Scully and Mulder had been working together for over six months now and their friendship had blossomed tremendously. They were with each other more than anyone else, and even outside of work Shiloh insisted on visiting her new best friend Mulder at least a couple times a week. Even more amazing was just how much Mulder loved that little tyrant.

Mulder looked at her as though she was the most wonderful thing on earth, what Scully didn't realize was that he looked at her the exact same way. Scully was the most interesting, complex, strong woman he had ever met. He didn't know what he did to deserve a woman to stand by his side through all the madness. She never left even when given the opportunity. She never would and he would be there whenever she needed him.

Yet, Phoebe Greene had to but a bit of a nick in things.

The moment Scully saw the way the leggy brunette rubbed up on Mulder, she wanted to snap, but that's not what professional women do. Especially not when there's nothing to be jealous about. Nothing. At all.

She had to remind herself of that again when the woman leaned in and kissed Mulder passionately on the lips. Professional. Scully was always professional. It did help to notice that he wasn't returning the kiss, but Scully still wanted to pull the woman off of him and ask her if she's ever heard of a damn handshake.

"You know, some mistakes are quite worth making twice," she told him flirtatiously.

Mulder resisted the urge to glare at the woman. This woman was not suppose to be in his life anymore and for good reason. She was a manipulative little twit that seemed to always get what she want, one way or another, but she was not getting him, again.

Immediately, Mulder looked over the top of the car to see a very displeased Scully turn away. He could tell she wasn't happy, but neither was he. "Dana Scully," he introduce. "This is, uh, Phoebe Greene. Terror of Scotland Yard."

The woman smirked at Scully as though to announce she had won a game that they both were secretly playing, as she gripped the sides of Mulder's coat. "Hello."

"Hello," she replied sarcastically, her professional demeanor dropping just long enough to show the woman she wasn't stupid.

Phoebe leaned into Mulder, her entire body pressing against his as she whispered in his ear, "She hates me."

Mulder said nothing, mostly because he could tell Scully's distaste for Phoebe as well. As usual, Scully's instincts were right on. This woman was a woman that you were not supposed like. If Phoebe Greene could find something to use against you, she will use it. She will manipulate you and hurt you until she gets bored and says she's done. But Mulder had a feeling that Scully was a little more difficult to do that with.

"Well, Mulder, I told Shiloh that we're picking her up so…" Scully muttered, trying to get his attention again.

Mulder looked over the car at her and gave her a smile at the thought of picking up the energetic six year old. The two of them had way too much fun together. The two of them together tended to bring out a much more free side of Scully. He had even convinced Scully to dance around her living room, taking a solo on the coffee table.

Phoebe noticed Mulder's reaction immediately. "I actually came because I could use your help. Care if I ride along?"

Mulder looked over at Scully who was fighting the urge to tell the woman that of course she cared. That Mulder was her partner and she could swim back to where ever she came from. Instead, Scully shrugged.

"Shiloh will be mad at you," Scully warned, after all Shiloh very much valued her time with Mulder.

Mulder pouted at her and then turned to Phoebe. He realized he was not going to be able to get rid of her very easily either. It would be easier to make it up to Shiloh than shake Phoebe because she would just keep bouncing back.

"I'll make it up to her," Mulder replied, wanted to add and you. There's little fun may have been purely innocent, but some of his thoughts toward the beautiful red head were not pure. Not that he would ever disrespect her. Even in his mind he was head on a pedestal of respect, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't physically attracted to her. He would also be lying if he said he was only physically attracted to her.

Truthfully, Mulder didn't understand the way he felt about her, but he knew that he wanted to be near her, to talk to her, to make her smile whenever possible. Something he never felt toward anyone in his life.

Mulder opened the door to the back seat of the car and closed it behind Phoebe. Scully was still watching him over the top of the car. He gave her an apologetic smile and a look that told her that he would fill her in later.

They pulled up in front of the elementary school. Phoebe watched at Mulder and Scully both went and stood on the school yard together. Who was this stony woman that had Mulder found so worthy of his time. Dana Scully. Phoebe wanted to snort. Even her name plain. She was short, redheaded not at all Mulder's type. He preferred women such as herself. Outgoing, leggy burnet who stole a room simply by walking into it. What did this Dana Scully woman have that had Mulder so fascinated?

Phoebe watched as a small child with bouncy brown curls bolt from the school building and wrap her arms around the red head's legs before getting swooped up by Mulder. Even from yards away she could see the three of them were smiling and laughing.

Was the child his? The girl certainly did not share any characteristic of Scully. Phoebe was mentally running through the possibilities as Mulder carried the girl on his shoulder's back to the car.

Scully opened the door as Mulder dropped her into the seat on the opposite side from Phoebe and immediately the girl's expression fell. She looked up at Mulder with big blue eyes, but stayed silent.

"Shiloh, say hello to Phoebe," Mulder said gently, knowing how quickly she shuts down around strangers, as well as trying to seem friendly toward the woman. If Shiloh picked up on his and Scully's true feelings toward this woman Shiloh would only become more difficult.

