A pretty white she-cat with black spots was walking up to a cave. She sniffed and smelled more cats in there. She ran in very quickly and hit her head on a side of the wall. "Oww," she hissed. The she-cat then started to walk, still dizzy from before. She finally got to the end of the cave. Even though this she-cat has been here a million times before, the sight was always breath taking. There a stone stood, while the milky moon shined down on it. There were also four cats that stood in front of the rock. Their faces looked annoyed.

"Brambleberry!" a mottled dark brown tom hissed. "What took you so long?" he growled.

Brambleberry looked at her paws. "Lots of stuff happened."

"Like what?" a pale silver tom asked.

"I think greencough is going to be a problem in my Clan soon," she answered.

"Hawkheart and Sagewhisker said the same thing," the pale tom mewed. "ThunderClan is doing great!" he boasted.

"Shut up, Featherwhisker!" a dark gray she-cat spat.

"No you shut up, Yellowfang!" Featherwhisker spat back.

The two then started to bicker.

"You both shut up!" Hawkheart growled. "Featherwhisker, you're a full time medicine cat, for StarClan's sake!" he hissed. "Goosefeather wouldn't be proud of what you're doing!"

Featherwhisker looked at his paws.

"And Yellowfang," Sagewhisker growled, looking at her apprentice. "You know better than to start a fight like that!"

Yellowfang just twitched her tail, and cocked her head at Brambleberry. "Where's Mudfur?" she asked.

"Grieving," Brambleberry mewed.

"He's still grieving over his mate?" Featherwhisker asked.

"Losing a mate is horrible Featherwhisker," Yellowfang murmured, looking at her paws like something was wrong.

Everyone, but Sagewhisker, cocked their heads.

Hawkheart was getting ready to say something till Sagewhisker interrupted him.

"How about we talk to StarClan…NOW," she quickly mewed.

Brambleberry wondered for a moment if something had happened in ShadowClan. She shook her head. Not my problem. She thought. Brambleberry then padded over to the Moonstone. She was getting ready to put her nose to it, only to hear Yellowfang and Featherwhisker bickering on the other side. Brambleberry rolled her eyes and padded over to them. They didn't seem to notice her, so she shot in right between them. Yellowfang looked at her like she was crazy, while Featherwhisker just snorted and touched his nose to the stone. Brambleberry waited for Yellowfang to do the same thing, and then Brambleberry did it.

Brambleberry awoke in her dream. StarClan seem a little emptier than before, but she ignored it and padded down StarClan's hills. She then saw a cat at the top of one of the hills. So she walked over to it, and her heart skipped a beat.

There, stood a light brown and white she-cat with darker brown stripes before Brambleberry. Her icy blue eyes looked warmly at her. "Brambleberry, my sweet daughter," she mewed.

"Sweetflower," Brambleberry whispered. "My mother," Brambleberry mewed, before taking off up the hill.

"How is my daughter doing?" Sweetflower asked.

"So and so," Brambleberry murmured, "I also found out that Crookedstar isn't evil!" Brambleberry mewed, excitedly. "He just didn't know that his evil Dark Forest mentor, Mapleshade, was bad!" Brambleberry paused for a breath. "He thought she was a StarClan cat, and…" Sweetflower then put her tail over Brambleberry's mouth.

"I know what happened, and I'm very proud of you!" Sweetflower mewed. Then she licked her daughter's head.

"Do you have something to say to me?" Brambleberry asked, rubbing her mother's head.

"In matter of fact I do," Sweetflower mewed, looking at her paws.

Brambleberry looked at the ground. "It's not good, isn't it?"

Sweetflower shook her head. "No, I'm afraid not."

Brambleberry just sighed.

"This Leaf-bare will be hard on RiverClan this year," Sweetflower mewed.

Brambleberry cocked her head. "Leaf-bare is always hard on RiverClan."

Sweetflower shook her head, "This Leaf-bare will be even worse."

"What will happen?" Brambleberry asked.

"Twolegs will bring their dogs into the forest," Sweetflower mewed.

"Mother, you're being weird," Brambleberry murmured. "RiverClan can cope with Twolegs and dogs."

"Shh!" Sweetflower hissed. "You didn't let me finish," Sweetflower mewed. Then she cleared her throat, "These dogs are killers."

Brambleberry suddenly felt a chill go down her spine when she heard her mother say 'killers'. "I-If these dogs are killers, than why aren't the Twolegs keeping them on leashes?" she asked.

"Because Twolegs let them kill stuff," Sweetflower growled.

Brambleberry gasped, she never knew how evil Twolegs could be. "Why do Twolegs let them?"

Sweetflower shook her head, "I don't know…maybe for sport?" Sweetflower suggested.

Brambleberry felt sick in her stomach.

Sweetflower padded over to her daughter, and put her head on top of Brambleberry's head. "Don't worry my daughter," she murmured. "Everything will be ok." Sweetflower then started to fade away.

"Wait!" Brambleberry mewed.

"Yes?" Sweetflower mewed.

"How will RiverClan survive? What can we do? What do we do-" Sweetflower then put her almost faded away tail, over Brambleberry's mouth.

"Even the tiniest claw, can save a Clan from destruction…"