The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Lover

By SpiritedGhost

Disclaimer & Synopsis:

I do not own The Vampire Diaries, I am just a fan who loves the idea and what has come before on the TV series. I do however love certain characters and believe certain pairs would work so much better. However as I have no idea what the producers and writers have in store for us, I have decided to take those characters out to play in a setting of my own design. This story will pair Damon and Rebekah in a setting that I am sure the writers would never think to take them. I love the concept of time travel. Thus Damon and Rebekah will be traveling back in time to the year 1927. The place Chicago, IL, from that point in time they will be trying to alter the current timeline. You will have to read the story to understand why. Yes instead of protecting this time line they are going to help create a new one. Almost all the characters we have come to know and love will be present, some will be traveling with them, and others will have to be persuaded to help them. I hope you come along for the ride; I would love to have you. I also would love feedback as well. Feel free to pick and be critical, feel free to make suggestions, I might surprise you incorporate some ideas of your own into the story. This story is already scripted; it just needs the dialog and action to make it come to life.

So please sit back and enjoy. This is an AU story. Although it will probably make reference to what is happening on the show in the present time. We will see how much of that I find relevant to the story.

***One last side note I want to thank 39 for her story which deals with Elena going back in time entitled, "Time of Our Love". It was her idea of time travel that got me started on this story. If you have the time give it a read, it is brilliantly done and she is funny as H.E.L.L..***

What Has Gone Before:

This story picks up at the end of season 4 episode 1 entitled, "Growing Pains". For the sake of this story, events of the end of that show take a turn. Rebekah storms into the mansion she shares with her brother Klaus. She finds the 3 blood bags containing Elena's blood, packed up in a small suitcase on a table in the study. The confrontation between Klaus and Rebekah take place exactly as in the episode. It is important to note that tells him she loved him, not loves but loved. She is highly emotional, she is furious with him for leaving her behind and saving Caroline over her. She picks up a blood bag and throws it at a spot just over his head as it slams into the wall, the blood bag splits open and she picks up the remaining two with lightening speed. He tells her to put them down, she refuses, as he rushes at her with the speed that rivals that of thought she is already crushing the remaining two bags, he grips her by the throat and tells her she is no longer his sister, she is nothing. Before she can respond he snaps her neck and tosses her against the wall behind him. She slides down it bonelessly, her neck broken and for now she is immobile and will remain so until she heals.

The above events take place exactly as they did in the show. So I ask the reader to fill in the gaps, if the description above is not enough of a back story for you.

What is to follow is an alternate reality of what is happening on the show, from this point on, while I borrow the characters. The story is mine to tell. So I ask you to sit back and enjoy the story for the sake of the story.

I am in no way the owner of this series, I am a fan with perhaps an over active imagination and wish to borrow or take these characters out to play in a setting of my own making. The only thing I make claim to is this story it's designed to take the reader on a journey of my making. One in which I have no doubt the writers of this series would never take them in. So sit back and enjoy.

I am proud to bring you a little tale called:

The Enemy of My enemy Is My Lover

Chapter 1:

The Present:

Klaus rushes from the room and then is back in an instant holding one of the daggers dipped in the ashes of the white oak tree in his right hand. In his left hand he holds an identical suitcase to the one Rebekah had found just a few minutes before containing the bags of blood from before Elena was turned.

As he slowly makes his way over to where Rebekah lays in a broken heap on the floor, he knees down beside her. As he does he rests the suitcase on the floor beside her. His eyes are dark with the anger that is cursing through his body, as he looks down at the girl that he once loved and called sister. In his mind she is no longer his sister, she has become the enemy and enemies must be dealt with. There are no exceptions.

As angry as he is he can't bring himself to deal the final death stroke. He could reach into her chest and rip out her heart, thus ensuring that she could never cross him again. He could send her to her final death, but as he looks from her beautiful face to the dagger he holds in his right hand a plan formulates in his mind. He smiles and grips the front of her shirt at the neckline and jerks her up towards him so his lips are no more than four inches from his own. He knows she can hear him even if she can't move, so he begins to tell her, her fate. His voice is strangely devoid of the anger he is feeling.

"I know you can hear me Rebekah. You out of all of them should have been smart enough to know I always have a backup plan. While you destroyed those three blood bags, you should have known I had more. I had another case down in the cellar but we won't dwell on your stupidity. Rather I will just say, I have more than enough of the doppelganger blood to create my new family of hybrids. But you crossed me and that cannot be tolerated, and I loved you more than the others once upon a time so I won't send you to your final sleep. You might wish I had though. I am going to dagger you Rebekah. I am going to stab this dagger into your chest so it just scrapes against your heart. It will immobilize you and the pain of it brushing up against your heart with each breath you take will be worse than death. Know this you who were once my sister, no one will come for you. No one will know what I have done and you will not be able to lift a finger to save yourself. Goodbye Rebekah."