Shiloh just looked away from the woman, burying her face in Mulder's coat.

Scully turned around in the front seat and gave the girl a look. "Shiloh, please be polite and tell Ms. Phoebe hello."

Shiloh looked at her. "Sorry, Mommy." Then she turned to Phoebe and didn't even try to smile. "Hello."

Scully sighed, sounding defeated. Phoebe took it as the girl was naturally reserved and didn't care much for strangers. Either that or she shared similar instincts as her mother.

"Hello," Phoebe returned pleasantly.

Still, Shiloh looked put out the entire time Phoebe was present, as she explained the arson cases. Shiloh hid away sitting against the wall coloring until Phoebe pecked Mulder's lips, just to twist the knife she had already shoved into Scully's chest.

"I don't like her," Shiloh snapped the very words Scully was thinking. "Not one bit." Shiloh bolted toward Mulder and wrapped her arms around his legs.

Scully normally would have told her daughter that she didn't know Phoebe so it really wasn't fair to not like someone you don't know. But Scully didn't like her either.

"Three pipe problem?" Scully questioned, raising her eyebrow at Mulder.

He knew she had seen the way Phoebe was trying to claim him as her own by using private jokes and apparent flirting, but it wasn't chasing Scully away. In fact, it was only making her more willing to stick around.

"That's from, uh, Sherlock Holmes. It's a private joke," Mulder said trying to brush it off.

But Scully wasn't stupid. "How private?"

He regretfully told her of his experience with Phoebe. How they were classmates at Oxford and how he got in way over his head and got burned. He tried to remind her how this was over a decade ago, but it didn't help much. Scully was felt threatened, even if she played it off well.

"I noticed how you couldn't drop everything fast enough to help her out," Scully said nonchalantly not looking at him.

"I was merely extending her some courtesy," he replied sighing. Nothing like pretending like your partner wasn't jealous.

"Oh, it that what you were extending?" Scully insinuated. He just rolled his eyes but her could help but smile. He noticed she was smiling too. She never ceased to amaze him.

Shiloh looked up at Mulder and frowned. "She's not going to be your new partner is she?" Shiloh asked, her tone slightly bitter toward the woman.

Mulder shook his head. "Of course not! Your mom's my one and only partner and I don't plan on getting rid of her." He kneeled down closer to Shiloh. "Especially not for some mean ole Phoebe Greene."

Scully tried to pretend his words didn't get to her, but they did. So she stood up and scoop up Shiloh too. "Good, then you won't mind some help on this case."

Mulder smiled, too pleased to argue. "Why not. Just beware of," he dropped his voice and looked down to Shiloh. "Phoebe Greene."

A couple days later Mulder and Phoebe decided to set a trap for the arsonist at a party the British couple was holding. They did this without the consent of Scully, in fact they did so without Scully even knowing, partly because of Phoebe insinuating jumping his bones in the hotel that night.

Mulder had only just arrived at the hotel and he was already feeling guilty. He felt like he was betraying Scully not only by being there but by considering accepting Phoebe's offer. Then his phone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket. "Mulder," he said still sounding slightly in a haze.

"It's Scully, where are you?"

He sucked in a breath, he could tell she was none the wiser about what he was doing and it only made him feel worse.

He cleared his throat awkwardly. "I'm in Boston."

He could feel her hesitation, but she kept going. "I've got something to show you. I'm coming up there"

"What have you got?" Mulder asked her, trying to keep the business in his tone.

"I might have some information about the identity of your arson suspect," she told him. He didn't reply right away, mostly because he didn't know if he should tell her not to come or let her. This was a very grey area. "Are you there, Mulder?"

"Yeah," he said dreamily.

It sounded like she was beginning to tire of his distraction. "Can I meet you somewhere?"

He took a deep breath and fiddled with his suitcase. "No. It's just… I'm kinda anticipating having my hands full."

That was the phrase that he regretted more than anything. Scully heard what was he was trying not to say and she heard it loud and clear. He was going to have his hands full of Phoebe. The thought made her sick to her stomach as she put the papers down on the table and closed her eyes, still holding the phone to her ear even after the line disconnected.

This was the moment where she was supposed to get over her own feelings and let Phoebe Greene take the win. Mulder was not her lover, he was her partner. She had no right to feel jealous, but she did. She also felt hurt and betrayed.

Taking a deep breath she leaned back into her seat. Then again, Dana Scully had never been very good at giving up on a fight.

In her head she was doing this because the information on the arson suspect was crucial and needed to get to Mulder as fast as possible, she was dressed up because she wanted to blend in and not be stared at awkwardly, and Shiloh was in the back seat because for the last three days she had been pushed off to her grandparents.

The smallest past of her knew the true reasons she was driving to Boston. She wanted to see Mulder, to see if he was truly choosing Phoebe, she was dressed up because she wanted to show him that she could be beautiful too, just not the leggy brunet type of beautiful, and Shiloh was in the backseat because Scully honestly didn't want her to be pushed off to her parents four nights in a row.

