xX A few years later Xx

Roselily sat outside her new RiverClan camp. She felt the warm breeze go through her cream pelt. It'll be a nice Greenleaf this year…I can feel it. She thought.

A lot had changed during these past few years. After Tinyclaw died, Mosspelt was never seen again. And then a few moons after that, some Twolegs started to build stuff over the Clan's homes. So every Clan was forced to leave their home and go somewhere else.

There were some bumps in the road, even some deaths, but the Clans survived and made it to this new rich land.

Even though Roselily missed her old home, she liked her new one better. Even her kits and her Clan loved it as well.

"Roselily!" Honeypaw yelled as she squeezed through the RiverClan's entrance. She was then followed by her two sisters.

Roselily smiled at them. "How are my lovelies?" she asked, licking Mistypaw's head as she walked over to her.

Mistypaw then stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"Leopardstar said that we could become warriors in the next quarter moon!" Quincepaw exclaimed in happiness.

"As long as we train well though!" Honeypaw butted in.

"I think I heard our mentors calling!" Mistypaw exclaimed. Then she whipped around and bounded away to the lake, followed quickly by her sisters.

Roselily just laughed and lied down on her stomach and placed her head on her paws. She then looked up and the sky and sighed. "You would have been proud of how far you're daughters have gotten my love…Strange none of them had your black fur, but I see your spirit in them just the same," she mewed. She then closed her eyes and let the darkness of sleep sweep over her.

She then reopened her eyes into her dream. This dream was different than what most of her dreams were like. Usually she was chasing a mouse or catching a fish, but it was completely black this time. What's going on…? She thought. Am I really dreaming or…

Then a noise rustled like leaves in front of her, and she whipped her head around to see Brambleberry. This made Roselily gasp in surprise; she nearly didn't recognize the old medicine cat. Her white mangy pelt was smooth and pretty, and she looked much younger as well.

The medicine cat then giggled. "Surprised, aren't you?" she asked with amusement in her face.

"W-What's a medicine cat like you doing in my dream?!" Roselily asked in shock.

"Well, I have someone that needs to give you a message," Brambleberry mewed. She then turned her head to the side were she came from. "You can come out now, Tinyclaw," she ordered.

There was another rustling noise from the spot Brambleberry came from and then Tinyclaw slid through and was in front of Roselily.

Roselily's heart then skipped a beat as she ran over to her dead mate. "Tinyclaw!" she exclaimed as she rubbed her head against his.

Tinyclaw then smiled and rubbed back. "I've missed you so much my love," he mewed, licking her cheek.

Roselily then licked his cheek back. "I've missed you so much also," she mewed.

"Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt, but Tinyclaw we have to go soon," Brambleberry mewed.

Tinyclaw then nodded to her. "Right, right." He then rolled his eyes. "She never gives me time to do anything," he whispered playfully to Roselily, making her giggle.

Brambleberry just snorted. "C'mon," she growled, yet there was some amusement in the growl.

"Anyway Roselily, I've come to give you a prophecy," Tinyclaw mewed.

Roselily cocked her head to the side. "Prophecy?" she asked.

Tinyclaw ignored her. "Even the tiniest claw, can save a Clan from destruction, but be aware of an enemy who can be as powerful with the tooth. And once the powerful tooth think it has won, a rose's sharp thorns will end its destruction forever…"

Roselily just looked at him confused. "What?" she asked.

Tinyclaw then licked her nose. "You'll know soon my love," he mewed. He then started to fade away, along with Brambleberry.

Roselily then woke up gasping and stood up. "Whoah…" she mewed. "That was weird-"

All of a sudden a scream came from Mistypaw from down the lake, cutting Roselily off.

Roselily gasped and bolted to the lake side and almost couldn't believe what she was seeing…It was Mosspelt! The tortoiseshell looked old, her pelt was mangy and she looked skinny.

"W-Who are you?!" Mistypaw yelped. Her ear was bleeding.

Mosspelt smirked. "Just tell your daddy that Mosspelt says hi!" she exclaimed, as she was getting ready to attack Mistypaw again.

"No!" Roselily screeched as she ran and hit herself against Mosspelt, causing the tortoiseshell to loss balance and fall over.

Roselily then regain balance herself and looked at Mistypaw. "Go back to the Clan, now!" she ordered.

Mistypaw stood there for a moment in shock, then slowly walked away and then broke into a run.

Roselily then turned her attention back to Mosspelt, who was getting ready to attack her, but Roselily dodged.

Mosspelt then landed into the water from the lake behind Roselily. The she-cat then walked up to shore and shook out her pelt and growled. "Fancy seeing you here, Rosesilly," Mosspelt smirked.

Roselily then growled. "What are you doing back here, Mosspelt?" she asked.

"I was looking to see where the Clans had gone too," she mewed. "I can't believe you all left without me!" she exclaimed sarcastically.

Roselily growled again. "And I wish you stay and rotted back at home," she hissed.

"Well, that was rude…" Mosspelt mewed.

Roselily growled and launched herself at Mosspelt, and managed to slice open her side, causing Mosspelt to yowl out in pain.

Mosspelt then hit Roselily's head, making her get dizzy, and then she tackled Roselily to the ground and stood on top of her.

"Do you want to finish this now Roselily?" she asked.

The prophecy then rung in Roselily's ears, however she didn't know why. Instead she used the Belly rake move and Mosspelt hopped off of her. Roselily then stood up and nodded. "Yes, I would," she mewed.

Mosspelt then wickedly grinned and hurled herself at Roselily again, however this time she jumped on the cream she-cat's back and started to scratch it endlessly.

Roselily moan out in pain and flipped over and crushed Mosspelt underneath her, causing the tortoiseshell to let go.

Roselily then placed her paw against Mosspelt's neck and unsheathed her claws. "Any last words, Mosspelt?" she asked, sticking the claws deeper and deeper into Mosspelt's neck.

Mosspelt looked worried for a moment then smirked. "I can see it in your eyes, Roselily" she mewed.

Roselily looked at her confused. "See what?" she asked, growling.

"You're afraid to kill me," she mewed back.

Roselily's fur then tensed up, Mosspelt was right, Roselily felt wrong doing this. But why…? She thought.

Mosspelt smirked again. "A weakling like you isn't worth being a RiverClan warrior…"

The prophecy then rung in Roselily's head again and finally she realized what she had to do. "I'm not a weakling, Mosspelt…" she mewed.

"Yeah right," the tortoiseshell grunted.

Roselily then hissed and sliced open Mosspelt's throat, cause her the gag up blood.

"You're the weakling, Mosspelt," she mewed. "You're the one who did this to yourself…"

Mosspelt tried to hiss, but failed and coughed up some blood. "T…This won't be the last time you see me, Roselily…!" And with that, Mosspelt slowly closed her eyes and died.

Roselily then sighed and looked back up into the sky. She felt her Clanmates gather around her, but she just ignored them. "I was the rose thorn…" she mewed. "I get it now…" She mewed once more, looking at her bloodstained paw.

"Roselily!" Leopardstar exclaimed and she pushed her way through her Clanmates and to the cream she-cat. "What happened?!"

Roselily then looked at her. "Even the tiniest claw, can save a Clan from destruction, but be aware of an enemy who can be as powerful with the tooth. And once the powerful tooth think it has won, a rose's sharp thorns will end its destruction forever…"


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