1st Semester

Episode 15: Ulysses Cole

Rin and I had arrived at the second floor computer lab of the West Wing. The rickety old door door of the lab was hanging on it's last henge. "Now I wonder why we were to gather here." I asked speaking to no one in particular, Rin sort of shrugged beside me. She was just as puzzled as I was.

I pressed the door open and we both entered seeing the Student Council standing around in attendance. The old lab was what you'd expect an old lab to look like, dusty, cob webs in the corners, broken and dusty monitors.

Most likely it never got much use because the students in West Wing didn't care much for computers or consoles.

Alleyne, Shiro, Graham, Dame, Alex, Momo and Nox were all in attendance, including Lecter whom was sitting on an old broken monitor in the corner constantly spinning one of his pistols on his right finger.

"Yo." He nodded to me then pointed his forehead in the direction of the everyone else.

Everyone was silently standing in a semi-circle standing around a single student sitting at one computer terminal.

As I approached the crowd everyone sort of stepped back letting me through to see this person. "Ok...so what's the meaning of all this, Graham-kun?" I smiled innocently looking to my left, Graham looked puzzled.

He lifted a shoulder. "Uhhh...well while we were fighting against Quistis to take the Security Room. Instructor Valentine appeared and he saved us...he told me to send a text to you guys telling you to come here."

I couldn't contain my rage hearing his voice, my smile which was nearly unbreakable had been turned into a fierce look, my eyebrows were arched and I even bore my teeth at him. Graham sort of took a step back away from me.

"And why did you do what he said? IS HE THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT?" I asked and before I knew it there was a culinary knife in my right hand and I grabbed Graham by the back of his head.

My sudden rage confused the others and some even looked at me in horror. Just as I was sure to stab Graham through his eye, I felt the click of a gun to the back of my head. I narrowed my eyes then shifted them to my right side seeing Alleyne.

"I've had about enough of your rage towards our teacher." The darker of the Strauss twins held a chaingun which protruded from her long sleeve pointing at the side of my head.

I cooled my head and breathed.

Taking a step back from Graham I withdrew my knife. "...hmmmm...so what did he want us all to come here for?"

"My hatred for Vincent is deep rooted but it has nothing to do with you all. I apologize for taking it out on you Graham-kun." I patted his shoulder.

"He brought you here because I asked him to."

A muffled and raspy voice came from the form sitting at the central computer in the room. He slowly turned around and I could see a pair of glowing golden eyes. His hair was a mess of dark brown dreadlocks, ebony colored skin with a noticable build.

"And just who are you?" I asked with a smile.

"It doesn't matter who I am, only the cause I fight for." He replied turning back to the computer, his big fingers pressing in keys.

"I'll be honest with you, you're pissing me off. Can you get to the point please before I kill you?" I asked with a shrug.

He was silent for abit. "I've been watching you from here, ever since Headmaster Cid has elected you to be president. The know of your current objective to survive through the weekend until inauguration day. And I'll tell you that you're going to fail."

"Fail?" I shrugged.

"What do you mean fail? You don't know us! You don't know what we can do!" Dame stepped forth clenching a fist.

"Dame Cartwright, the young master of the very late Miles Cartwright. I do know you all and I also know you're going to fail." He said without looking back at Dame.

"YOU SONUVA-!" Dame tried to get at him but Alex and Momo held him back.

"Dame-san please don't!"

"What makes you think we can't win though?" Alleyne asked. "Don't say it's because of the numbers because we have quality over quantity, dread head. "

"You have not quality nor quantity." He replied.

"Ahyahyahya, and what gives you the right to talk to us like this mysterious guy?" Shiro giggled.

"Momo doesn't like you mysterious-san! You don't believe in us, you're not our friend!" Momo angrily stomped her little foot.

"If you had us come here just to rag on us then this is gonna be a really short conversation asswipe." Lecter spun his handgun into his palm and pointed it at the dread locked guy.

I raised a hand and everyone who was fuming had took a step back or stood silent. "Let's start back at who you are...and no sage like bullshit either." I said with a straight face.

"My name is Ulysses Cole and believe it or not I brought you here to help you." He responded slowly.


"The Garden is in danger. Rinoa Heartily is not ideal for the academy atleast not now. She has been possessed by a Sorceress, fragments of Ultimecia's conscience were instilled in her after the battle of Time Compression. From these monitors I watch the workings of the entire Garden..." He replied as he let one of the monitors in the room play.

There was a recorded video of Rinoa standing before a mirror in a lonely room. As we fast forward the video it played her standing before the mirror just gazing at it for several hours, seven to be exact. At the last moment the reflection in the mirror flashed red showing Ultimecia staring back at her.

