1st Semester

Episode 19: Eden's Mission

Zero hour was upon us and classes for the weekend had ended. Students with their packed bags made their leave immediately taking suitcases and duffle bags over their shoulders. Cars, vans, trucks they all sped off onto the rose colored horizon of Balamb Town where they would ferry or ride a train off to the next cities over the bridge.

It took little under ten minutes for the school to be vacant of the bulk of students, the hallways whistled as air passed through them. Turned over trash cans and wads of paper were everywhere left for the janitorial commit to pick up Sunday morning.

The student council and I were held up in the Headmaster's Office, a place where one could overlook the entire Garden. The Headmaster and his wife Edea had gone off on alittle weekend getaway to the Orphanage they used to owe. As left by the note on his desk, the Headmaster's office was the most fortified place to be in the Garden it was definitely a command center and it was used during the Garden Wars I've heard.

"Zero hour's here...now the shit starts." Eden said stood in a corner of the room flipping flicking a gil coin up and catching it every couple of seconds with a hazing grin on his face. I'd only just met Eden-kun and I could just barely trust him, but I had to rely on him. I had no choice. He was hired by Vincent to join the Student Council, paying him a lump sum of gil.

But why? Why is that bastard Instructor trying to help me?

"I think that's the last of them." The timid Shiranui-san added as she had her hands pressed against the window overlooking the front gates. The last couple of students loaded up with duffle bags onto the back of a red truck and sped off.

Over the Headmaster's huge mahogany desk we laid a map of the entire school, there were key points in the school that we had to avoid which were the Quad, the Cafeteria and the main lobby. They were too open, and I was a 100 percent sure we'd get ambushed here. Lecter and I looked over the map while the other members of the Student Council were sitting around waiting for orders.

"Dammit...if only we could get a fix on how many followers Rinoa has. Then this would be alittle easier to plan out." Lecter said with a shrug.

"We do have a way to get a fix on the enemies head count." Shiranui turned to us. "And Kumagawa-kun you know it."

I did know how, that Ulysses bastard. "Ulysses."

Lecter slapped the side of his head with one of his pistols. "Of course, that bastard knew everything there was to know about our situation...we've gotta get to the second floor computer lab in the West Wing."

"No it would be a mistake to send all of our troops for recon. We have to send only one person." Shiranui-kun interrupted again. She walked her little body over to the table and stood up in the Headmaster's Chair just so she could fully see the map. The little pink haired vice president was a strategist!

"Shiranui..." I started.

She smiled up at me. "Every student whose accepted into the Garden has to have some area of expertise in the field of military and combat operations...it doesn't necessarily have to be fighting. I'm Shiranui Aoi, masterful strategist." Her little pink bubble gum colored eyes scanned the map over twice as if she were some kind of machine. "If you don't mind Kumagawa-san, I'd like to take over here for our battle plans."

I smiled with a wink. "As long as you can insure our victory."

"We have quality, all they have is quantity...I've done simulations like this in class a thousand times a day." She rubbed her chin. "First thing's first...the intel on the enemy. I'll have to send the fastest...so that would most likely be you, Eden-san."

Eden leaned up off of the wall with a grin.

"Kumagawa-san has the top speed among us but we can't send such an important body onto a battle field where the enemy's numbers are unknown. So the second best in speed in the Student Council, is Eden." Shiranui pointed to Eden who didn't seem to care.

Eden walked to the front door of the office flicking his coin up and down off of his thumb continuously. "I'll go but before that...I'm going to need a 'rush and get the intel fee'..." He stuck his tongue out revealing a money sign tattooed on his tongue.

"A fee? Is this guy serious?" Skye asked grabbing my coat sleeve.

"You sonuvabitch you better get down there before I blow your fucking brains out!" Lecter shouted drawing both his pistols.

Eden shrugged. "No money, no go. Just that simple..."

"Didn't that shitty instructor pay you already?" I asked with my innocent smile and a shrug.

Eden shook his head. "Yeah he paid me to join the Student Council, and that's what I did. I JOINED! Now that I'm your problem, you're gonna have to start shelling out the dough if you want me to do ANYTHING."