"Are we going to one of Ahab's dances?" Shiloh asked as Scully handed the valet her keys and picked her up.

"No, Mommy's going to go find Mulder and you're going to go upstairs to play with the other kids, alright?" Scully told her nodding at one of the guards who escorted the both up the steps.

Scully knelt down in front of her daughter, fixing her dress. "Please be good, this won't take long, alright?"

Shiloh looked put out, but nodded and followed the guard through the door where the other kids were playing.

Scully took a deep breath and headed for the ballroom only to stop in the doorway to see Phoebe dancing cheek to cheek with Mulder, whispering into his ear. Her heart broke. How could she have even dreamed of competing with this woman? Phoebe and Mulder had history. What did Mulder have with her?

Chemistry. Friendship. Respect. A chance at love?

Perhaps that's why she did. Perhaps that's why she walked straight up toward Mulder, catching his eye. His feet stopped moving and he stepped away from Phoebe. Mulder's lips quirked into a smile as he moved toward her, touching her bare arms and examining her in the floor length black dress, barely letting his eyes linger on the sweetheart neckline.

"You look amazing," he said in barely more than a whisper. She was in heels and he still towered over her.

Her face heated up and she had to look away from him. He looked so handsome. "I just didn't want to look ridiculous when I gave you this," she muttered offering him the information she had found.

Phoebe stared at the two. Of course, she couldn't win him over by batting her eye lashes and speaking fondly of the old days. Not when his heart so clearly belonged to someone else.

Mulder was about to take a look at the information when one of the bellhops came running toward them. "There's a fire on the third floor!"

Phoebe looked at the two of them. "That's where the children are."

Scully's heart dropped to her stomach as she stared with horror up at Mulder. "Shiloh too."

Mulder took off. Sprinting toward the staircases, Scully hot on his heels. He shouted at her to stay back, and she knew it was best, it was difficult to move in a dress anyway.

As he made it to the door of the third floor, he stopped. He hated fires. No, he was terrified of it. But this was Shiloh, he had to get to her.

Taking a deep breath he pulled the door open and started running toward the children's cries for help. He could hear Shiloh's most distinctively and he wasn't sure if it was because she voice was higher than the little boys or because he was listening harder for it.

The smoke was getting thicker and it was getting harder for him to breath so he tried to get lower to the floor.

"Mommy!" he heard Shiloh crying over the little boy's pleas to get free. "Mulder!" she cried louder.

"Shiloh!" Mulder tried to call, but smoke only filled his lungs more making him hit his knees and continue crawling toward the blaring flame.

"Mulder!" Shiloh cried again slumping against the only wall that wasn't blazing. "Mulder! Help!"

There were four children. All of them crying as flames roared louder and louder.

"Shiloh?" a voice called as the burning door was kicked open and a figure moved toward them.

Shiloh watched as another figure appeared too. "You grab two, I'll grab the other two," one man called over the roaring flames. Shiloh could see one figure grab two of the boys beside her and take off running while the other wrapped its arms around her and the other boy and start sprinting for the stairs.

"Mulder!" Shiloh cheered finally being able to see the figures fast as he stumbled into the staircase and collapsed against the wall.

He let go of the two children and looked Shiloh in the eye. "You and him go as fast as you can down the steps to your mom, do you understand?" Mulder commanded though his words were broken with hacking coughs.

Shiloh nodded and grabbed the boy's hand.

"Mommy!" she cried the entire way down until she was scooped up by her mother and the boy was scooped up by his.

"Shiloh, where's Mulder?" Scully asked her daughter as she inspected her for injuries or burns.

She didn't speak, just pointed toward the staircases. Scully almost ran up after him, but the firefighters were already on their way.

As they brought him down, Scully and Shiloh immediately went to his side. Part of Scully couldn't help but wonder why Phoebe wasn't at his side too, but the rest of her didn't particularly care about anything but the safety of her partner and child. The firefighters were giving him oxygen while Shiloh attached on him.

Shiloh looked up at her mother. "Is he going to be okay?" she asked frantically. "Mulder saved me, Mommy."

Everyone else was cheering over the man who brought down the MP's sons, not caring that Mulder risked his life to save the other children too.

Scully put her hands on his face, searching his eyes. He looked deeply into hers. "I would save her again too." He tried to laugh but it came out as a joke.

Scully laughed with him, trying to pretend she wasn't holding back tears. They held each other's eyes for a long time before she moved in and kissed his lips. It was just suppose to be a thank you but it felt like more.

Suddenly Mulder broke away coughing and Scully held the oxygen mask up for him, her face heating up in embarrassment. But Mulder just smiled at her.

"Can we try that again when I don't have smoke in my lungs?"

Scully and him both laughed while Phoebe watched the entire thing. They really did look good together. They looked like a family.

Shiloh curled into Mulder's arm as Scully kept a watchful eye over him, being sure to keep both of them smiling. Phoebe never stood a chance when Scully already had the man's heart.