By the time Sanji and Zoro were approaching the Going Merry, the sun had set long ago. Seeing the two men walking towards the ship, Robin breathed a sigh of relief.

"Here they come," she chuckled, turning round to the rest of the crew occupying themselves on deck.

"Ah, thank goodness..." Nami sighed, drawing towards the rail of the Merry and looking out towards them. Suddenly, her expression changed from one of relief, into a dark, menacing scowl.

Sanji was the first to board the ship, arms full of brown paper bags, bursting with food. Zoro came up the gangplank just behind him, holding four big, white carriers. Sanji grinned when he saw the girls.

"Ah, Nami-san, Robin-chan...I'm so happy to be met with such fine company as yourselves!" he chirped skipping over to them."I've been to hell and back with this marimo..." He glared at Zoro, but it was more of a dramatic glare than a real I-hate-you-right-now glare...Robin just chuckled.


Sanji and Zoro fell down onto the deck simultaneously, two large bumps emerging from beneath their hair. Nami clenched her fists, a little plume of smoke trailing out from her ear.

"And where where you all day, hmm?" She spat, grabbing the two confused nakama by their shirts and shaking them violently.

"Shopping?" she threatened, eyeing the bags menacingly. "Or just enjoying yourselves?! I didn't know you were so fond of each others company?!"

Zoro felt his face growing red, but he regained his composure a split second after he lost it. Sanji wasn't as fortunate.

"En-enjoying his co-company?!" Sanji stuttered helplessly, still gripped in Nami's vice-like hold. He laughed unconvincingly. "Don't be so ridiculous Nami-san!..."

Nami looked oddly at Sanji for a moment (she was always the first, after Robin, to sense when something was wrong... especially with Sanji), but thought she'd better let it drop.

"Well," she sighed, slackening her grip, "the others got back hours ago. It's nearly ten o'clock. What on earth too you so long?" Nami looked at Zoro for an answer, actually feeling a little sorry for Sanji-kun in his flustered state.

"Hmm?" Zoro said, raising an eyebrow. Seeing Nami glare again threateningly, he answered. "Oh. Well, we went to this department store to get some shitty suits for the shitty cook. Shitty cook picked a pile of shitty shirts, so I had to do the dirty work and get him one that didn't look like it had been designed by Luffy. When I got back to his cubicle, shitty cook's standing there in just his trousers and a jacket, so I thought..."

Sanji couldn't believe what he was hearing. He just listened, eyes wide. He wouldn't. There's no way. There's no fucking way. Absolutely, one hundred percent, no.

"...well, I'd better give him a hand. So, I was busy helping him strip, when he suddenly decides he likes it, and pins me against the wall. Anyway, things got a bit frisky, and I guess I moaned a bit too loudly- the damn security guard threw us out when he saw what we were doing. Bloody bastard..."

Sanji just gaped. Nami let her eyes grow wide. Robin chuckled.

No...please God, Satan, anyone...shut the damn marimo up...

"And then-?" Luffy's voice shot out from behind Robin, his eyes wide, a big grin on his face. He looked like he was about to burst from excitement.

"LUFFY! Shut the hell up!" Sanji had at last found his voice. He turned to Zoro, his face dark and full of contempt. "And you, shitty bastard - watch your tongue, or I'll cook it before you can say another damn word."

Zoro grinned, his eyes sparkling.


Sanji got up, brushed himself off, and walked slowly into the kitchen, leaving his nakama more than a little intrigued behind him.

Merry was silent. Robin sat up on watch, a blanket round her shoulders and a mug of cocoa steaming in her hands. She watched the sparkling, starry sky above her, and laughed.

The bright rays of the moon shone in through the windows of the boy's cabin, casting light on the strung-up bunks, swaying slightly from the breath of their occupants. Luffy's snores filled the silence every now and then, making Zoro flinch as he sat in the dark, thinking. And watching. He glanced at Chopper and Usopp, both sleeping with little smiles on their faces, faint murmurs escaping from them every now and then.

Zoro smiled affectionately, as he watched Chopper giggle to himself and blush in his dreams. Then he let his eye rest on the cook. His bunk was relatively close to Zoro's but his body was turned away from the swordsman. Zoro scowled.

Damn cook. Why can't he face me, like he always does? Can't take a damn joke...

Every night, for the past few weeks, Zoro had gazed at the silent, sleeping cook with something more than interest. At first, it had been with curiosity with which Zoro had mused over the cook - how he could be so slight, yet so strong ; why he fawned over the women, yet had never had a girlfriend ; how he could be such a bastard...yet be so... sexy?

