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Rebekah tugs his hand and heads to the door and remembers something. She whispers to Damon and then she flashes in front of Gloria, "We never completed the mating ritual and yet you keep calling us a mated pair?"

Laughing and waving her away she simply say's, "Then what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be working on that?

Like a little girl she excitedly shakes her head up and down, and then kisses Gloria on the cheek and say's, "Thank you."

In the blink of an eye she is beside her mate and grabs his hand pecking him on the lips and saying, "Love you, now take me back to our hotel and have your wicked way with me."

She tries to tug him out the door and jerks her back and say's in a somewhat serious tone of voice, "What do you say?"

"Please," she says in a small voice like a child who has been scolded for bad manners.

"See was that so hard, baby?"

Then she adds giggling, "Or I will rip your heart out," and before he can say anything to her she is out the door skipping down the street.

Gloria who has just witnessed their little display of affection shakes her head and laughs. Damon just smirks at her and say's as he leaves to go catch up to his future wife, "We are working on her People skills."

Gloria asks, "How is that going?"

He shrugs and replies, "It's a work in progress," he offers her no other explanation as he hears her laughing harder and then he is gone.

"Oh, Bekah," he calls after her.

She jumps out of a doorway and leaps into his arms almost knocking him down and says laughing, "Yes?"

"I swear woman you are going to be the death of me." He takes her hand and they head back to the hotel.

"Maybe, but not today, I have other plans for you."

"Do you and what might they be, dearest?

She whispers in his ear her answer and then runs her lips down his ear and sucks and nips at his earlobe. Then giggling she runs away in the direction of the hotel. A very aroused Damon follows planning on making her make good on her promise.

To Be Continued In:

Chapter 6: The Mating Ritual:

Side Note:

While TVDs doesn't make mention of two vampires becoming Vampire Mates, in this story they do. I will be borrowing from, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Josh Wedon was more into that sort of thing. When two vampires are mated, they feel what the other feels, they form a psychic connection. Over time they would develop a form of Telepathy, they would sense danger to their respective Mates. Rebekah is an Original, they are for lack of a better word enhanced. They are stronger, faster, etc. Damon would benefit from that as well. Part of the mating ritual aside of the blood drinking is a highly arousing bout of sex or in their case blind lust and of courses their love for one another. Only true soul mates are able to mate. The down side is if since they are linked, meaning their souls are intertwined, hence the term eternal flames, if one dies the other dies. Now that we have established the ground rules we will see if I can do this justice…

Damon entered the lobby of The Hilton, perhaps a minute behind Rebekah and she was nowhere to be seen. He assumed she went up to their room so he made his way over to the elevator. As he stood waiting for the elevator doors to open, he felt a tiny hand slip into his left hand, he smiled and looked over at the owner of said hand.

She stood, perhaps all of 5'7", she had straight blonde hair, a narrow face with high cheek bones, her eyes were an emerald green, she was easily the single most beautiful woman Damon had ever set eyes on and she was his. He squeezed her hand and swallowed.

She reached out with her left hand and caressed the right side of his face, she could see how raw his emotions were at this time and she kissed him lightly. Speaking in that husky voice that was unique to her, "Baby, what's wrong?"

Turning to her he looked into her eyes his own going that cobalt blue color that he get's when he is highly aroused. "Room, now," is all he could say as he crushed her to him.

As if the universe decided to cut them some slack, the elevator door opened and she pressed 25. As the doors shut, they came together, hands struggling to keep from ripping clothes off each other's bodies. Lips meeting in frenzy, tongues struggling in a dance that was meant to dominate. Then the ding of the elevator sounded as the doors opened to the 25th floor.

If anyone had seen the elevator open they would have seen, a young couple clinging to one another one moment, the next moment the elevator would have been empty, the following moment the sound of bodies would be heard further on down the hall slamming up against a door, and the moment after that if one were to look in the direction of the sound they would see nothing, they would however hear the sound of a door slamming shut and then silence.

While the fore mentioned series of events appeared to be happening faster than a person could actually move, to the two this was happening too, the moments seemed agonizingly slow.

As soon as the door shut behind them, clothes were literally shredded from their bodies. In less time than it takes for a humming bird to flaps it's wings, Rebekah had Damon pressed up against the wall, she slithered down his body her hands leaving scratch marks down his chest and stomach as her tongue slide around the head of his cock, teasing him, as she just flicked her tongue against the slit at the top of his cock. Her tongue teasing till he was as hard as a steel rod, as a drop of precum escaped through the slit, she whimpered with need, as she lapped it up and engulfed the head of his cock in her hot wet mouth.

