The sun rose just above the horizon, casting an eerie, blood colored light among the rubble that remained along the highway, cars overturned, their wheels slowly spinning. They had been long left unused by the sudden outbreak that happened just a month ago. The ones who remained fought to survive in this hostile environment, the creeping fear of death and danger which loomed over everyone's minds constantly – the only thing they had left was hope. Hope in each other, hope that they would be able to survive and make it out together alive.

A military van rolled along the remains of the highway, bumping along every crack and piece of overturned street as it headed towards the state of Louisiana. Three adults sat in the front, talking to one another. Two were readily in conversation, while the other stared out at the environment, his face plastered into a grimacing and distasteful look.

Six teens sat together in the back, facing a set of four older adults, the biggest, broader set man who leaned back, his eyes closed as he mumbled something that related to burgers in his sleep before returning back to sleep. The other two men bickered at one another, the larger one talking about himself while the other just rolled his eyes and recounted off memories of a person named Keith. The last person, a young woman sat by herself quietly, watching as they drove further and further away from the place they had just escaped from. She eyed the newcomers from the corner of her eyes now, wondering where these kids they had just picked up from the last town had come from, and why they had been able to stay alive in such a large group in the first place.

The young woman thinks she found her answer as she found herself in a deadlock stare with one of the shorter boys, his heterochromatic eyes flashing dangerously into hers. She quickly looked away, feeling a shiver shake down her spine.

The blonde in the group noticed the woman's reaction and let out a laugh, a light chime sort of sound.

"You don't have to worry about Akashicchi. He won't hurt you."

Akashi at his right side turned his face toward him slightly, giving him a look heavy with disapproval.

"Well… Unless you get on his bad side," he amended; turning his head away from Akashi's to avoid any more menacing glares.

She only stared at Kise, as if shocked to hear them speak for the first time, and noticed at how they had lost nothing. She would have noticed it right away, as something changes in the way you act, the way you speak when you lose everything. But these boys… They still had hope and strength left. A smile tugged at her lips as she inspected the group further, noticing the way the two blue haired boys lightly bantered with each other, a caring and loving expression in their eyes. As well as the last two, in which the green haired boy lectured the tallest of the group, telling him about fortunes or what not from a small pamphlet that was dirtied and torn. The book had obviously been found in the scattered remains of what had been left of humanity in the city.

"I see," she replied back, and decided to leave them to their own devices. Whatever their reason for being here, she was glad to see they still held on strong.

The purple haired boy leaned forward in his seat, looking forward to the front car, his eyes staring at the three adults.

"Ne~ Do you have any snacks?"

The bulkier man in the front, turned around, a vein pulsing in his temple, his lips pulled back in a sneer.

"Huh? Snacks? Kid, do you even know what's going on right now? Hell no, we ain't got no god damn kiddie snacks."

Murasakibara only stared back at him, not even flinching at the harsh words the older man spoke to him.

"But I want some snacks."

"Tch. I hate kids," he complained, and turned back around to face the window he had been staring through, with an even more disgusted expression.

Blinking several times, at the now non responsive adults, he merely fell back into his seat, clutching a hand at his stomach where he could feel his stomach clench in pain, the hunger clawing at it.

Kuroko eyed the scene that had happened before him, his mind silently working.

Next to him, Aomine noticed his sudden change in attitude, and he quickly reached out, grabbing the light blue haired boy's wrists.

"Don't, Tetsu," the taller of the two warned, gripping his wrist tighter.

Kuroko stared into Aomine's eyes momentarily, but looked away, breaking the contact, closing his eyes as he yanked his wrist out of Aomine's. He walked towards the little window that allowed contact between the back and front of the car.

"Excuse me, but I do not appreciate the way you spoke to my friend just now. We are just hungry, and he has a larger appetite than the rest of us," he explained, his voice calm, except for that tint of anger that colored his voice – only apparent to the rest of the Kiseki no Sedai.

The dark bluenette's eyes flashed upward towards Tetsu, watching him slowly.

"Aominecchi..." Kise whispered warningly from the side to him, but his eyes remained focused on the small figure in front of them. The rest of the group watched in anticipation as to what would happen next.

"What did you say to me, you little punk?" The man said angrily, taking a fistful of Kuroko's collar, the white shirt dirtied and bloodied.

The teen's eyes narrowed only slightly, anger rising up within him.

"Oi!" A voice called from besides Kuroko's ear, gripping the older man's tank collar, the fabric dried and crusty beneath his fingers, the dried sweat and blood having gone far too long within the shirt. "Don't you dare touch him like that," he growled, his eyes burning with aggression and possession towards the old man.

"And what are you going to do about it?!" The other snarled, his yellowing teeth and alcohol laden breath making Aomine's nose upturn in disgust.

He tore Kuroko from the large and meaty grasp, pushing him gently back.

"Daiki." A harsh, cutting voice resounded from behind him, filling the whole van, the atmosphere immediately tensing up in the small enclosed area. The red head who spoke narrowed his eyes at Aomine, a message clear in those bright red and yellow eyes.

This seemed to bring Aomine back to reality, his nerves calming only slightly. He sneered at the adult, stepping back a pace, Kuroko within an arm's reach.

The man smirked, a triumphant smile, only to fall short when a punch hit him from the side.

Everyone looked in astonishment at the woman who sat next to him as she sighed in exasperation, shaking her head.

"Sorry about that, Francis is just like that," she explained while frowning.

"Hmph. I hate it when women meddle in men's affairs," he grumbled, rubbing the side where he got punched to ease some of the pain that tingled through his mid section.

Kise looked in wonder at the trio at the front, bemused at their antics.

"Is there anything you don't hate, Mister?"

The older gentlemen turned his face towards Kise, his face lightening just slightly as he thought the question through.


"Hah?!" Aomine and Kise said in unison, confused and bewildered by the statement.

"I don't hate Vests. Those are a TRUE man's clothing, boys."

The Kiseki no Sedai stared at the man, an awkward hush falling over the rest of them.

The team seated across from them just chuckled, taking it in lightly.

As the van rolled forward towards the impending city, the only other sound that came from the car was the rustling of a bag in the front, a man grumbling something about finding pills.

Akashi and Midorima exchanged a similar look, wondering if they could get to the city soon enough and away from this strange group of people.