By the time Zoro's thought process had progressed this far, he had stopped resisting the feelings he had developed. He had accepted that that was how he felt- and the more he watched the cook, the deeper he fell into this dark, unending maze.

After weeks of watching, admiring and wanting, Zoro realized that fantasies were never going to be enough. His dreams, once monopolized by thoughts of being the world's greatest swordsman, had been knocked aside by an endless, lust-filled obsession for Sanji. Zoro wanted every part of him - his thoughts, his body, his glances, his cooking...his love.

Zoro sighed. Sanji's turned body, whether it was done deliberately or not, had cut Zoro's usual session of watching short - seeing his back, with its light, creamy skin, strong shoulder blades and seductive curve was driving Zoro towards doing something he shouldn't - couldn't - do. Instead, Zoro turned onto his back, took a deep breath, and let his thoughts fill with dreams of Sanji - as he let Zoro bind him, kiss him, tease him...Zoro's eyes closed to the sound of the soft moans, slowly slipping from the cook's lips in his dreams.

Zoro opened his eyes, still not entirely sure of his surroundings. As he came to, he thought he could hear the sound of muffled moans in the distance... Things started to come into focus, and Zoro recognised the ceiling of he boy's cabin, the soft moonlight still streaming in, and a soft, breathy whisper coming from one of the bunks.


Zoro sat up, not quite sure if he'd heard right. He listened.

Did Sanji just...?

Zoro lent over towards the cook's bunk, straining his ears almost painfully. Sanji moaned. Zoro flinched, and felt his chest tighten. At first he hesitated momentarily, then he got to his feet. After stretching, he slowly and silently crept around in front of the cook...he was fast asleep.

"Mmm..must have imagined it, I guess."

Zoro breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't have to face the cook as he was - with his heart pounding, and face probably a little pink. He lent a little closer to Sanji. It was then he realized - the cook's face was flushed bright pink in the moonlight. His lips were parted, and they trembled ever so slightly as he mumbled something Zoro couldn't hear. All of a sudden, Sanji's body squirmed and his face creased with pleasure. His moans began to drift out from his lips, quietly at first, and then they increased in rapidity and volume.

"Ah...z...zoro...AH!" Sanji cried out suddenly, his body arching.

Before he knew what he was doing, Zoro clasped his hand over the cook's mouth hurriedly to silence the groans. He blushed crimson as he felt Sanji's lips move over his palm, still murmuring, still whispering in pleasure. Still asleep.

"Idiot..." Zoro whispered as he felt that familiar excitement rising in his stomach. He looked down over Sanji's exposed body, his blanket pushed off during his dream. He let his eyes trail down over the exposed flesh...his neck, his shoulders, his chest...his hands. Zoro watched the fingers flexing in an odd sort of trance - then he let his hand wander down over the cook's perfectly toned stomach and strong abdomen...he swallowed. His fingers stopped whenthey reached his underwear.

Suddenly, Sanji writhed under the swordsman's fingers, and a delightful moan fell from his lips - fighting its way through Zoro's palm. The sound was one of excitement, ecstasy...but most of all, pleasure.

"M...more...Zoro!" Sanji panted, his eyes still closed, his whole body utterly lost in his fantasies.

It was just too much, and Zoro couldn't stop himself He released the cook's lips from his hand, lightly trailing his fingers down Sanji's neck and across his chest. His hand came to rest on his stomach, and he grinned as the cook groaned faintly. He squirmed again. Zoro let his hands move once more, teasing, and slowly tracing his fingers over the cook's sensitive, nerve-enriched skin.

"Shit..." Zoro breathed, feeling the blood starting to rush towards his groin. "Damn cook..."

All of a sudden, Sanji's fingers gripped onto Zoro's shirt, as he stood towering over him, bringing his fingers closer and closer to Sanji's underwear.

"Zoro...zoro...ZORO..." he whispered urgently, his voice laced with the lust and the desire of his dreams.

The swordsman's face suddenly darkened, and a deep growl rose in his throat. He slipped on top of Sanji, and straddled himself between the cook's knees. Placing his fingers into his boxers, he ran them over the cook's throbbing erection. Sanji's whole being convulsed from the sensation, and he his hands gripped the bunk. Zoro's eyes flashed. He leaned close into the dreaming cook, and grinned slyly.

