Hey guys! My name is Grimm. I'm from Azalea town in the Johto region, and this story starts right around when I got my first Pokémon.

But first, I think you need a bit more backstory. You see, I've always liked Pokémon. My two older brothers and I used to always go out into the Ilex forest and play with the Pokémon that lived there. Our parents were deceased, so we lived with a man named Kurt, who was known for his pokèball crafting skills.

Eventually, as it does every few years, the time when the regional professor gives out three Pokémon to new trainers came. My brothers got a ride with one of the other townsfolk to New Bark Town, but I was sick, so I had to stay home. They often teased me and held it over my head that they had Pokémon and I didn't.

Every so often, we would get to go to Goldenrod City, just on the other side of Ilex forest. While there, I would waste time and money in the game corner playing the "Voltorb Flip!" games. They're sort of like Minesweeper.

After a while, my brothers grew up, and moved on to carry out their lives as a mechanic and a guitarist. But no matter how hard I tried, or which amazing pokèball Gramps (which is what we called Kurt) would make for me, I couldn't catch any Pokémon because I didn't have one with which to weaken them (yeah, depressingly paradoxical I know).

So, now that you know a little more about me, let's get started with this adventure in the world of Pokémon!

Beads of sweat were starting to form on my forehead, and the music surrounding me was distracting, not exactly helping with my anxiety. "Voltorb Flip!" shone above me in bright, bubbly letters. I was staring at the screen with such intensity that you would think my life depended on it. And rightly so, you see I had a ticket to go see the biggest event in the world: The Pokémon League Tournament.

I had made myself two goals this summer. So I saved up the money I made from helping Gramps all summer and ordered my ticket, one goal down. The other was to get my first Pokémon before I left for the Tournament, but I was leaving the next day and only had enough time to play one more round.

You see, aside from the money I earned, I also saved up tokens to get one of the Pokémon that the casino had to offer as prizes for earning a lot of tokens. I had already earned more than enough tokens to get most of the Pokémon there, but there was one in particular that I wanted more than anything else: a Dratini. I wanted one ever since I first saw the League Tournament on TV. It was the finals match, Lance vs. Red. Though Lance did lose, his skill, determination, and style all inspired me, and I vowed to one day possess the power of one of those majestic Dragonite's he used.

"Now's not the time for thinking about not getting it!" I said to myself as I shook my head and focused once again on the screen. I had one last shot, and there were only two squares that could get me the last few coins I needed, if I chose the wrong one, I would have to get a different Pokémon.

*click* "…" I waited for a split-second that seemed like it took several minutes. Then a few more seconds.

"No, no, no, NO!" The game had frozen. At the critical moment when I needed it most, it froze. I slammed my fist down on the controls, and suddenly the machine started spewing out coins like there was no tomorrow!

I strolled up to the prize counter in a "haters gonna hate" sort of way, and exchanged my coins for my very first Pokémon.

The woman on the other side of the counter set the small cage containing my prize down in front of me and asked: "Is this one alright with you? She's a female and tends to be very gentle."

"I'll take her!" I exclaimed; The sheer exuberance almost dripping off of my face. "hmm… since she's a female, I'll call her… Tini?... no… Tina! I'll call her Tina!"

Once I was outside I let Tina out of the cage which was obviously too small for her. As she slithered out she rubbed her head against my hand for a moment, then, we set off.

Unbeknownst to me, in the land of Kanto, There was another person headed for the Tournament. His name was Shi, and he hailed from Lavender town.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, seeing as I wasn't there. However, he told me that he had been tired of being stuck in that depressingly morbid town, so he had run away to go see the tournament. But he got lost somewhere in Rock Tunnel, where he met his Zubat, which he nicknamed Darkwing. Darkwing apparently led him out of the cave using its echolocation. Then he set out for the tournament, which he bought tickets for from a scalper.

When I got to my seat was when Shi and I first met. He and I got along rather well, and we spoke with each other during the intermissions between battles.

"So your name is Shi?" I asked.

"Yup! My mom told me it means 'death' and that she gave me that name so that I would remember that it's not something to be feared and that it's a part of life. I don't really like it though…" he explained.

Eventually, the finals arrived.

"Now, introducing the challenger who battled his way through the eight gyms of Johto, the preliminary tournament known as "Victory Road", and defeated the Elite Four: GOLD!" The announcers' voice was so loud that you could've heard it from a long distance away.

Gold's battle with Lance was long and dramatic, but it has nothing to do with this story, so I'll just go ahead and skip to after the battle (Gold won, by the way).

"Man, that was intense!" I said to Shi as the workers were clearing the debris from the stadium.

"I know!" He replied "And when Agatha Showed up for a guest appearance in the pre-lims I was about to go crazy! Her Golbat is just as cool as ever!"

"I know! But that was nothing compared to Lance's Dragonite! They were AMAZING!"

He seemed somewhat irked by what I had said. "Yeah, but Agatha's Golbat was cooler."

"No," I said, "Lances Dragonite were cooler, and stronger, and all around better."

He got a bit more heated. "No, they had more brute strength. That's all. The Golbat was faster, smarter, and cooler!"

"No, Dragonite was better!"

"No, Golbat!"

This went on for several minutes until finally I said: "Well it's not like you would know. I bet you haven't even got your first pokèmon yet!"

"Ha! Well I'll have you know I have it right here!" He waved the pokèball in front of my face.

"Well then," I said in a dramatic tone "There's only one way for us to settle this: With a battle!"