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Post-Bellum for the Certifiably Insane

Chapter One: Things Change

The Hyperion engineer ran as fast as he could. He tripped and stumbled, but managed to keep sprinting for fear of his life. It was chasing him, and as far as he could remember it never failed to catch its prey. Up in the rafters he heard its footsteps, it was almost right above him. He had to keep running. The engineer's pants grew heavier as he grew tired, if only he had gotten the battle engineer augmentation while he had the chance. But no, he wanted to just build and repair instead of fight, his mistake. Hyperion had fallen so suddenly, he wasn't ready to face the real dangers of Pandora. After the death of Handsome Jack, the Crimson Raiders were hunting down any and all Hyperion employees, but recently things have been different. They had been targeting anyone with any sort of technical know how, no engineer was safe. The thing chasing him was something he and his co-workers dreaded most of all. Out of the four soldiers the Raiders sent out to hunt them down, this was the most efficient and ruthless. It was like it didn't feel anything, like each death was just a number to its kill count. While this cold manner of killing scared the engineer he did understand why, after all Hyperion had done they deserved to fall, and fall they did. The engineer was almost out of energy, he knew he wasn't going to escape but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try. Suddenly, the object of his fear jumped down on him, pinning him on the floor. He looked up with fear in his eyes and saw a black visor, dark and emotionless. The lone figure drew a blade, what looked like a glowing blue katana digi-structed from its hilt. Next thing the engineer knew, the blade was pressed up against his neck, dangerously close to cutting that vital artery. "The new U machines, why do they not function right, how do you work them!" the assassin snarled, pressing his blade closer.

"I- I don't know, they never really did work right, only some luck people got into the system sometimes and they were only there temporarily!" stammered the engineer, trying not to get killed so he could leave this God forsaken planet.

"How do you enter, how do you put someone in, tell me now or die!" the assassin pressed on

"Please I was just a lowly engineer, I didn't even fight! All I did was work on digi-struct technology, I never hurt anyone!" he wailed

The assassin didn't care, "Hyperion must die, all those who followed it will too, I swore to Roland!" With that the masked figure brought his katana through the engineers throat and tore it off. He called base with his echo communicator, "Maya it's Zer0, it was another dead end, they also knew nothing."

Maya's voice responded through the echo, "and you killed the guy anyways?"

"I was not so cruel, Salvador broke a guy's legs, then made him crawl back" Zer0 said defensively

"Whatever, just try not to kill everyone you interrogate. The whole 'answer me our I'll kill you' bit loses its punch if they know you're gonna do it anyways. Just come on back to sanctuary, Lilith won't be happy that we couldn't find anything," Maya said. Zer0 sighed, ever since Lilith had gotten that "message from the beyond" she has been hell bent on finding a way to work those New U machines. He understood why, the vault key had given them their memory of what had happened before the genie, which in turn brought up a lot of tender moments between her and Roland. Zer0 had tried not to think about his life before the genie, it only depressed him. He had unknowingly killed the one he loved, even if Jack had basically killed her a long time ago. He headed over to the fast travel station and tried again to figure out how the new you worked, but of course it was as mysterious as ever. Zer0 eventually gave up and fast traveled back to Sanctuary, now the capitol of Pandora.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000

Maya finished her conversation with Zer0 and hung up the echo. She did not want to be the one to break the news to Lilith. Last time a mission had been a failure, Lilith had become so enraged that she ended up causing a dormant volcano to erupt, and while it was kinda hilarious, Pandora couldn't take much more damage. She decided to get herself a drink before breaking the news, after all that had happened with Jack's defeat and her memories coming back to her she needed something. She headed over to Moxxi's bar; ready to throw back rakk juice like it there was no tomorrow. When she walked by she saw Sir Hammerlock, who was sitting in a booth, wave over to her. Deciding there was no one else in the bar she'd like to hang out with, she sat down across from him.

"Well hello Maya," he greeted in his usual British accent, "come to get rather smashed I see!"

Maya rolled her eyes, just because you have a British accent doesn't mean you're a gentleman. "Yeah, Zer0 couldn't find anyone with any sort of knowledge about those New U stations, and I think I'm gonna have to be the one to tell Lilith."

"Ah yes, Lilian had been rather…erm… for lack of a better term, bitchy, lately." Said Hammerlock, looking around to make sure Lilith didn't hear.

Maya laughed, "Well she wants to bring Roland back pretty badly…" Right when she finished, Axton sat down next to Maya and gave her cocky smile. Maya groaned, ever since the start of their Pandora adventure she had always found him pompous, arrogant, and annoying, not to mention perverted. Axton always hit on her and she got mad and phase locked him every time, but he didn't stop. Things between them eventually got a little better as their adventure went on and the team learned about each other. She figured out rather quickly that his acts of bravado were a coping mechanism for the harsh breakup and death of his ex wife, Sarah. Apparently the dog tag with the ring he wore around his neck was Sarah's and so was the ring. She had given it back to him and discharged him from the Dahl Corp. Military when he had disobeyed orders for personal glory. Right as the two started to get along, they got their memory back from the key. After that their relationship became extremely awkward, she hated to admit it but she was attracted to the ass hole. "How's it going babe?" he asked with a grin

"Well pretty good until you started hitting on me," Maya said, trying not to fall victim to his charms.