In the next instant the dagger slips effortlessly into her chest angled so it pierces her left lung as it continues its journey so the tip just brushes against her heart. The idea is not to put her into a death like state the idea is cause her as much pain as is inhumanly possible. Anyone who sees her like this would naturally think the best way to revive her is to pull out the dagger. He is counting on that. Klaus has had nearly 10 centuries to perfect his torture techniques. He inhales deeply breathing in her scent one last time. While he has renounced her he still wants to remember his sister as the one family member he held in his heart above all others. While he can't bring himself to deliver the final death blow he knows who will. Satisfied with his final revenge on her he leans into her and whispers into her right ear, "I can only hope Bekah that it is your blue eyed lover that comes and finds you. I hope when he removes the dagger he realizes as your body turns lifeless the he is the one who did the final act of killing you. Don't you think that would be justice?" Then without any outward sign of remorse towards the one person he always thought he could count on he stands retrieving his suitcase which contains the last of the blood from the doppelganger.

The last sound she hears as she lays still as death in unbearable pain is that of the front door closing. Tears are falling from her eyes from the pain. She inhales and screams out in pain as the blade slides along the side of her heart. Her eyes squeezed shut as tears of pain slide along her cheeks. Her thoughts are on him, only him, always him. His godlike face, his sculpted body and the eyes that always seem to be able see into her soul.

It is believed, falsely that vampires don't breath. They do. Blood, even borrowed blood must be oxygenated or it dies and dead blood would not supply the vampire with the life force they need to live a vibrant life. It is just that when they do breath it is so shallow that no one would be able to detect it. Plus if one wants to talk they need breathe, a simple act that we humans take for granted every moment of our lives. Inside her mind she continues to scream in pain. She prays for death to take her, anything but this unimaginable pain that she is experiencing. As her mind slowly begins to shut down from the pain she thinks of him, Her blue eyed dark haired lover the only person in this whole stinking town of Mystic Falls that had ever shown her a shred of affection. While he may be an ass and has no real idea how to show her the love she knows he has for her, he is her ass. In her fevered mind he comes for her. He saves her from her fate. She can see his beautifully handsome face and crystal blue eyes peering into her hazel green eyes and she smiles. Then the pain kicks in as she feels the blade scrape against her heart once more and she again prays for death.

Through it all the mansion is silent. There is no one there to save her and he is nothing more than a silent dream. In the dream he is holding her gently their bodies glistening with perspiration from a passionate bout of love making. In the dream he says something and they laugh. It is then that the pain kicks in on a level that sets her mind and body on file. Her mouth opens in a silent scream her back arches and the blade nicks her heart. A breathless name followed by a single word emerges from her mouth, "Damon, help." It is at that moment that she blacks out. For now the pain is gone. For now she sleeps like one truly dead, the only sign of life are the constant stream of tears that fall under closed lids.

Across Town The Next Night:

While Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Bonny, Caroline, Tyler & Matt are lighting Japanese lanterns to commemorate those they have lost and setting them free to ascend into the night sky. At that same moment Damon is kneeling over Alaric's grave. Telling him how sorry he is that his best friend is gone. He is talking to his friend as he drinks from a bottle of Jack Daniels. Tears travel down his cheeks as he talks. Damon has never felt more alone, it is in this moment of misery he releases the last hope of ever being anything but a friend to Elena Gilbert. It is a road he knows he must take and all of a sudden the face of certain blonde, green eyed Original floods his mind's eye and starts to feel a single thread of hope. He has just made a choice that he truly hopes does not come back to shatter what is left of his already shattered heart.

Unknown to Damon Alaric's ghost, or spirit if you will, is standing next to him placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. As Damon starts to leave he sets the half empty bottle on his departed friend's tombstone and takes one final look at his best friend's final resting place.

As he stands wishing his best friend was alive on some level he deep in his subconscious mind he can hear Ric say, "I miss you to buddy, but you're not as alone as you think. There is a blonde haired, green eyed woman who needs you. So why are you standing around here feeling sorry for yourself. Go save the girl, it's what you do best."

Even though Damon can't hear him he turns and starts to walk in the direction of the Mikaelson Mansion. He has no conscious idea why he heads there but something inside him spurs him on.

