Remember! ---I own the poem, not the characters or their relationship.

Ok… here's a poem about… you guessed it!   Buffy & Spike!  Buffy is the speaker here.  And before you misinterpret my symbolic imagery, let me nip it in the bud and say right off that this ISN'T about the bathroom scene.  It's about recognizing the love that may not be pretty, may not be what you think you're supposed to want, but is real and, most important, lasting

The Bitter End

By Rashaka

A bitter end's my destiny
My fate, my life, my course
A bitter sharing and a bitter breaking
A hand-eye trading in remorse

Set down in caves and towers and alleyways
Among mountains built on falling dust
Despite a toll in blood with waking step
I still see diamonds where rule sees rust

Though the why of us is every knife
If a bitter end is all I find with you
Then know o'er luminescence sun or life
This bitter end I choose