The video fazed out and blurred afterwards.

"The original six whom had defeated her is under her control, as well as the Seven or rather...Six potential sorceress of the Sorceress Seven." Ulysses explained. It was a video that shocked and left the student council dumbfounded.

"Rinoa-sama! Sh-she's actually a...a.." Momo's eyes were wide and dilated.

Dame and Graham looked at eachother then back at the monitor. "Noway!" They said at the same time.

Nox stood against a wall with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He didn't seem to care.

Alleyne and Shiro both narrowed their eyes. "It's good that she is...now I'll feel even better when I slit her throat. Ahyahyahya." Shiro laughed.

"..." Alleyne simply closed her eyes as if to meditate.

"Wow that was kinda creepy huh?" Rin felt her chest as she looked at Alexandria who just shook her head in disbelief.

"Hmmm..." I rubbed my chin. "Soooooo...how exactly are you helping us? Because it seems to me you're just saying abuncha stuff I already know."

"WAIT WHAT?! KUMAGAWA YOU KNEW SHE WAS A POSSESSED?!" Dame shouted at me and I could swear his bandaged body began to squirt blood.

"We both did."

With that everyone looked back at Lecter who hopped off of the computer screen. He holstered his gun and walked over to rejoin the crew. "Kumagawa and I knew Rinoa was possessed by Ultimecia about a year ago when we met her. Kumagawa slapped her butt and she showed us a glimpse of the sorceress' power...I don't think she meant to but we saw it. And saw her image in Rinoa for about a half second."

"And you didn't tell anyone?" Alexandria asked pointing at me. "Do you really want to run this Garden into the ground?"

I shrugged. "Anyway, so how are you going to help us Ulysses?"

"More like why does he want to help us? What do you get out of this?" Lecter asked.

"I only care for the preservation of the Garden. Rinoa if she is allowed to become the Student Council President, she most likely destroy the foundation of this academy." He explained.

"If you care so much for the Garden then why not fight yourself? You sit here in this ridiculous computer lab and watch everything from a distance like a coward." I said with a smile.

"I know all too well the consequences of acting without the proper planning. " He responded. "As you are now you will surely fail, and that won't be ideal for this Garden."

"OK! What is your plan already?" Lecter asked with a shrug, he was just as fed up with this guy as I was.

"You'll be up against Rinoa and the original five who defeated the Ultimecia, as well as the Sorceress Seven. With your current student council, that is impossible. They are all too weak."

"Too weak?!" Dame being the first to overreact.

"Dame, Combat Level: 26. Graham, Combat Level: 33, Alleyne and Shiro Strauss Combat Levels: 44 and 41, Alexandria, Combat Level: 14. Momo, Combat Level 20, Rin, Combat Level: 47. You're all too weak...to defeat or atleast be able to fight them properly would require a combat level of 70 or above. " Replied Ulysses.

"You didn't say Nox, Kumagawa or Lecter's combat levels." Graham said stepping forth.

"That is because they posses the power and level required." He replied swiftly.

With that said it struck everyone that I was at such a high level, the perverted, lazy Kumagawa actually above level 70? Quite a shocker but for me it wasn't it was natural, I was actually at a level 81. My level is so high because of the constant training Lecter and I go through trying to lift skirts and pulling schemes on the girls in the garden.

Most of them end with us running away or being beaten to death. That kind of stuff believe it or not trains the body and senses pretty well.

"It is also the reason why Kumagawa has only selected one core member of the student council." He pointed to Momo who wore a white associate's armband. Everyone then looked down at their armbands which were white.

For the Student Council a white armband symbolized a student who was apart of the student council as an associate, like a foot soldier or intern. They only serve the core members of the student council.

"It's because you all aren't strong enough to hold the position of Treasurer, Secretary or Vice President."

Everyone then looked at me and I shrugged. "The positions will remain open, I'll select only individuals who are stronger than me or atleast as strong as me to be treasurer, secretary or Vice President."

"Without the rest of the core memebrs of the student council, you will surely fail. But if you manage to gather them...you may stand a chance." With the Ulysses held up a gray portfolio.

I smiled.

There wasn't much I can do, even though this Ulysses was a frustrating guy. I did need the seats of the other three positions filled. I didn't feel too confident in the group I had with me. I walked up to Ulysses and snatched the folder from him. "If there's nothing else I'll be taking my leave now."

"The three who are in that dossier are still on campus. Move quick, there are afew of Rinoa's students about seeking to end you now."

Author's Note: Kumagawa's true intention for the student council have been shown, can they do one last scramble for three new members?