At that precise moment a single thread of consciousness returns to Rebekah and she calls out his name. The pain she experiences is over whelming; this pain has been her constant companion in the last day. Never letting up except for the couple of times she has passed out. Her body has not moved from the spot Klaus left her in. Her complexion is ashen and she is covered in perspiration. The tip of the dagger has pierced her heart. Not enough to paralyze and simulate death but enough to prevent her from moving. Her mind has all but shut down except for his face and her never ending silent screams of agony. In her more lucid moments she is screaming out his name. She needs Damon.

Damon's head jerks upward at that exact moment; it is almost as though he hears her. He has no idea what he is doing he just knows he needs to get to the mansion. He knows something terrible has happened and he needs to be there, now.

Without a conscious thought he runs at top speed and appears before the dark Mansion,not a single light can seen through its many windows. Not letting it deter him he tries the front door, it's locked. He shoves against it with his right shoulder and the door splinters before him. He moves into the foyer and listens for a moment and swears he can hear Rebekah crying out to him and she sounds like she is in agony.

He moves quickly through the house and ends up in the study. His eyes widen as he takes in the sight. The first thing he notices is a suitcase open on the desk. He can smell the dried blood and he knows it belongs to Elena. He reaches out with his enhanced vision to make up for the lack of light. And see's her, Rebekah is lying motionless on the floor by the far wall, her neck is bent at an unnatural angle. He is beside her in a flash.

His eyes drink in the sight and he is instantly furious. Her face is ashen he can see the blood on her blouse, just a little below where her heart is and he see's wetness on her cheeks. Her eyes are squeezed shut as if she is in agony. He kneels down before her and reaches out to cup her cheek in his hand. Her eyes flutter open and she focuses on the face of her would be lover. She smiles and whispers in a voice racked with pain, "You came." Then her eyes roll up and she passes out once more.

"How could I not," he asks her unconscious form. His eyes reluctantly scan her body for damage. He already knows her neck is broken. He looks at the place on her blouse where the blood appears to still be fresh and then see's the metal of the dagger sticking out of her chest. He whispers as he starts to pinch the exposed blade so he can remove it and restore her.

So absorbed in his task he doesn't notice when her eyes open and go wide as she realizes what he is about to do. Her right hand weakly reaches up and grips his wrist and she whispers in a voice so filled with pain that it breaks his heart, "No. You'll kill me."

Immediately he releases the shaft of the dagger and says in a soft caring voice, "No Bekah, I am going to save you. I would never hurt you, green eyes. I just need to pull it out."

With what little strength she has left she tries to tell him why he can't remove it, "Noooo Ba bbbbbarbbbeddd. I'll di –die. I I I thinkkkk itt's in myyyyy hearrrtt. Damonnnnnn, please."

"No you are not dying on me, Bekah, you hear me you're not dying. Stay with me baby, please, stay with me." His own voice sounding foreign to his ears as he speaks in tones that reflect the love he has for her. A love he has felt for a long time but denied. He watches helplessly as she tries to tell him she loves him.

He leans in and kisses her soft lips and whispers, "Just stay with me Bekah, I know who to call for help."

He pulls out his cell phone and dials the number of his favorite doctor; it rings once and is answered with, "What can I do for you Damon?"

Not being one for small talk he says in an urgent voice, "Meredith, I need you and your surgical kit at the Mikaelson Mansion, there has been an accident." He gives her just the information she needs and after hearing the urgency in his voice she agrees to come. "Oh and Damon don't move her. I'm on my way."

Every fiber in his being is struggling against the desire to hold her and offer her physical comfort. Instead he just talks to her with affection he has never even shown to Elena. He tells her she can't die on him. He has made his choice and he has chosen her. He has tears streaming down his cheeks as he strokes her face affectionately. He leans forward once more and brushes his lips across hers and whispers in her ear, "I love you, Rebekah. You can't die; there are so many places I want to show you."

It is at that moment that Meredith comes through the broken front door and says in a cheeky voice, "I see you decided to help with the redecoration," it is at the moment she sees the blood stained wall and Rebekah slumped against the wall. All playfulness leaves her voice as she adopts her authoritative doctor's voice.

"Damon, move!" He gets out of her way immediately as she takes his place and begins to examine the Original. Seeing the hilt of the blade she moves the blouse out of the way so she can examine the entry wound. At the contact Rebekah weakly cries out.

Damon is at her side immediately and takes her hand gently in his rubbing soothing circles on the back of her hand. The gesture is not lost on Meredith.

Then her attention returns to the point of entry and she feels along the exposed blade. "It's serrated."

"Is that a problem," he asks never taking his eyes off the woman who holds his heart.

