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Warning: AU, pairings (some definite MoniKai here, people!), crossdressing later on, mentioned cursing, violence...I think that covers it.

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1. The Beginning

Tiny flames licked at the remains of the charred village.

A man stood among the ruins, peering about carefully. He cursed, loudly.

Obviously, burning the village did not scatter too many people. He could see the charred corpses of the villagers, cooked completely by the fire he had started hours earlier.

But then again, there were those two villagers. A male and a female. They had left the village right before the fire had blocked anyone else from trying to escape. A male and female...both humans. Surely, this would be a challenge to find them both.

He needed blood. He needed to feast or bathe in the blood of others so badly, that he could barely restrain himself.

But, if he was going to get any blood to keep himself alive, he needed to gain the trust of those humans so he could attain their blood before they realized it.

He smirked. This was going to be an exciting hunt, a race against time...

How long would he last before he really needed the life-giving liquid splattered upon himself?

"I think we're okay now, Monica." The bandanna-wearing teen spoke up, looking around. "I think the fire stopped a while ago. Maybe the other villagers were able to get rid of it."

"I'm not so sure, Kai..." Monica trailed off, brushing a lock of orange hair out of her face. "What if there are still monsters about? You know that they would wish to go through remains of destroyed villages and castles; looking for humans like us to eat!" she exclaimed.

"If they dare try to eat us, they're going to have to go through this blade first." Kai responded, holding up his katana. "C'mon, let's go!"

As the two started to head towards the village, they ran into someone quite unexpectedly, the three falling to the ground.



"Aah!" Monica and Kai got up before looking down at a man with long, blond hair. He was definitely older than the two, and he wore a silver metal mask over his face, his light blue eyes and mouth the only things exposed. He huddled into the fetal position, trembling slightly. "D-don't eat me!" he gasped quickly. "I'm-I'm not very tasty; not at all!"

"We're not going to eat you!" Monica responded, helping him get up. "What are you doing around here, anyway?"

"That's what I was going to ask you!" the older man responded. He sighed a bit. "I am a mere traveler, and I believe I may have gotten quite name is Sylvan. Yours?"

"My name is Kai, and this is my friend Monica." Kai responded. "Our village was attacked and burned, just about an hour ago..."

"Oh?" Sylvan looked a bit surprised. "Really?" He asked, trying to confirm Kai's answer.


"I see..." Sylvan paused for a moment before speaking again. "I believe I may have passed through that village just now. I didn't see anyone in existence; unless you count corpses. I'm sorry..."

Kai looked around quietly. "We should probably camp for the night; it's getting late." he spoke up. Just then, Sylvan collapsed to his knees. "What the-"

"I'm sorry." Sylvan choked out quietly. "I haven't...eaten for a while. My supplies ran out a couple days ago, you see, and..." Before he could finish, he immediately passed out onto the verdant ground.

"Shoot." Kai muttered quietly. "Monica, we have to get some food or water for this guy; quickly!"

"Uh, yes!" Monica grabbed a canteen of water from the knapsack she had with her. Thank goodness she and Kai had grabbed as much as they could before fleeing the village; otherwise they wouldn't have anything to feed themselves with.

As they tended to the traveler, little did they know that this would only be the beginning of a journey they had never dreamed of in existence.