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I pulled into the circular drive, my heart-felt heavy in my chest. Looking up I saw my Ana, she's breath-taking, even only in a robe; her hair, a glowing halo around her sweet face. So I got out of the car with a panty dropping smile and walked up the steps as she pulled me into her arms. As she wraps her arms around my waist the guilt is eating at me, burning me with every second that she holds me. If I let the guilt show, surely that would be the beginning of the end of my marriage and that's something I never want. So I relax into her tight embrace and swallow the guilt down for the moment.

"Welcome home Mr. Grey"

"Ana, where are the kids? Shouldn't they be barging past you ready to tackle me to the ground?"

"Ah. You see, I was feeling rather frustrated earlier so I called your parent's to come and get them, they are staying over at their house for dinner. So we have the house all to ourselves, apart from staff of course."

Ana pulls me into the house and slams me back to the nearest wall. Her hands are fisting in my hair as her tongue trails across my bottom lip. We're both panting as I deepen the kiss. I run my hands over her delectable ass, squeezing and kneading her soft flesh.

"Ah, we've reached your 'fuck me now' phase of pregnancy; my personal favorite" I smiled deviously.

I relish the feel of Christian's hands all over me. I've waited on this all day, the throbbing ache at the apex of my thighs that only he can subdue. We make our way upstairs to our bedroom and I start unbuttoning his shirt, placing a gentle kisses on his chest down the path of the buttons. Once his shirt fell open I pushed him back on the bed, trailing my hands lightly up and down his chest and abdomen I kiss my way down his chest until the crisp hairs of his 'happy trail' start to tickle my face. I straddled him and started stroking his erection through his slacks.

"Ana... baby"

"Hush, Christian. I'll take care of you" I said as I popped the button and zipper, I let my fingers explore, giving him light strokes as I ravaged his mouth. He lifted his hips as I pulled his pants and boxer briefs off in one go, and struggled his arms out of his shirt, then his socks. He lay naked on the bed before me and I licked my lips salaciously.

"Ana, you look a little overdressed baby." he said as he leaned up on his forearms. I was sure he would find it hard to control himself once I removed my robe.

I had a twinkle in my eye as I pulled the sash on the robe and shrugged it off my shoulders as it pooled at my feet.

I lay there panting with need, Ana stood at the side of the bed wearing nothing but a black lace garter belt, stockings and six-inch fuck me heels; how did I not notice those earlier? I shake that thought and take in the stunning beauty before me. Nothing turns me on more than when she is round with my child

Yeah sure she does, especially when you're fucking your whore at Escala, I swallow convulsively as she crawls up my body, and she takes my face in her hands, stroking her thumbs back and forth over my cheeks

"Christian, I love you so, so much. I drive myself crazy; how do you put up with me?"

I'm immobilized by her question, does she know? How could she, it's not possible, she wouldn't be all over me if she knew.

"Love." I answer her honestly. She lowers her lips to mine and kisses me slowly and passionately. Trailing kisses along my jaw, biting, nipping, licking and sucking her way behind my ear, down my neck. My heart is hammering in my chest; I'm rock hard and wanting her, wanting to be inside her. I adore this woman, she makes everything right in my world, why the hell am I doing this to her. I am distracted from my horrid thoughts when she as she licks and sucks across my abdomen. She softly starts licking her feather light tongue around my length, at a lazy pace, teasing and taunting. I love her so much.

"Ana, baby; I need to be inside you." I say breathlessly. She crawls back up my body and takes my head in her hands kissing me again, I gasp giving her tongue full access to my mouth and I can taste myself on her; which arouses me even more. How can she still do this to me even after nine years of marriage?

"Don't worry I'm going to take care of you. Just relax and enjoy" she says as she runs her fingernails softly around my shoulders before returning to her earlier position. I take her advice to relax and enjoy.

She blows softly on the tip of my erection, licking a bead of moisture off the tip.

"Mmm. You taste so good" I can barely contain the explosion that's going to come out hard, fast and soon. I gasp as she pulls my length into her gloriously warm, smart mouth. She clamps down on me, creating a strong suction, up and down, swirling her tongue around and around,

"Baby, don't stop ... oh god!"

She gives me one more good hard suck and bites the head of my erection and I come violently into her mouth, she continues to suck, milking me, taking all that I willingly give. She's a goddess. I'm in awe of her.

"Hmm, whatever shall we do now, we have some more time to kill..." she says with a salacious wink.

I wrap my arms around her lower back, and kiss her bump, I can't believe we'll have another baby soon, I'm excited for her arrival. She's furiously kicking in her mother's stomach ...

I place a hand at either side of her bump as Ana stands, looking down at me with love in her eyes.

I press my forehead on her stomach and talk to our baby.

"Hey Olivia, I know your happy when Mommy is having sex, which you won't be doing until your 30 by the way! I'd very much appreciate if you'd sleep for a while because Daddy hasn't had his fill of Mommy yet."

I look up smiling at Ana as she smiles back. Olivia's movements have slowed slightly. It's odd but with all three of our kids, when they were overactive in Ana's womb if I talked to them they would chill out.

"Your controlling tendencies even work in utero Mr. Grey" I can't help but chuckle at Ana.

"You must remember that I am a man of many talents Mrs. Grey" I say with a grin on my face.

"Why don't you show me some of these talents now?"

