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"Ready?" Fred said rushing up to Daniel

"Yeah, I guess the rest will catch up to us later and Jacob was already in a rush this morning to get back so he might be there" Daniel said thinking back seeing Jacob rush into Bartleby

"Alright lets go I wanna try out my new spell" He said rushing up to the door holding out his jewel opening the portal to the spiral

They went through the silent and dark Spiral and into Krokotopia

"What's the new spell?" Daniel asked handing the mander his ticket to the boat

"It's a surprise" Fred said back boarding the boat with Daniel

They climbed down the stairs and into the class room

"Welcome back I trust Jacob was of assistance" The old Krok said while Jacob stood alongside him

"He sure was, our PVP was easier with him around" Fred said

"Good" He said nodding his head taking out the notebook

"Jacob, if you would please escort the guest out with the notebook, I have writing translations in English" he said looking at Jacob

"Certainly" he said with a blank expression stepping forward and handing Fred the notebook

"Thank you for your visit" he said as a goodbye

"Bye" Daniel said and held out his hand for a while but Jacob guessed it was a gesture of farewell

"What was that all about?" Fred asked climbing out of the hole

"I don't know but let's find out" Daniel said using his ring to make a large plant with an image of the balance school in the middle

"Sneaky" Fred said with a grin

"Heh, let's see what their up to" Daniel said taking a look into the plants image

"Are they gone?" they heard the balance teacher ask

"Yes" Jacob replied

"Good let's begin the ritual" he said walking to another room

As Jacob followed him he looked at Daniel and Fred as if he could see them held out his hand and the image was gone

"Woah" they said in unison

"What are you guys up to?" Elizabeth asked standing next to alura and Caroline

The two jumped up from surprise and tried their best not to look suspicious

"Oh nothing, we just saw this uh cool looking baby scarab is all" Fred said standing in front of the plant as it grew back into the ground

"Hmm, so what did Wul Yam say?" Caroline asked with a grin

Fred gave her the notebook

"We should get this to Headmaster Ambrose" Alura said peeking into the notebook over Caroline's shoulder

"No way!" Caroline said staring at the book in chock

"What is it?" Fred asked

"It talks about the location of the death school" she said still scanning the notebook carefully

"What?!" Elizabeth said jumping forward shoving fred out of the way

Elizabeth read the book carefully

"Behind the waterfall?" Elizabeth read

"We should really get this to the head master" fred said

"Should we check if the books lying?" alura asked

"Yes, but this is urgent" fred said

The two began debating but Daniel noticed Elizabeth still glaring at the book. She began walking off and Daniel followed while Caroline tried to calm the other 2 down

"Everything okay?" Daniel asked walking behind her

She gave no answer instead she was surrounded by a thick black smoke again and was gone

"Daniel lets go we decided to go see the death school first" caroline called while taping freds mouth and tying Fred and Alura together

"uh okay" Daniel said

They made it to the rainbow bridge where they found Elizabeth

"Let's hurry" Elizabeth said stepping into the water fall

"Here goes nothing" Caroline quickly ran through the waterfall while the others followed

It was pitch black

"I can't see" said Elizabeth's voice

"Ouch Fred your on my foot" said Carolines voice

"I got it" Alura said lighting a flame with her hand revealing a door entangled in blackened dead plants and a skull on the door

"let's go" Elizabeth said opening the door they each entered except Daniel who was stopped by an unknown force right in front of the entrance

He looked into the entrance and was given a frightened stare

Fred noticed and stopped while the others faded into the darkness

"Is something wrong Daniel?" he asked looking back at the still frightened life wizard

Daniel gave no response he was hearing faint whispers in his head and began getting delusional as he remembered the terrifying face of nightshade coming towards him from deep within the cave

"GET AWAY!" he yelled casting several thorn covered voines over to Fred

He quickly took action and put both his hands on the ground creating a thick ice wall in front of him stopping the attack but one of the vines manage to get through striking him in the right shoulder

Daniel snapped back to reality he jumped back

"W-what the" he said looking at fred who was on the ground holding his hand to the wound

"Fred!" he said quickly running forward to heal him

"I'm so sorry!" Daniel said healing

"Don't worry about it" he said on the ground as he struggled to get up

After he was healed he got up

"You coming?" he asked Daniel

"I think I'll stay here" he said looking in the cave and ran off out of the waterfall

"But" fred said reaching out but he was too late Daniel was long gone

"Alright then" he said to himself then ran off to catch up to the others

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