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"Are you mad?!" Ambrose said while signing some papers

"Well I think it's our only key to finding the secrets of Malistaire's plan" Fred said pointing at the notebook

"I understand, But Krokotopia is far too dang-" Ambrose was cut off by Gamma

"You have a message from Bartleby" he said while flying over the headmaster opening his beak to drop the note



You must allow them to krokotopia I had a vision.. if only I could remember it, what I do remember is that they must be in krokotopia at this time it is the uppermost importance that they do. This is for the well being of the spiral

Letting out a sigh the headmaster opened some drawers in his desk and placed 5 majestic looking items on the top corner of his desk

"Take these, They will allow you to pass through the Spiral" he said handing each of them their own

"head into the secret entrance in Bartleby and hold them up into the door once the portal opens carefully step in and look for a world of desserts and pyramids" he said

"Awesome, we're on it!" Alura said giving the headmaster a thumbs up

Before they made their way to Bartleby they went to the Bazaar

"Thank you, come again!" the owner of te shop said as they stepped outside

Each where now in krokotopian style clothing in the same colors besides Elizabeth in purple now but kept a hood

"So, uh." Fred said Glaring at the cloth that covered the lower area of Elizabeth's face

"What's wrong" she said giving a confusing look

"Nothing" he said looking at the ground now

"Okay let's go" Caroline said adjusting her new eagle beaked hat

They passed through the massive crowds of the Shopping District and the Commons. Everyone seemed to stare at the five in surprise as if they had just seen a ghost, Five ghost in fact

In Raven Wood they looked up at the one eyed tree.

"Ah, I was expecting you" he said in a soft breathy voice

"Please do enter" there was a small rumble and a door formed on the bottom of the tree

One by one they walked into the life filled sanctuary with a door in the center of the room

Bartleby's voice appeared

"This door leads to the spiral. The spiral is what connects all the worlds. Once in you will notice many worlds it's easy to get lost, please take the path and you should find your way to Krokotopia" he explained

Daniel stepped up to the door and reached into his backpack grabbed the Amulet with an orange pearl in the middle. He held it up to the door and a portal opened. He saw pitch blackness at first then bits of light and different colored orbs with figures in them

His head tilted down let out a gulp and stepped forward

"Here I go" he said putting his hand in then was pulled in and didn't come out

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