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Chapter 12

When Trunks left I just lay there and thought to myself, *that's the second time he's forgiven me for something Damien's done to me, first he kissed me and now this and Trunks has forgiven me both times* I realised my boyfriend was the greatest he trusted me more then I deserved. I stayed on his bed for a while and just stared at the sealing, put my hands down and tried to push myself up but pain shot through my wrists and I fell back. I lifted up my hands and saw that I had purple/ blue wrists, the little shit had bruised me.

"fuck, Trunks is gunna be even more pissed if he sees them" I said softly to myself, I looked around Trunks room and spotted his jacket on the chair in the corner, I slip off the bed trying not hurt my wrists, I grabbed his jacket and pulled it on the sleaves came all the way down and covered my bruises.

"Pan," Trunks walked in the doorway and looked at me strangely standing there with his jacket on

"I'm cold" I said innocently and looking a little sad hoping for some sympathy, I worked cause he moved up to me and started playing with my hair and kissing my neck,

"I'll warm you up" he whispered in my ear, he moved his hands down my waist to my ass, I shivered at his touch and he smirked against my lips, he slipped his hands inside the jacket and ran his cool hands along my stomach which just made me shiver even more

"you like?" he asked seductively, then without warning my eyes drifted closed and something flashed into my vision, it was like a dream but only for a few seconds. I saw Daniel, he was hurt, beaten up and in pain, it hurt me to I could feel everything. All the pain he was in, I felt it, I cringed and dropped to the floor in agony, then they were all gone.

"Pan!" Trunks picked me up and carried me out to the lounge, I pried my eyes open and felt my cheeks were wet. Trunks had me cradled in his arms on the couch in the lounge, Bulma was dabbing my forehead with a wet cloth and Vegeta and the rest of the gang were standing back, Vegeta in his typical arms crossed pose against the wall. I rolled more into Trunk's arms and cried against his chest,

"tell them to go please, I don't want them to see me like this" I whispered to him

"all of you go now" he said strickly but not yelling, they didn't argue Trunks was not one to make mad and so they quickly moved out of the room. Even Vegeta moved out, after he had studied me quietly to himself and had considered me fine, I caught him doing this several times and it mad me feel good knowing that my boyfriends father, whom was Vegeta and known for being one of the most cruellest people in the universe, had excepted me.

After we had been left alone I explained to Trunks what happened,

"Trunks we have to find him, I cant leave him like that" I pleaded to him, my heart was still beating fast, Trunks rubbed my back to calm me down it wasn't working very much though and I was still in panic.

"Pan calm down" he whispered but I took no notice, he took my chin and pulled my mouth towards his. He kissed me softly on the lips and I slowly gave into him, melting into his embrace, his lips were so soft and warm that they were the only thing I could concentrate on

"I'm glad that worked" he said pulling away "alright now?" I looked into his eyes, then down at the ground

"yes" I said simply, I got up off his lap and tried to move away, but Trunks grabbed my wrist

"Pan…." I let out a little yelp and sunk to the ground in pain, I whimpered and Trunks was quickly by my side picking me up again. He pulled up my sleaves and exposed the bruises, he looked up at me with a straight face that I knew he made when he was angry,

"Trunks please…." I said quietly "calm down, its nothing"

"Pan I promised that if anyone hurt you I would kill them, and now he's hurt you more then once" behind him his tail was loose and flickering back and forth.

I stood up and moved out of his arms, at his point I was actually scared of Trunks. But as I moved out of his arms his face softened completely,

"Pan wait, I'm sorry" he stood up and moved his hands to my waist, I looked away,

"Trunks I want him dead to……… but finding Daniel at the moment is far more important to me" he made me look up at him and smiled, not a smirk, and genuine smile.

"ok we'll find him, but…" I sighed and he laughed "but, lets just get some rest first alright" I smiled

"alright" he smirked evilly, and suddenly he had me swung over his shoulder "hey!" I started laughing

"come on Trunks put me down!" he started to tickle me and I giggled even more. He was just laughing softly to himself, then I felt myself being flipped over onto my back and pouncing softly on my back on Trunks bed. Trunks smirked again and climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs, he took my waist and pulled me down under him he started kissing around my collar bone and up and down my neck, I sighed happily. I felt his hand going up the back of my shirt and he undid my bikini top slowly, he started kissing me on the lips, tongue and all,

"Trunks!" Bra came running into the room "ewwwwwwww!" she said, I started giggling and Trunks got off me annoyed and frustrated,

"what Bra?" he snapped

"hey, don't growl me, if u don't wanna get caught doin that don't do it in the house" Bra said folding her arms and poking out her tongue

"alright, alright, what is it?" then all of a sudden her face went all sad, "this boy tried to kiss me and I said no and he was being annoying" she pouted at her brother

"he wasn't from my gang was he?" I asked trying to do up my bikini again

"no I don't think so" she said

"why were you out by yourself Bra?" Trunks asked seriously

"umm………" she hadn't been expecting that one "I just wanted to go by myself for a little while" she gave the innocent look

"how old was he?" I asked her, Trunks just looked at me with a look that said 'who cares' I laughed

"umm…bout 14 I guess, I dunno" she answered

"ok I dunno then" Trunks rolled his eyes, "if you see him again just tell us ok" she nodded and walked out, I was still trying to do up my bikini but I was standing now. Trunks took my hands softly and pulled the strings out of them and did it up himself. I smiled sweetly

"thanx" he laughed

"I would rather it was undone, but we're not gunna be able to do anything here" I smiled at him

"ah, so you do listen to your sister" he poked out his tongue at me.


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