you permission, although you may use the gardens. You may not enter any royal chamber unless summoned, and you will take all of your meals in this room. We'll have many balls in your time here, and you have to attend every one, although not always on the arm of Niklaus. He may choose one of you to accompany him if he wishes, but otherwise, you are guests. You will all be given specific servants that will look after you in your time here, who you will already have met this morning. Though these are your personal servants, you will still be able to give orders to the others. And finally, on the subject of Prince Niklaus actually choosing one of you . . . He may take as much time as he wants, and you are to stay here until he has decided. Any other romantic relationships that you get involved in in your time here . . . Niklaus is allowed to decide how you will be punished. Possibly by death. You must continue to remember that, even though some of you are of a respectable status . . . you are still lower than us, and any act against us will not go unpunished."

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