Axton gave me a curious look and turned to Hammerlock and asked, "What's got her panties in a bunch?"

"Maya has to report to Lilith about Zer0's mission, quite unfortunate really," answered Hammerlock taking a sip of his tea (which everyone knew was just rakk juice in a tea cup).

"This true?" Axton asked Maya. She reluctantly nodded her head as she took another sip. "I'll do it." She brought her head up suddenly and gave him a curious look. Axton laughed and said, "I'll do it, I figured since you told her last time you deserved a break."

"Well thank you, that's actually quite sweet of you," Maya thanked

Axton looked at his dog tag, then to Maya and added, "plus, in a way I know how she feels…" He got up from the table and walked off towards the Crimson Raider's headquarters. "Well I better head off, a man just made an incredible new finding about threshers and I must kill him and plagiarize his work at once!" exclaimed Hammerlock as he jumped from the booth and marched out of the bar. Maya laughed and got up herself to go give Moxxi her cup back. She got up to the bar counter and saw Moxxi was looking at something under the table lovingly. "Moxxi," Maya tried to get her attention but it didn't seem to work. "MOXXI!" That got her attention. Moxxi jumped up and laughed, "sorry hon, I guess I just haven't been as focused as usual lately…"
"It's happening to you too huh," Maya said, assuming that Moxxi was also gaining her memory of their time in prison.

"Yeah, things have been getting a little… awkward between Mordecai and I lately. I mean I already dumped him for Jack that one time, who turned out to be not so handsome after all, so things were pretty bad between us before, but now… I'm losing his business!"

Maya tilted her head curiously, as much as Mordecai hated Moxxi, he would never stop coming in to drown his sorrows away, even when he was tending to his new baby bird. Moxxi sighed, "and the worst part is that I'm actually starting to miss his company. I can't be attached to someone, I've got a reputation to uphold!"

Maya rolled her eyes and laughed, "Yeah, heavens forbid you actually get with someone you like."

Moxxi shook her head, "If you can, just try to get him to start dropping by again… ugh what am I becoming."

"This is almost sweet," joked Maya as she walked out the door. She waved to Moxxi and started to head over to the Raider's HQ to check up on Axton. Hopefully Lilith was taking the news OK.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000

"What do you mean he didn't know anything," yelled Lilith, "multiple sources told us he was directly involved with the New U function of the fast travel stations!"

Axton looked away from her and said, "The guy was just involved with the digi-struct tech for the fast travel stations, he never had anything to do with the New U station…"

Lilith groaned and sat down in exasperation. She was never going to bring him back at this rate, God if only they had some sort of lead. "Has Mordecai gotten back from reconnaissance yet?" she asked as she activated the holo-table in the middle of the control room.

Axton nodded his head, "Yeah I saw him over at the new bar that just opened up. He's actually hanging out there a lot lately, probably to avoid Moxxi."

Just as he said that Mordecai opened the door and said, "No it's definitely to avoid Moxxi." He walked over to the holo-table and plugged in an attachment as it appeared up on the screen. "I snuck into the Hyperion construction ruins and grabbed these blueprints of the fast travel station, maybe if we can dissemble the one here and see what's not on this diagram we'll be able to see what parts are in the New U function."

Lilith answered, "We can't dissemble this one. As much as I'd love to it's our only way up to Sanctuary and we can't take that away. You'll have to take Gaige with you and check it out.

Gaige popped her head in from the balcony and smiled, "Oh hey what's up Mordecai, I'm ready to go when you are!"

Mordecai nodded then turned back to Lilith, "Alright, what about Zer0? Did he find the out about the New U development project?"

Lilith answered, "No, apparently it was a false lead. At least with these blueprints we're one step closer."

"Yeah, well if you need me I'll be going down to the bar," said Mordecai as he walked back out of the room. As he went down the stairs he saw Maya walking up and waved to her. Maya waived back and said, "Hey Mord. Oh I've gotta ask you, why haven't I seen you at Moxxi's lately? Last week was 'everyone make fun of Salvador when he gets so drunk he thinks it's karaoke night' night, you've never missed that!"

"Yeah, well things have been getting a even more awkward between Moxxi and I. Also I honestly don't really want to see the whore again, I mean who breaks up with someone for Handsome Jack, HANDSOME JACK! Naw, I'll be chilling at Rita's." Mordecai slammed the door as he left the HQ, so Maya decided to let him cool off for a bit. She walked up and saw Axton chilling on the couch outside of Roland's room. "Darn, you're still alive," she joked as she sat down next to him

Axton was a bit confused by her friendly approach, but decided to go with it, "Yeah, looks like I have a little bit better luck with women then you."

Maya laughed, "Alright keep your ego inside there, buddy."

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000

Zer0 was sharpening his sword outside of Scooter's garage when he saw Moxxi walking towards him. He looked up at her, wondering what she could possibly want.