Shiranui nodded. "I see...so you're a real mercenary then. Ok how much will it cost to get Eden-sama down to get our intel?"

"About three thousand gil." He responded as if it were something small.

"THREE THOUSAND!" Lecter shouted as he tried to jump all over Ed but Skye pulled him back.

I've never had that much gil a day in my life, so I know I didn't have it. But Shiranu didn't seem concerned she simply shrugged. " I've done a thorough analysis of the students that Kumagawa-san has already recruited and did you know that there is a student named Dame Cartwright that follows Kumagawa."

Ed didn't say anything he simply leered at us as if to say 'what does this have to do with me?'

"The Cartwright family is a multi-billion gil family who lives in the Galbadian Continent. And Kumagawa has managed to recruit the heir of the family into the Student Council as an associate. Which means if you can perform your job correctly, as the Vice President I have just as much power as the President himself...so I'll be able to OK the usage of Dame-kun's small fortune to pay off your little bills." Shiranui said with a grin.

Eden grinned. "Gigigigigi...awrighty then... I'll send you blokes a bill." With that he turned to face the elevator doors and left.

"That was pretty good Shiranui-san. If it were me I believe I would have threatened him with force." I said pointing at myself with my usual smile.

"Eden is an elite student much like yourself, if you and Lecter would have tried to force him the battle would only wear the three of you out...leaving only Skye-kun there to protect us." Shiranui pointed at Skye and with that me, Lecter and Shiranui looked at Skye who seemed surprised all of a sudden that everyone was looking at her.

She just looked away.

"So what do we do now?" I asked Shiranui.

She sat down in the Headmaster's desk with her feet legs crossed like a business woman. "We wait...we won't be able to do much until Ed gets that feed...we have to know how many enemies we're dealing with and where they are positioned."

(Central Elevator-East Wing Second Floor)

Eden, the tall, medium built student leaned against a wall in the elevator watching the lights count down from fifth floor, to the four then three...BIIIIINK. The elevator tugged and rumbled as the lights flashed off. Despite the sudden pull of the elevator jamming Eden didn't move from his position, he stayed casually leaning against the wall with his arms folded.





The sounds of feet slamming down on the roof of the elevator echoed through the room itself, a team had cut the elevator's power and was now about to breech the room. Eden simply took out a golden gil coin and began flicking it with his right thumb, catching it as if fell and flicking it back up again.


The elevator's top door smashed open and dropping down into the cramped space were two students, two female students in Balamb Garden uniforms. Both of them wore thermal goggles seeing Eden's heat signature as he didn't attempt to move. Both girls held twin daggers ready to impale him but he simply grinned. "Thanks for droppin' in." He replied flicking the coin at them.

The coin struck the first girl in the chest between her medium shaped breasts and it sent her slamming through the elevator doors and into the second floor of the East Wing. The gil coin ricochet off of her and bounced off of the ceiling then bounced off of the wall and down striking the second girl in the forehead knocking the thermal goggles off and sending her flipping back towards the ground.

The elevator was slightly lower than the floor so, Ed quickly rolled onto the second floor before the elevator dropped sliding down into the darkness below.

As he stood up on both sides of him were walls of student cadets. "Hmmm I'm gonna charge a huge fee for this...how's about 100gil per defeated enemy sound?" He said and with that the cadets roared running forth with their spears, swords, guns and arrows. Bullets flew back and forth and Ed danced left and right as bullets in slow motion passed him by leaving behind streams of rippling air.

With that four rolls of coins appeared in the Treasurer's palms, two rolls of coins appeared from the sleeves each and he open fired flicking the coins towards the floor. The coins would ricochet off of the floor then bounce off the ceiling and walls in several different high speed directions like a death trap.

In seconds students fell before him being stricken down one after another.

Eden simply walked with his hands in his pockets past the screaming students as they tried attacking him a coin would strike them in the face or body, disabling them and their attacks.

