6. Aid

When Kai and Sylvan hit the rushing water of the rapids, neither one of them were expecting the water to be so rough, or cold.

As they were carried down the rapids, Kai was practically swimming for his life, and he was praying that he wasn't going under. Trying to blink the water out of his eyes, he noticed from the corner of his eye, Sylvan, struggling to stay afloat.

Shoot. Just great... Kai thought to himself as he did his best to get close to the older man and try to make sure he didn't sink completely. Don't tell me he can't swim...

Before either one could do anything else, they found themselves falling...

Kai didn't remember much of what happened exactly after he fell into the lake below, but he slowly regained his sight as he dragged himself out of the water. The air was cool, which didn't really help him stay warm, but at least he was alive. Cold, shivering, bruised and wet, but alive.

He heard a quiet groan, and looked behind him to see the demon, collapsing completely onto the wet, grassy shore of the lake. His soaked pale blond hair clung to his face, and his dress was completely wrecked from the rapids. Kai also noticed that the demon was also bleeding, with a cut on the forehead and a smaller cut near his left collar bone.

Before all of this happened, Kai saw Sylvan as someone who had been so hurtful towards him and his companions. He had killed people before. But now, seeing him in a state such as this, seeing him in pain, the feelings were different.

Kai dragged the older man away from the lake and let him rest. Looking around, he snapped some branches off nearby trees, in preparation for a fire.

Kai growled in frustration. The fire wasn't getting lit, Sylvan was still unconscious, and-

Wait. Scratch half the previous thought. Sylvan was waking up, now. Kai couldn't do much about the cuts on the collarbone and forehead, but he tried to wipe and bandage it with some cloth he ripped off from his sleeves.

Sylvan just stared at Kai for moment, unsure of what to say before he composed himself.

"You should have just left me to die. You heard Yukino." He spoke quietly. "I failed. And I thought you hated me for what I did to your companions."

"Just shut up and get some rest. I'll find some better way to fix your injuries when I can." Kai responded gruffly, crossing his arms.

"I'm a demon. I crave blood. Think."

Kai realized that the demon might have a point. "Let me guess. You need blood to heal those wounds, don't you?"

Sylvan nodded quietly in response. "You don't need to do anything for me about that."

Kai sighed, extending an arm towards the older man. "If my blood is the only thing that's really going to help you, go ahead. Just don't try to weaken me too much."

Sylvan's eyes widened considerably, and he sputtered a bit before he finally spoke. "Y-you're joking. You actually-"

"I'm not joking. If you really need to use my blood, go ahead."

"Oh." Sylvan paused, and he spoke again. "Before I start, thank you, and I'll try to keep the consuming of your blood to a minimum...I'm...sorry."

He didn't go for Kai's arm. Instead, he bit into the teen's shoulder and drank, blood seeping from new wound. Kai did his best to adjust to the pain; trying to reassure himself that this was nothing compared to his training as a samurai. He could bear with this. Kai still couldn't believe that he was helping his enemy stay alive, but he had a feeling that Sylvan's help would be needed if he were to get back to Monica and his other companions.

Sylvan licked the wound once, and then breathed upon it before he retreated from Kai. The wound was perfectly healed.

"Sorry." Sylvan's voice came out as a small whisper.

Kai glanced at his shoulder briefly before looking at Sylvan. "...It's fine. Help me light the fire, will you?"