"You must choose a path," the starchild said for like felt the umpteenth time.

Jane's eyes flickered between it and what laid ahead of her: "Is there any other way?"

"No," and then it disappeared, leaving the commander with her choice.

Dropping her gun, Jane reached for her ear, activating the line: "Normandy, this is Commander Shepard, do you read me?"

"Loud and clear, Commander," the voice of Joker blasted in her ear.

"EDI, rally up everyone please, I need everyone to hear this."

"Yes, Commander."


"Everyone present, Commander," EDI said.

"Thank you," Jane forced out, her hand clutching at her side as blood trickled downward: "This is Commander Shepard speaking. I want to tell you all it has been an honor knowing you, working with and fighting alongside you. I couldn't have wished for a better crew."

"Commander, what are you saying?" Joker asked and Jane wanted to pretend she didn't hear the tremor in his voice.

She closed her eyes tightly, refusing to let tears slip, taking a few deep breaths: "This is where our ways part.."

"NO!" was shrieked into her earpiece and seized the commander's heart in a grueling grip.


"No! There has to be another way," the Asari doctor rambled, the sheer desperation growing inside her: "Give us your coordinates, we'll come get you and figure this out together!"

"Liara, I love you," Jane admitted softly, feeling the wetness roll down her cheeks and onto her hand: "I love you with all my heart.."

"Then why are you doing this?" came the pained question.

"Because I want you to live.."

A grave silence captured the communication line for a few seconds before Liara spoke again, with great sadness coating her voice, thick with sobs: "What will I tell all those blue little children?"

Despite the situation and all the chaos around her, Jane's lips quirked up into a smile: "Great stories and lots of scientific mumbojumbo.."

A soft, watery chuckle could be heard which made the commander smile even wider: "You will be a great mother to the most beautiful children the universe will ever see. You will find someone and be happy, you'll grow old together.."

"I will never forget you!" Liara said vehemently, disgusted by the implications she would find someone else.

"And I don't expect you to," Jane whispered: "But you need to live, for me. I need you to live."

"How can I without you?"

"You'll find a way," she reassured gently, getting up to her feet and staring into the light in the middle of the Citadel.

As she began to stumble forwards, the pain in her side intensified, causing her to take deeper breaths and have difficulty speaking: "Liara, promise me something."

"Anything," the doctor sobbed as she heard the pain in Jane's voice.

"Be happy.."

"I'll try, Shepard."

Jane smiled one last time before ending the communication and taking the final step.