"My ability Gillionaire allows me to freely manipulate money. And the more money I have, the stronger my attacks." He said holding out his palms and with that the ricocheting coins all returned to his palms like mini saucers. They appeared in organized rows then he shoved them back up his sleeves.

He left the entire second floor east wing a mess with student cadets lying unconscious everywhere. He began a short jog from the East Wing to the West Wing where he appeared on the second floor. The moment he stepped onto the flickering hallway of destroyed and dusty old lockers and floors that haven't been swept or mopped in years.

He noticed a being standing in the darkness across from him.

As he squinted his green eyes, he peered through the darkness to see a girl with black tattoos that looked like dark flower peddles, branded all over her body. She had long black hair with blonde trimmed endings and she held two chakram, each big enough to be hoolahoops. They simply hovered to her sides defying gravity.

Eden grinned hold up his right palm allowing his gil coin to hover above his palm. "For you...I'll charge 5,000 gil for defeating."

"I am Naralim Mclaughlin of Lady Rinomecia's Sorceress Seven. You shall not pass..."

"Well I'm Eden Clark, master of monopoly and Student Council Treasurer...Nice to meetchya."

Naralim's eyes of dark purple glen like two moons in the darkness. Eden showed no fear, for someone like himself who cared enough about money to risk his own life. An opponent with scary eyes, combat level or demeanor was no threat or intimidation to him. With that Ed flicked his wrists releasing four golden coins with that he flicked all four of them towards Naralim.

The Sorceress simply held up her left palm and bending two fingers.

As the coins traveled through the air to get to her they suddenly dropped to the floor, trembling like they were being held down by something. Eden held up a palm trying to manipulate the coins and bring them back but they wouldn't move. Eden narrowed his eyes and drew four more coins but before he could flick them Naralim held up her right arm and bent her two fingers again as if controlling a puppet.

Suddenly Ed's eyes widened as his body was pushed into the floor by an invisible force. It felt like a million hands pressing and smearing his body into the floor. He couldn't move, he could just barely breath. 'What the hell?' He thought. With that Naralim held up her two floating chakram and manipulated them to spin like buzzsaws.

'Uh-ohhh...' He thought as his grin eyes glen with a spark of gold. With that his body was encased in a golden aura, a magical seal appeared on the floor beneath him and a massive samurai with a flat woven straw hat sitting on his head in a long cape with a massive sword strapped to his waste. "Yojimbo..."

Yojimbo, Eden's GF appeared picking Ed up then sliding away from Naralim throwing kunai to cover their draw back.

The woman held up a palm and the kunai much like Ed's coins simply dropped to the floor.

With that Yojimbo dropped Ed and opened a palm. Ed reluctantly paid the GF and it disappeared tilting it's hat. 'Shit I hate summoning my GF, it always costs me that bastard...well he's the same as me so I gotta love the personality defaults.' He thought rubbing his forearm across his forehead clearing it of sweat.

'Summoning a GF within the school...he must have breached the barrier cap level. He's an elite student just like me.' Naralim thought as she stared at Ed. "Only elite students can draw on the power of their GF within the school, for the barrier only stops novice students from summoning their GF and possibly destroying the school.'

Naralim held up her both her palms and threw her chakram at Eden who created a golden sword from a merging together over a hundred gil. With that he slashed away both of the chakram. With that he broke apart his Gil sword and sent them flying like bullets towards Naralim. Who once again stuck them to the floor.

'How is she doing that?!' Ed thought as he dashed towards her.

He kept his eyes on Naralim's fingers, he watched as he approached her that she held her hand up and bent her two fingers back. At that moment Ed changed directions quickly juking to the side. At that moment the ground where he once was caved in creating a mini-crater. With that Ed slid backwards away from her.

"Gravity..." He said with a grin. "Since I can't sense any magical aura coming off of you...you must have the ability to control gravity."

Naralim's eyes narrowed. "Gravity? How do you know it's not telepathy?"

"I don't...that's just what I'm betting on." Ed shrugged.

Author's Note: Ed's mission continues with the next update! How can the monopoly maniac defeat the Gravity or Telekinetic powers of Naralim?