A/N: From Tagalong's 'Stepping on a Lego' prompt on the YJCF. This is post-season one, pre-season two, when M'gann and Kon visited Gar and Mrs. Logan in Bialya, before he was Beast Boy and Mrs. Logan died.

This is just a silly one-shot, sorry if Kon's a bit OOC. Enjoy!

"OW! OW!" screamed Garfield. He hopped on one foot. He'd just stepped on something. He sat down and looked at the bottom of his foot. "I stepped on a lego? But I haven't played with them in years!"

He looked around. More of the little blue, yellow, green, and red bricks where abandoned on the carpet. He scooped them up, and got on his knees to get them out from under the furniture. Mom really didn't need to step on these. Who had left them out, anyway? Mom wouldn't do it, she was far to busy. It couldn't be me; I never play with legos anymore. M'gann's out helping Mom with the animals. I guess it was Conner-unless it was Monkey. He put the rest of the legos in the bag, and zipped them up.

Conner walked back into the room. "Where'd they go?" he asked. Garfield silently held up the bag.

"I found them after I stepped on one." He said.

"Sorry. I found them in a closet. They looked fun. I was trying to make a house, following the instructions." Conner said. He held up the instructions. "I was throwing away the ones I stepped on. I, uh, crushed them to dust. They didn't hurt, but I guess they hurt you." He smiled slightly sheepishly. "I guess I should've asked first."

Garfield laughed. "Let's just start over with the house, ok?" He sat down, and unzipped the bag of legos. Conner joined him on the floor.



M'gann and Marie Logan walked into the house. When they entered the living room, they spotted Garfield and Connor sitting on the floor, playing with legos. They had built a house with a garden, a car, and where currently trying to keep Monkey from eating a yellow lego.

"Put that down!" shouted Garfield. "It's not a banana!"

Sometimes you never know. M'gann thought. Now where had she left her camera?