"Do you ever feel…controlled?" Marissa asked hesitantly. A shadow sobered Kenly's ecstatic expression, and she gazed deeply into her friend's wavering blue eyes.

"What do you mean, Marissa?" Her tone was quiet and evidently confused.

Marissa sighed deeply, a melancholy air drifting in her subdued attitude.

"I mean…like you're not…like you can't control what you want…" Marissa regretted ever bringing up the subject. Of course Kenly wouldn't understand. She was a supermodel with perfect hair and features, perfect qualities, being charismatic, good, and flirty. She lived in a mansion high atop Riverview Mountain, where the winds swept and the sun shone. How could she relate to the toils and contemplations of Marissa, who lived the life of a common hermit, reading her novels, fearing lest her eccentric old father would injure himself on the unguarded machinery of the Science Lab wherein he worked?

Exactly as she had predicted, Kenly regarded her with the blank eyes of an average dull-minded supermodel.

"Don't you feel like we keep doing the same old routine day after day?" Marissa added, trying to clarify her argument in terms Kenly could grasp.

"Oh, most definitely!" Kenly nodded her head vigorously, the confusion slipping from her features. "But that's just our life. And it is a boring one. But sims will be sims. They will continue as they always have. There will still be supermodels, ghost hunters, monster makers, criminals, law enforcers, babysitters, stylists, and the like. We can't change it. We all have a path, and it's a boring, every-day one." Kenly sighed.

"True…" Marissa murmured, but the weight in her heart wasn't lifted.