1st Semester
Episode 1: Kumagawa for President!

Balamb Garden
3rd Floor West Corridor
Time: Around 2:45 PM-ish

"Get him!"

"He's an enemy to women everywhere!"

"Destroy that damn pervert!"

"Wait til I get my hands on you KUMAGAWA!"

"Get his phone! I think he snapped pics too!"

The second floor halls rumbled like thunder as female teens with blood in their eyes and faces fuming red with anger chased after a skinny, pale skinned boy with black hair and seemingly dull gray eyes. With a bloody nose and phone in hand, he turned a corner down the all white hallway and bolted past afew unsuspecting students as he made his way towards the cylinder shaped elevator which was slowly closing.

"He's getting away!"

The crowd of girls was so thick it looked like a stampede of estrogen.

Well this is quite the scene to start the story out with, stupid author-kun. Start from the beginning...ah...well...that guy running from all of those lovely ladies is well...well he's me. The great Kumagawa Raku-sama! Balamb Academy's number one master of all things ecchi. And if only this stupid author-kun would start the story off right, you'd be able to see why I'm being chased!

Balamb Garden
3rd Floor West Corridor
Time: 2:40PM-ish

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Balamb Garden and on this fabulous Saturday I had alittle something planned for the ladies who had classes over the weekend. You see, Saturday was the best day to do this awesome prank because it's the weekend so the Disciplinary Committee, Seifer, Fujin and Raijin weren't on campus. Nearly half of the faculty weren't here so it's a good chance I'll be able to get away with what I'm about to do.

I stood in waiting on the 3rd Floor, West Corridor. I chose the third floor because the drama class is on the third floor and the ladies love drama. And I chose West Corridor because that's the wing the Drama class is on...and again...ladies love drama.

"This has got to be your stupidest idea yet. We're gonna get so busted." A boy covered in bandages with crimson red eyes stood beside me. He had wavy shoulder length black hair and was covered from his face to his fingertips in white bandages something like a mummy. This is Lecter R Purgatory-kun, my accomplice. He's probably the only friend I have left in this stinkin' school!

"Have alittle more faith in your god, this plan is full proof. Ufufufu." I chuckled.

"Good thing I'm an atheist." He replied with one of his usual snappy comebacks.

We were in between classes and the girls had all come in a huge swarm, carrying books, chatting with friends and texting on their cells. My eyes were on the prize, their skirts. They were the usual navy blue Balamb Garden school uniforms and if this plan works, all those skirts were gonna fly up and I was gonna get to see a forest of panties...fufufufu.

Leading the pack was Rinoa Heartily-san, the hottest chick in school and incidently the strongest guy is school's girlfriend. Squall Leonhart, that hack! Lecter and I stayed carefully hidden behind one of the decorative plants in the hallway.

"Targets in sight." I whispered pulling from my pocket, a small flat screened black block. My touch screen phone.

"Cameras ready." Lecter-kun had a touch-screen phone of his own.




On my mark both me and Lecter hopped out infront of the flock of females and I snapped my right finger executing a low Aero spell that blew up the girls skirts. Bloomers, Thongs, Cotton, Silk, Striped, Frills, Colors, Poke-dots! My nose exploded with blood like two geysers as I snapped pictures left and right. The girls were so stunned for a moment that they didn't move, they stood frozen with eyes wide, faces red and books dropped.


After what seemed like an eternity of heaven, the girls quickly grabbed their skirts and pulled them down over their exposed panties and camel toe lines. And looked up at both me and Lecter with crimson red eyes like a mob of zombies.

"Most likely one of us will be caught and they'll delete the pics off! The other one that survives..." I winked at Lecter.

"...Shares the pics with the other." Lecter finished and with that we both bolted!

And that's how I ended up in the situation I am in now! Thanks for going back and allowing the readers to see how things developed Author-san, that was very big of you!

I turned a corner getting me off the West Corridor and onto the main hall leading to the central elevator, there I could take it down to the first floor and retreat to the men's dorms. The girls behind me were biting at my feet, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Looking forward I could see the elevator getting closer, closer and CLOSER!

"I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna..."


As I was running I was tripped, tripped by a girl with brunette hair that curled at the ends in a yellow dress. Selphie Tilmitt...Looks like this is checkmate. I lose again. POW! My face smacked hard against the marble floor. And the the sea of angry women had washed over me with fists, scratches, kicks, shanks, slaps and more slaps! POW! CRASH! WHACK! THUD!

"Take his phone! I saw him taking pics! Delete em!"

My phone was picked up from my bloody form and tossed back after afew seconds.

"Go and die! Kumagawa!" I heard Rinoa as she kicked me in my rib.

The girls slowly dispersed, I was left lying on the floor like a pile of dirty laundry. Blood covering nearly every bit of skin on my body.

This is me, Kumagawa Raku...whatchya see is whatchya get ! I'm a pervert, a lech, an enemy to women as everyone calls me. Ever since I was 10 years old I've always been interested in...'female anatomy'...So much so that I'd lift skirts or try to figure out new ways to see panties or boobs. I've gotten so used to being beaten up and slapped then using Cure to heal my wounds, that I've sort of developed a strange ability...Auto-Cure.

Now whenever I'm injured I heal myself instantly, whether it be a nick or a slap, whatever hurts me...I heal myself automatically. No MP or anything...pretty awesome huh? But do you know how many times I've been beaten down by girls in this school?