Her hands gripping his as he moaned and hissed out her name from the sensation, she was about to make good on her promise to him. The one she made as they left Gloria's club earlier. Releasing his hands her mouth immediately sought to engulf his turgid shaft. Her small hands gripped his ass and pulled him tightly to her mouth. As turned on as Damon was, Rebekah was perhaps more so.

She was dripping, she was so excited from the act of making Damon more turned on then he had ever been. She wanted him to never again have any thoughts of anyone but herself. She wanted to mark every single part of his body. She wanted him to know no one could ever come close to making him feel what she did and more than that, she wanted him to know everything he was feeling was made possible because of the love she had for him.

Unknown to Rebekah he was having similar thoughts as he reached down and pulled her hot wet mouth from his hard cock. If he didn't stop her now he was going to explode. She protested immediately at the sudden loss of his turgid shaft halfway down her throat.

Before she could move to react he slammed her back against the wall and claimed her mouth with his. He could taste himself on her lips as his tongue swirled in her mouth along her own tongue, the taste of him in her mouth almost made him cum. He was so turned on; he wanted more, so much more and he wanted to hear her beg. He wanted her to be boneless in her desire for him as well as mindless. He tore his lips free of hers and she moaned and hissed at the loss of contact. The only words that were comprehended by him as she tried to articulate what she wanted were, "Damonnnnnnnnnn, I…..I….baby…touch meeeeee. Pleaseeeee….love me…. pleaseeeeeeeeee, Damonnnnnnn."

She had no idea what she was saying this was like nothing else she had ever felt before, her body and her mind were on fire with a lust so hot she couldn't tell where she ended and he began. Her mind along with her body was a raging inferno.

His hands immediately went to her thighs and forced her legs apart feeling her shake. He held tightly to her right thigh, keeping her legs spread as his other hand pressed against her stomach, his mouth went straight to her wet core. As he sucked at her clit and licked along her slit, alternating between licking and sucking. She screamed out his name and begged him to never stop.

Hearing her scream out and feeling her shaking he knew she was close and he wanted to drink her down at the same time. As he started to lap faster at her escaping juices, his gums ached as his fangs elongated, his mouth moving down along the inside of her right thigh, as he slid two fingers inside her and started licking and sucked along her right thigh. As he sucked at the skin of her right thigh just above her femoral artery, her inner muscles clamped down on his fingers, as her body convulsed and she came for the first time that night. He sucked at the skin once more and her muscles rhythmically clenched hard at his fingers, she was incoherent with want and need.

He picked her up and sped them over to the bed and laid her down gently. She was precious and she was his. He was going to show her and everyone who she belonged to. He crawled over her, slowly sliding inside her and the sensation of her inner heat on top of her gripping him internally in a death grip was enough to almost cause him to spill his seed deep inside her. He bit his lip as if the pain would distract him from his overwhelming desire to cum in her. as he fought for control and his eyes never once left her beautiful face.

Her eyes widened as he filled her tight wet core. Her mouth opened in a silent pleasure filled scream. Then her eyes locked on his and she threw her arms around him and locked her lips to his.

She sucked at his mouth like a mad woman. She was drunk on him and she needed more. She needed to taste him as he drove her over the edge. She was starting to shake again, her right leg was literally shaking she was so excited, she was begging him to let her cum and he stopped moving in her and pulled up so he was looking into her face.

Tears of need ran down her face. She was lost to him in this moment. She had never experienced this level of intimacy with anyone before. Her mind was locked with his, her body belonged to him.

She continued to beg and plead. He kissed her lovingly and told her she could only cum when he allowed it. He asked if she understood.

Her body thrashing under his, it was amazing she understood anything he said to her, as turned on as she was, but on some level she did. She was crying for him to let her cum, as he thrust in and out of her, hitting spots no one had ever touched before, she clung to him. Wherever her nails raked down his arms or back, she left trails of blood in their wake.

Damon was struggling to hang on, he wanted to cum with her. He wanted to feel her explode around him as he exploded deep within her.

His eyes a deep cobalt blue, locked onto her emerald green ones. He was literally seeing into the soul of his soon to be mate. He told her she was beautiful, he professed his undying love, as he kissed her, then he started to lick and kiss his way down her cheek to her throat. She begged him to drink from her and he knew the moment his fangs broke her skin he would be undone.