"I am going to have to operate to remove it without causing her further damage; the question is why should I help her? She killed Elena. She and her brother are nothing but trouble and if I recall she tortured and almost killed you. So Damon, why should I help her?"

"Meredith, please, you're a doctor. It's what you do you don't judge you just help people."

"She isn't people Damon she is a cold blooded killer. So again I ask, why should I help her?"

"Because you're my friend."

"Not good enough, Damon."

"Because, I love her."

"That has to be the single stupidest reason I have ever heard," she looks at the pain radiating through Damon's eyes and gives in. "Fine, I'll save your girlfriend but there are two conditions."

He answers immediately, "Anything, just save her."

"From this moment on you are responsible for her actions and you owe me."

"Absolutely, I owe you anything within my power to grant."

Meredith smiles at him and looks at Rebekah saying, "Sweetie, this is going to hurt a lot, but you are going to be fine. I can give you something to keep you out or for the pain. I have to use vervain a lot of it to keep your skin from healing as I operate on you to remove the dagger. Do you understand?"

A soft somewhat painful smile graces Rebekah's lips as she tries to speak but only a painful moan escapes her.

Meredith pats her hand and moves back opening her bag to remove what she needs as she speaks, "Damon I need you to gently lay her down on the table behind me and try not to jostle her any more then you need to. I won't know the extent of the damage to her heart till I open her up. I'm sorry but this is going to cause her a lot of pain. I can and will give her something for the pain but I don't know how much that will help with the vervain."

Damon moves silently his lips set in a thin line as he picks up the girl he has just come to realize he loves and moves her as if she was made of glass. He is speaking softly to her constantly as he see's her face contort in pain he is now causing and it sickens him. Slowly he set's her down and kisses her softly as he hears Meredith coming up behind him.

"You can hold her hand if you want, she might like that," she says as she nudges him out of her way.

She tenderly strokes her patient's hair and tells her it's time. She injects Rebekah with enough sedative to put down a horse and silently prays it's enough. Next she pours a generous amount of liquid vervain on the point of entry. The skin sizzles upon contact, Rebekahs back arches as she screams and then passes out. Damon looks as if he is going to kill something as he takes her hand and strokes it.

30 minutes later, Meredith removes the blade from the incision she has made and uses surgical glue to pull the skin back together. She knows Rebekah will heal without scarring, it is one of the perks of being a vampire and she is of course an Original. However until the vervain is out of her system she is going to be weak as a kitten and she won't be healing too quickly.

"Rebekah, sweetie," she says softly in a caring and somewhat affectionate voice, "you're going to be fine, but now you need to rest and try not to move around too much, until the vervain leaves your system your still going to be in pain. Short of knocking you out there is really nothing I can give you for the pain."

"Thank you for saving me, Dr. Fells," she says in a weak voice.

In a gesture of good will, Meredith takes her hand and gives it a soft squeeze. "You're welcome. Just try not to make me regret saving you, you have Damon to thank for this if he hadn't called me and had he tried to remove the dagger it would have ripped your heart open."

"Damon, take care of her, she should be fine by tomorrow. I'll stop by and check on her on my way to work."

"Mer, thank you. I think I'll take her with me though. I don't want her here. I want her were I know she's safe."

"Yeah, you do that Salvatore, you have no idea how lucky you are you're my friend, otherwise doctor or no, I would have let her die."

There are no words that issue from Damon's lips as he listens to his friend he just for once nods and say's nothing. As she takes her leave, he moves to Rebekah immediately stroking her face, as he smiles and breathes a sigh of relief. "You scared me Bekah. I thought I was going to lose you."

"Th thank you, Damon," she had whispered the words as she looked at him. She was so weak. He knew she needed blood and as if to confirm it she said one word, "Blood."

Without a thought of what he was doing he bit into his left wrist and held it to her lips. It wasn't fresh human blood but it would do. She latched onto his arm and started to drink deep, she needed the blood to heal. As her strength grew his waned, with each swallow of his delicious blood, he weakened while she healed and gained strength. She tried to pull away and he held his wrist to her mouth and commanded her to drink.

When she felt she had taken enough she detached her fangs from his wrist and pulled his head down so his mouth was against her neck. "Drink," she commanded him. Without a thought his face changed the veins around his eyes darkened as his fangs grew and he gently slipped them into her juggler vein and drank deeply. He felt stronger with each swallow and with each swallow he felt her inside his mind.

Taking one more mouthful he swallowed and eased his fangs from her neck. His breathing was ragged. He could feel her, it felt like he was drowning in her and he felt something else. He felt an overwhelming emotion that was directed to him and only him. He felt her love for him and he smiled. Not a Damon smirk but an actual smile he was happy.