"Hey there sugar, I got a job for you," she said in her usual seductive tone

Zer0 stood up and asked, "What is it you need, do you want something killed, I don't do fetch quests"

Moxxi paced around him, making Zer0 a bit nervous. "I need you to off someone for me." A question mark popped up over Zer0's head, telling her to continue. "Anyways," she said, "this bitch is taking my business away and I want her taken out. Her name is Rita; she runs a bar not to far from this garage. If you kill her silently or make it seem like an accident I'll pay you handsomely."

"I don't know Moxxi, I don't kill for no reason, what'd she do to you?" asked Zer0

Moxxi stomped her foot in frustration, "I told you, she's taking my business away!"

"I don't do that type, I'm no corporate killer, I kill for revenge,"

"Fine, she's taking Mordecai from my bar and it's pissing me the fuck off. Can you get revenge for me?" she admitted

Zer0 nodded and said, "I'll accept the job, make sure to have my money, this will not be hard."

As the assassin disappeared, Moxxi smiled. She was gonna get that boyfriend stealing bitch, but first she was gonna scope out the competition.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000

Mordecai walked into Rita's bar and the place was hopping! There were people everywhere; Moxxi really was getting a run for her money. The blonde woman behind the counter noticed him sit down and walked over to him. She was pretty damn sexy, she wore a skimpy outfit with a shirt that barely concealed her chest and pair of really short shorts. "Hey Mordecai, how's it hanging?

Mordecai smiled back and said, "Pretty good Rita, Bloodwing Jr. is growing up fast. I think I'll take her on her first hunt soon."

Rita pulled out a cup and started to fill it up. "The usual?" she asked Mordecai as she finished the filling the cup. Mordecai nodded and she slid him the drink. He caught it and started to get to work on it. Man that rakk ale felt good.

"So I haven't seen many of your friends 'round here, when do I get to meet 'em?" Rita asked as she started to clean some of her glasses.

"Heh, I don't think you wanna meet my friends Rita. Plus, most of them are still pretty loyal to Moxxi because she gives them jobs and free stuff," laughed Mordecai as he took another swig.

"Ahh but that's how you keep them sugar," cooed a sexy voice. Mordecai spun around and saw Moxxi strutting in. Rita gave her a death glare as she sat down next to Mordecai, thinking the same thing as him, what is she doing here?

"I can see you're all so glad to see me," Moxxi said sarcastically as the guy across the bar bought her a drink. She grabbed the drink from the tray and winked towards her admirer, who immediately turned a dark shade of red.

"What are you doing here…" grumbled Mordecai, who was starting to down his ale even more quickly.

"I came here to check out the competition sweet heart, when I heard there was a new bar in town I just HAD to come check it out," Moxxi answered as she leaned in towards Mordecai.

"Well as you can see we're doing just fine," growled Rita, she did not like the town seductress all over Mordecai like that.

Moxxi smiled back at Rita, happy that she was getting to her, "Well I can see that! Say did you know little Mord and I used to date?"

Rita was now getting pretty mad at the both of them and glared at Mordecai, who was beginning to cower behind his liquor. "Is that so?" she said in a dangerously low tone of voice.

"Yeah," Moxxi continued, "we were quite the couple!"

"Until she dumped me for Handsome Jack," said Mordecai, who did not want to get involved with Moxxi's games. Moxxi cringed at the mention of his name, which Rita picked up in an instant.

"Oh really, you dumped sweet Mordecai here for the now dead facist?" she said with a smile

Moxxi's plan was starting to go wrong, "Well you know how it is, you meet a new guy who seems really nice at first, guy turns out not to be so nice, guy burns your Underdome down to the ground. It was a classic love story."

"Oh, you forgot the part where you kick other guy to the curb and take all his winnings with you," Mordecai spat bitterly.

Rita laughed, "Well looks like you to had a great relationship, hey Mord I got a question?"

Mordecai looked up to her and said, "Sure, what's up?"

"Well over in three horns valley there is going to be a meteor shower that only happens once every ten years. It's supposed to be pretty cool, you wanna check it out this weekend with me?"

Mordecai looked over to Moxxi, then turned back and answered, "Yeah I'll go"

Rita smiled and turned to Moxxi, waiting for a reaction. Moxxi didn't seem to lose her cool though, she just smiled and said, "Oh don't mind me, you two have fun." Mordecai seemed a little disappointed by this reaction, but then quickly remembered that he hated Moxxi's guts now. Rita was a little disappointed with the reaction, but was content that Moxxi was probably tearing herself up inside, which was possibly true. "Oh have you met my friend Zer0?" Moxxi said as she finished her drink.

Rita raised her eyebrow in curiosity, "no, I've heard about him, but I haven't met him before."

Moxxi gave her an innocent smile and said, "well I think you two would get along really well." She then turned and walked out. Mordecai sat for a couple seconds drinking, then realized what Moxxi might have done. "Oh shit, she did not," he muttered as he ran out the bar after her. Rita looked at him in confusion as he sprinted after his ex. This was one weird planet.

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