I stood several seconds later, scooping up my phone and dusting my shoulder off like it was nothing. After which I took the elevator downstairs getting afew hated stares from both males and females as I made my way to the rendezvous point where I was suppose to regroup with Lecter-kun, my dorm room.

I entered my plain old room with a small bed and a desk in the corner with a window that overlooked the Quad. Lecter was sitting with his feet crossed on my desk like a monkey, looking over the images on his phone. I hopped on my bed with my arms crossed behind my head. "Send em." was all I said and as if he had his finger on the send button this entire time.

The images uploaded to my phone with haste.

"Ooooooh yeaaaa." I griped grabbing a tissue to cover my running nose as I once again took a look at Rinoa's black panties and her vagina pocket. "Noway!"

"I know right?!" Lecter-kun pointed at his screen as well.

"Mission success." I punched the air.

Before we could enjoy the fruits of our labor, suddenly my door room door slid open and with that my heart dropped. We both looked to the door to see a woman tall and strong in a SeeD uniform interrupting us with a whip in hand. She had long blonde hair, oval shaped glasses and a smirk frozen on her glossy covered lips.

I knew this woman well, Quistis-Trepe.

"Ahhh Kumagawa-kun, exactly what I expected you to be doing. How I'd know you'd be here?" She asked with a smile. We tried to hide our phones but with a quick crack of her whip, Quistis' serpent like whip snatched our phones out of our hands and surrendered them over to Quistis who overlooked the ecchi-pics we'd taken today.


"I knew we'd get busted sooner or later." My accomplice shrugged and raised his hands.

A four point vein appeared near the corner of Quistis' forehead. "As much as I'd like to throw you both in detention. I'm here on urgent business from the Headmaster, he requests your presence...Kumagawa-kun."

"Me?" I smiled pointing at myself.

Quistis struggled to keep her rage from pouring out, it was quite the sight. "Yes...you." She glared down at me like a maggot.

"So you're finally being expelled?" Lecter said turning to me. "Well it's been a slice."

I shrugged then followed Quistis out watching her behind every step of the way until she got the feeling I was looking, then she made me walk out in front. We trotted through the central area, up the elevator to the 4th Floor where the Headmaster awaited. I felt like I was in the middle of a mafia movie as Quistis led me through a long white hall complete with a red carpet, standing at the Headmaster's door was his SeeD assistant Xu.

Xu glared at me with her greenish eyes. "He's been expecting you, please." She opened the wooden double doors behind her.

I found myself entering the Headmaster's room alone, it was a wide open place with a huge wall window that overlooked the entire school. His room was filled with lots of artifacts, treasures and weapons of old heroes that were adorned along the walls. I sat down on the opposite end of his wide mahogany desk.

Headmaster Cid Kramer, sat at the desk. He was a chubby man in a red vest with a big red nose and brunette hair that came down like a curtain over his eyebrows and forehead. He had just the face a crooked person would have, one that you get used to seeing in a slum or gutter.

There was a long silence at first.

To be honest I was just a-tad nervous.

"Raku Kumagawa, 3rd year student...16 years old..." He looked up from a file he had on his desk. "Not very book smart or physically strong. But you do have one redeeming ability, the Auto-Cure. An ability no SeeD or student cadet has managed to master or copy."

"If you don't mind me asking sir, what is this about exactly. Am I being expelled?" I asked with my infamous wink.

"Expelled? God no, son. Why would you say such a thing?" He asked.

"Well in light of what had happened earlier." I responded.

With that the Headmaster-sama had glared at me while cocking his head to right alittle, he didn't seem to get it. But then his eyebrows raised as if he'd just remembered then he slapped his palm on the table cackling like an old man. "Oh right yeah! I saw that on the main security systems...ahahahahaha! When Quistis told me you pull stunts like that all the time I've been keeping my eye on you ever since and you do not disappoint my boy ahahahahah!"

I did my infamous wink again. "Ufufufuf, glad you approve Headmaster-san."

"Kumagawa-kun, I've called you in today because as you know we begin the raffle for the next student council president once every acouple of years. And the winner in this year's raffle is you." He raised one of his big sausage like fingers pointing at me while still laughing.

"WHAT?!" I said jumping to my feet out of my chair.

With that the room got silent, Headmaster Cid had stopped laughing then stared at me with a straight face. "Hmmm...being the Student Council President means a lot of things Kumagawa-kun."

"Yeah no kidding." I said.

"In addition to serving the student body, the Student Council President must protect the school from outside threats such as thieves, sorceresses, pirates, students from other schools and solve problems for the students."You become a tool for this school. A weapon committed solely to defending the students." Headmaster Kramer explained.

I paused then rubbed my chin.

"Kumagawa-kun doesn't have to accept the offer, you can always refuse and go back to your...meager existence." Quistis said glaring at me as if to threaten me into refusing.

I rubbed my chin. "Will I be able to build a student council harem?" I asked pointing to the sky.

"Certainly, shaping the student council is also another job of the President. You can have a student council that's all girls if you'd like. " Cid smiled with a nod.

O.O-Me "I'LL DO IT!"

T.T-Quistis "Oh no..."

O.O-Xu "Oh my..."

XD-Headmanster Cid "Oh Yeah..."

Me?! Me?! Kumagawa Raku, the Student Council President?! Yes! This is my year! God surely smiles down upon me today! I, Kumagawa Raku will run this school with an iron fist. I will begin my own student council of girls in naked apron attire. (nose bleeds)

Author's Note: Kumagawa Raku has arrived! Now the new student council president of Balamb what is Kumagawa's first act as president?!

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