He roughly gripped her hair in his right hand and angled her head so her soft throat was open to him, he licked and sucked along the right side of her throat, her deep needy moans encouraged him.

As soon as his tongue started to lick at her Carotid Artery she began to go into the beginnings of her orgasm. She begged and pleaded, he was so close it was almost his undoing. He told her to hang on just a bit longer he wanted to drink from her as she came.

She clamped her eyes shut tightly as wave after wave of pleasure caused her juices to pool along his cock and made ready to orgasm. She was begging him to let her cum and crying out his name in a chant as her body continued to shake. Tears were streaming down her cheeks with the effort to do as he asked and not cum. Just when she thought she have to disobey him her back arched off the bed, as she felt his lips trail down her smooth throat, his fangs eased into the carotid artery. There was no holding back from this she could feel him inside her mind commanding her to cum, she threw her head back as he took the first pull of her blood. One hand moved down to grip her hip as he thrust forward pulling her tightly against him. He took three long pulls of her blood and swallowed with each pull, it was the most delicious blood he ever had. he knew he wouldn't be able to hold of his own orgasm, he so desperately wanted to cum with her, he exerted super human control and squeezed his eyes shut, fighting to hold on just a bit longer. She was cumming like she had never cum before in her life. She was screaming and crying pledging herself to him. He pulled his mouth from the wound at her neck and licked it clean. Still holding her hair in his left hand, he jerked her head so her eyes went to his. He said in a voice so raw with lust and love, "Mine!"

She immediate responded to his 'claim', Yours!"

Then without knowing she was doing it she commanded him to cum inside her, his own body reacted to her lust filled voice and just as he was about to empty himself deep with her, her mouth latched onto the right side of his neck and her fangs slid effortlessly into his Carotid Artery. As soon as he left her drink he started to leak inside her, still he fought not to cum. As he did to her she pulled three full mouthfuls of his blood into her mouth and swallowed. As she pulled her mouth away from his neck, she lovingly licked at the wound to help it heal; she then looked into his eyes as her hand was now locked in his hair and his own head was bent back, "Your Mine, Damon."

Then in a stronger voice she said, "Mine."

Immediately he answered her claim, "Yours!"

"Now cum for me Damon," she commanded. They both came so hard they clung and clawed at one another and later they would swear they felt the other cum from deep within their minds.

For now they held on, shaking and cumming together.

They held on through a long night of love making. Until all they could do was pass out.

She lay sprawled across him as he wrapped a possessive arm around his mates waist.

They awoke to the sun rising. As he was the first to awaken he simply held her and watched her sleep. He was smiling and he was ecstatic. He was literally dancing on cloud nine. In his mind's eye he was dancing with his Beks. That was the single best experience of his life. He realized as he watched her sleep or at least he thought he did, but he thought he could feel her inside his head. Of course he did just have the best sex of his entire life so he could be just be on sensory overload. As he continued to try to analyze the feeling he wished she would wake up. "Come on Beks wake up for me," he thought.

She reached up in a sort of twilight sleep and placed her fingers against his mouth and said, "Damon, shhhhhh, not so loud, let me sleep."

"Huh," is all he managed to articulate when she thought back to him.

"Baby, let me sleep, I'm too tired to dance anymore. I'm tired, we can play later, I promise we can dance at Gloria's tonight. Love you baby."

He had an idea about what had just happened but he really never expected it to happen. They mated last night that much he remembered. They were joined and he was hearing her thoughts and she his. He was just thinking about the two of them dancing on a cloud and she complained she was too tired to dance. There was no way she should have known that. He never said it out loud.

A smile played out across his lips as he tightened his hold on his mate.

As he watched her sleep a plan started to form in his mind, he would let her sleep a bit more but he was going to test this thing out. Whatever this thing was that was happening he knew he heard her thoughts in his head and he was pretty sure she heard him.

Tucking her against his side he closed his eyes as she snuggled against him, she burrowed her face into his side and kissed him before she fell back into a deep sleep, her last thought was, "I love you, my Damon."

He smiled and kissed the top of her head knowing he heard that in his mind silently he replied to her, "Love you too, my Bekah."

She stilled against him upon hearing him and smiled. Her last thought before sleep reclaimed her was she was sure she could feel him inside her head.

To Be Continued:

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