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"When are we gonna be going back to Krokotopia?" Daniel asked Alura they were both standing next to a tree near the commons lake

"Next time we regroup, we can't expect to be there 24 7" Alura said skipping a rock in the lake

"Guess your right" Daniel said watching the circles grow in the water caused by the pebble

Daniel got and picked up his backpack

"I'm gonna go check in a book I owe the library" Daniel said showing her a book named "The art of life"

"Okay I'll be waiting here" Alura said sitting against the tree under the shade

Right as Daniel was about to cross the bridge There was a smoke above him and down came a figure right on top of Daniel

"H-hey what's the big idea!?" Daniel said getting up

He looked at what had teleported above him and he was more then surprised at what he saw

A light skinned girl with blue eyes and long snow like hair

"Amanda!" Daniel said with a small gasp

"What're you doing here?!" Daniel said with excitement and amazement mixed

It took her a while to process all that had happened until she finally looked up at Daniel

Her eyes widened and she quickly greeted him with a hug

"Where am I?" She said finally making sense looking around

"Wizard City" Daniel said with a smile

"Wizard City?! As in, real wizards?" she said in shock still scanning the whole place with her eyes

"Don't believe me I'll show you" he said holding out his palm

When she looked a rose slowly sprouted from the center of his hand and he picked it

"Rose?" he said holding it to her

"No way!" she said

"Anyways, I can't believe you where summoned" he said

"Me either" she said

"I think you should go see the head master, he'll explain everything" Daniel said pointing to the headmaster's office

"Um, okay what about you?" she asked looking at the office and back at Daniel

"If you need me I'll be in the library that building over there across this bridge" pointing to the building behind her

"Thanks" she said to him with another hug

"No problem" he said with a warm smile

"Hey, you should get going you don't wanna keep Merel waiting" he said walking away

"I can't believe this" she thought to herself as she walked closer to the head masters office

"Am I really a wizard? And can I really use magic? Is this just a dream?" These thoughts filled her head until she finally opened the door to the headmaster's office

"Ah, Amanda am I right?" he said looking up at her

"Yes" she said nodding in a nervous voice

"No need to worry you will be taken care of here, especially with your Older brother around" he said

"Thanks that's reassuring" she said

"Now please fill out this form and take these" he said holding out a key

"This will be your dorm key on the back of that form is a map of Wizard City" he said getting back to work

"Thank you" she said with a bow and left the room

"Now let's see, dorm dorm dorm" she said to herself looking at the map

"Oh here it is Girls Dorm in raven wood"

As she was walking through the tunnel to raven wood she looked at the leather tag on her key chain 27 E was carved in

Finally she was outside the tunnel in raven wood

"Amazing" Amanda said looking up as the grandfather tree as it towered over her

She made her way into the girls door, up 5 flights of stairs and past 26 doors until she finally found hers

She turned the knob and opened the door

Her room was already set up with a bed and a desk with a view of the storm ice and fire school, she also found a chest

She sat at the desk and began filling in the form

A few minutes later she answered the final question and read the last sentence

"Please make your way to the stork in Golem Court" she read out loud

In golem court she spotted the tall stork and handed him the paper

"Ah yes, Amanda you are a student of Ice and a craftsman" he said handing her a wand and a note from a woman named tangina

"Welcome to Wizard City, feel free to attend your classes if you have any questions this book will have the answers" he said handing her a thick book but it was surprisingly light

"Thank you" she said as she left golem court and headed back to the library

As she made her way in she looked around and couldn't find Daniel she made her way up stairs and there he was Reading a book next to 4 other people

Before she could speak Daniel looked up from his book and spotted Amanda. He gestured her to come over

"Hey guys!" he said quietly so others could read

"What is it?" Elizabeth said putting down her black book

"I'd like you all to meet my sister Amanda" he said putting his hand on her shoulder

"Wow you never told us you had a sister" Fred said

"Amanda these are my 4 friends Caroline." He began

"Hello" Caroline said with a smile


"Hi!" Fred waved


"Nice to meet you" she said

"And Alura"

"it's a pleasure" she said

"Hello" Amanda gave a slight bow

"So what school where you assigned?" Daniel asked

"Ice" she said showing him her wand

"Just like me!" Fred said in the back round

"it says I'm also a craftsman" she showed the ring that she had gotten it was wooden but it had a C. carved in

"Craftsman? Why have I never heard of that?" Elizabeth asked

"It says here in this book" Caroline began as she pointed in her book

"As a craftsman you have the ability to create and produce Gear Furniture and even houses. Your abilities are special because everything you make is unique and the quality of the gear Is based on the craftsman's skill. No gear can compare to that of a craftsman for they are in complete control of their creations" she finished

"Pretty cool" Alura said

"Didn't you take woodshop in your old classes?" Daniel asked

"Uh yeah" she said thinking back to her old life

"So you're a natural!" he said

A messenger owl came flying in and landed on the desk in front of them

Elizabeth picked up the note and sent the owl away

"It's for you" she said handing her the paper

Amanda began reading

Please see me in the ice school you have much to learn

~ G.

"Hey guys I have to get going" she said as she slipped the note in her pocket

"Alright, tell me if you need anything" Daniel said

"Nice meeting you all" Amanda said as she began leaving the library

She found her way to the ice school

"Why hello!" a small woman in the front called from the front

Ms. Greyrose gave her a deck of cards and some tips on ice. She explained the basics and combat as in defense.

"I hope all this helped" she said cheerfully

"It sure did" Amanda responded

"Oh Ms. Tangina asked to see you too!" Greyrose said shoving books and papers in her desk

"She's in Olde Town the first house on the left you can't miss her" she explained flying around getting ready for her next class

"Thanks for all the help" Amanda said leaving the room

While she was walking to olde town she read the note that the stork had given her

"Certificate to craftsman and introduction"

Signed Tangina and Ambrose

When she got to Olde Town she took a left down the hill and there was Tangina waiting for her

"Why, hello deary" she said with a grandmother like calm and pleasant voice while rocking back and forth in her chair

She seemed to be a fragile woman with a dress filled with pockes which looked to contain nuts and bolts and tools

"Hello, I'm sorry to keep you waiting" Amanda said calmly

"Oh its nothing to worry about I quite enjoy the fresh air" she said feeling the sun on her face

"So you're a new craftsman?" she asked looking at Amanda

"I guess" Amanda said giving her the certificate

"Ah yes, crafting is a difficult job and it takes patience" ms tangina said

"It's the rarest of all to find craftsman which makes us so valuable" she explained

"Please go to unicorn park and collect 2 trunks of wood these trunks are called mist wood they are different from others, but only a craftsman can tell the difference" she said

"Go on now, I'm not getting much younger" she said with a small laugh and a smile that could melt even the coldest of winters

Amanda decided the crafting could wait tomorrow she wanted to explore wizard city a bit more

"Hey, Amanda!" called out Daniel with the rest of the group

They seemed to be prepared to leave

"Hi" she said making her way to the group

"We're about to leave to Krokotopia for the day" Daniel said

"Please stay safe while I'm gone and.. Try not to get into too much trouble" he asked with a joking tone

"Heh. You got it" giving him a thumbs up

And so the 5 went into Raven Wood and Amanda began her magical experience

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