"Sorry, Sanji. But you asked me for it."

In a flash, Zoro had yanked the boxers off, and wrapped his mouth around the cook's erection. He sucked and he licked, running his tongue all over the cook's member, tasting his intoxicating flavour. Every moan which fell from his victim filled him with more passion. He took Sanji deep into the back of his throat, and moaned - the deep rumble reverberating up through the cook's spine, sending shivers streaking around his already trembling body. Zoro felt him tense as he ran his tongue over the tip of his erection, and slowly swirled it around. Sanji was panting heavily, and Zoro was sweating from the heat of his lust ; he couldn't see past it, filling his mind. But he needed more. He wanted to make his fantasies come true - he wanted Sanji to scream with pleasure, he wanted Zoro's touch to make the Sanji melt, he wanted to suck the cook's lips...

He wanted Sanji helpless - blind, gagged and bound. Pleading for mercy, for release. As these thoughts raced through Zoro's mind, his mouth became wilder and rougher - his tongue ravaged Sanji's cock like an animal, until suddenly, Sanji gasped.

"Zoro!" he said urgently. "I..I'm coming-"

A think, hot liquid flooded into Zoro's mouth, as a final moan erupted from the cook as he came. His body relaxed. He lay, panting for breath, in the moonlight, fingers still clutching the bunk. Zoro licked his lips and glanced up at the cook, who was watching him under hooded, misty eyes. Zoro returned his tongue to Sanji's crotch, and licked him clean. During his sleep, the cook had parted his legs invitingly, and Zoro had slipped in closer between them, eager.


"Shut it, ero-cook, I'm not finished."

"But I've already-"

Zoro grinned lasciviously.

"Right. Which means you'll be twice as sensitive..."

Zoro grabbed Sanji by his waist, and twisted his light frame over easily. Undoing his pants, Zoro quickly shed the few clothes he had on, and gripped Sanji's waist. The cook, now wide awake (but certainly not complaining) was watching him slightly worriedly. He looked exhausted, his body feeling spent and used up. But, that would never do.

"Get ready."

"Wait...w-what do you m-?"

Sanji never got the chance to finish before he felt Zoro's warm, wet tongue slip inside his asshole.

"Ahh!" he cried out, clasping his hands over his mouth just in time and biting his hand. Usopp, Luffy and Chopper were sleeping only a few hundred yards away - silence was vital.

He squirmed and writhed from the sensations flooding through him, and he quickly felt his cock getting hard again.

"Shit, Zoro..." he breathed.

He could almost hear the swordsman's grin.

"Brace yourself."

This time, Sanji did as he was told. A terrible searing pain shot through his backside, but this was soon overcome by an incredible sensation. Sanji collapsed forward, only supported by one of Zoro's hands. Zoro smiled.

"Hah...and that's only one finger..."

Slowly, as the cook gradually became looser, Zoro had placed three fingers inside. As he twisted them slowly, he softly brushed against Sanji's prostate,making him cry out from hypersensitivity.

His whole judgement clouded, Zoro positioned himself, then he slowly pushed himself inside.

At first he moved slowly, getting used to the close warmth around his erection, and letting Sanji adjust. Then he began to move. He thrust in and out, as hard as he could, every cry from Sanji driving him deeper and deeper. He drew out slowly, and then plunged back in - it was all the cook could do not to scream.

"Zoooorrrooo..." he slurred, a mixture of lust, desire, pain, and begging.

The swordsman hit his prostate head on, and as the cook let out a huge, desperate groan, Zoro and Sanji (for the second time) came. Sanji shivered as he felt Zoro's come fill him up. They both gasped, trying to take in air- utterly breathless, spent and exhausted.

Zoro drew himself out slowly, and the cook collapsed forward. A small trickle of come slipped out from his asshole, still open from Zoro's merciless thrusting. The swordsman couldn't stifle the feeling of pride and pleasure coursing through him. He was the first to speak.

" alright?" he asked, still breathless.

Sanji turned onto his back to face Zoro, and sat up slowly. He winced.

"Shit, you really are a rough guy..."

Zoro threw his head back and laughed.

"Come on - you like being dominated! Think you'll still be able to walk tomorrow?"

Sanji glared.

"Hell, after you put that in me, I don't know if I'll even be able to move..."

There was a brief silence, as Sanji tried to hide the matching grin emerging on his face. As they sat there in the moonlight he caught Zoro's eye, and their laughter filled the cabin.

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