"You just have to ask me baby; I'll always be there to give you what you want." I start raining kisses all over her neck and shoulder. I wrap my arm around her waist, lifting her and place my erection at her entrance. She throws her head back in ecstasy as I sink into her

"Fuck, Christian" she says breathlessly, reveling in my possession of her. I bury my head into her neck breathing hard and heavy; Ana supports herself by placing her hands on my shoulders and digging her nails into my skin. I can barely breathe as she moves up and down, setting her own rhythm. I feel like I'm about to burst, I want to make this feeling last just a little longer; my home is inside my wife, sheathed in her to the hilt. No matter what we'll always have this, this passionate, crazy, addictive connection. I shake those thoughts and concentrate on my wife, I start thrusting upward in a perfect counter move to Ana's

"Fffuck. Ana, baby - you feel so. Fucking. Good"

I feel Ana's walls starting to contract and I know she's close. I circle my hips as I frantically drive my thrusts upward

"Oh GOD. Don't stop."

I increase my pace even further and I can't hold off much longer

"Fuck, Ana. Baby give it up for me, let go" She grips handfuls of my hair and pulls as her sex clenches around mines, milking me for all I'm worth. She collapse's onto my chest, the both of us breathless and well and truly fucked.

"I love you Christian. So much."

"Baby, I love you more than you can possibly know!" I'm rewarded with her shy smile as I snuggle into her. I don't know how long we lie looking into each other's eyes, touching each other, after a while she starts talking to me, about nothing and everything. We talk and talk for ages until she looks over to the alarm clock on the bedside table; which reads 6:45pm and sighs

"The kids will be back soon, I suppose we should get up" she says but makes no attempt to actually move, I can't help but chuckle at my adorable, heavily pregnant wife. She looks into my eyes and laughs

"It'll be hard to get Teddy to bed tonight, he's so excited."

"Excited about what?" I ask, she looks at me like I've lost my mind.

"Please tell me you haven't forgotten" I don't have a clue what she's talking about which means I have forgotten. I must have a frown on my face, indicating my inner memory struggle. Ana shakes her head at me, heavily sighing.

"Christian, you promised Teddy a month ago that you would take him out back and 'camp out' with him, tomorrow night. He made a calendar and has counted the days" Shit. Shit. Shit. Double-fucking-shit.

"You're right baby, I did forget. I've worked so hard these last few weeks trying to get this deal signed and done. I was going to talk to you about it later tonight but I suppose I'll just speak to you about it now."

I take a deep breath, Ana's regarding me quizzically. What the hell am I thinking? I halt that thought. No. I need this. I struggle internally trying to make the choice. I close my eyes and start talking:

"I was going to talk to you about working this weekend. If I get these contracts sorted then it'll be done and I won't be so stressed out and busy all the time. I have meetings on Saturday and Sunday scheduled, and their pretty early. So I was thinking... I was thinking it would be easier if I stayed at Escala on Friday and Saturday and come home early Sunday?"

I'm practically squirming, I hate myself for doing this but, I just need it. Ana closes her eyes and sighs again. She's always sighing nowadays; mostly at me.

"Why didn't you tell me when you scheduled the god damn meetings? Fuck. Christian, Teddy's going to be crushed." I stay silent, and let her get her frustration out. It's not like I don't deserve it anyhow.

"We'll just have to sit him down and explain it to him, God damn it, if you'd told me earlier I could have let him down easier instead of the fucking night before."

She tries to get up, but struggles a little bit; what with being seven and a half months pregnant. I offer her my hand to help her up but to my astonishment she pushes it away, finally managing to get up, she grabs her robe, puts it on whilst grabbing her sweat pants and a T-shirt, and stalks into the bathroom. She's obviously furious and seething at me, again.

Great. Just fucking peachy.

I slam the door to our en suite and stare at myself in the mirror. Holy shit. I'm like a fucking whale. I take a few deep breaths, and try to rein my temper in. How can he be so damn inconsiderate to his own son?

He's always been selfish Ana, he only thinks of himself. I scowl at my sub conscious who's wearing her harpy face. I groan at the thought of telling Teddy and seeing his features filled with disappointment. I always swore that I wouldn't let my kids be disappointed Ever. I turn on the shower and run my hand under it to test the temperature. I let the water run over me, soothing me, calming me completely. Once I'm done I wrap myself in a huge, super soft towel

Well it would have to be huge to fit around you my subconscious adds. I promptly ignore her. I towel dry my hair and tie it up, it's getting really long and in need of a good cut. Once I'm finished getting dressed I put my towels in the hamper and enter the bedroom. Christian's waiting on me, sitting on the bed looking at me expectantly. I move around the room, tidying things up, trying to ignore him as best I can. I'm still fucking pissed at him.

"You're mad at me, aren't you?"

"Wow, you are so receptive Christian. No shit, I'm fucking pissed!"

"Baby, I'm sorry. I truly did forget about camping. Don't be mad at me. Please, not tonight - it's hard enough when I'm away from you and the kids don't make it harder on me by being mad."

I let out a long sigh and turn to look him in the eyes. My face must have softened as he brings his hand up and strokes my cheek with his knuckles. Reflexively I lean into his touch as he places his lips to mine, in a I'm-sorry-please-don't-be-mad-at-me-I-love-you-kiss. Damn him and his sexpertise, he knows how to wheedle his way around me.

"You can explain to Teddy why you won't be here this weekend. So prepare yourself for a tantrum, and I don't care if he is disrespectful, shouts, screams or otherwise, you will not raise your voice at him, especially not for being disappointed that you're not spending time with him! Do you understand me?"

"Yes. Okay. I'll make it up to him - I promise." Christian kisses me again, and just like that; there's no fight left in me, or breath for that matter.