She looked into his eyes affectionately and held onto him. She felt him inside her. She tried to talk.

He held a finger to her lips and said, "Rest Bekah just let me hold you, gather your strength and when you're ready tell me what happened, right now you're safe, and I've got you."

A smile graced her lips before exhaustion over her ordeal overtook her and she slept. Feeling safe, wanted, loved, mostly she felt loved and she was happy.

Next up - Chapter 2:

A little thing I like to call….

Road Trip Bound:


Chicago Here We Come Again:


6 hours and 30 minutes found Damon singing and humming along to t.A.T.u.'s - Not Gonna Get Us. He was keeping in time with the beat by tapping the steering wheel with his finger tips. He had the radio low so as not to disturb his traveling companion. She had been asleep since he put her in the car roughly six and a half hours ago. He was smiling as he kept up with the song. Casting a glance to the left he saw her sleeping in the passenger seat. She had a contented smile on her face, something he had not seen in a long time. As his head started to move to the beat and he cast his eyes back on the road she awoke.

As her eyes focused she felt a momentary panic as she had no idea where she was, then his scent hit her senses like a runaway freight train and she immediately relaxed. She made no move to let him know she was away as she watched his profile, she was smiling and then she blew it. She giggled.

Damon immediately forgot the song he was listening to and turned his attention to her. His eyes went to hers and his left hand sought out her right as he spoke he was giving her a full on Damon smile he was so happy she was awake. "Hey green eyes," he said softly his voice thick with affection, "how long have you been awake?"

All she could do was giggle at what she had just witnessed.

"Yeah, laugh it up Blonde and I will drop you at the side of the road and let you run home."

In response she laughed harder and just squeezed his hand. When she finally got her laughter under control he turned his full attention on her and crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue on the right side of his mouth.

It had the desired effect she erupted in peals of laughter and had tried to hide her mouth behind her hands but he refused to release her right hand so she had to settle for using her left and. He was staring at her and mimicked him to a tee and decided to cross her eyes as well.

Damon slammed on the breaks and pulled over to the side of the road. He couldn't stop laughing at her playful antics. True he started it but damn she was good, the beauty of this girl was she could and would give as good as she got. She was his breath of spring air. She was his lifeline to a life he thought he could never achieve. She not only taught him how to love she saved him from an eternity of endless loneliness. Damon Salvatore was in love.

When he finally stopped laughing she turned serious on him and said in a very small voice filled with love and wonder, "Thank you, Damon."

"For," he asked?

"You probably saved my life."

"Yeah about that, I didn't really have a choice did I?"

"I don't understand," she replied afraid that when she heard him say he loved her it was part of her pain wracked minds nightmare.

"Beks I love you. How could I not save you?"

Tears filled her eyes and she leaped into his lap kissing him all over his face whispering over and over again, "I love you. I love you. I love you."

He gripped the hair at the nape of her neck and and pulled her face back so he could attack her lips with his own. He ran his tongue along her lips seeking entrance and opened to him without any hesitation. His hands tangled up in her long blonde hair as he tasted the inside of mouth. His tongue dueling with hers for dominance in the end he settled for a draw and just started to kiss her gently pouring all his emotions into the kiss. When she broke away from his swollen lips she touched her own in wonder.

"Baby, we should get going before I take you right here."

She nodded her head up down she liked the idea as she said still breathless from the kiss, "Okay….here is good. I can do here." She tried to reach for him and he smirked at her.


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On another note it might interest you to know this story deals with time travel and creating alternate timelines. In this story Klaus is more of a threat because of what he has planned in the coming future. He will create more Hybrids if he has the chance. Damon and Rebekah will have to travel in time to the year 1927 to slowly correct the time line of 2012. For those of you familiar with what the film industry has dubbed the, "Butterfly Effect" you know that anything you do in the past can and will affect the present. It is up to the Mystic Falls gang led by Damon and Rebekah to decide what they need to change to prevent the future that will happen if they don't stop it. In this our present Klaus is a sadistic almost invincible killing machine. For the sake of this story he is insane.

This story will in part reflect what is happening in the TV series, but just slightly. I guess the question is if you could go back in time to prevent certain events from playing out in the future or for us the present, which time period would you target?

Time is tricky and malleable, I plan to mold it, shape it to achieve a desired outcome. I hope you decide to stick around for the ride, because it is going to get bumpy. Mostly it is going to be filled with fun, twists and turns.

Oh and did I mention Rebekah and Damon will be having a lot of M rated SEX?

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